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IP technology

11 NOVEMBER 2020

How semantic search/automated patent analysis tools can save researchers time

Semantic searching delivers results based on the concept within keywords rather than exact matching, using AI to predict and understand the contextual meaning of query phrases. Such searches can lead to significant time and cost savings and can help researchers to zero in on a final list of potentially relevant prior arts

28 OCTOBER 2020

Automated proofreading tools are the key to submitting the perfect application

Proofreading can be an arduous, time-consuming task. In order to avoid errors in patent applications, which may slow down the grant process, applicants and IP professionals should consider using an automated proofreading tool.

21 OCTOBER 2020

Why software illustration tools can be key to securing patent grants

Illustrations are a key part of patent applications. New software tools and searches can thus be key for helping illustrators provide the best possible visual representations of inventions.

14 OCTOBER 2020

Automated response tools could take the stress out of drafting office action responses

Drafting an office action response can be time consuming, which in turn introduces the risk that errors may creep in. However, automated response tools could be key to creating high-quality work, and fast.


Identifying distressed IP assets for acquisition

Many companies capitalise on businesses in trouble by buying up their distressed assets – often in the form of patents – to bolster their own portfolios. However, it is crucial to know how and where to find such distressed companies, using specialised platforms that enable such searches.

17 JUNE 2020

Efficient use of search tools for prior art and patent searching

Potential applicants should carry out a prior art search to check whether their invention is novel. This can create stronger claim development, as well as verifying that the invention does not infringe another’s intellectual property, thereby avoiding any potentially expensive litigation further down the line.

10 JUNE 2020

Protecting AI inventions

When IP laws were first codified, it was beyond imagination to consider naming a machine as an inventor. So how can AI inventions be protected in the current IP system? For the time being, such creations fall under copyright and trade secret laws.

03 JUNE 2020

Protecting AI and machine-learning inventions

Growing competition to develop AI has forced major jurisdictions to amend their patent laws, but there is still uncertainty as to the best way to protect an AI invention.

20 MAY 2020

The strengths and weaknesses of third-party patent databases

Third-party patent databases are useful tools for analysing patent and non-patent literature, providing user-friendly interfaces and key data visualisation. However, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the appropriate database for a particular task.

13 MAY 2020

How combining blockchain technology and AI could benefit patent analysis

A combination of AI and blockchain technologies could significantly lower the amount of time and labour required for patent analysis or scrutiny, reducing the likelihood of human error in search queries and leading to more accurate results.

22 APRIL 2020

IP protection in the autonomous vehicle space

A growing number of automotive and electronics organisations across the world are working with new clients to create self-driving vehicles and the race is heating up to own IP rights and protect various technological advancements in this domain. However, obtaining IP protection for autonomous vehicles and related advancements needs careful planning.

15 APRIL 2020

New tools and advancements in biological sequence searching

New tools need to be developed to help make sequence searches more accurate with a variety of alignment algorithms to optimise workflow, work accuracy and efficiency. However, it remains to be seen when and how these will become available.

08 APRIL 2020

Re-imagining IP offices with blockchain and AI

How the implementation of a digital ledger along with AI and machine learning will change IP office practices for innovators, investors, practitioners and examiners.

25 MARCH 2020

Uptick in unsupervised machine learning to manage and analyse patent data

With growing competition in various industries, companies need to know their competitors and their areas of interest. However, it can be challenging to allocate appropriate monetary and human resources to analyse the patent information. To tackle this, law firms have adopted various patent management tools based on machine learning.

04 MARCH 2020

Tools and technologies for analysing patent strength in a portfolio

A patent portfolio that contains strong assets is an important indicator of a company’s value. As a result, various tools and technologies have been created to assess patent strength – here is a rundown of the most advanced tools.

26 FEBRUARY 2020

What impact will AI have on IP systems?

There is now an urgent need for specific IP legislation to govern AI-created intellectual property in an equitable fashion around the world.

19 FEBRUARY 2020

Why AI is crucial for patent searching and mining

AI can be used to shift from keyword-based searches and conventional Boolean operators for patent discovery to AI-enhanced semantic searches using neural networks for high retrieval efficiency and accuracy.

12 FEBRUARY 2020

Tech tools to draft patent applications could revolutionise IP proceedings

The smallest of mistakes in a drafted application or claim can lead to serious problems further down the line. Rather than collapse under the pressure of having to reduce fees while improving quality, patent professionals and companies should investigate the automation options available. The right tools can enable them to generate higher quality work and focus on building healthier relationships with clients.

05 FEBRUARY 2020

Blockchain and intellectual property – the de-centralised alliance

Blockchain has the potential to be an enormous boon to the IP industry and is ripe for a world that demands greater transparency and accountability. However, it has not yet had the kind of impact on the IP industry that many expected. This article examines the challenges that must be tackled to ensure the smooth integration of the technology within the IP framework.

29 JANUARY 2020

New tools and advancements in chemical structure searches

IP researchers may encounter difficulties when the invention or product feature covers chemical structures, because none of the conventional strategies are sufficient to capture the relevant art. However, in recent years, new tools and search services have been introduced, which yield valuable results when conducting chemical structure searches.

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