31 Dec

A Happy New Year from everyone at IAM!!

A message from IAM's editor in chief Joff Wild

On the last day of 2018, and on behalf of the entire team at IAM – editorial, research, production, marketing, business development and back office – I’d like to thank all our readers for all their support throughout the year.

For us, the last 12 months have been extremely hectic. For a start – and most noticeable from the outside looking in - we went behind a paywall and then completely replatformed, launching an entirely new website at the end of August. We know there have been a few hiccups along the way and so we are even more grateful to you for your loyalty and patience.

What’s more, there has been the small matter of an acquisition to work through and we have also seen some significant changes on the personnel front: our North America editor Richard Lloyd has recently taken over from me as editor of IAM magazine, while I have assumed the editor-in-chief’s role. This will give me more time to work on our online offering, new product development and integrating IAM and its sister publication WTR into the larger business we are now a part of. During 2019 you can expect to see this beginning to bear fruit, so stay tuned. On the BD front, our managing director and my very good friend, Gavin Stewart, has headed off to pastures new to be replaced by John Eborall, his long-time deputy. We have also grown both our journalism and research teams in size and expertise.

Unless anything extraordinary happens, this will be the last IAM content generated in 2018. So, here’s wishing each and every one of you, wherever in the world you are, the happiest and healthiest 2019 imaginable. Without your reads, leads, insights, criticisms and general engagement on here, via our various reports and research projects, and at our events, the 25+ people who work on IAM would not be operating at the heart of one of the world’s most exciting, dynamic and important business sectors. We owe you a lot!!

To keep you busy and entertained until we reappear on 2nd January 2019, following are some IAM-related stats I have harvested from Google Analytics. Once again, have a very happy new year – we’ll see you on the other side.

As of 10.55 am on 31st December 2018 …

Number of individual users of the IAM website for the year: 390,611

Number of sessions: 652,535

Number of page views: 1,384,886

Average pages per session: 2.12

Reader origin, top 10 countries (in order): United States (40%), India (9.5%), United Kingdom (6.2%), Japan (4.75%), France (4.5%), Germany (3.6%), Canada (3.1%), China (2.3%), South Korea (1.6%), Australia (1.5%)

Reader origin, top 10 US states (in order): California, Virginia, New York, Texas, Illinois, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Reader origin, top 10 US cities (in order): New York, Arlington, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Dallas, Seattle

Reader origin, top 10 non-US cities (in order): Paris, London, Bengaluru, Munich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Seoul, Beijing, Singapore

Top 10 most-read stories of the year (in order):

Two separate Sisvel deals with Samsung push the firm ever-closer to the big leagues

Oppo back on the patent purchase trail to facilitate expansion in new markets

More change at the top for Blackberry's licensing operation

DowDuPont revealed as leader in global CRISPR patents; study points to potential trouble ahead

Nokia reveals expected licensing rate for 5G phones

Court of Appeals in London upholds Unwired Planet v Huawei to provide big boost to SEP holders globally

Bank of America and IBM lead on blockchain patents, but start-ups and other specialists dominate

Huawei transferred hundreds of patents to Qualcomm in months after NDRC settlement 

Ruling in high-profile US FRAND case “highly biased in favour of infringers”, says Ericsson's CIPO

Intellectual Ventures, Amex veterans to launch blockchain-powered IP trading platform

Joff Wild

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