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InterDigital’s latest win against Oppo showcases India’s attractiveness for SEP owners

Oppo ordered by Delhi High Court to pay hefty security deposit days before UK global FRAND rate proceedings get underway

23 February 2024

Seven key takeaways from Nokia’s disputes with Oppo and Vivo

The recently settled battles offer several lessons for patent strategists

20 February 2024

Delhi High Court backpedals in landmark pharma ruling on product-by-process claims

Reversal in favour of Vifor is a boon for innovators

20 February 2024

How courts around the world are tackling AI, SEPs and software eligibility

Litigation from Australia, India, Colombia and Europe illustrates the pivotal role played by the courts, especially in the most volatile areas of patent law

19 February 2024

India: the rising sun of SEP enforcement in 2024

Kapil Kumar and MS Devi of K&S Partners, delve into the anticipated developments in 2024, and shed light on why India is emerging as a desirable location for resolving SEP licensing disputes

19 February 2024

Navigating Patent Protection Within the Context of AI

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

India is currently witnessing a paradigm shift in the creation of novel and creative works. The proliferation of AI is resulting in a complex landscape for patent offices, inventors and policymakers to navigate. Addressing these challenges is crucial for maintaining the balance between fostering innovation and upholding the principles of patent law.

15 February 2024

Delhi High Court division bench restores PepsiCo’s plant variety registration in judgment reversal

After having an appeal dismissed in a single-judge ruling, PepsiCo has finally reclaimed protection for its potato variety, which is used for making Lays crisps. The long-running case is spotlighting issues that can arise when entities take a casual approach to procedural compliance.

14 February 2024

Successful Novartis appeal provides critical clarification on India’s pre-grant opposition process

A Delhi High Court decision has highlighted that the pre-grant process can be abused by parties attempting to derail applications. The division bench has clearly distinguished between the examination and opposition processes, which should streamline the handling of pre-grant oppositions while safeguarding the interests of both sides.

07 February 2024

Delhi High Court demands full access to Chinese Nokia-Oppo FRAND rate ruling

Move comes as Oppo agrees Indian judge can set local, but not global, FRAND rate

20 December 2023

Delhi High Court defines enhanced therapeutic efficacy in setting aside Indian Patent Office refusal order

In a pharmaceutical prosecution case, the Delhi High Court has issued a decision that provides much-needed clarity on Section 3(d) of the Patents Act. The ruling will serve as a useful guide for prosecuting future life science patent applications.

13 December 2023

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