United Arab Emirates

Although the UAE economy remains sensitive to oil market fluctuations, the outlook is bright especially with preparations for EXPO 2020 underway. The country’s innovation scene is booming, and the government is investing heavily in several initiatives to encourage R&D. Through the Takamul programme, local inventors can receive the legal and financial assistance required to get their patents off the ground – both domestically and overseas. In addition, the United Arab Emirates University Science and Innovation Park as well as other incubators and accelerators have been established in an attempt to stimulate young entrepreneurs. As a result, patent filings have increased at both the national and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) level and work is flowing in on all fronts, which has meant that more practitioners have had the opportunity to showcase their talents – as evidenced by the new additions to the rankings this year.


  • Al Tamimi & Company
  • Cedar White Bradley
  • Gowling WLG 
  • Rouse & Co International

Al Tamimi & Company

Maintaining 17 offices across nine jurisdictions and offering an A-to-Z patent service, Al Tamimi & Company is a formidable force in the Middle East. The Dubai branch – which recently enlisted two more patent analysts – has been taking the life sciences sector by storm, while continuing to do great things in oil and gas. Head of patents and designs, R&D and innovations in the UAE Ahmad Saleh leads the way. “He and his team are extremely dedicated. They put their clients first, respond to queries promptly, provide brilliant suggestions with detailed explanations and are a pleasure to work with.” Saleh is a Canadian-qualified patent attorney and engineer who specialises in everything high tech. “He does a tremendous job drafting patent applications and has a unique blend of language skills and Western training, which makes him a real asset.”

Cedar White Bradley

Patent specialists with experience across the globe congregate under one roof at Cedar White Bradley, whose offering is just as diverse as its practitioners. The firm’s leading professionals feel the most comfortable when performing on the world stage, whether coordinating international filings, providing multi-jurisdictional enforcement advice or brokering cross-border deals. For biochemistry and petrochemical matters, clients turn to Richard Gaugeler. He knows patent office procedures and protocol across the GCC like the back of his hand and is no stranger to international patent specification drafting. Recently taking leadership of the department is resident enforcement guru Brent Rasmussen. Trained and qualified in the United States, Rasmussen combines his experience litigating before the federal courts and the International Trade Commission with his knowledge of the Middle East to provide sound advice on dispute strategies. His proficiency in Arabic is an added plus. Few understand innovation like Tamara El-Shibib – her eight-year stint as IP portfolio lead in the R&D department at the Qatar Foundation stands her in excellent stead when bringing complex monetisation deals to fruition.

Gowling WLG 

For global innovators, Gowling WLG fits the bill perfectly; it offers tailored support on cross-border patent matters with its teams in Canada, China, Russia and Singapore acting in perfect harmony. In Dubai-based Jon Parker, the firm has an “absolutely fantastic” lawyer and leader. “Jon is really respected and super professional. He always provides high-level advice and his knowledge of intellectual property is most impressive.” Joining Parker in the ranks this year is Paris Bar member Vanessa Delnaud. Pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic companies as well as leading public research institutes have benefitted from her intense focus and experience in the life sciences. The pair recently displayed impressive coordination skills with local counsel across several countries, including Australia and the United States, when advising D2M solutions on the licensing of its technology.

Rouse & Co International

Since day one Rouse & Co has been committed to assembling a tight-knit team of patent pros in the UAE and is shining in in-bound strategy and prosecution mandates as a result. Clients are impressed with the depth of the ensemble’s international expertise and its ability to bring lost applications back to life. Providing robust leadership to the global patent practice is biochemist Sara Holder. Holder has a birds-eye view of IP practice having also worked in China and Indonesia. “Sara is a tough adversary, she is strategic in her approach and really bright.” She assists Huda Beauty and the United Arab Emirates University together with IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Paul Muscat. The South African patent attorney is “highly recommended, responsive, proactive and a proven expert with a very professional approach. His advice is extremely valuable.”

Other recommended experts

Former Bone-Knell Symons Intellectual Property man, Mark Bone-Knell is now well established as a sole practitioner. As one peer enthuses, “Mark knows how to speak the language of patents and has a gift for innovation strategies. One of the most experienced practitioners in the country, he is super personable and always looks after his clients.” Based at Clyde & Co, Rob Deans has a particular knack for confecting iron-wrought crossborder enforcement strategies, offering ultimate protection for his clients. Also working out of Clyde & Co, Joycia Young has truly mastered the art of IP value creation.


  • Sara Holder - Rouse & Co International
  • Jon Parker - Gowling WLG
  • Ahmad Saleh - Al Tamimi & Company
  • Mark Bone-Knell - Sole practitioner
  • Rob Deans - Clyde & Co
  • Vanessa Delnaud - Gowling WLG
  • Tamara El-Shibib - Cedar White Bradley
  • Richard Gaugeler - Cedar White Bradley
  • Paul Muscat - Rouse & Co International
  • Brent Rasmussen - Cedar White Bradley
  • Joycia Young - Clyde & Co