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Firms: litigation

Firms: prosecution

  • Highly recommended
  • Baker Botts LLP
  • Fish & Richardson
  • Haynes and Boone LLP
  • Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
  • Recommended
  • Bracewell LLP
  • Dentons US LLP
  • Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
  • Munck Wilson Mandala LLP 
  • Osha Liang LLP
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Slater Matsil LLP

Firms: transactions

  • Baker Botts LLP
  • Fish & Richardson
  • Haynes and Boone LLP
  • Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
  • Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Thompson & Knight LLP

Ahmad Zavitsanos Anaipakos Alavi & Mensing PC 

“High-powered litigation outfit” Ahmad Zavitsanos Anaipakos Alavi & Mensing (AZA) has had “amazing success”. “It has incredibly savvy trial lawyers who don’t just follow the standard playbook, but take a strategic approach – and they know how to get results.” One client comments: “AZA handles high-stakes patent litigation for us and it runs circles around the competition – its attorneys systematically disassemble their opponents’ cases.” Enthusiastically endorsed, Demetrios Anaipakos is “absolutely phenomenal in the courtroom and a naturally gifted presenter who is quick on his feet and very entertaining – when he gets up to cross-examine a witness, jurors lean forward in their seats because they know something is about to happen.” “A top strategist who is exceptional at constructing damages models,” Amir H Alavi is also much respected. Their recent newsworthy cases include prevailing for Data Engine Technologies in a patent infringement dispute with Google over spreadsheets and representing Rembrandt Wireless Technologies against Apple, Broadcom and Qualcomm. To stunning effect, Alavi frequently collaborates with Todd Mensing, “one of the smartest and most tenacious litigators in the game”. The firm ascends to the gold tier in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020.

Baker Botts LLP

“You have to tip your hat to Baker Botts, which is extremely strong as both a patent prosecution and litigation firm. It stands out for the multidimensionality of its practice and the versatility of its lawyers.” One member who is distinguishing herself in that regard is deputy IP chair Christa Brown-Sanford, who partners with blockchain, electronics, software, AI and semiconductor clients throughout all phases of the patent lifecycle. “Christa is somebody to raise up – she’s super dynamic and plays an important leadership role. She is excellent at creating agendas, building consensus and getting everyone pulling in the same direction, and she is very involved in the wider IP and business community.” A team player, she has been working closely with Barton Showalter and others on portfolio and licensing matters for Cisco Systems. Showalter is another prime example – the prototype, even – of the sort of 360-degree patent lawyers that Baker Botts is famous for; he has been a protagonist in some of the firm’s biggest competitor patent litigations, while performing flawlessly as a licensing attorney. Although Showalter recently stepped down as global IP head, he still plays a vital leadership and mentorship role. Captain of the Austin IP group Kevin Meek has the rare distinction of being recognised in the IAM Patent 1000 in all three tables: prosecution, litigation and transactions. Across these, he provides essential support to long-term client Dell. With him on this is Roger Fulghum, a perspicacious counsellor with abundant USPTO and hardcore litigation experience. Speaking of trial work, Baker Botts has a deep bench of advocates with which to tackle the largest disputes. Foremost among them is David Weaver, an “extremely productive straight shooter who doesn’t play games or thump tables”. “David is an industry leader who, in addition to being an outstanding litigator, is sensitive to business needs.” Douglas Kubehl is in court all the time and a skilled presenter as well as one the best brief writers anywhere. He does a great job leveraging the entire Baker Botts machine to service tough cases and gets the best out of diligent associates who dig into the facts. One of his big recent victories came for AT&T Mobility, which Iridescent Networks accused of wilful infringement; he secured a claim construction ruling resulting in a stipulation of non-infringement, leaving Iridescent with nothing – a result which was affirmed by the Federal Circuit thanks to the specialist advocacy of chair of patent appeals Michael Hawes. Stepping up right now, Kurt Pankratz is representing Symantec against public competitor Zscaler; there is a large number of patents and inter partes reviews involved in this one – and Robert Van Nest of top West Coast trial outfit Keker to contend with on the other side. Paul Morico, a go-to for energy and power-related technologies, has also been busy at the PTAB recently, with great results to show for it; he is contributing to the firm’s exciting International Trade Commission (ITC) practice through his representation of Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Bracewell LLP

Bracewell is a discerning choice for patent management. Chair of the IP group Brad Chin and chair of the technology section Constance Rhebergen are adept portfolio developers with strong international practices. Rhebergen’s well roundedness and proficiency in licensing and disputes, in addition to prosecution, give her an edge. Chin prosecutes globally, but is especially adept when it comes to patenting in Asia and the Middle East. Both have chemical engineering backgrounds and shine in the energy sector, although their mastery of the electrical and mechanical arts serves them well across myriad technical fields and industries.

Caldwell Cassady & Curry

Caldwell Cassady & Curry enjoyed a red-letter year for patent litigation in 2019 – but largely away from the courtroom, as several of its major suits resolved prior to trial. Its effective facilitation of such outcomes bears testament to the threat value created by its exceptional and constant trial readiness. Looking ahead to 2020, the team expects to be back in court on the regular, representing parties that want their voices heard and the scales rebalanced. The perfect choice for them is Bradley Caldwell, who refuses to cut corners or cross lines for the sake of winning; he tells the stories how they happened and courts admire and appreciate his authenticity and integrity. Cut from the same cloth, Jason Cassady has a humbleness about him and can get on a level with juries. Smart and creative, Austin Curry can likewise pull juries and decision makers back to where they need to be when opponents try to confuse or misalign the fact patterns. All three are “ethical, witty and wise, and care for their clients like no others”.

Dentons US LLP

The Dallas office of Dentons makes an invaluable contribution to what is one of the United States’ most complete national patent practices. It serves as the base of operations for US IP and technology group chair Robert Hanson, a genetics PhD with a vibrant biotechnology practice. He represents many Texas and out-of-state education institutions, including Texas A&M University and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, with respect to biotechnology, agriculture, animal health, plant and biofuel prosecution, among other things.

Fish & Richardson

Reflecting the comprehensiveness of its patent practice, Fish has multiple representatives on each of the individual Texas tables in the IAM Patent 1000. It also has the largest total number of individuals included, with 10 to Baker Botts’ and Norton Rose Fulbright’s nine apiece. Seven of these are endorsed for their prosecution prowess, although to describe them as prosecutors would not do them justice. Dallas-based Sushil Iyer, Wes Musselman, Jonathan Solomon, Kevin Gray, Terry Stalford and Joshua Griswold, as well as Austin’s James Babineau, are all far-sighted strategists who deftly manage portfolios, astutely commercialise IP rights and guide clients on patent strategy. Worthy of special mention, Gray captains the national IP licensing and transactions practice, while Griswold is an engine of one of the country’s top post-grant divisions. Zooming in on the litigation team brings a dazzling line-up of trial lawyers into view. David Hoffman is currently making magic happen at the ITC for Xilinx in three related semiconductor cases; he knows the forum well, but also litigates with poise in district courts and at the PTAB. So too does Danielle Joy Healey, a veteran litigator who excels on multi-jurisdictional cases and matters at the intersection of IP and unfair competition law. Houston managing principal John Lane has a chemical engineering background and is one of relatively few experienced pharmaceutical patent litigators in Texas.

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP

With surgical precision, Gibson Dunn gets down to the dispositive issues in complex, bet-the-company patent suits, deploying sophisticated advocacy skills to carry the day both in court and around the negotiating table. The litigators here brook no nonsense, so opposite parties seeking to prolong cases and make them more expensive to litigate will not get far. They also understand which way the wind is blowing in patent law and design, and execute contemporary strategies that are effective in light of the latest law and business developments. Dallas resident and global IP group co-chair Mark Reiter is someone to call when the chips are down. He collaborates closely with members of the team in New York and DC, among other locales, and recently represented T-Mobile in a 16-patent action brought by Intellectual Ventures, successfully fighting the plaintiff’s challenge on all of them – a classic zero-dollar dismissal. Another go-to in Dallas, Tracey Davies litigates swiftly and decisively on behalf of pharmaceutical originators and innovative biotechnology entities.

Haynes and Boone LLP

Posting steady growth in prosecution and transactions along with stellar results particularly in post-grant proceedings, but also litigation, Haynes and Boone is in a very healthy groove. One of the best 360-degree patent practices in the country, it creates, defends, kills and commercialises patents effectively and always in a way that is consistent with clients’ business interests. The main anchors on the prosecution and portfolio side include Alan Herda and Randall Brown. Chair of the IP department Herda procures strong and broad patents and is sought after both as an opinion giver and by colleagues for litigation support. Brown is a master of the chemical arts who has prosecuted in the energy and life sciences domains for over three decades. He and seasoned IP all-rounder Mark Tidwell serve as primary patent prosecution and IP transactions counsel to Halliburton Energy Services. Turning to the post-grant practice – a jewel in the firm’s crown – the first name on the team sheet is David McCombs. Sources describe him as an “ultra-organised, extremely responsive and sophisticated counsellor who is a true pleasure to partner with” and a “zealous but very professional advocate”. He and chair of the patent trials and counselling group David O’Dell do sterling work for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) in inter partes reviews. Another post-grant star is software and semiconductors whizz David O’Brien, an accomplished lead counsel at the PTAB and a high-value patent prosecutor. Recently, he has been representing Roku in inter partes reviews, having been selected by the client for his specialist expertise even though it already had other litigation counsel in place. For heavy-duty trial work, look no further than Phillip Philbin. He is currently representing TSMC in its defence of allegations of patent infringement by GlobalFoundries in a case spanning the United States and Germany and involving 16 patents. It is testament to the quality of Haynes and Boone as a one-stop shop that TSMC also comes here for licensing and deal support, provided with dexterity by head of technology transactions Randall Colson.

Heim, Payne & Chorush LLP

Heim, Payne & Chorush’s superhuman trial lawyers are incredibly attuned to market developments; they know how judges are reacting to issues and how the PTAB is approaching them, and understand which patents are strong from an enforceability perspective. This stems from and underpins the agile boutique’s immeasurable success when litigating against giants of industry and the legal big guns representing them. During 2019, the firm used previous wins as a springboard for new patent infringement filings, secured some great outcomes in PTAB proceedings and handled some major pieces of patent-related antitrust litigation. When Michael Heim, Leslie Payne, Russell Chorush or Eric Enger is on the case, great outcomes are inevitable. Performing flawlessly in court, Heim also plays a valuable support role for others going to trial and is a shrewd strategic sounding board. Payne is a resolute captain of litigation teams and a tenacious advocate. Chorush works miracles in large antitrust cases in the pharmaceutical sector; he is a gifted scientist and impeccable patent attorney. Enger does a sterling job running complex cases, so he gets a lot of repeat business; with him in charge, everything gets done right.

Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

Hunton Andrews Kurth is an ideal fit for patent and technology licensing briefs. In Houston’s Jeff Dodd, the ensemble has one of the most authoritative IP monetisation minds in private practice. Over the course of nearly four decades, he has handled touch-and-go negotiations deftly and forged many lucrative relationships in the technology world; he has also written a treatise on licensing. The firm is also a hotspot for patent procurement and litigation in the energy and chemical arenas, thanks to the presence of Gregory Porter. “Greg is technically adept and quick to grasp complex technology. He shows impressive manoeuvrability in handling diverse IP matters; his responses are always timely and well informed.” He acts for carbon capture technology pioneer Innovator Energy, taking care of its entire IP portfolio.

McKool Smith

No other Texas shop gets as many spontaneous recommendations as McKool Smith when it comes to patent litigation; it is a “powerhouse” with an “extremely strong trial bench from top to bottom”. Although local patent litigation has cooled off somewhat, commentators “still see McKool Smith in a tonne of patent cases” and confide that “it is a formidable firm to go up against”. This sentiment is perfectly understandable, given the presence of Samuel Baxter, Mike McKool, Theodore Stevenson and Douglas Cawley – eminent figures with many courtroom victories to their names.

Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

Morgan Lewis’s combination of national-level trial, ITC, post-grant and prosecution expertise distinguishes it from its general commercial competitors. Working in a seamlessly integrated manner, the lawyers in different groups (and different offices) play off each other in a way that elevates the quality of service and outcomes across the board. For example, crack Texas trial lawyers David Levy and Rick Rambo are currently linking up with post-grant mastermind Dion Bregman in Silicon Valley to represent ConocoPhillips Company in several patent infringement claims against In-Depth Geophysical – a task that involves defending patents in inter partes review proceedings. Levy is a heavy hitter in the group, matching three decades at the trial coalface with doughty leadership. He captains the Houston litigation practice and co-heads the global arbitration team. Like Levy, Rambo tries a diverse array of commercial cases in addition to IP disputes; he draws on this broad experience and tactical insight to carry the day in patent cases. Few lawyers in the country, meanwhile, have tried as many cases as Winstol Carter – he has gone the distance in many branches of legal practice and many industries, and is as seasoned as they come, making him an inspiring leader of the Texas IP practice.

Munck Wilson Mandala LLP 

Given the risk of getting claims knocked out in inter partes reviews, demand for high-quality patents is strong and increasing. This has played right into the hands of Munck Wilson Mandala, which has a reputation for procuring strong, broad and enforceable patents while meeting all possible requirements in terms of timeliness and cost efficiency. Managing partner William A Munck is the genius behind the firm’s success, although he has a lot of help from the likes of David M Doyle and Gregory Howison. Munck is a staunch advocate for clients and a great business and strategic thinker who has the technology (particularly software) on lock. He oversees US and international filings for Raytheon alongside Doyle, who not only is meticulous – and fast – when prosecuting applications through to grant, but also knows how to make patents work for businesses. Experience distinguishes Howison – he has worked with patents and technology for nearly 40 years. Under his watch, the side recently increased its share of portfolio work in the semiconductor and medical device spaces. A brawler in patent litigation, too, the outfit has maintained a healthy practice even as the frequency of filings has decreased in Texas; the firm’s Dallas-based advocates have become more active on the West Coast, particularly following the acquisition of litigation-focused boutique The Hecker Law Group. Putting in textbook performances in complex cases, Michael C Wilson and litigation chair Jamil N Alibhai form a tailor-made strike force.

Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP

In all areas of patent practice, Norton Rose Fulbright has been remarkably stable in recent times, which speaks to its sound management and quality, and the strength of its client relationships. For example, the firm and its Texas-based lawyers are thick with Qualcomm, which they have been representing in global litigation against Apple, while advising more broadly on technology, FRAND and patent licensing issues. At the forefront of these activities – and a perfect fit, given their well roundedness as patent lawyers – are Richard Zembek and Eric Hall, two adroit litigators with much broader horizons. Zembek protects, monetises and enforces patents with equal dexterity, while Hall is a devoted technologist with over 30 years practising in the telecoms space. Staying on the contentious side, Charles Walker and Brett Govett both deserve much more than a shout-out. Walker captains the US IP disputes practice with a sure hand; lawyers typically are not trained to manage people, but Walker does it well – he cares about and invests in his team, and is there in the trenches with them. As far as litigation goes, he is very comfortable in the courtroom and will not buckle. Govett is another consummate trial lawyer, with all the gifts you could want: the ability to simplify, sparkling communication skills, tenacity and forward thinking. Away from the frontlines of litigation, Norton Rose Fulbright offers a lot – the breadth of its service capability is rare among international commercial outfits. Mark Bradley Wilson leads the US IP transactions and patent prosecution division and just about does it all in the practice, and on a global level; his top-down view of the patent landscape is invaluable to his many life sciences followers. Chief ops partner Gina Shishima also covers a lot of ground for biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovators – including several academic research institutions – making her a sought-after strategist and opinion giver. Michael Krawzsenek anchors a robust chemical prosecution and portfolio management practice. When it is time to get signatures on the dotted line of international patent and technology deals, head of US intellectual property James Repass and Ross Viguet step up to the plate. Capitalising brilliantly on the firm’s global network, they make light work of complex cross-border transactions. Tribute must be paid to Dan Davison, a distinguished lawyer and much-loved colleague who passed away in October 2019.

Osha Liang LLP

Osha Liang’s use of sophisticated technical tools within a well-defined, highly polished patent prosecution system makes it one of the most efficient patenting firms in the entire country. Its US patent agent programme is another major differentiator: it hunts down science and engineering talent from top universities, offering a rigorous patent practice apprenticeship with a view to becoming USPTO-registered patent agents. Nobody on this workforce has a lacklustre technical background and they are not paid an associate’s salary, which feeds directly into its productivity-plus-quality model. The architect of this unique approach is global chair Jonathan Osha. Currently serving as the reporter general of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, he is the first US representative to hold the post. Jeffrey Bergman, who came through the aforementioned training programme and now holds the position of managing partner, is extraordinarily client focused. Hailing from a chemistry background, he has now carved a niche in oilfield technology and nanotechnology. The firm also has enviable international reach, with offices in Paris, Tokyo and Hangzhou complementing three US bases in Houston, Austin and Alexandria.

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

A unique selling point for Pillsbury is its next-level expertise in the software domain. The Austin team is not in the business of obtaining glamour assets – the intense focus is on protecting innovations that are fundamental to clients’ business success. Several patents procured by Josh Tucker have started to be asserted by their holders, which is testament to their quality; in these scenarios he plays a critical role, identifying infringements and targeting claims. A superstar in the blockchain field, Tucker is a vital ally to those landing enterprise software deals and really getting traction in the market, quickly building up strong patent estates for them. This reflects just how good he is at compact prosecution: he knows what resonates with examiners and avoids a lot of the iterative back and forth that others engage in, making him supremely efficient. On the litigation and transactional sides, too, the Austin office fields top-calibre lawyers. Tucker’s counterpart on the contentious front is Brian Nash: he runs things leanly and, with carefully calibrated strategies, gets clients in and out quickly and cost effectively. “Brian has great composure and an outstanding ability to think on the fly and deliver arguments that deflect attacks that the other side are yet to even make, which inspires confidence. He goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs and preferences, and takes a pragmatic approach to resolving issues.” Consummate deal broker Edward Cavazos has a universal IP view and a thorough understanding of how intellectual property plays into a technology company’s commercial initiatives and fundraising efforts.

Reed Smith LLP

With a deep bench of trial lawyers across many legal disciplines, including intellectual property, Reed Smith deploys its rich litigation resources extremely effectively. The firm commands respect thanks to its fine track record both at trial and at the appellate level. Upholding this sterling reputation in the patent space are Texans Nicolas Barzoukas, Robert Riddle and Peter Chassman. These versatile and pedigreed lawyers are eminent names in pharmaceutical and high-technology litigation.

Skiermont Derby LLP 

The litigators at Skiermont Derby have a natural affinity for breaking down complex technical concepts and making them relatable to judges and juries through strong thematic storytelling and the astute use of visualisation aids. Upon instruction, leader of this dynamic trial boutique Paul J Skiermont immediately sets to work mapping out commercially aligned strategies to win at trial and beyond, and then executes on his vision with flair and precision. Many of his representations are taken under creative alternative fee arrangements; clients appreciate the option to risk share and the firm’s cost-effective approach.

Slater Matsil LLP

A premier destination for semiconductor, telecoms and high-end electronics innovators, “Slater Matsil offers first-class patent prosecution and strategy services and excellent litigation support”. The cultivation of long-standing relationships built on unshakeable trust is the secret to its success; partnering with many clients for 10, 15 or even 20 years, it has an especially deep historical understanding of both their underlying technologies and their commercial objectives. With all this in mind, it drafts patents with a long-term view, cognisant, for example, of how end users will deploy their rights in assertion or defence postures and in licensing scenarios. Steven Slater is “simply one of the best in the United States when it comes to patent strategy”. He does essential work for TSMC, for which Slater Matsil has prosecuted over one-quarter of its total haul of US patents. Managing partner Ira Matsil is another beacon of light for high-technology companies; he acquits himself with rare distinction for Huawei – Slater Matsil being the only firm that deals directly with all of its patent managing entities – and many others, including Infineon Technologies. Joining them in the IAM Patent 1000 for the first time this year is Srini Chakravarthi, who has been instrumental in building a leading complex circuits practice. With Chakravarthi, you can fire and forget – put something on his plate and he will take care of it with exactitude.

Susman Godfrey LLP

“Extremely good at picking cases with the potential for a good recovery, Susman Godfrey has had an excellent few years in patent litigation practice. The firm has always had exceptional trial lawyers who do an amazing job in preparation phases of litigations and in the courtroom.” Among the most highly regarded in this superb line-up, Joseph Grinstein is the complete package: “Thorough, organised and incredibly diligent, he gets his work done early and does a nice job pulling teams together. He’s very organised in how he runs a case and understands the relative importance of issues, which allows for effective prioritisation and decision making; as to selecting the issues he can win on, he shows perfect judgement.” Other assured performers include Alexandra White, Justin Nelson and Max Tribble, each of whom has handled a wide variety of litigation, not just patents; their advocacy skills are sharpened to the finest point.

Thompson & Knight LLP

Thompson & Knight is a formidable SWAT team for litigants that find themselves squaring up against some of the world’s biggest technology companies. Succeeding against such opponents takes teamwork, attention to detail and trial skill – all of which this group showcases on the daily. A dynamic leader, Max Ciccarelli brings energy to every engagement and is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice in the Eastern District of Texas, the ITC and wherever else his clients need him. The set’s top tactician and most experienced and sophisticated oral advocate, Bruce Sostek, sees cases from many different angles and plans lines of attack that opponents cannot anticipate. Richard Wynne, meanwhile, is distinguished by his substantive patent law knowledge and knack for finding prior art. The depth that the firm can bring to large engagements is impressive; added firepower is supplied by Justin Cohen and Herbert Hammond, who recently linked up with Ciccarelli, Sostek and Wynne to represent a mobile software company in a crucial hard-fought case – which was significantly impactful with respect to venue law – against three technology titans. Hammond is authoritative on IP law broadly and authors the Texas Intellectual Property Handbook; the fact that he is regularly called upon as an arbitrator, mediator and expert witness further speaks to his gravitas. There is a robust licensing practice at Thompson & Knight too; Stephen Stein mans this and co-chairs an inter-disciplinary data privacy and cybersecurity group.

Ward, Smith & Hill PLLC

Hot-ticket trial team Ward, Smith & Hill is home to some of the best litigators in the Lone Star State and, more specifically, prime picks for patent cases in the Eastern District of Texas. The ensemble has a new face in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020 in the form of Chad Everingham, who gets a great write-up from peers: “Chad has excellent litigation judgement and his strategic thinking is on point. He can process a huge amount of information and then make clear and concise presentations that get right to the heart of a matter.” He is a former Eastern District of Texas magistrate judge. In the listings he joins Wesley Hill and Johnny Ward, two trial plaintiff and defence-side trial supremoes with outstanding narrative gifts and powers of persuasion.

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP 

Weil’s lean, hard-hitting national patent litigation group is highly collaborative; lawyers in Houston, Silicon Valley, DC and New York connect seamlessly in a way that immeasurably enhances trial teams and positively influences results. By way of example, Texas-based Doug McClellan joined forces with Elizabeth Weiswasser (East Coast) and Ed Reines (West Coast) to hammer out a vital result for LiquidPower Specialty Products against competitor Baker Hughes in the Federal Circuit, vacating and remanding a PTAB ruling that a low-speed pre-ignition patent was unpatentable due to obviousness. Weil’s lawyers can pull off impressive wins when flying solo, too. Garland Stephens recently came through for the trustee of At Home Corp in a dispute with Google relating to information storage and delivery technology, scoring inter partes review victories along the way. Insightful about many high-technology industries, McClellan and Stephens deliver crisp, commercial results.

Winston & Strawn LLP 

Despite juggling a plethora of important cases in the past 12 to 18 months, Winston & Strawn has never dropped the ball; it has made this particular trick its own, as one of the most high-powered patent trial outfits in the United States. The firm engenders trust, however, because it does not rush to trial; client-defined business wins are what the team pursues – it is not in it purely for the thrill of courtroom combat or fee generation. There is a great crew in Texas, spearheaded by Dallas managing partner Thomas Melsheimer, a “terrific strategist and oral advocate who couldn’t be more impressive”. “Tom navigates complex multi-party litigations with ease and is highly effective.” On recent campaigns in the financial services and communications industries, he linked up with Michael Bittner, who is superb at working up cases and then delivering them in the right key for district court, Federal Circuit and PTAB judges. Entering prime time now, Bittner ascends from bronze to silver in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020. Sitting atop the rankings alongside Melsheimer, John Keville is vastly experienced in patent, trade secret and other IP suits. He never litigates by rote, but appreciates the nuances of each case and alights on the most compelling storylines to turn things his way.

Other recommended experts

Steve Borgman and Peter Mims fly the flag at Vinson & Elkins. Borgman maintains a strong litigation and counselling practice that cuts across all forms of intellectual property. Mims concentrates on litigation and transactions, working closely with energy, chemical, display, computer and healthcare businesses. Bragalone Conroy is a litigation boutique that is geared up to resolve complex legal disputes that have a high likelihood of seeing the inside of a courtroom. It was established by Jeffrey Bragalone, a savvy commercial and IP trial lawyer who stays sharp and ready for any challenging instruction. Carter Arnett’s Scott Breedlove has litigated across the country and in the ITC, meeting with success every step of the way; as a registered patent attorney, he has always maintained a dynamic patent disputes practice too. Veteran Hilda Galvan is one of Jones Day’s best patent and IP litigators. Undaunted by technical complexity or high stakes, she works calmly and confidently in court and behind the scenes to get results. Sharon Israel elevates the patent discussion in the United States through the leadership that she has shown in multiple bar and IP associations and through her practice as a patent litigator. For insight into patent law and policy, as well as high-calibre representation, dial her up at Shook Hardy & Bacon’s Houston office. Jill McWhirter consummately handles large-scale transactions with complex IP issues orbiting them. The King & Spalding Houston partner does others things well, too: her long-established relationship with Key Energy Services is founded on her quality as a portfolio manager and all-round counsellor. Michael Newton is one of Alston & Bird’s most seasoned patent trial lawyers and a linchpin of success in high-technology litigation. Recent representations include acting for ASUSTek Computer and ASUS Computer International in a suit brought aggressively by Philips Corporation on 11 patents relating to touchscreen functionality. Michael Piper shines on portfolio management and business and infringement risk analysis, but above that is a thought leader on patent law, practice and policy, and the evolution thereof. He founded the Dallas office of IP boutique Conley Rose. Foley & Lardner significantly bolstered its electronics prosecution and portfolio management practice with the hire of adept electronics prosecutor and portfolio developer Gary Solomon, who joined from Dentons. Chairing Polsinelli’s post-grant practice, Suni Sukduang has an intuitive strategic understanding of how inter partes reviews and other America Invents Act proceedings interplay with multi-layered litigation. Perkins Coie’s name appears in the Texas rankings for 2020 courtesy of seasoned trial lawyer Craig Tyler’s move from Vinson & Elkins. For commercially impactful cases unfolding across international borders, Baker McKenzie’s Jay Utley is an ideal fit. The polished litigator links well with colleagues in Germany and other locations to ensure the adoption of consistent strategies and approaches. The breadth of his contentious experience also gives him an edge in patent cases complicated by antitrust and other issues. Garth Vivier gives prosecution firm Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, a presence in Texas. Protecting complex circuit, computer hardware and software, and communications inventions is his forte; he also has extensive international experience and rare US expertise on rights procurement at the EPO. Womble Bond Dickinson Houston managing partner Jeffrey Whittle is a licensing and transactions maven who has served leaders in the energy and high-technology industries for nearly three decades. Not just a deal lawyer, he flexes broad strategic patent knowledge. Fred Williams and Michael Simons are two former Vinson & Elkins partners who recently established their own shop, Williams Simons & Landis. Both are seasoned first-chair trial lawyers with big verdicts to their names. In April 2019 accomplished advocate Douglas Wilson moved on from Heim, Payne & Chorush to set up Armond Wilson together with California-based former Knobbe Martens PTAB practice leader Michelle Armond. The new firm is a litigation and post-grant boutique that works with the utmost efficiency and flexibility; Wilson himself stands out for his technical fluency in the electronics arena. Blank Rome IP and technology group co-chair Russell Wong loves the science, but is all about business; engaging in diverse patent activities, from portfolio building to litigation and licensing, he meets and exceeds clients’ every commercial need. Colleague Keith Lutsch also shows a deft commercial touch, particularly in his excellent licensing practice.

Individuals: litigation

  • Amir H Alavi - Ahmad Zavitsanos Anaipakos Alavi & Mensing PC 
  • Demetrios Anaipakos - Ahmad Zavitsanos Anaipakos Alavi & Mensing PC 
  • Samuel F Baxter - McKool Smith
  • Douglas Cawley - McKool Smith
  • Brett C Govett - Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
  • Wesley Hill - Ward, Smith & Hill PLLC
  • John R Keville - Winston & Strawn LLP
  • Mike McKool - McKool Smith
  • Thomas Melsheimer - Winston & Strawn LLP
  • Paul J Skiermont - Skiermont Derby LLP 
  • Bruce S Sostek - Thompson & Knight LLP
  • Theodore Stevenson - McKool Smith
  • Max L Tribble - Susman Godfrey LLP
  • Charles B Walker - Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
  • David B Weaver - Baker Botts LLP
  • Michael A Bittner - Winston & Strawn LLP
  • Bradley W Caldwell - Caldwell Cassady & Curry
  • Winstol D Carter - Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Jason D Cassady - Caldwell Cassady & Curry
  • Russell Chorush - Heim, Payne & Chorush LLP
  • Max Ciccarelli - Thompson & Knight LLP
  • J Austin Curry - Caldwell Cassady & Curry
  • Tracey B Davies - Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP
  • Eric Enger - Heim, Payne & Chorush LLP
  • Chad Everingham - Ward, Smith & Hill PLLC
  • Roger Fulghum - Baker Botts LLP
  • Hilda Galvan - Jones Day
  • Joseph S Grinstein - Susman Godfrey LLP
  • Michael Hawes - Baker Botts LLP
  • Michael Heim - Heim, Payne & Chorush LLP
  • Sharon A Israel - Shook Hardy & Bacon
  • Douglas M Kubehl - Baker Botts LLP
  • Doug McClellan - Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
  • David L McCombs - Haynes and Boone LLP
  • Kevin J Meek - Baker Botts LLP
  • Paul Morico - Baker Botts LLP
  • William A Munck - Munck Wilson Mandala LLP 
  • Brian Nash - Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Justin A Nelson - Susman Godfrey LLP
  • Kurt Pankratz - Baker Botts LLP
  • Leslie Payne - Heim, Payne & Chorush LLP
  • Phillip B Philbin - Haynes and Boone LLP
  • Mark Reiter - Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP
  • Barton E Showalter - Baker Botts LLP
  • Garland T Stephens - Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
  • Johnny Ward - Ward, Smith & Hill PLLC
  • Douglas Wilson - Armond Wilson
  • Michael C Wilson - Munck Wilson Mandala LLP 
  • Russell Wong - Blank Rome LLP
  • Richard L Wynne - Thompson & Knight LLP
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Individuals: prosecution

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Individuals: transactions

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