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X Corp sues patent licensor Adeia after being accused of not paying its royalty bill

X alleges its products and services don't infringe four media-related patents, but Adeia maintains it is owed more than $2.25 million

29 November 2023

How a patent dispute with 10x helped decimate NanoString’s stock price

Recent $31 million damages award has dealt a further blow to the company's faltering share value

29 November 2023

Data shows most SEP holders send pre-suit demand letters – for good reason

Court rulings reveal risks for SEP holders who fail to communicate pre-litigation, explaining why 80% of SEP suits we studied alleged pre-suit offers to engage in licensing negotiations

28 November 2023

What can InterDigital, Ericsson, and Lenovo expect from the court overseeing their patent disputes?

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, which oversees these high-profile litigations, has not handled many patent cases

27 November 2023

Hungary: Changes to EPO Oppositions and National Revocation Actions Amid Amended Patent Act

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

Hungary is establishing itself as a favourable choice for patent litigation as Hungarian revocation and counterclaims for invalidity proceedings can be handled by experienced HIPO examiners. After recent legislative changes and the latest case law, swifter patent infringement proceedings are to be expected, which will benefit patentees in the long term.

24 November 2023

Greece: Navigating the Patent Enforcement Landscape

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

The complexities of patent disputes make it imperative that litigants entrust their cases to lawyers specialised in IP protection. In an effort to educate on this topic on a national level, the Hellenic IP Academy has announced that it will provide suitable training and qualifications. Certified individuals will have the right to act on behalf of clients before the Greek Patent Office.

24 November 2023

Specialist Chapter: First Months of UPC See Broad Sector Engagement and CMS Teething Problems

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

The number of UPC actions filed in the first three months indicates that many rights holders are willing to engage with the new system, especially in Germany. As the court becomes more settled, the next 12 months could prove transformative for European patent litigation.

24 November 2023

Specialist Chapter: New Challenges in Proving Patent Infringement Damages in the United States

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

Changes to the damages process within the US courts are allowing for a wider variety of avenues for patent infringement evidence. However, this is not without its risks, as experts are being required to increase the specificity of their proof analysis under three main criteria.

24 November 2023

Eligibility and PTAB reform bills spark debate at IAM event

IAM Connect: Patent Policy and Litigation delved deeply into Section 101 legislation, reform efforts at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and reactions to the European Commission's SEP proposal

23 November 2023

Nokia uses UPC and Munich court to turn up the pressure on Hewlett-Packard

HP becomes latest SEP implementer to be targeted at the Unified Patent Court

22 November 2023

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