Brand protection in the Italian and global markets

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It is an undisputed fact that globalisation has complicated matters in relation to the creation, development and defence of brands and trademarks. This is causing particular headaches for brand owners in Italy, a country that enjoys a reputation in various areas of international trade (eg, fashion, luxury goods, textiles, wines, foodstuffs), but that is also a known source of counterfeit and pirated goods. Italian brand owners are fighting IP crime to defend their brands both at home and abroad, and have been continually lobbying the country’s various governments – which usually remain in power for only limited periods – to introduce more effective legislation and stronger enforcement of the statutory and regulatory provisions against infringement, counterfeiting and piracy of brands. The results so far have been mixed: significant improvements have been achieved in the implementation of statutory provisions and rules, but the level of enforcement still needs to be substantially increased.


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