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BREAKING: Avanci signs BMW as first new 5G programme licensee since launch

Three licensors, including Deutsche Telekom, also added to new connected vehicle licensing programme

18 September 2023

Valo, Dell and Cisco: first speakers for IP and Emerging Technology USA revealed

IAM Live is coming to San Francisco on 9 November to discuss IP opportunities arising from rapid advancements in tech

16 September 2023

Apple’s Chinese difficulties reflect the challenges all IP owners face there

The company’s share price fell by billions of dollars last week because of investor concerns about a new Huawei device and a rumoured government ban on officials using iPhones. It was a timely reminder of the kinds of problem China poses to rights holders individually and collectively

14 September 2023

Huawei and Xiaomi strike 5G communications tech cross-licensing deal

The agreement grants the companies use of each other’s patents in various technologies and brings an end to a dispute before the CNIPA

13 September 2023

Oppo injuncted after refusing to accept UK court's global FRAND rate

Nokia has notched up another sales ban against the Chinese device maker in Europe

11 September 2023

InterDigital-Lenovo cases on AV1 codec come in wake of abandoned AOMedia antitrust investigation

European regulators dropped an investigation into the Alliance for Open Media, which developed the AV1 video codec to be royalty-free

08 September 2023

Ericsson and Huawei show how cooperation drives the connectivity patent world

The cross-licensing deal announced by the two companies last week came just days after a piece in the Financial Times which painted the picture of a complex system “defined by vicious litigation”

31 August 2023

How to Build an Effective Assertion-Based SEP Licensing Programme in China

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

As the licensing ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, assertion can be a pragmatic tool in the negotiation practice and a well-planned strategy is crucial.  When approaching SEP dispute resolution in China, there are several popular courts worth considering.

25 August 2023

India: Key SEP and Antitrust Challenges Demonstrate Judicial Desire to Strengthen Patent Regime

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

In 2022 the spotlight for global patent jurisprudence was fixed firmly on India. Legislative overhauls, landmark decisions in the SEP and life sciences spaces and the first decision on antitrust and patent law all signal a clear aim to refine patent jurisprudence and modernise India’s IP regime.

25 August 2023

BREAKING: Ericsson and Huawei strike SEP cross-licence deal

The agreement proves there is no need for third-party weigh-in on SEP negotiations, says Huawei’s Emil Zhang

25 August 2023

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