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Nokia’s battles with Oppo and Vivo underscore the UPC/UP’s importance for SEP owners

The newly operational Unified Patent Court and unitary patent is a boon for standard essential patent owners, even in disputes with Asia-centric implementers

12 June 2023

Optis suffers major defeat in English High Court global FRAND rate decision

Judge finds Optis’ comparable licences “worse than useless” for calculating rate to pay in a ruling which is bleak reading for SEP licensors

08 June 2023

What the proposed EC SEP regulation might mean for US litigation

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

The European Commission’s SEP proposal would transform the global SEP landscape, with uncertainty and near-term risk potentially pushing SEP holders towards US suits. If the regulation proceeds, future US litigation may well involve disputes over whether a non-binding expert opinion on aggregate royalty may be presented to a US jury.

08 June 2023

EC SEP proposal vastly underestimates registration and assessment burden

Global innovaton and transformation consultancy PA Consulting weighs in on the complexity of a moving target of new patent grants and evolving standards in multiple jurisdictions

06 June 2023

TCL and IP Bridge ink licensing deal bringing global patent litigation to an end

The deal, facilitated by Xiaomi former IP strategist Paul Lin, grants the Chinese television manufacturer use of patents owned in cellular, wireless communication and HEVC technology

05 June 2023

Proposed EC SEP regulation could be a big shake up for German courts

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

The European Commission’s recent proposal aims to increase transparency and predictability in SEP licensing by introducing a central SEP register, extrajudicial review of a patent’s essentiality and a FRAND determination procedure. For German courts, this would most likely involve overhauling the current practice.

01 June 2023

UPC launch is a pivotal moment for European and global patent strategy

But today is the start of a long process before the significance of the new system is fully revealed

01 June 2023

How Netlist uses IP licensing negotiations to boost manufacturing

In an exclusive interview, CK (Chuck) Hong, CEO of memory module firm Netlist, recounts the birth of its patent licensing programme and how IP helps fuel its products business

10 May 2023

Litigation risk, licensing tips and trade secrets strategies: takeaways from Auto IP USA

Nearly 135 automotive industry IP professionals convened in Motor City to hear from IP chiefs of OEMs and suppliers who discussed joint ventures, trade secrets, IP risk and SEP licensing

09 May 2023

US government confirms concerns over EC SEP licensing regulation

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo reveals that officials have told Brussels of worries about aspects of the proposed legislation

04 May 2023

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