All individuals listed in the IAM Strategy 300 were asked to choose from 14 categories when identifying their particular areas of expertise. Some categories are self-contained and self-explanatory; others can be divided into a number of sub-categories. Below (in bold) is a list of the categories available for selection, followed by a non-exhaustive set of sub-categories, as appropriate.

Brokering – IP sale; IP acquisition

Defensive patent aggregation

Finance – venture capital; private equity; patent value funds; merchant banks; corporate finance; venture financing; litigation financing; royalty stream securitisation

IAM/IC – intellectual asset management; intellectual capital management; directed invention; innovation strategies; technology commercialisation

IP auctions – open; closed

IP-backed lending

IP insurance – defensive; assertion; reputation protection; asset protection

IP management consultancy – corporate IP spin-outs; managing non-practising entity risk; open innovation; technology partnering; collaboration; joint ventures; portfolio management; IP marketing; technical and market evaluations; outsourcing; IP planning; IP audits; transactions strategies; reverse engineering; patent landscaping and analysis; IP investments; strategic communications; patent ratings

Legal – litigation; litigation support; infringement evidence collection; designs; patents; trademarks; brands; copyrights; e-commerce; the Internet; patent and trademark prosecution; counselling; expert witness services; IP audits; due diligence; arbitration; insolvency

Licensing – out-licensing; in-licensing; international licensing; brand extension


Tax – domestic; international; transfer pricing

Technology transfer – corporate; academic; research institutions

Valuation – patents; brands; copyrights; trademarks; for transaction purposes

NOTE: Both the general categories and sub-categories are for guidance purposes only. They are not intended to provide definitive information and should not be used as if they do. To get a better understanding of what an individual in the IAM Strategy 300 does, it is strongly recommended that you contact that person directly.

Individuals from operating companies were asked to select the industries in which they are active from the following list:


Banking/financial services









Medical devices

Pharmaceuticals/life sciences



• Telecommunications