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Avanci launches new platform for ATSC 3.0 broadcasting standard

Company continues push beyond connected car focus with Avanci Broadcast joint licensing programme

07 March 2023

Oppo rejects Nokia’s arbitration proposal

The Chinese handset maker has opted to fight on for now, but alludes to "counter-offer" in the pipeline.

27 February 2023

‘Privateer’ licensing rates report stirs company kickback

Saturday Opinion: Harfang IP argues against conclusions drawn in a recent study on SEP ask rates

25 February 2023

Vidal reveals perspective on UPC, SEPs and competition with China

In the second part of IAM’s exclusive interview with USPTO Director Kathi Vidal, she shares her thoughts on international patent issues

23 February 2023

Avanci launches Aftermarket programme as part of push into new areas

New 40-licensor initiative seeks to expand IoT licensing beyond the platform’s core focus

21 February 2023

Nokia strikes blow to Oppo with Brazilian injunction

Latin America’s largest country is playing an increasingly prominent role in SEP/FRAND disputes

17 February 2023

InterDigital celebrates record licensing revenues in 2022

Revenue from Apple’s renewal hit the books and the company is conservatively estimating revenue from Samsung as their arbitration proceeds

15 February 2023

The ‘FRAND dance’: what it is and why it is causing uncertainty in Germany

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

The lack of detailed guidance for FRAND negotiations in the Federal Court of Justice’s Sisvel v Haier judgments is still causing problems today. German lower courts are being forced to fill in the gaps, which is resulting in diverging case law among the main courts.

14 February 2023

SEP holders hotly contest Stout’s ‘SEP privateer’ report

One of the targets says its actually an R&D lab, while another swears its rates match those of major SEP licensors and questions the report’s analytical method

10 February 2023

Oppo joins Via Licensing’s AAC patent pool

The smartphone manufacturer becomes the audio codec pool’s second-largest licensee from China, behind long-time member Xiaomi

08 February 2023

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