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New customer on the secondary patent market: litigation finance companies

Patent brokers and litigation financiers say that over the past year there is a growing trend of lawsuit funders exploring the idea of acquiring their own patent portfolios for monetisation through licensing or litigation

20 April 2022

The advantages of using hedonic regression to measure the value of standardised technologies

Hedonic regression is a dependable and impartial way to estimate the value of a standardised technology. Further, it can be applied to a range of products, especially those with multiple features.

13 April 2022

CRISPR FTO complexities not going anywhere in wake of Broad Institute victory, says IP chief on the CVC side

Following major US CRISPR decision, Michael Arciero, VP of IP at ERS Genomics, tells IAM that tricky patent landscapes are the new normal in biotech

04 April 2022

Five key takeaways from IPBC Europe

Returning from two action-packed days in London, IAM Deputy Editor Adam Houldsworth reflects on the surprising state of corporate UPC strategies, the rise of AI, FRAND fireworks and more

02 April 2022

Highlights from the final day of IPBC Europe 2022

Patent value, IP finance and the challenges of digitisation were just some of the subjects discussed in front of a sell-out audience in London yesterday

31 March 2022

Ocean Tomo acquired by global consulting firm J.S. Held

Two years after private equity buyout, the pioneering IP advisory firm led by Jim Malackowski changes hands again

30 March 2022

Korean university’s litigation debacle bolsters case for litigation funding transparency

KAIST’s dispute with its own licensing arm may be a problem of the university’s own making, but it underlines the opacity of modern patent litigation

26 March 2022

The brokered patent market in 2021

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q1: Patent Dealmaking

ROI’s latest report on sales activity and reflections on 10 years of market tracking

02 March 2022

The life science royalty sales market

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q1: Patent Dealmaking

Some of the highest-value deals in intellectual property today are taking place in the burgeoning marketplace for revenue streams linked to pharmaceutical products

02 March 2022

US patent assignments in 2021

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q1: Patent Dealmaking

Six things we learned about the transactions marketplace in a year that featured notable patent deals both big and small

02 March 2022

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