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Patent Outsourcing: Outsourcing IP tasks

04 MAY 2022

To World IP Day and beyond: how patents helped save Toy Story and inspire the next generation of filmmaking

A sound patent outsourcing strategy proved crucial in Pixar’s drive to complete the production of Toy Story, paving the way for its unprecedented success.

28 JULY 2021

The benefits of outsourcing patent activities for life science companies in a changing IP landscape

As life science companies reassess their IP strategies in the wake of covid-19, outsourcing patent research and analysis could be an ideal solution to issues associated with patentability and patent cliffs.

12 MAY 2021

Outsourcing for IP professionals: benefits, ethics and risk management

When it comes to outsourcing intellectual property, there are a number of aspects to take into consideration. In particular, IP professionals need to stay alert about the rules governing fee splitting.

05 MAY 2021

World IP Day 2021 – how SMEs can understand and leverage intellectual property

As many IP professionals celebrated World IP Day on 26 April, it is important to reflect on how intellectual property has benefitted so many entities. This year’s focus was on SMEs, which have more power that they realise when it comes to their IP assets.

03 MARCH 2021

Outsourcing IP training for R&D teams is critical for effective IP commercialisation

R&D and IP teams are powerful elements of any business, which together can shape its future. However, in many organisations these two groups work independently, which can undermine the patent, commercialisation and even business strategies. Outsourcing IP training for R&D units could be the answer.

17 FEBRUARY 2021

When it comes to patents, if you want something done right… it can pay to outsource

For many start-ups, their new idea or process is their ticket to success. It is therefore crucial to protect their intellectual property correctly. With constant changes to the IP landscape, start-ups should consider outsourcing this task to experts.

06 JANUARY 2021

Why patent outsourcing is critical to the financial services industry

Risk is inherently tied to reward in the financial services industry, but there are ways for organisations of all sizes to ensure that they are assuming risk in the right places. Patent outsourcing is one of these ways.

16 DECEMBER 2020

Will the next generation of patent outsourcing transform the patent landscape?

The rise in patent outsourcing is reshaping the patent landscape. This change looks set to pick up pace as more corporations turn to patent outsourcing and advancements in technology create new methods to aggregate data.

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