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WiFi 6 wars: Huawei scores injunctions against Amazon & AVM, while Wilus sues Acer

Developments in the space make it increasingly likely that the number of Sisvel licensees will continue to grow

15 December 2023

Nokia increases patent revenue from 'growth areas' by 50% in the past year

The Finnish company’s licensing business is becoming even more important because of broader headwinds faced by the corporation

13 December 2023

Secondary patent market for video streaming assets heating up

NPEs are looking for patents to assert not only against device makers – Apple, Google, Samsung – but also leading video streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu

12 December 2023

Exclusive: Ericsson’s patent assertion chief on Lenovo suits, the UPC and global litigation strategy

Robert Earle speaks about enforcement in Brazil and India, and his hopes for a US shift on SEP injunctions

07 December 2023

How IoT manufacturers can use lessons from the SEP space

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

Software patents continue to face patentability challenges following the US Supreme Court’s Alice decision, and IoT manufacturers could be exposed to patent risk – especially where licensing is involved. Key lessons can be learned from the SEP ecosystem to help guide open-source implementers that might confront problematic patent assertions.

06 December 2023

Breaking: Avanci launches EV Charger patent licensing programme

The offering is the company’s sixth new platform of 2023

05 December 2023

Lenovo, Amazon take licences to HEVC pool by Access Advance

Dell is another new licensee while on the patent holder side, BlackBerry has joined HEVC Advance. Does it show HEVC is spreading and the pool landscape has consolidated?

01 December 2023

Asian companies should be ‘more vocal’ in global IP discussions, says Panasonic’s chief IP counsel

Andrew Yen chats to IAM about pool participation, selling patents and the European SEP policy proposal

24 November 2023

Radical SEP regulation amendments sought by several European Parliament groups

A wide range of EU legislators are voicing powerful and articulate opposition to the policy proposal

20 November 2023

The EU should listen to its Nordic champions, not ignore them

When companies with the innovation and tech leadership credentials of Ericsson, Nokia and Novo Nordisk raise major concerns about Commission proposals, their arguments deserve serious consideration. But it’s not happening. No wonder Europe is losing the global competition race

15 November 2023

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