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IP management

06 JANUARY 2021

How Gilead is effectively managing past intellectual property and covid-19 anti-viral clinical trials

As covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out, many entities are expanding on their past patent portfolios as R&D increases in this sphere. But what does this mean for effective IP management?

16 DECEMBER 2020

How companies are leveraging existing anti-viral drug patents for covid-19 treatments

In the race for covid-19 treatment and prevention, many entities are growing their patent portfolios as R&D increases in this sphere. But what does this mean for effective IP management?

02 DECEMBER 2020

The queen's gambit – integrating a diligent Japanese prior art search into your plan can be a game changer

Getting the most out of a manual prior art search can require considerable effort but a thorough job can pay substantial dividends – as evidenced by a case involving Japanese prior art.

25 NOVEMBER 2020

How to deliver top-quality prior art without overstretching your budget

Prior art searches, especially those that go back 10 to 15 years, can be a tough ask for any patent professional. Global Prior Art provides a case study to illustrate how to best execute searches.

11 NOVEMBER 2020

A tale of two outcomes: what SecureWave Storage case studies reveal about prior art

Two inter partes review cases involving SecureWave Storage highlight the critical importance of a thorough, comprehensive prior art search and how a patent attorney’s hand is shaped by their perception of the available prior art.

28 OCTOBER 2020

Preparing an inter partes review is a team sport: case study two

Microsoft v Mimzi LLC provides a useful case study on the importance of communication between the search team and the client legal team when preparing an inter partes review.

21 OCTOBER 2020

Why diligent searches are key to inter partes reviews

Valve Corporation v Ironburg Inventions Limited provides a useful case study on the importance of a thorough prior art search in inter partes reviews and why it is so crucial to get this right first time.

19 FEBRUARY 2020

A case study comparison of the AI chips patent landscape

Three case studies into recent patent filing activities of Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, Cambricon, Google and Baidu reveal how innovation in the AI chip space is being driven by new technologies and competitors entering the market, the pursuit of diverse applications and varied approaches to attain higher processor speeds and lower power.

12 FEBRUARY 2020

Who is leading the AI chips IP race? Best practice in IP management

AI and its diverse applications have seen significant market growth in the past decade and an accurate IP landscape analysis can provide deep insight into this crowded space. Global Prior Art Inc conducted extensive research into the companies that have announced AI chips for cloud computing and their focus, which reveals that US and Chinese firms are leading the way.

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