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Choate Hall & Stewart LLP

From business, technology and legal perspectives, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are changing quickly and in material ways; with a laser focus on the life sciences industry, Choate is right at the forefront of developments. Much credit for this goes to sector group leader Brenda Herschbach Jarrell and her frequent collaborators Charles Lyon and Rolando Medina. An “extremely thorough and detail-oriented” biochemistry and molecular biology PhD, Jarrell is “very impressive as a strategic thinker” who provides invaluable counsel to innovators across the patent and product lifecycles. IP group co-chair and transactions guru Lyon is celebrated for his deep understanding of the business landscape and the transaction skills he transforms it with. Likewise Medina, who can “rapidly get up to speed on anything and give pragmatic counsel that goes beyond straight legal issues”. Choate’s litigation prowess, allied to its counselling expertise, makes it a premier one-stop shop in the life sciences. With Robert Frank, Eric Marandett and Michael Bunis on board, no dispute is too big or too complex for the firm. Each garners enthusiastic praise from the market: “Robert is an even-keeled and thoughtful trial lawyer. He doesn’t waste time fighting on points that aren’t important and you can’t slide anything past him.” “Eric is whip-smart and practical, and just killing it now. His quality and the reliability of his opinions inspire great confidence.” “A super-sharp litigator who is always on top of his game, Michael is not afraid to dive into the technology.” A lot of their recent cases have involved significant litigation and post-grant interplay, which they are well equipped for given their interconnected way of working with the firm’s PhD counsellors. Another resource for pharmaceutical cases is Paul Popeo, though the reach of his advocacy extends into other areas such as software and medical devices. He is a noted authority on trade secrets. Tribute must be paid to Carlos Perez-Albuerne who sadly passed away in December 2019. He was much valued by colleagues as both a litigator and friend.

Clark+Elbing LLP 

Fast-growing IP boutique Clark+Elbing is hard to beat for sophisticated life sciences expertise, no matter where in the United States you look. The set’s technical comprehension is rich and its portfolio management expertise finely cultivated, much to the satisfaction of prestigious patrons such as Genentech. Leading members of the seven-partner team include founding partner Karen L Elbing, founding member James D DeCamp and Michael J Belliveau, all of them eminent scientists and researchers. Coming to the table with over three decades of experience, Elbing is proficient at elevating clients’ competitive market positions through targeted prosecution, licensing and commercial analysis. DeCamp has a worldwide following of academic and business entities which he supports from prosecution to enforcement. Belliveau is prized for his blended prosecution and transactional nous: he knows what to do with the strong patents he procures. They regularly huddle up to brainstorm solutions to difficult problems, giving patrons the benefit of three for one.

Cooley LLP

“Cooley is a significant player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space when it comes to patent counselling and corporate transactions, both of which it is top notch at.” Boston sources give their strong recommendation to global patent counselling and prosecution chair Ivor Elrifi (IAM Patent 1000-ranked in New York, where he is based), who plays a strong hand in the local practice alongside Beantown residents Dean Farmer and Scott Weston. Farmer is a go-to for a diverse coterie of life sciences start-ups and industry leaders, which appreciate his portfolio management dexterity and business risk understanding. Weston focuses on medical and mechanical devices and is prized for his insights on strategy and IP value creation expertise.

Dechert LLP

With its plans to increase headcount and enhance the visibility of its brand having come to fruition, Dechert’s life sciences group has tremendous momentum right now. A key to its success is close collaboration between sophisticated prosecutors and litigators; in its system, those procuring patents and managing portfolios know what happens downstream, while those battling in the courtroom benefit from wonderful technical support. Praise abounds for Boston practitioners Andrea Reid and Chad Davis. Reid, who co-leads the global life sciences practice, “navigates treacherous waters by thinking about patent strategy and potential litigation in an integrated way. She wrestles the most complicated issues to the ground, making her input a prerequisite for taking any decisive IP actions.” “Creative, practical and business focused, Chad is excellent at clearly communicating IP matters to executive teams. He gets deeply involved with his clients and is a good listener and a thoughtful, highly attentive lawyer.” Reid’s recent work for Kymera Therapeutics is demonstrative of her impressive range: she helped to create the company and achieve its funding goals while vetting the landscape and setting strategy. Davis secures keystone patents and is adept at commercialising them through licensing.

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP 

Growing up in the Finnegan environment has turned Boston lawyers Linda Thayer, Leslie McDonell and Eric Raciti into highly resourceful patent practitioners with broad remits. Thayer, who joined the firm in 1996, is the most well rounded – she manages portfolios and litigates with alacrity in a wide array of high technologies. Here since 1997, local managing partner McDonnell upholds its outstanding life sciences reputation in the dynamic Boston market. She emphasises patent prosecution, but gives elegant counsel around infringement issues, deals and post-grant actions. She serves as lead strategic IP partner for Vertex Pharmaceuticals with respect to its Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved cystic fibrosis products – a representation which draws on the full complement of her talents. Joining them in the IAM Patent 1000 for the first time this year, 20-year Finnegan veteran and industrial systems engineer Raciti is another perfectly poised trusted adviser. “Eric devises creative and pragmatic solutions to complex IP problems in a way that serves business needs.” One client comments: “Our patent portfolio has been well shaped defensively and offensively, and will help us maintain our innovation edge in the market for years to come. The depth of technical experience he and his team bring is unmatched.”

Fish & Richardson

A “leading IP boutique”, Fish has a “superb brand, elevated by the incredible strength of its patent trial practice”. The large litigation group, distributed across 13 offices, enjoys strong leadership from Kurt Glitzenstein, who has litigated in all corners of the United States – and in many foreign jurisdictions. “At the top of his game, Kurt is a zealous advocate for clients, but also a straight shooter. He thinks and cares deeply about his cases and brings an excellent litigation sense in addition to technical understanding.” He has a dynamic allied unit in Boston with Frank Scherkenbach, Proshanto Mukerji, Lawrence Kolodny and Adam Kessel flanking him. He and distinguished trial and appellate lawyer Scherkenbach form a hard-hitting strike force for leading innovators and have been performing at a high level in the ITC recently in a matter regarding digital camera technology. Computer science PhD Mukerji has also been linking with Scherkenbach to great effect in cases involving large numbers of video compression patents. A “smart and careful lawyer and a great guy”, Kolodny has a unique ability to untangle scientific mind-benders during fast-moving litigation. Technical agility – particularly in the software and networking fields – is also a forte of Kessel, who has been making a valuable contribution to the ensemble’s sparkling recent post-grant success. It’s all just as impressive on the prosecution and counselling side, where life sciences and high-technology depth is on display. Recommended for her university work, biochemistry PhD Anita Meiklejohn is “extremely clever and excellent to partner with”. A competitor comments: “She knows her stuff and we’d love to have her at our firm.” Fellow biochemistry PhD Janis Fraser is locked in on the scientific aspects of her practice, but also possesses an acute business understanding of the biotechnology industry. Peter Fasse is a nimble strategist who applies his life sciences and bioelectrical engineering background in diverse ways. His recent work highlights are plentiful, and include portfolio building in the area of CRISPR proteins for start-up Arbor Biotechnologies and overseeing global patent prosecution relating to non-invasive pre-natal testing technology for Illumina. Michael Hamlin is the resident medical device expert in Boston; he regularly supports litigation and has become a foresighted prosecutor as a result. For ironclad protection of software, robotics and other high-technology inventions, Jeffrey Barclay is a must. “Jeff is a brilliant attorney with a powerful intellect and he’s a great person, too. You can refer conflicts to Jeff knowing everything will get done right – he’s a reliable and trustworthy lawyer.”

Foley & Lardner LLP

Between them, John Lanza, Christopher McKenna and Matthew Lowrie cover all bases when it comes to identifying intellectual assets and protecting, enforcing and commercialising them. They fly the flag in Boston for Foley & Lardner, a commercial outfit known more broadly for the uncommon comprehensiveness of its patent capabilities. Lanza provides priceless strategic counsel to emerging and established entities and is insightful on business; he is a key asset for the firm’s private equity and venture capital division, its manufacturing industry team and its electronics practice and technology groups. The latter two are co-chaired by McKenna, who is dually experienced in prosecution and litigation. Lowrie commands great respect as a patent trial lawyer, having been through the mill in hundreds of cases across the country. Computer networks, software and semiconductors are his metiers.

Foley Hoag LLP

“For patent prosecution in Boston, Foley Hoag is definitely one to highlight.” This is especially so in the life sciences and medical device arenas, in which Dana Gordon performs at an elite level. “Dana’s academic background is amazing – you can’t beat it. He’s a brilliant prosecutor, too – clients always rave about him and any other firm would bring him on board immediately if they could.” Unrestricted to either prosecution or domestic work, he manages portfolios and capitalises on IP commercialisation opportunities globally with panache. With Barbara Fiacco, Donald Ware and Philip Swain leading the line, Foley Hoag is well situated to handle complex patent infringement action. Patent litigation co-chair Fiacco is hailed as a “fantastic attorney” for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and is “increasing her visibility significantly”. She regularly connects with fellow co-chair Ware, a veteran life sciences litigator with abundant regulatory knowledge. Swain takes charge on complex matters in the telecommunications, information technology, software and medical device fields, showcasing advocacy skill refined over the course of a 30-year career.

Goodwin Procter LLP

Goodwin Procter’s life sciences offering is uniquely compelling: its integrated national group understands the business drivers of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors at a fundamental level and leverages this to further clients’ objectives through astute counselling, prosecuting, deal making and litigating. The same, it must be said, is true on the high-technology side, setting Goodwin Procter apart as a go-to in the knowledge economy. Placing the litigation practice under the microscope, the group is scarcely rivalled in Boston for trial talent. Top suppliers of the elixir include Daryl Wiesen, the firmwide IP litigation group chief; Elaine Hermann Blais, the Boston litigation department captain; and former IP litigation group chairs Anthony Downs and Douglas Kline. Coming in for special praise, Wiesen is “really creative and tenacious” and “well balanced in terms of his technical, legal and business understanding”. “Daryl commands the respect of scientific experts, district court judges and opposing lawyers. He appreciates how to build the right team for any given matter.” Peers observe that he is a “standout lawyer in the area of biosimilar litigation”. Likewise Blais, who co-founded and serves as editor of the firm’s Big Molecule Watch blog. Alongside Wiesen and gold-tier New Yorker Robert Cerwinski, she recently represented Celltrion in inter partes reviews and IP litigation involving its rituximab product – one of the first wave of cases litigated under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act. Effective teamwork serves the group well: linking up with Wiesen and Blais, 30-year trial supremo Downs has been diligent in his representation of Teva Pharmaceuticals. He has the rare gift of being able to connect with jurors on super-technical issues. Kline continues to serve as a mentor to all his fellow advocates while mounting vigorous defences for his technology followers in court; prestigious lawyers elsewhere label him “phenomenal”, while clients laud his “technical mastery, pragmatism and sure-handed negotiation skills”. Zooming in on the counselling, prosecution and transactional practices, the first name on the team sheet is Kingsley Taft, a “big-picture thinker” who serves as concierge to life sciences companies with respect to their total IP, legal and business needs. Next up is Duncan Greenhalgh, a “thoughtful, collaborative, open minded and genuine lawyer” and strategic confidant to life sciences entities, technology companies and venture capital firms. Fintech and software maestro Joel Lehrer “does a top job educating company R&D teams on the prosecution process, among other topics. His portfolio management work overall is absolutely stellar.” Playing a “major role in Goodwin’s CRISPR-focused practice”, Brian Fairchild is coming into his own as an IP due diligence and prosecution attorney. The transactions and licensing practice launched from strong foundations built by Stephen Charkoudian, who remains an authority on technology and data issues.

Greenberg Traurig LLP

It’s boom time for Greenberg Traurig in Boston right now. Its athletic local technical team renders a satisfyingly complete, high-quality service to established and emerging innovators in the life sciences and medical device spaces. It is extremely flexible in terms of rate structures and is effective at helping clients to prioritise their spending, granting it an extra edge in a cost-conscious market. Directing traffic as co-chair of the global life sciences group, David Dykeman is “brilliant on strategy” and someone who “knows the medical device industry well, from the company side to the funding side”. He and Roman Fayerberg acquit themselves with commercial distinction on behalf of IlluminOss Medical, Third Pole Therapeutics and many others with respect to portfolio management and licensing. They both have instant credibility with inventors and businesspeople. Other rock stars of the practice include Melissa Hunter-Ensor and Fang Xie, who shine on pharmaceutical and biotechnology briefs. Hunter-Ensor has superlative credentials, holding a PhD in neuroscience and having conducted post-doctoral research under Nobel laureate Robert Horwitz. As she has risen through the ranks, she has stayed hands-on while assiduously cultivating the talent underneath her. She connects well with company leadership teams and makes the right decisions at prosecution inflexion points to position clients advantageously in business for the present and the future. Xie, who also researched under Horvitz, is building a dynamic practice mapping out approaches for Chinese biopharmaceutical entities towards the US market. Well established as a technology trailblazer, Chinh Pham adds immensely to the firm’s vibrancy. The emerging technologies co-chair dispenses on-point IP counsel based on an accurate read of global competitive markets.

Holland & Knight LLP

Highly adept in the software domain, Holland & Knight can protect a company’s foundational intellectual property, handle its corporate affairs and manage effective fundraising; under the stewardship of national patent group leader Brian Colandreo, it is a potent one-stop shop. Colandreo builds things – he’s currently got a side project reconditioning a 1948 pickup – so he loves to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the technologies that form the subject of his professional work. Clients enjoy explaining their inventions to him, because he’s a great listener and he gets it. Recently, he and his team have been carving IP paths forward for innovators in the blockchain and artificial intelligence fields, among others. His relationships tend to be long-standing, such as with DellEMC, Nuance Communications and Givewith. Holland & Knight can also defend and enforce patent rights when the need comes. Joshua Krumholz doesn’t waste time chasing down rabbit holes, but focuses on the things that will affirmatively move cases forward; he’s been through the drill at trial, too – and met with success. Recent developments for Krumholz include the diversification of his wireless and telecommunications work, which has positioned him well for the take-off of 5G.

Lando & Anastasi LLP

Peter Lando and his crew at Lando & Anastasi are endorsed as “an exceptional legal and business resource”. The perceptive, broad-minded practitioners deep-dive into complex issues to resolve them holistically. The set had a solid growth year in 2019, which was a factor in prompting a move from Cambridge to a more efficient, modern and collaborative office set-up in Boston. The firm’s success is built on a foundation of prosecution expertise which has been refined across many technical fields; but Lando & Anastasi is increasingly desirable as a destination for transactions and litigation, too. Lando himself garners superlative feedback from the market: “Peter knows his craft extremely well. He is thoughtful and considerate about clients’ overall business viewpoints and strives towards solutions that are commercially effective for companies and their customers. The quality of his work and ability to liaise seamlessly with business leaders and technical and administrative staff are unsurpassed.” He is joined in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020 by fellow founding partner Thomas Sullivan, a former senior electrical design engineer with technical chops and business intelligence to match his own. Ex-Fish & Richardson principal Craig Smith is the one making contentious headway right now. As a trial lawyer, he keeps his cool and zeros in on what really matters. To his great credit, he is also an excellent mentor to younger practitioners in the group.

McCarter & English, LLP 

Testament to its industry strength in depth, McCarter & English receives significantly expanded coverage in the guide this year, with the addition of four life sciences partners – Jill Ann Mello, Maria Laccotripe Zacharakis, Marcie Beth Clarke and Jonathan Sparks – all of whom are key strategic portfolio and IP commercialisation partners for boundary-pushing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Mello has fantastic academic credentials that deserve to be shown off: she earned her biochemistry PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after which she conducted research at Paris’s Curie Institute under a fellowship from the French government and a grant from Aventis. “Thorough, reliable and responsive”, Laccotripe Zacharakis makes the management of large portfolios a breeze and has one of the biggest such practices in the firm; she’s organised, has great attention to detail and a carefully formed international network. Like her colleagues, Clarke is in it for the science, but loves the commercial aspect of her role, which she carries out rigorously.  Sparks is relied on for his business insight and keen appreciation of the value of clients’ intellectual property. Collectively, they make a tremendous resource for litigators such as Erik Paul Belt and Lee Carl Bromberg. The open-door policy of the group allows for effective knowledge sharing and skills deployment. Belt and Bromberg have an encyclopaedia of attack plans ready for all types of IP disputes.

McDermott Will & Emery

McDermott has strategically repositioned itself to emphasise more high-end and less commodity-type patent prosecution. This move brings its non-contentious practice – to which it is still fiercely committed – into closer alignment with its litigation activities, in which bet-the-company competitor cases have long been the focus. As head of the IP transactions and prosecution practice – and a commercially attuned patent strategist – Edward Gordon is pulling his group in this direction very effectively. Meanwhile, American College of Trial Lawyers fellow Sarah Chapin Columbia is bringing the heat in must-win infringement suits. “Sarah stands out among her peers, being able to deliver ideal outcomes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. She has an uncanny ability to see the path of least resistance through patent disputes, so there’s no wasted motion or time spent on unnecessary complexity.” Alongside Silicon Valley heavyweight Bill Gaede, Columbia has continued her stellar run of form recently for Amgen against Sanofi and Regeneron regarding next-generation cholesterol-lowering drugs.

McNeill Baur

McNeill Baur capitalises on its decentralised ‘virtual firm’ structure to bring quality prosecution and counselling services to life sciences innovators without big bills in accompaniment. Traditionally biotechnology focused, the ensemble has significantly expanded its pharmaceutical and chemical practices recently, working across the board with publicly traded companies and venture capital-backed start-ups in a highly agile, flexible manner. Cambridge-based Rebecca McNeill regularly drops pearls of strategic wisdom in board meetings and is as much a business as legal partner to clients. Her community leadership is also noteworthy: she has served the Boston Patent Law Association extensively in addition to the DC Women’s Bar Association, and she undertakes extensive pro bono work – all of which shows her to be a selfless attorney who is in it for the right reasons.


Mintz enjoyed a red-letter year in 2019, with two important narratives being increased traction on the manufacturing side of the semiconductor industry and, relatedly, heavy involvement in Section 337 investigations. The team has been positively rolling at the ITC, with Michael Renaud and James Wodarski putting in punchy performances for Innovative Foundry Technologies, among others. “Mike has an enviable track record at the ITC and is a wonderful trial lawyer more broadly. He is exceptionally attuned to business issues in litigation and grounds his guidance in practical business realities. In addition, he has a brilliant tactical mind, and can look at the bigger picture and devise an agile strategy to get clients to where they want to be. He leverages the firm’s great platform effectively, pulling in the right resources to get the job done. Mintz is very accommodating with respect to fee structures and is willing to share risk – Mike is fantastic, as is Mintz.” In a similar mould, “Jim advises beyond the legalities to help his clients do the right thing as a business, not just as a litigation party”. Anchoring an equally robust pharmaceutical and biotechnology litigation practice, meanwhile, are Thomas Wintner and David Conlin. Wintner recently secured the ensemble’s first life sciences win at the ITC, acting for Glycosyn in a case regarding human milk oligosaccharides used in baby formula. Conlin is distinguished by his decades of experience as both prosecutor and litigator. His recent highlights include a major Federal Circuit victory for Kowa Company against Amneal Pharmaceuticals, which ended a series of eight Hatch-Waxman cases. Staying in the life sciences but moving to the portfolio side of the practice, Peter Corless proves a “superb patent attorney”. “Peter is a dazzling chemist who is passionate about the science – he sees those benzine rings in his dreams.” A big part of his practice involves representing Hyundai Motors protecting systems that give the company its technical edge. As Corless is for the Korean automaker, so William Geary is for a multinational medical, pharmaceutical and consumer company. He plays the trusted adviser role to perfection in both patents and trademarks.

Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

“Morgan Lewis’s Boston team functions creatively and flawlessly. Its patent applications are cleverly and successfully prosecuted, and it always pursues the most optimal paths for clients. Its lawyers never miss the point or get overwhelmed; they come up to speed quickly, so you’re not spending a fortune before anything gets done.” At an individual level, life sciences counsellor Stephen Altieri garners glowing notices. According to one source: “Altieri is top of the line and the best attorney I have partnered with over a long career as an entrepreneur and in senior management. He writes outstanding patent applications and puts them together remarkably quickly. He has an unequalled capacity to understand the nuances of the science presented to him and to identify what would be most valuable and protectable. He is readily approachable and always available to speak; he has a cheerful demeanour and conversations with him are informative and fun.” He and Mark Hayman, a rare doctor of philosophy in the IAM Patent 1000, have the attention of the entire life sciences industry. They are particularly well connected with developments in the immuno-oncology, microbiomes and gene editing spaces, and see the whole playing field by virtue of working with everyone from big pharma down to emerging companies. Also enthusiastically endorsed is software, high-technology and medical device maven Steven Frank. “Steven’s work is of the highest-possible quality and everything gets done promptly and on time. He is great at managing intense patenting activity and large portfolios, and is someone you can consult with on any IP issue that comes up.”

Nixon Peabody LLP

Gene therapy is a buzzing area that Nixon Peabody’s Boston attorneys are keyed into; amazing scientific and business developments are coming thick and fast, following the relatively recent FDA approval of gene therapy treatment, and keeping pace with it all are Ronald Eisenstein and David Resnick. Well rounded within the life sciences, these two strategic counsellors can give deeply practical advice on any subject and excel at relationship building. “Ron is an exceptionally able patent attorney, with a keen eye for winning arguments and evidence. His experience in US prosecution, litigation and post-grant proceedings is immense.” Approachable and easy to connect with, Resnick gives straightforward advice that goes right to the heart of clients’ business needs. Representing academic institutions and research hospitals is their bread and butter: Eisenstein manages an extensive portfolio of patents for Boston University and Resnick for the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Proskauer Rose LLP

The life sciences growth that Boston’s Fangli Chen and Los Angeles-based Sige Gutman have brought about at Proskauer is nothing short of incredible. Both are running rapidly growing teams thick with capable and diligent PhDs, who can share the workload and help manage costs while freeing up partner time for strategic problem solving, business thinking and IP value creation. Shining in this regard, Chen isn’t just covering her own liabilities like a lot of lawyers, but providing meaningful and easily implementable ‘do-this’ guidance. She genuinely cares about her clients and gets excited about their technology in a way that motivates everyone around her. Peer feedback speaks to this: “Fangli is clever beyond belief and has one of the strongest work ethics ever. She brings great energy to the practice.” In the cut and thrust of litigation, Proskauer can also be trusted to do the right thing. Steven Bauer, whose practice has been pivoting more towards life sciences cases recently, is a resolute advocate unfazed by the toughest opponents or the most elaborate technologies. As a trial lawyer, he is great at getting into the minds of opposing counsel and then thinking ahead to box them in; he knows what sways decision makers, too. He and Joseph Capraro – a seasoned IP protector and transactional attorney – opened the Boston office, setting it up with a boutique-like feel. They enjoy tremendous goodwill at the firm and in the market.

Ropes & Gray LLP

Ropes & Gray maintains a sterling national patent and technology transactions run out of Boston by David McIntosh. The licensing maestro and architect of many eye-catching strategic collaborations in the life sciences, he judiciously draws on his wider firm’s complementary patent, corporate and regulatory skillsets to close deals that others would struggle to get off the starting line. He represents Sarepta Therapeutics and has handled all of its significant licensing transactions in the last six years, including some truly transformative deals. Co-head of the technology, media and telecommunications and data practices Edward Black is another negotiator to trust in.

White & Case LLP 

The USP of White & Case’s life sciences-focused Boston team is its international proficiency. Chair of the global IP group Anita Varma is dually qualified to practise before the USPTO and the European Patent Office, and spends time in the firm’s Boston and London offices. Likewise Charles Larsen, who is a US patent attorney and English solicitor. Coming in for praise, Varma has “matured in wonderful ways and is an extremely thoughtful attorney who is outstanding in complex diligence scenarios”. Larsen’s is the number to dial for US patent market stakeholders seeking Unified Patent Court updates and a discerning choice for cross-border portfolio development briefs and multi-jurisdictional disputes.

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

Sovereign patent litigation outfit WilmerHale is stacked with trial talent, from cynosure William Lee down. The advocates here find ways to win whatever the technology at issue, thanks to the compelling narratives they build – and can do this in all forums, too. Top names in Boston alongside Lee include Lisa Pirozzolo, Michael Summersgill, Cynthia Vreeland and Peter Dichiara, each of whom brings something special to the table. Gold-rated Pirozzolo is a lodestar for pharmaceutical and biotechnology entities in need of a victory. She is currently acting for Genentech in biosimilar litigation regarding its multibillion-dollar drug Herceptin, which involves extensive litigation-plus-post-grant strategic coordination and multi-jurisdictional management. Summersgill leads the way at the ITC: he is right on top of emerging trends there, including the increasing importance of public interest as a component of Section 337 investigations. Like Pirozzolo in the life sciences, he is adept at coordinating simultaneous litigation on several continents. Vreeland also demonstrates an intuitive feel for ITC cases, but it is in district courts and the Federal Circuit that some of her most notable recent achievements have come – for example, she successfully defended Apple in a lawsuit filed by Core Wireless which involved a successful motion to transfer, dismissal of three of five patents in suit, a Federal Circuit reversal of an infringement decision on one of the remaining patents and a Federal Circuit affirmance of a district court remand ruling of unenforceability on the other. Another go-to for electronics, communications and IT suits, Dichiara is a seasoned patent and trade secret litigator. Not just a patent litigation destination, WilmerHale can also prosecute and see lucrative and complex transactions to a successful close. Business-minded portfolio developer and transactional and financing attorney Colleen Superko champions the cause of life sciences clients; while Jeffrey Johnson deftly commercialises software, hardware, internet, financial and health technologies.

Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC

Dubbed “the best for prosecution in Boston”, “well-oiled machine” Wolf Greenfield does a “top job recruiting and developing talent”: it is rich with resources up and down the ranks and across technical and scientific divides. Worthy of special mention, the life sciences unit is comprised of outstanding prosecutors, strategic counsellors and transactional specialists, and provides a fulsome service to cutting-edge biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovators. Pacing the group is Edward Gates, a “thoughtful and seasoned IP strategist and delightful person”. He is flanked by three PhDs in prosecutor Patrick Waller (biology), portfolio optimiser Robert Sahr (medical neurobiology) and deal-focused former in-house patent and corporate counsel Jeffrey Hsi (chemistry). An “exceptional human being and expert in all sorts of compliance issues”, Sahr debuts in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. Leaning into the life sciences practice while spearheading the chemical and materials technology group is Timothy Oyer, the firm’s president and managing partner. Taking the lead on the electrical and computer technology side, meanwhile, are Randy Pritzker and Edward Russavage. Insightful on prosecution, portfolio management, licensing and litigation, chair of the practice Pritzker sees the whole playing field. Cut from the same cloth, Russavage also supports business development in many meaningful ways. Foresighted counsellor Neil Ferraro is the go-to for anything mechanical. When things get spicy, clients can call on Jason Honeyman and Michael Albert in complete confidence. Honeyman is “aggressive but pragmatic” as a result of his two-sided litigation and counselling experience. Albert is the ensemble’s most experienced trial hand and a savvy appellate lawyer to boot. The veteran of more than 100 USPTO contested proceedings, Richard Giunta guides the post-grant practice with a sure hand.

Other recommended experts

Jenny Chen made the switch from Wolf Greenfield to Polsinelli in April 2019. The molecular biology and pharmacology PhD is a master at obtaining worldwide patent protection and extending patent terms. Steven Cherny is one of the brightest stars in Quinn Emanuel’s patent trial constellation. A compelling advocate with some massive awards to his name, he is a go-to for any bet-the-company suit. The patent group of Hogan Lovells expanded significantly in 2019; in Boston, Kristin Connarn and Robert Underwood made the switch from McDermott Will & Emery, bringing technical aptitude in biotechnology and deep prosecution and transactional experience. In September 2019 Cantor Colburn bolstered its patent trial practice by bringing John Gutkoski on board from McCarter & English. A dexterous handler of Hatch-Waxman suits, Gutkoski litigates across the technical spectrum with alacrity. Banner & Witcoff principal shareholder John Iwanicki devises and implements market exclusivity strategies for life sciences companies. As a prosecutor and litigator, he protects and defends his clients with rigour. Warren Nachlis co-leads Jones Day’s respected licensing and technology transactions group. He represents industry leaders from the life sciences, medical device, high-technology and media and entertainment worlds in connection with bespoke IP deals and M&A and other large corporate transactions. A new addition to the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020, Charles Sanders “litigates with a focus on achieving business objectives”. The Latham & Watkins partner is “great on strategy and detail”. Bruce D Sunstein and Robert M Asher uphold Sunstein’s reputation for excellence in the electrical engineering, computer hardware and software patent spaces. Sunstein procures strong patents that can withstand rigorous testing in litigation; a “smart and creative lawyer who thinks several moves ahead”, Asher takes the lead on inter partes reviews. Biotechnology patent prosecution is the metier of Lathrop & Gage’s James Velema. His practice has a worldwide dimension – he manages global portfolios, implements cross-border strategies and even gets involved in European oppositions from time to time.

Individuals: litigation

  • Steven M Bauer - Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Steven C Cherny - Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP
  • Sarah Chapin Columbia - McDermott Will & Emery
  • Robert S Frank Jr - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
  • William F Lee - Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
  • Eric J Marandett - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
  • Lisa J Pirozzolo - Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
  • Frank Scherkenbach - Fish & Richardson
  • Daryl L Wiesen - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Erik Paul Belt - McCarter & English, LLP 
  • Elaine Herrmann Blais - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Lee Carl Bromberg - McCarter & English, LLP 
  • Michael H Bunis - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
  • J Anthony Downs - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Barbara Fiacco - Foley Hoag LLP
  • Kurt L Glitzenstein - Fish & Richardson
  • John T Gutkoski - Cantor Colburn LLP
  • Douglas J Kline - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Lawrence Kolodney - Fish & Richardson
  • Joshua C Krumholz - Holland & Knight LLP
  • Matthew B Lowrie - Foley & Lardner LLP
  • Paul D Popeo - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
  • Michael T Renaud - Mintz
  • Charles Sanders - Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Michael J Summersgill - Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
  • Linda J Thayer - Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP
  • Donald R Ware - Foley Hoag LLP
  • Michael A Albert - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Robert M Asher - Sunstein LLP 
  • David G Conlin - Mintz
  • Peter M Dichiara - Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
  • Jason Honeyman - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Adam Kessel - Fish & Richardson
  • Charles Larsen - White & Case LLP 
  • Proshanto Mukherji - Fish & Richardson
  • Craig Smith - Lando & Anastasi LLP
  • Philip C Swain - Foley Hoag LLP
  • Cynthia D Vreeland - Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
  • Thomas Wintner - Mintz
  • James Wodarski - Mintz

Individuals: prosecution

  • Fangli Chen - Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Ronald I Eisenstein - Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Edward R Gates - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Brenda Herschbach Jarrell - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
  • Anita Varma - White & Case LLP 
  • Stephen Altieri - Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Jeffrey Barclay - Fish & Richardson
  • Michael J Belliveau - Clark+Elbing LLP 
  • Joseph A Capraro Jr - Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Y Jenny Chen - Polsinelli PC
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  • Kristin Connarn - Hogan Lovells US LLP
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  • Neil P Ferraro - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
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  • Janis Fraser - Fish & Richardson
  • William C Geary - Mintz
  • Richard F Giunta - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Christine Goddard - Fish & Richardson
  • Dana M Gordon - Foley Hoag LLP
  • Edward A Gordon - McDermott Will & Emery
  • Michael R Hamlin - Fish & Richardson
  • Jason Honeyman - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Melissa Hunter-Ensor - Greenberg Traurig LLP
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  • Peter C Lando - Lando & Anastasi LLP
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  • Joel E Lehrer - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Charles E Lyon - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
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Individuals: transactions

  • Edward G Black - Ropes & Gray LLP
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  • Edward R Gates - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Kingsley Taft - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Stephen Altieri - Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Michael J Belliveau - Clark+Elbing LLP 
  • Joseph A Capraro Jr - Proskauer Rose LLP
  • David J Dykeman - Greenberg Traurig LLP
  • Steven Frank - Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Edward A Gordon - McDermott Will & Emery
  • Duncan A Greenhalgh - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Michael R Hamlin - Fish & Richardson
  • Mark Hayman - Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Jason Honeyman - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Jeffrey D Hsi - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
  • Jeffrey P Johnson - Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
  • Peter C Lando - Lando & Anastasi LLP
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  • Joel E Lehrer - Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Charles E Lyon - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
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  • Rolando Medina - Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
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  • Edward J Russavage - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
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