Region: China

NTT Docomo agrees patent licence with China’s Vivo

Japanese telco carrier strikes royalty agreement with smartphone power in latest litigation-free deal

12 May 2022

Canny patentee leverages pre-suit mediation procedure to settle design infringement

A pre-litigation mediation procedure proved pivotal to bringing a civil lawsuit to a swift resolution, following field investigation and on-site notarisation to secure evidence of infringement.

11 May 2022

Unpacking China’s first patent linkage decision

Exclusive analysis based on the full text of the country’s first civil patent linkage judgment reveals how the Beijing IP Court handled the case and why the generic company prevailed

10 May 2022

Oppo acquires wireless, video coding patents from Sharp

Chinese handset vendor taps portfolio of former litigation opponent as disputes with Nokia and InterDigital heat up

05 May 2022

ByteDance hit with multimedia patents as global litigation docket grows

A US NPE and a relatively unknown Chinese tech firm are among the plaintiffs going after the TikTok operator in China and the US

04 May 2022

ZTE asks Chinese court to set FRAND rate to its 4G patent portfolio

The Shenzhen-based company, which is seeking to do more out-licensing, has also seen a change in leadership with the recent departure of its CIPO

28 April 2022

Exclusive data reveals top owners of Chinese patents

Featured in Portfolio Data

Research undertaken for IAM by Dolcera details the holders of the 100 largest portfolios. Domestic entities dominate the ranking, but a select group of foreign businesses - including Samsung, Qualcomm and Panasonic - also make the list

27 April 2022

Why interpretation of technical terms in patent claims matters – part two

A further deep dive into an invalidation decision highlights how crucial it is that patentees interpret claims consistently if they are not to risk losing their assets altogether.

27 April 2022

What a successful trade secrets case in China looks like

A new study of recent court decisions shows that while civil litigation of trade secret disputes is comparatively rare, there are some common factors to winning cases

26 April 2022

We'll keep buying 5G SEPs to complement our in-house R&D, Oppo CIPO says

Adler Feng, who was recently named the Chinese smartphone company's Chief IP Officer, talks about the differences between the 4G and 5G licensing environments

22 April 2022

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