Mike McLean

Senior Vice President, IP Services at TechInsights

Mike McLean is senior vice president, IP services at TechInsights. He leads a group of patent professionals who help customers to maximise the value of their patents, prove that value and make fact-driven IP decisions based on technical evidence.

Mr McLean founded the patent development service at Semiconductor Insights (now TechInsights) and has established a centre of excellence around patent portfolio management and patent assessments. His practice enables data-driven decision making and effective identification of patent assets for enforcement or sale, provides guidance on invention selection and patent acquisition programmes and ensures the alignment of patent portfolios with IP and business strategy.

During his 20-year tenure with TechInsights, Mr McLean has worked extensively with the technology practices of major law firms, in-house corporate counsel teams of global technology companies and external licensing agencies. He holds a BSc in engineering (first-class hons) from Queens University and is a licensed member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. In recognition of his strong technical and business acumen, Mr McLean has served as a witness in several IP suits on behalf of TechInsights’ clients.


  • Brokering
  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • M&A

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