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  • Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • TraskBritt PC
  • Workman Nydegger 
  • Holland & Hart LLP
  • Keller Jolley Preece
  • Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Maschoff Brennan
  • Ray Quinney & Nebeker
  • Stoel Rives LLP

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Bringing together a high-spec prosecution team with a muscular IP litigation unit, Dorsey & Whitney comprehensively caters to innovative companies in need of patent support. As in Minneapolis, Denver and Seattle, the firm has a well-rounded line-up of specialists in Salt Lake City which derives strength from both self-sufficiency and integration into the national group. Anchoring the prosecution practice locally are Grant Foster, Marcus Simon and Bryan Pratt, who form a triumvirate of experienced portfolio managers and strategists. Grant Foster has been in the game for more than three decades and delights with percipient, forward-thinking patent counsel informed by litigation learnings. In a practice emphasising energy, mining and medical devices, Simon displays his affinity for untangling complex problems; he takes a collaborative approach and leans on litigation colleagues to ensure that clients receive holistic solutions. Pratt has been pivotal in growing the firm’s relationship with a world-leading multinational technology company; he handles a dizzying number of instructions without letting quality slip in the slightest. Spearheading litigation campaigns in which the stakes are high, Brett Foster and Mark Miller form a strong one-two punch. Foster’s recent representations have come on behalf of firearms maker Browning and sporting goods company Hoyt Archery, the latter engaging in conflict with several Chinese companies. For another firearms company, Miller – together with Foster – recently put to bed a five-year dispute by entirely invalidating the patent asserted against his client.

Holland & Hart LLP

Helping to make Holland & Hart a premier destination for patent counselling is a cadre of high-calibre professionals in Salt Lake City, all of whom garner glowing reviews from the market. Commenting on Phil Harris and Scott Karren, one source confides: “They are among my most trusted advisers. Phil’s understanding of patent law and strategy is overshadowed only by his commitment to client service. I would recommend him without hesitation; only selfishly, I want to keep him to myself! He has led key portfolio development efforts for us and has added a tremendous amount of value, earning the trust of our most talented innovators and helping identify and protect important inventions we might otherwise not have harvested.” Karren is acknowledged by the high-technology industry as a go-to for the most difficult prosecution cases. “Though polite and diplomatic, he is a very tenacious advocate for us,” reports one client. Meanwhile, his thoughtful mentorship and management of practitioners across Holland & Hart’s offices undergird the firm’s ability to handle high-volume, short turnaround patent development projects with finesse. On the life sciences side, Loren Hulse also attracts rave reviews from patrons: “Loren has efficiently expanded our IP protections and extended our portfolio is a better, more timely way than we have ever managed in-house. He used his firm’s state-of-the-art AI tools to upgrade our IP security, bringing a huge added benefit. In one instance, he revived some in-process patents that had been languishing and was able to overcome seemingly insurmountable examiner objections by way of some brilliant manoeuvres. Communication problems with respect to billing and cost-containment are non-existent, too.” A respected figure in the aerospace, life sciences and outdoor recreation sectors, the versatile Joshua Randall is an “exceptional, responsive and thorough attorney and counsellor”, who “relays complex issues in ways that can be easily understood”.

Keller Jolley Preece

Despite its compact size and location outside Silicon Valley, prosecution boutique Keller Jolley Preece attracts repeat custom from many world-leading high-technology companies, which pays testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and consistent delivery. Founders Ryan Keller, Greg Jolley and Kelly Preece set the pace and bring special attributes to the practice. Demonstrating creative flair, Keller puts in polished performances for multiple Fortune 500s whose domestic and international patent portfolios he manages. Jolley has a deep strategic playbook with options aplenty for established and emerging businesses. Former general counsel Preece has the magic touch when it comes to generating bottom-line growth for companies through astute portfolio management, licensing and litigation means.

Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Lowenstein Sandler situates its dedicated patent prosecution centre in Utah – a facility designed from the ground up to process applications through to successful grant efficiently and cost effectively. Its creation has had a significant impact on the firm’s technology group at large, freeing up top attorneys in New Jersey and Palo Alto to concentrate on what they do best: designing and implementing patent strategies that deliver tangible commercial advantages to clients. Dividing his time between Palo Alto and Utah, Kevin Grange has a dual role as chair of the prosecution centre and a leading strategist. He has an acute appreciation of the detail of the innovations he is tasked with protecting and leveraging, but is a big-picture business thinker, too – qualities that endear him to both research and development teams and the C-suite.

Maschoff Brennan

One of Utah’s largest IP outfits, Maschoff Brennan enjoys a burgeoning reputation thanks to “good leadership and high-quality work”. Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2021, John Gadd is considered “one of the brightest minds at the firm”. A perspicacious software patent portfolio manager and developer, he “may be out of the limelight, but is key to the group’s success”. Software is also a forte for Eric Maschoff, whose computer engineering expertise, problem-solving proclivities, commercial acumen and negotiation skill make for strong selling points. With a facility for high-technology and mechanical engineering, Burns Israelsen has impressive range and pitches his advice perfectly for diverse audiences. A discerning pick for domestic and international patent and trademark prosecution, Richard Gilmore is a gifted educator who gives clients the tools to help themselves.

Ray Quinney & Nebeker

Setting standards of legal excellence in Utah for 80-plus years, distinguished commercial ensemble Ray Quinney & Nebeker is held in high regard. This is certainly true in intellectual property, in which its specialised group matches finely honed patent procurement capabilities with contentious potency to provide a fulsome service at highly competitive rates. In lighting business-aligned prosecution pathways, Paul Taylor has proven himself indispensable to in-house counsel. He has forged many longstanding relationships with clients and, thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations for his partnering approach and quality, has grown the group’s practice considerably since his arrival in 2017. Samuel Straight is the person to call when disputes kick off: he knows what to do right away, which calms nerves, and charts a steady course through all phases of a case. Should he need it, he has the support of the firm’s commercial litigators at his back, too.

Stoel Rives LLP

Full-service outfit Stoel Rives has broad IP horizons and is stacked with rigorously trained technical experts (attorneys and patent agents) and courtroom heroes ready to enforce and defend clients’ hard-won rights. Across the contentious/non-contentious divide, the team keeps the focus on creating and protecting revenue-generating assets. Forming the backbone of the team in Salt Lake City, Matthew Bethards, Aaron Barker and Whitney Johnson express this commerciality in their strategy-oriented practices. A touchstone lawyer for medical device, life sciences and chemical concerns, Bethards prosecutes and manages portfolios worldwide, helping clients to accelerate, improve and take better advantage of their IP initiatives. Electrical engineer Barker achieves similar outcomes for his high-technology followers, which he furnishes with valuable additional support on licensing and litigious matters. Johnson, meanwhile, makes light work of software and computer science briefs and coordinates cross-border patent activities with a sure hand.

TraskBritt PC

There’s a rare sophistication to TraskBritt’s patent work and advice, which stems from its attorneys’ seasoning, worldliness, critical thinking and commerciality. Paragons of this approach are Joseph Walkowski, Allen Turner, Jeffrey Gunn and Dickson Burton. Senior counsel Walkowski is without doubt one of the pre-eminent business minds in intellectual property in the state of Utah, as well as one of the best-rounded professionals; benefiting from his blend of in-house and private practice insight and experience in all areas of patent practice, he sees issues from all angles. Another former in-house counsel, Turner is cut from similar cloth and understands the connectedness between the prosecution, litigation and transactional issues that his life sciences clients face. Managing shareholder Gunn also showcases his versatility in counselling diverse technology companies on prosecution, licensing and contentious matters concerning patents and brands. Burton, on the other hand, is a litigator par excellence with a national reputation for superb courtroom advocacy.

Workman Nydegger 

As the IAM Patent 1000 rankings make obvious, bench depth is a real USP for Workman Nydegger: it has nine individual representatives in the listings, which is four more than its closest competitor. Harnessing this horsepower very effectively, the group prosecutes with unerring accuracy across a rainbow of technologies, shepherds deals of myriad structures over the line and litigates its way to a winning record. Zooming in on the patent procurement side, the firm supports a major multinational technology player, with which it has sustained a longer relationship than any other patent provider that the company engages – a feat which speaks directly to its quality. Taking the lead in filing hundreds of patents for this marquee client – with a superlative registration rate to show for it – are Jens C Jenkins and Adrian J Lee, both precision drafters and superior global strategists. Workman Nydegger maintains a vibrant university-focused practice, too, at the forefront of which is John C Stringham, who also builds portfolios that help start-ups to rocket their way to stardom. Mike Frodsham has a similar knack for positioning companies as market leaders in highly competitive industries. His work for DIRTT Environmental Solutions, which innovates in the architectural space design area, is a good example in this regard: the custom IP approaches he has developed for it have paid dividends in the form of a substantially expanded international portfolio. Other skilled prosecutors include Justin Cassell, Timothy Nichols and John M Guynn, each of whom adds to the practice in special ways. Cassell maintains an easy rapport with inventors, taking the time to meet with them and fully explore their innovations in a manner that enhances effective prosecution; he is also an adept litigation strategist. Nichols – who supports Cassell in representing a worldwide leader in orthopaedics – has a rich comprehension of brands and patents and an eye for IP value creation opportunities. A named inventor on several patents, Guynn understands the innovation process from the inside and is a prime pick for medical device and life sciences matters. When litigation flares up, it is Brent P Lorimer who rides to the rescue; the many major verdicts and awards he has won for clients attest to his strength. He remains an influential contributor to patent law, policy and education in Utah, in the same way as luminary Rick Nydegger does both locally and nationally; they and their colleagues at the firm give a great deal back to the community.

Other recommended experts

Mark Bettilyon earns his keep in the IAM Patent 1000 through his abundant trial nous. He has litigated across the IP spectrum for decades, giving him confidence going into high-exposure battles. He leads the litigation group at Thorpe North & Western. Dually talented in prosecution and litigation and knowledgeable on the subject of Food and Drug Administration regulatory law, Edgar Cataxinos can cover all bases for life sciences entities. He is a founding partner of Magleby Cataxinos Greenwood. Flying the flag of FisherBroyles are Bryan Hanks and Jonathan Lee. They form an excellent pairing that can take on any complex high-technology brief and whip any large portfolio into shape. Together with their team, they run a tight ship on prosecution. A master of the electrical arts, Kevin Johanson has obtained cornerstone patents for Fortune 500s and start-ups. More than just a successful filer, he’s an astute international portfolio builder. Patent Law Works is his base of operations. Larry Laycock is the managing shareholder of Dentons Durham Jones & Pinegar’s Lehi, Utah office. Well suited to his leadership role, he has the expertise and gravitas of an elite litigator. At Barnes & Thornburg, Ryan Marshall is a font of analysis on all things patents and an expert in all aspects of chemistry: “His advice is always enlightening.”

Individuals: litigation

  • Brett L Foster - Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • Brent P Lorimer - Workman Nydegger 
  • Mark M Bettilyon - Thorpe North & Western LLP
  • Dickson Burton - TraskBritt PC
  • Edgar Cataxinos - Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood
  • Larry R Laycock - Durham Jones & Pinegar
  • Mark Miller - Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • Samuel C Straight - Ray Quinney & Nebeker

Individuals: prosecution

  • Aaron Barker - Stoel Rives LLP
  • Matthew S Bethards - Stoel Rives LLP
  • Justin Cassell - Workman Nydegger
  • Edgar Cataxinos - Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood
  • L Grant Foster - Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • Mike Frodsham - Workman Nydegger 
  • John Gadd - Maschoff Brennan
  • Richard C Gilmore - Maschoff Brennan
  • Kevin O Grange - Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • J Jeffrey Gunn - TraskBritt PC
  • John M Guynn - Workman Nydegger 
  • Bryan Hanks - FisherBroyles LLP
  • Phil Harris - Holland & Hart LLP
  • Loren Hulse - Holland & Hart LLP
  • Burns Israelsen - Maschoff Brennan
  • Jens C Jenkins - Workman Nydegger 
  • Kevin K Johanson - Patent Law Works LLP
  • R Whitney Johnson - Stoel Rives LLP
  • Greg Jolley - Keller Jolley Preece
  • J Scott Karren - Holland & Hart LLP
  • Ryan Keller - Keller Jolley Preece
  • Adrian J Lee - Workman Nydegger 
  • Jonathan Lee - FisherBroyles LLP
  • Ryan L Marshall - Barnes & Thornburg
  • Eric Maschoff - Maschoff Brennan
  • Bryan Pratt - Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • Kelly Preece - Keller Jolley Preece
  • Ray Quinney - Ray Quinney & Nebeker
  • Joshua Randall - Holland & Hart LLP
  • Marcus Simon - Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • John C Stringham - Workman Nydegger 
  • Paul N Taylor - Ray Quinney & Nebeker
  • Allen C Turner - TraskBritt PC
  • Kent M Walker - Brinks Gilson & Lione
  • Joseph A Walkowski - TraskBritt PC

Individuals: transactions


  • Rick D Nydegger - Workman Nydegger