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Four years of US patent litigation
1 Feb 2016

Four years of US patent litigation

Lex Machina data on new cases filed each month since the start of 2012, and the key events over the course of the last four years. (February 2016)

Top of the patent pile
1 Jan 2016

Top of the patent pile

An infographic looking at the companies that were issued the most patents in China and the United States in 2015.

Vringo and ZTE go the distance
1 Dec 2015

Vringo and ZTE go the distance

An infographic outlining the web of patent infringement and validity litigation fought between Vringo and ZTE. (December 2015)

Other Infographics

1 Nov 2015

The Pacific's pint-sized patent powerhouse

An infographic looking at Taiwan where, despite a population of just a little over 23 million, Taiwanese entities own some of the world's largest patent portfolios. (November 2015) Read more

1 Nov 2015

How IAM Market streamlines IP transactions

IAM Market promises to change the way sales, licensing and transfers of IP are conducted in the future, and we highlight its key innovations and benefits. Read more

1 Oct 2015

The first year of China's specialist IP courts

An infographic that gives the lay of the land in China, and gives an update on the country's specialist IP court pilot programme as its first birthday fast approaches. (October 2015) Read more

1 Sep 2015

A picture of the global patent market in 2015

A look at this year's IAM Global Benchmarking Survey, revealing the whys and wherefores of corporate patent deal-making. (September 2015) Read more