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Fewer ITC cases in 2023, but more headlines due to Apple Watch saga

More than half the complaints involved Chinese companies, suggesting corporations are concerned with the “world’s factory”

29 January 2024

‘Fathers of MP3’ call for EU to abandon proposed SEP regulation

IAM talks exclusively to two of the top European scientists speaking out against the “harmful” new licensing framework

29 January 2024


Featured in Special Report 2023 Q4: IP Disruptors 2024: The companies and people driving change and upending IP norms

25 January 2024

EU SEP regulation voted through key parliament committee, despite mass abstentions

Thirteen JURI members endorsed the proposal in today’s committee meeting, adopting all seven Compromise Amendments

24 January 2024

Ericsson’s SEP licensing performance is silver lining for company facing headwinds

Swedish patentee improved on its impressive 2022 IP revenue performance in 2023

23 January 2024

PTAB cases lowest in five years

In cases terminated in 2023, more than half of them were granted at institution

22 January 2024

European SEP regulation to face crucial vote next week

But Council of the EU concerns could be a stumbling block for the planned reforms

19 January 2024

US patent cases plummet by 18% in 2023

The disappearance of prolific NPEs drove filings down while trends in Delaware and the Western District of Texas have catapulted EDTX Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap back to the top

15 January 2024

The R&D NPE humbling Samsung, Apple, Dell and others since 2018

Managed by Hilco IP Merchant Banking, Bell Northern Research has found a strategy that works, alongside sister company Bell Semiconductor

10 January 2024

A year in review: key 2023 analytics reveal top global innovators

Patent analytics from the past year reveal significant progress in sustainable innovation, medical inventions, engineering patenting and autonomous driving, as well as who has taken the lead in the 5G patent race.

10 January 2024

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