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IP managing innovation

04 MARCH 2020

R&D ambidexterity: a way to manage discontinuous changes

In order to survive discontinuous change, companies must develop an ambidextrous strategy, which means efficiently exploiting their existing capabilities while also exploring avenues for innovation.

12 FEBRUARY 2020

How cannabis companies are using cross-industry innovation to solve their R&D issues

Patent data can help R&D teams to gain significant insight into parallel industries, which they can use to accelerate their research. The cannabis industry is one domain where this is the go-to strategy for many companies.

29 JANUARY 2020

Fresh ideas for hiring the right people for consistent quality innovations

The key to outshining competitors is to not just lead but to lead by invention. While innovation can put a company a mile ahead, invention will take it as far as it wants to go. This is where hiring the right people comes in.

22 JANUARY 2020

Medtech M&A: companies must choose their targets carefully

The medtech sector is growing at a rapid rate, with strategic M&A contributing heavily to this rise. Big corporations are taking a thorough approach to their acquisition targets based on the balance and value that they could add to their product and patent portfolio. It is therefore crucial to assign the correct value to patent offerings along with products and other assets in order to score a fair deal.

18 DECEMBER 2019

How to leverage blocking patents to get the most out of R&D

Be it tech exploitation or just exploring, the patents that block those of your competitors offer valuable answers to where to innovate. The question is, what kind of patent analysis other than the traditional approaches can provide this data?

30 OCTOBER 2019

How to thrive in a crowded market

A saturated market means eager buyers – it also means strong demand. That is why so many competitors have been able to coexist for so many years. However, when a business is trying to emerge and thrive in an already crowded market, the seemingly excessive number of players can be misleading. This article focuses on some ways to spot and exploit the opportunities to succeed in such areas.

16 OCTOBER 2019

Innovation ecosystem: enabling environments that foster dramatic transformation

Companies that are consistently innovative over a period of time do not tend to rely on one or two brilliant individuals – they consciously foster a culture of transformation that allows employees to harness their creativity and contribute to cutting-edge products. True innovation – whether it is in a start-up or a large corporation – can only happen when there is an enabling ecosystem around it. This article focuses on what this system would look like, why it is so important for companies to invest in creating one and how they can go about doing so.

02 OCTOBER 2019

Tail-end countries are ripe for untapped market opportunities – is your company protecting inventions there?

Recent analysis has revealed a trend: certain apparently lesser-known countries are appearing in studies of patent filing in fintech and packaging. Not considering these jurisdictions means risking the loss of a potential market share and growth opportunities that are waiting to be tapped.


What comprises a system for IP management and solutions?

Executive awareness of increasing competition and the impact of information is pushing businesses towards innovation and intellectual property towards the centre of business decision making. Therefore, it is essential that the IP knowledge of a company is captured in a centralised system that can help executives to derive actionable insights for crucial business decisions.

28 AUGUST 2019

Your innovation strategy needs a strategy – fix it before it breaks

In order to create a sound business strategy, it is crucial for senior executives to form a baseline understanding of their IP strategy. However, most senior business executives have little to no involvement in the IP functioning of their team. Here, we discuss the reasons for this and suggest the possible solutions.

06 AUGUST 2019

Technology segmentation will focus a company’s R&D and business direction

Setting the right business goals and research focus is one of the key drivers of a profitable business. To achieve this, a proper understanding of a technology domain is essential. A single domain comprises many sub-categories. Understanding the whole domain can be a tedious task if a systematic approach is not followed. One such systematic approach is known as technology segmentation.

03 JULY 2019

Creative business leaders look beyond their own industry to solve problems

All companies go through rough patches, in which innovation is slow and revenue comes from changes in existing product lines only. How senior management approach such challenges could make or break a business, with one possible solution being to alter the approach to discovering breakthrough ideas.

27 FEBRUARY 2019

There is a way to get the best of both in-house and outsourced tech scouting

Integrating internal with external knowledge could help to tap the potential of open innovation. The Kernel approach to tech scouting could be a way to get the best of both worlds.

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