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Tesla’s Avanci/InterDigital FRAND action shows UK becoming favoured by implementers

SEP implementers are flocking to the English courts, whose approach was formerly perceived to be favourable to patentees

31 January 2024

China’s diverse FRAND translations severely impacting court decisions at home and abroad

Practitioners should carefully consider how the term is being translated at the Chinese courts and ensure that different approaches do not facilitate unintended outcomes

31 January 2024

‘Fathers of MP3’ call for EU to abandon proposed SEP regulation

IAM talks exclusively to two of the top European scientists speaking out against the “harmful” new licensing framework

29 January 2024

Nokia’s 2023 financial results underscore importance of Oppo settlement

Deals with Chinese companies are crucial for boosting revenues following disappointing year

25 January 2024

EU SEP regulation voted through key parliament committee, despite mass abstentions

Thirteen JURI members endorsed the proposal in today’s committee meeting, adopting all seven Compromise Amendments

24 January 2024

BREAKING: Nokia and Oppo sign 5G patent cross-licence agreement

The long-awaited deal brings an end to over two years of litigation spanning India, China, Brazil, the UK and Germany

24 January 2024

Ericsson’s SEP licensing performance is silver lining for company facing headwinds

Swedish patentee improved on its impressive 2022 IP revenue performance in 2023

23 January 2024

Unpicking the implications of Oppo v Nokia and what it means for global licence rates

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

The First Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing Municipality has handed down the world’s first aggregate royalty rate for 5G, evaluated the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio and determined a value contribution ratio for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G technologies, confirming Oppo’s obligation to pay for the use of Nokia’s patents.

23 January 2024

Race to the bottom with top-down approach in FRAND rate setting for SEPs

In the week that the European Commission’s proposed SEP policy faces a crucial vote, WiseHarbor founder Keith Mallinson analyses the risks of taking an aggregate-based approach

23 January 2024

All eyes are on the EUIPO in 2024

Saturday Opinion: The EUIPO is embarking on a busy year – and that’s before the SEP policy question is answered. As concerns over the transparency of its leadership selection processes surface, it is critical that it remains focused on its core users

20 January 2024

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