Björn Ulmer

Managing Director at PatentSight GmbH

Björn Ulmer is managing director of PatentSight GmbH, providing strategic insights into the patent landscape for decision makers and patent experts. By connecting intellectual property with business strategy, PatentSight translates the enigma that is intangible patented assets into quantifiable, objective and actionable insights.

Mr Ulmer was educated as an economist and started his career as a top management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in 2003 with an extensive business resume. In 2012 he took on the task of rebuilding and leading the patent department of Deutsche Post DHL Group as its director. He transformed the department from an administrative cost centre into a lean and strategy-minded group asset. His key achievements include:

  • a newly developed and implemented group-wide IP strategy linked to its business strategy;
  • an optimised cost-efficient portfolio; and
  • the establishment of out-licensing deals through use of the Patent Asset Index.

The Patent Asset Index is the metric to evaluate quality, relevance and strength of single patents, as well as entire portfolios, utilising a scientifically developed and industry-proven methodology. It is used by leading technology-driven companies worldwide for internal management, as well as the communication of innovation to senior management and external shareholders (eg, in annual reports). As an integral part of the PatentSight business intelligence platform, the Patent Asset Index is the gold standard for qualitative patent evaluation, providing invaluable insights for successful R&D strategy development, competitive benchmarking, portfolio optimisation, licensing opportunities, M&A candidates, disruptive technologies and emerging trends. For these reasons, seven of the top 10 chemical companies – as well as leaders in the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, engineering, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and many other industries – already rely on PatentSight’s experience and expertise.

Professional associations

  • LES
  • PIUG
  • VPP


  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Valuation

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