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India: the rising sun of SEP enforcement in 2024

Kapil Kumar and MS Devi of K&S Partners, delve into the anticipated developments in 2024, and shed light on why India is emerging as a desirable location for resolving SEP licensing disputes

19 February 2024

The EU used to believe in patent pools; it should do so again

Saturday Opinion: The negativity surrounding the SEP licensing regulation masks a huge market success – and it’s not too late for European policymakers and politicians to embrace pools as the transparent, efficient, cost-effective way to speed up technology adoption that they are

17 February 2024

US judges are warning implementers to take FRAND negotiations seriously, or else

Due to Samsung’s bad-faith FRAND negotiation tactic, “what they awarded us was dramatically more per unit than our settlement offers”, says Jason Sheasby, G+ Communications’ attorney

14 February 2024

Lenovo tests new SEP litigation tactics with UK and UPC actions

Implementers are exploring the limits of the London courts’ approach to global rate-setting

14 February 2024

BREAKING: Avanci signs up General Motors to 5G platform

First US brands join the 5G-era programme

13 February 2024

China’s video explosion: Tencent and ByteDance overtake Qualcomm in video codec patent filings

Chinese players forge ahead as growing awareness about commercial opportunities impacts filing strategies

09 February 2024

Nokia completes 5G smartphone renewal cycle with seventh major deal

Finnish company now free to step up efforts in new growth areas

09 February 2024

Oppo team matured and proved itself during Nokia litigation, says company IP head

Adler Feng speaks to IAM about his decade at the top of the Chinese business’s IP department

07 February 2024

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’: an interview with Korean R&D shop Wilus

The company is seeking to become the world’s go-to standards technology development company, says CEO Jin Sam Kwak

06 February 2024

BREAKING: Nokia and Vivo sign 5G patent cross-licence agreement

The deal comes on the heels of the Oppo pact and will boost licensing revenues at a time when the Finnish patent holder has suffered steep drop-offs in net sales and profitability

05 February 2024

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