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Court guidance on virtual patent marking needs to be heeded to protect products

Chief IP officers should understand these court rulings and ensure their companies’ virtual patent markings provide proper constructive notice to infringers

12 September 2023

How to avoid the Section 101 pitfall in blockchain patenting

Blockchain innovators must show they’re improving existing technology, shows one of the first US court rulings addressing patent subject matter eligibility in the sector

25 August 2023

Much-Needed Clarity on Software Patentability Boosts Protection and Enforcement in India

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

With India emerging as the fifth largest economy in the world, courts have sought to address the need for change in the way that software patents are examined. Given the speed at which the global digital landscape is evolving, it is imperative that India can keep up.

25 August 2023

What AI means for the life sciences space

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

Considered as a significant boost to the life sciences space, AI and machine learning are being increasingly integrated into many scientific fields, helping companies to provide faster, cheaper solutions with a wider public reach, and contributing to IP rights portfolio creation and management.

25 August 2023

Avanci signs up first new Broadcast licensees

The company’s efforts to expand beyond connected vehicle licensing gain traction

23 August 2023

Meet Meta’s patents team, in which diversity strengthens strategy, acquisitions and licensing

Through a series of exclusive interviews with IAM, Meta’s patents, licensing and open-source leaders take us inside their patent strategy

23 August 2023

BREAKING: Avanci launches 5G programme with Huawei on board, and Mercedes-Benz as first licensee

New offering already boasts more patentees than the 4G platform and offers a reduced rate for early adopters

16 August 2023

nChain's $570 million investment reflects value of its IP, CSO says

Owen Vaughan speaks to IAM about the blockchain company’s push to commercialise its intellectual assets through licensing and collaboration

08 August 2023

A ripple in the cup – unpacking Huawei’s royalty rates

Saturday Opinion: Avikka AB managing director Eric Stasik gives his take on the Chinese telecoms company’s licensing programmes and what may be its next move

05 August 2023

Who is who: key players in the global RIS patent landscape

RIS has received attention from a diverse number of players working towards creating SEP portfolios. As the technology progresses and becomes more sophisticated and with the standardisation process underway, an acceleration of patent filings in the coming years is very likely.

02 August 2023

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