Carlo Segantini

Partner at Invention Capital Partners

Carlo Segantini is a partner at Invention Capital Partners (ICP), a company which invests in inventions to create technology licensing platforms in large industries by combining multiple types of intellectual properties, namely patents, trade secrets and brands, often from multiple sources.

Before joining ICP, Mr Segantini spent over eight years at Intellectual Ventures (IV) covering roles such as licensing account executive, senior director channel sale and licensing, and vice president of strategic acquisitions. He focused on all aspects of invention rights, including patents acquisition, patents licensing, patents divestiture, M&A activity, portfolio management and IP strategy development, and was instrumental in several strategic patents acquisition, divestiture and licensing deals.

Before joining IV, Mr Segantini worked at IPValue Management, a company funded by Goldman Sachs, General Atlantic Partners and Boston Consulting Group to help global technology corporations to generate financial and strategic returns from their patent portfolios.

Before that Mr Segantini worked in Europe for four years (in Milan, Rome and Frankfurt) as senior consultant at BAIN & COMPANY, a leading global management consulting firm headquartered in Boston. He also worked in Italy for four years (in Padova, Milan and Rome) as partner of ISYI SrL, an IT consulting start-up which was acquired in 2000 by ISS (IBM).

Mr Segantini has an MS in electronic engineering from the University of Padova, Italy, and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, New Hampshire.

Professional associations

  • LES


  • Brokering
  • Finance
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

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Invention Capital Partners
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