Brad Sheafe

Chief IP Officer at Dominion Harbor Enterprises, LLC

Brad Sheafe brings over 20 years’ experience in intellectual property, ranging from criminal investigations to patent assertion, prosecution and investment. Additionally, Mr Sheafe has real-world operational experience having served in executive roles, including being the president of both public and private software companies generating intellectual property of their own. He is a named inventor on several utility and design patents. He has successfully navigated the dynamic patent landscape managing the pre- and post-grant prosecution for portfolios earning over $200 million in revenues. He led the team that successfully defended an inter partes re-examination on a patent that ended up generating over $50 million in licences. He also defended 11 of the earliest inter partes reviews resulting in favourable settlements and has demonstrated unparalleled success with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Before joining Dominion Harbor, Mr Sheafe worked as an executive vice president at IPNav, where he engaged in all aspects of IP management, including portfolio evaluation, licensing efforts and litigation strategy. Additionally, he oversaw every facet of patent prosecution for a wide variety of clients, ensuring that their prosecution strategy meshed with their overall monetisation strategy and that every client’s investment in prosecution resulted in high-value assets and not merely trophies. Mr Sheafe brings a unique perspective and background to Dominion Harbor and the operational aspects of patent monetisation strategies. After graduating magna cum laude from the US Air Force Academy, he started his professional career with seven years as an officer in the US Air Force, separating as a captain to take a special agent position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In the course of his over 11-year FBI career, Mr Sheafe served as a senior cybercrime specialist with broad investigative experience and leading complex investigations both domestically and overseas, as well as serving as a senior SWAT team leader. As a result, he brings a rare combination of strategic insight and tactical know-how to ensure that all aspects of a client’s IP portfolio achieve their maximum potential and value.


  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

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