Vietnam’s IP scene is evolving; an increasing amount of multinationals are factoring the country into their global strategies and are willing to part with funds to protect their most valuable technologies there. That said, awareness among local rights holders does remain low, which makes for a lack of original drafting while cases are few and far between. Ultimately the legal services market for patents is oriented towards the translation of applications.


  • D&N International
  • INVENCO (Vietnam International Trademarks & Patents Agent)
  • Pham & Associates
  • Rouse & Co International
  • Tilleke & Gibbins
  • VCCI-IP Co Ltd
  • Vision & Associates

D&N International

D&N International delivers all-encompassing prosecution, enforcement and transactional services across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Bolstering its line-up with the recent hire of three new fee earners, the firm is now in an even better position to secure iron-wrought rights protection for its multinational following. A former National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) employee, managing partner Thuy Dang is “very knowledgeable and possesses far-reaching expertise in Vietnamese patent prosecution”. She applies the tricks she learnt working in the patent office towards obtaining initially refused patents for her devotees – including Lotte Group and Daicel – at the NOIP.

INVENCO (Vietnam International Trademarks & Patents Agent)

A “tenacious” player on the Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian IP scenes, Invenco routinely processes a huge number of patent applications every year. The outfit is a particular favourite among European and US rights holders, which value its “enduring experience” and its cradle-to-grave offering. The “strong and flexible leadership” team oversees a broad array of services to complement its IP counsel; the side delivers sound advice on issues relating to business and foreign investment. Patent department leader Vu Huong Giang should be the first point of contact for interested parties.

Pham & Associates

Hanoi-headquartered IP boutique Pham & Associates is a prolific patent filer, skilled in myriad technical disciplines. With bureaux across four locations, its 120-strong squad of professionals boast superb credentials with each individual undergoing rigorous training to meet the firm’s high standards. A respected in-house translation department and a commercial emphasis are notable attractions for international players. At the helm is Ho Chi Minh City Intellectual Property Association vice president Vu Khanh Toan Pham. A physicist by training, the 30-year veteran of Vietnamese intellectual property is a trusted rights guardian for a diverse array of multinationals, including Honda, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

Rouse & Co International

A compelling choice for multi-jurisdictional instructions for over two decades, pioneering international IP group Rouse has integrated its Vietnamese practice seamlessly into its regional operations. In partnership with domestic affiliate Sao Bac Dau IP, the group boasts broad appeal to innovators in the IT and telecoms arenas. Well versed across the spectrum of patent matters, the team of foreign-registered lawyers and local associates was recently strengthened by the arrival of a new engineer and patent attorney who previously worked in-house at Siemens Vietnam. Vietnam and Hong Kong country manager Chris Vale is best placed to provide prospective buyers with more information.

Tilleke & Gibbins

“A highly professional outfit offering a thorough and efficient patent filing service”, Tilleke & Gibbins has taken on three new patent executives over the last year in order to meet overwhelming demand for its stellar prosecution and litigation service. The trailblazing operation’s robust and creative strategies have secured victories for large multinationals in several precedent-setting cases. Taking point in such mandates is the dynamic duo of managing director Thomas Treutler and partner Loc Xuan Le. A registered foreign attorney in Vietnam qualified to practise before the US Patent and Trademark Office, Treutler presides over the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh offices. Having amassed “substantive knowledge and practical experience”, he possesses an exemplary reputation in Vietnamese intellectual property, evidenced by the leadership positions he has held at various industry bodies. Vietnam Intellectual Property Association executive board member Le is a dab hand at asserting patent rights and a vital overseer of IP licensing agreements too.


TRUNG THUC’s “high-quality, pragmatic advice” is a red-hot commodity for foreign firms in need of a Vietnamese partner. As one of the country’s top 10 patent filers, the eight-strong unit punches well above its weight, providing “excellent service at a reasonable cost”. The value of the outfit’s assistance continues to improve; the recent addition of an in-house translation group ensures that buyers are now met with more efficient and accurate interpretations. “Knowledgeable, proactive and diligent”, Hai Yen Thieu leads the chemical and life sciences division and garners effusive praise from foreign associates. As one enthuses, Thieu is“ au fait with what we want” and her “ability to meet our requirements in a short timeframe is incredibly valuable”. Thieu’s colleague Viet Thang Nguyen is the person to turn to for anything related to mechanical engineering and industrial designs.


Vietnam’s first IP offering, VCCI-IP was initially commissioned as a conduit for foreign actors filing applications in the country. It channels the 34 years of expertise and experience it has amassed into securing rock-solid rights protection. From the more than 1,000 clients the firm has represented since opening its doors, Japanese companies stand out as its most loyal patrons. The group files more patents on behalf of Japanese brands than any of its competitors. Managing director Tran Huy Phuong is the key contact for interested parties.

Vision & Associates

An outstanding performer in patent prosecution and enforcement, Vision & Associates is home to a myriad of technically gifted individuals who are unwaveringly responsive and supported by a state-of-the-art docketing system. Buyers can rest easy, knowing that whatever hurdles arise, the Vision team stands ready to fight their corner. IP department head Nguyet Dzung Nguyen adopts a hands-on approach. She leads on a host of instructions for healthcare and electronics giants and guarantees quality thanks to her meticulous attention to detail. An expert in corporate law and a former patent examiner, Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac is a discerning choice for foreign investors with unwieldy and extensive IP portfolios and is an ever-reliable guide through contentious encounters.


  • Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac - Vision & Associates
  • Thuy TH Dang - D&N International
  • Nguyet Dzung Nguyen - Vision & Associates
  • Loc Xuan Le - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Viet Thang Nguyen - TRUNG THUC JSC
  • Vu Khanh Toan Pham - Pham & Associates
  • Hai Yen Thieu - TRUNG THUC JSC
  • Thomas J Treutler - Tilleke & Gibbins