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08 FEBRUARY 2023

Chief IP strategy officer sheds light on ZTE’s SEP portfolio management strategy

In an exclusive interview with Tim Pohlmann, Mang Zhu offers some insights into how she built one of the world’s largest 5G portfolios and, in the process, married key R&D goals with critical standards development work.

25 JANUARY 2023

Auto industry demands a fresh SEP/FRAND focus in 2023

Power in the OEM space is shifting, while 2023 promises even greater numbers of standards implemented in vehicles. IP professionals, as well as directors in standards development, should bear several key considerations in mind as we settle into the new year.

18 JANUARY 2023

A year in review: key SEP/FRAND discussions in 2022

SEP/FRAND discussions dominated conferences, webinars and symposiums over 2022. This two-part review examines the key takeaways from these conversations, with a special focus on industries where standards subject to SEPs are implemented.

09 NOVEMBER 2022

Race to the top: the key contenders in the IoT SEP space

The number of declared patents in the IoT SEP space is increasing annually as the demand for smart technology accelerates. Licensing of SEPs in IoT – especially those related to NB-IoT and LTE-M – will be a major challenge for industries looking to adapt connectivity technologies.

01 JUNE 2022

Who is leading the 5G patent race?

Licensing of 5G SEPs promises to become a highly lucrative market, making the 5G patent race more competitive than ever before – although the latest 5G patent data shows that the question of who is currently winning it remains unclear.

06 APRIL 2022

How standards and SEPs can help the move to a post-carbon economy

The advances of the latest technology standards can be leveraged to help mitigate the pressing issue of climate change. Standards generations such as 5G and WiFi 6 can help to track and identify our carbon footprint and help us lower energy usage and emissions.

16 MARCH 2022

Analysis of patents, SEPs and standards in the smart healthcare sector

Smart healthcare is set to inaugurate radical changes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. A deep dive into patent filings, SEP declarations and standards contributions that describe a smart healthcare application provides a compelling snapshot of this growing area

03 NOVEMBER 2021

Who leads the 5G patent race as 2021 draws to the end?

The very latest figures on 5G declared patent families provides a crucial snapshot of a fast-evolving space and reveals which companies are pulling ahead.

20 OCTOBER 2021

Who’s ahead in the WiFi 6 patent race

WiFi 6 offers the potential to exceed earlier generations of WiFi, especially in terms of wider implementation beyond routers and phones or personal computers. However, it is essential for IP professionals to fully understand the landscape of WiFi 6 patents, especially when it comes to SEPs.

06 OCTOBER 2021

What to watch out for in the SEP landscape

As the number of SEPs continues to rise, IPlytics delves into the data to find out which companies are making the figures soar.

04 AUGUST 2021

The biggest owners of patents, SEPs and standard contributions for smart energy technology

A wave of oncoming smart energy technology could be about to make the worlds electricity infrastructure more efficient, however it relies on standardised technology such as 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi, which are subject to thousands of SEPs. This has wide-reaching implications for the energy industry, which implements these standards as well as for the standards developers and owners of relevant patents and SEPs.

21 JULY 2021

AI may be the solution to skyrocketing numbers of SEP declarations

The number of patents declared per years has almost tripled over the past 5 years. The volume of data is impossible for humans to analyse in a short time frame, but AI presents an exciting and affordable answer to this issue.

14 APRIL 2021

Who are SEP leaders and standards developers for smart factory technologies?

IPlytics takes a deep dive into the companies with declared patents that have contributed to the standards development of the three smart factory application 5G technologies.

24 MARCH 2021

How much 5G is needed in cars?

As the automotive industry plays catch-up with the telecoms and other SEP-relevant sectors, it is crucial to reflect on where standards such as 4G and 5G will actually fit into the space.

17 MARCH 2021

How to use standards contribution data to understand SEP portfolios

IPlytics takes a deep dive into standards contribution data and explains how this provides key insights into the SEP portfolios of major companies in the tech space.

03 MARCH 2021

Who is leading the VVC technology race?

With the boom in video sharing due to the covid-19 pandemic, software companies have been updating their SEP portfolios for video codec patents, with the next-generation video codec Versatile Video Coding (VVC) being the most advanced video codec out there. IPlytics examines the companies paving the way for this tech.

17 FEBRUARY 2021

Who is leading the 5G patent race? A patent landscape analysis on declared SEPs and standards contributions

With more and more companies declaring ownership of SEPs with 5G standards, it is crucial to keep up with the filing numbers of the leaders in connectivity.

25 NOVEMBER 2020

What the numbers tell us about the growing market of wireless charging technology

The IPlytics Platform takes a deep dive into the most recent data to reveal patents and SEP trends for wireless charging standards.

05 AUGUST 2020

Who is leading the WiFi 6 patent race?

As WiFi 6 applications hit the stores, experts at IPlytics reveal the top filers in the field and discuss why WiFi has not become obsolete despite the rollout of the 5G standard.

22 JULY 2020

Who owns patents, SEPs and develops standards for smart home technologies?

The use of interconnected devices in the home is growing at a rapid rate, which has led to a rise in the number of connectivity standards related to smart homes. The IPlytics platform was used to examine standards contribution, SEPs and patent data to explore the latest technology trends and identify the most important players in smart home technology.

27 MAY 2020

Rise in extended reality technology patents suggests market revival

In-depth analysis of global patent filing levels reveals a number of brands across industries ranging from videoconferencing to automotives renewing their investments in this cutting-edge technology, with LG and Sony among those leading the way.

19 FEBRUARY 2020

Landscape analysis reveals who is leading the tech race for cybersecurity

A detailed examination of the development of innovations and standards in the field of cybersecurity provide an overview of the security landscape in the digital age.

12 FEBRUARY 2020

The future of 5G patent licensing

As the application of 5G will differ from industry to industry, licensing mechanisms will need to be more flexible. SEP owners will have to strike a balance between offering different pricing structures for different use cases and providing frictionless mechanisms.

20 NOVEMBER 2019

Who is leading the 5G patent race?

Here is the IPlytics Platform's November update for leaders in the 5G patent race – some firms move up, while others drop off the list of the most influential innovators in this sphere.

16 OCTOBER 2019

Patent and SEP trends in autonomous driving technologies

Autonomous driving technology promises to disrupt and transform the automotive space as we know it, spurring a race between giants for the biggest breakthrough in human transportation since the airplane. This technology landscape is now two-pronged, with software and communications companies working on vehicles and automobile companies working on complex software concepts and sensors. This article analyses patent documents as well as standards contributions and SEPs declared to 5G, V2X and 802.11.


Patent trends in truck platooning

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by storm over the last decade. One interesting development in the logistics sector has been the increased use of IoT in connected vehicles to enable cruise control, also known as platooning or road-trains. This article focuses on the growth of patent filings in the global truck-platooning market.

06 AUGUST 2019

The patent race for fuel cell vehicles

In the past few years, e-vehicle sales have greatly risen. While the global market share is still small, forecasts predict that sales will grow by around 40% in 2019. While patents for fuel cell batteries are increasing in number, some major automotive companies have not yet taken the plunge to develop this technology.

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