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Now is not the time for the EU to fiddle with FRAND

In connectivity, Europe currently enjoys a level of technology security that it would be unwise to imperil with a needless redesign of the SEP licensing regime

09 April 2022

The pressure is on Kathi Vidal as she finally takes charge of the USPTO

After her long-awaited Senate confirmation, the agency’s new director has plenty on her plate and some unavoidably controversial decisions to make

07 April 2022

Huawei sketches out need for balanced royalty rates in patent business manifesto

Briefing delivered to company founder makes clear the organisation is shifting out of a defensive-minded strategy but also lays out case against royalty maximalism

06 April 2022

How standards and SEPs can help the move to a post-carbon economy

The advances of the latest technology standards can be leveraged to help mitigate the pressing issue of climate change. Standards generations such as 5G and WiFi 6 can help to track and identify our carbon footprint and help us lower energy usage and emissions.

06 April 2022

Five key takeaways from IPBC Europe

Returning from two action-packed days in London, IAM Deputy Editor Adam Houldsworth reflects on the surprising state of corporate UPC strategies, the rise of AI, FRAND fireworks and more

02 April 2022

Japan ministry publishes FRAND patent licensing guidelines

The advisory document lays out acceptable behaviours at four stages of the SEP negotiation process

01 April 2022

Highlights from the final day of IPBC Europe 2022

Patent value, IP finance and the challenges of digitisation were just some of the subjects discussed in front of a sell-out audience in London yesterday

31 March 2022

European Union rolls the dice with big push on standards and SEPs

As the European Commission simultaneously pursues a standardisation strategy, new SEP framework and DG Comp guidelines, Haris Tsilikas argues that any inconsistencies or contradictions in these efforts could damage the continent’s standards leadership

30 March 2022

All the action from Day One of this year's IPBC Europe

A feisty FRAND debate, the UPC and plenty more besides came up for discussion in front of a packed audience of over 280 delegates in London

30 March 2022

500 million reasons why Ericsson’s patent showdown with Apple matters so much

Huge dollar sums are at stake in the Swedish company’s licensing dispute with the iPhone giant, writes Avikka AB managing director Eric Stasik

29 March 2022

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