A number of IP-related events are held throughout the world each year. On this page you will find details about those that we consider to be the most significant and interesting from the perspective of an IAM reader, including the most up-to-date information concerning IPBC GlobalIPBC Asia and other conferences organised by IAM and Law Business Research.

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IAM Industry Review 2020

30 November - 9 December 2020

Most of the world’s major economies have been subject to some kind of pandemic-induced lockdown this year, but that does not mean everything has stopped. As well as adjusting to the multiple practical and strategic challenges posed by covid-19, IP professionals in a number of key industries have also had to absorb regulatory developments, potentially game-changing court decisions, new legislation, big deals and a shifting patent landscape.

IAM’s Industry Review 2020 will focus on five key business sectors: life sciences; telecoms; automotive; software and AI; and semiconductors. For each one, leading experts will explore the year’s ups, downs and pivotal moments, while dissecting what they will mean for 2021.

IPBC Shenzhen 2020

1-2 December 2020

Shenzhen is China’s powerhouse for high-tech industrial, R&D and commercial activity and has played host to our focused local IPBC since 2018. For 2020 we will be bringing together this influential group of IP-owning companies, along with their international counterparts, through a dedicated virtual programme comprising four fully-bilingual sessions spread over two days - on 1 & 2 December 2020.

Auto IP Asia 2020

8 December 2020

Auto IP Asia will return as a dedicated half-day virtual programme on 8 December 2020. This event is designed for the sector’s IP influencers from across the regional and global automotive landscape – from OEMs and industry suppliers, to innovators in high-tech and connectivity. The concise programme will tackle the key pressures facing IP owners in the rapidly developing automotive landscape with a specific focus on the Asia-Pacific region’s increasingly influential position. All sessions will be bilingual with simultaneous English and Mandarin translations.

IP Risk Management 2021

27-28 January 2021

IP is one of the most important assets a business can own and is increasingly prominent on the corporate agenda. While budgets get tighter and resources scarcer, threats continue to grow. All the while, IP leaders must ensure they are protecting their assets and proactively mitigating the risks surrounding them.

IAM’s IP Risk Management event, live on Zoom on January 27 and 28 2021, will focus on key strategies, best practices and lessons learned for identifying, measuring and mitigating IP risk.

IPBC Asia 2021

6-8 December 2021

The Asia-Pacific region’s role within the global IP market has never been more crucial as political tensions, technological developments and commercial strategies collide. Huge opportunities exist, but there are also huge risks, and corporate IP management has never been harder to navigate.  Against this background, IAM is pleased to be returning to Shanghai for the eighth IPBC Asia. With over 500 delegates representing the elite of the region’s corporate IP community, this is IAM’s flagship event in the region and an unmissable business opportunity.

IPBC Global 2021

14-16 November 2021 - Seattle, USA

IPBC Global will bring the world’s IP business leaders back together again in 2021 when it reconvenes in Seattle, the fastest growing tech hub in the USA and home to some of the most innovative businesses on the planet.

From 14 to 16 November 2021, attendees at the world’s leading IP event will enjoy unsurpassed networking and deal-making opportunities, as well as the chance to join high-level discussion around the key challenges facing those responsible for developing IP business strategies now and into the future.

IPBC Korea 2021

Korea is a key global IP-player and the crucial status of many of its corporate giants within the global supply chain make it a fascinating, yet challenging, IP market. IPBC Korea will provide a packed, fully bilingual, one-day programme tackling the IP policy developments, market trends and commercial pressures affecting both Korean enterprises’ overseas business and international corporations operating in Korea.

IPBC Southeast Asia 2021


IAM’s combined programme: IPBC Southeast Asia, hosted by IAM, and Brand Strategy Southeast Asia, presented by World Trademark Review, will be split into two dedicated streams: IPBC – IAM’s focused IP value creation agenda – and Brand Strategy – WTR’s detailed brand management programme. Sessions will run concurrently, with delegates able to switch between streams to match their interests