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Private equity investor buys majority stake in IP pioneer Ocean Tomo

New capital will help Chicago-based business scale-up as it looks to develop new marketplace, says firm's head Jim Malackowski; possible expansion of international arm into India and Brazil also being considered

24 April 2020

Patents have served Toshiba well, but now its sights are set on a different intellectual asset

Through the turbulent times the Japanese heavyweight has experienced it never lost faith in IP; and while its portfolio of holdings will continue to be crucial data is moving to centre stage

24 April 2020

Intellectual Discovery and IP Bridge sales mark the end of an era

The state-backed patent funds helped change the culture around patents in the South Korea and Japan, and now both face the task of surviving the private sector

18 April 2020

Looking for IP value in a time of economic shock

Patents, know-how and data, as well as other intellectual assets, are all very interesting opportunities right now - if you know what you are doing

15 April 2020

Biopharma deal-making loses momentum amid current uncertainties

Following a sharp drop in Q1, the purchase of patent-rich life sciences businesses may dry up this quarter as the covid-19 pandemic makes it more difficult to evaluate assets

14 April 2020

World leaders hatch further plans for accessibility of covid-19 IP rights

WHO to establish voluntary patent pool, while Greek Prime Minister calls for EU to buy rights to vaccines and tests

09 April 2020

Chinese investors spark IP fears with plans for British chip firm

UK government called on to investigate as Chinese backer moves to take up board seats, but the time to worry about IP ownership may be past

07 April 2020

Patent deep-dive shows IBM and Microsoft have cloud computing upper hand

The market is quickly growing and data indicates that the playing field may begin to shift

03 April 2020

Patent opportunities and dangers in the microbiome revolution

It is a key part of our growth strategy and we actively seek to ensure IP strategies are in place to protect our investment, says senior DuPont counsel

02 April 2020

Huawei is weathering the sanctions storm

The company’s annual results show that it continues to invest heavily in R&D and patents amidst financial pressures stemming from its US blacklisting

01 April 2020

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