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Fractus’ first IoT deal will hopefully drive further agreements, says SME’s licensing VP

IAM speaks exclusively to Jordi Ilario about the Catalan licensing business’s Vivint deal and ongoing projects

21 February 2024

BREAKING: Avanci signs Volkswagen Group to fast-growing 5G programme

Joint licensing platform passes the 25-licensee mark in its first six months

20 February 2024

BREAKING: Avanci signs up General Motors to 5G platform

First US brands join the 5G-era programme

13 February 2024

China’s video explosion: Tencent and ByteDance overtake Qualcomm in video codec patent filings

Chinese players forge ahead as growing awareness about commercial opportunities impacts filing strategies

09 February 2024

Nokia completes 5G smartphone renewal cycle with seventh major deal

Finnish company now free to step up efforts in new growth areas

09 February 2024

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’: an interview with Korean R&D shop Wilus

The company is seeking to become the world’s go-to standards technology development company, says CEO Jin Sam Kwak

06 February 2024

Huawei faces monopolisation claims for alleged FRAND breach

Netgear alleges Huawei illegally monopolised certain wifi technology by negating promises to license those patents on reasonable terms

01 February 2024

German carmakers propose Licensing Negotiation Group, stirring up antitrust discussions

The Bundeskartellamt is seeking market feedback on competition concerns brought about by market competitors coming together to bargain on prices

01 February 2024

Patent owners must reassess strategies in the face of increasing tech convergence

Top strategists reveal key advice for companies and patent owners to stay ahead of the curve as tech convergence takes the IP world by storm

31 January 2024

Tesla’s Avanci/InterDigital FRAND action shows UK becoming favoured by implementers

SEP implementers are flocking to the English courts, whose approach was formerly perceived to be favourable to patentees

31 January 2024

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