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Apple threat to leave British market over FRAND royalty is not credible, says judge

Latest decision in the iPhone maker’s long-running dispute with Optis makes clear that there is no reason to believe the company will pull-out of the UK rather than accept a court mandated licensing rate

28 September 2021

Qualcomm ends participation in HEVC licensing platform Velos Media

Marconi, which operates Velos, confirms Qualcomm patents will not be a part of future deals and says it is “exploring options for the future" of the programme

28 September 2021

ZTE licensing head: we're actively seeking financial return from our patent portfolio

In an exclusive interview, Marco Tong declines to comment on company’s reported suit against a Chinese phone maker this week, but says ZTE will “reluctantly use enforcement” if implementers “continuously disrespect others’ IP”

24 September 2021

It’s tech, not patents, that makes Qualcomm a royalty-generating machine

The chip giant has built a high-quality portfolio, but it’s world class innovation that ultimately drives the billion-dollar licensing returns each quarter

23 September 2021

Taiwan firm’s latest patent sale hints at NPE demand for 5G patent rights

Assertion of rights branded as essential to 5G is already underway in US courts, and Longhorn IP is the latest big-name patent asserter to make a deal with a standards-focused lab

21 September 2021

Stakeholders have less than a month to comment on possible changes to IEEE’s patent policy

The SSO's patent committee meets tomorrow but will continue accepting written comments until 15 October

20 September 2021

The FTC creates a potential new US headache for SEP owners

Recent agency announcement beefing up investigative powers and targeting alleged IP abuses signals another Biden administration move away from the Trump presidency’s views on patents and anti-trust

17 September 2021

US, China staking out strong positions in possible 6G technologies, according to new patent study

Japanese research group highlights nine technologies that could prove important to the next-generation wireless standard

17 September 2021

Apple didn’t want fair FRAND arbitration, Qualcomm VP says of epic litigation battle

Marc Snyder also claims that the iPhone giant helped the FTC craft “bizarre” antitrust claims that were eventually dismissed

16 September 2021

NTT Docomo seals global wireless SEP licence with Oppo

Japanese telecom provider inks a litigation-free deal with another major Chinese smartphone player

14 September 2021

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