A new Industrial Property Code entered into force in Turkey in January 2017, which harmonised the country’s IP regime with that of the European Union. The code gives patentees better legal tools with which to protect their rights and secure their competitiveness in the market; the introduction of post-grant oppositions and the elimination of the non-examined patent system by which rights could be granted without substantive examination are among the code’s more notable course corrections. However, the market is far from settled; for example, some of the country’s IP courts ceased operating in 2017, which added to the burden on the remaining specialised forums and increased the duration and cost of litigating patent cases. The law firm market in the patent area is becoming more competitive as practice in the discipline matures; the country, strategically well-positioned between Europe and Asia, is looking to enhance its position in the global market by focusing on high-tech exports, giving increased opportunities for patent lawyers to hone their craft. Yet, while there are new service providers entering the market, the IAM Patent 1000 rankings remain largely unchanged this year as the well-established players continue to dominate.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • Gün + Partners
  • Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership
  • Kenaroğlu Intellectual Property
  • Moroğlu Arseven 
  • NSN Law Firm

Firms: prosecution

  • Highly recommended
  • Ankara Patent Bureau Ltd
  • Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership
  • Istanbul Patent AS
  • Stock Industrial Property Services
  • Recommended
  • Alfa Patent
  • Destek Patent Inc
  • Gün + Partners
  • INVOKAT Intellectual Property Services

Alfa Patent

Clearing the way to rights protection for multinational and domestic brands alike, Alfa Patent showcases its aptitude across the full gamut of non-contentious services. Based in Istanbul, it is a well-positioned ally to the city’s vibrant commercial sector, which seeks out its impressive prosecution talent and comprehensive freedom-to-operate searches. The group specialises in validating European patents on behalf of international rights holders, yielding top-notch results. As founder and managing partner, Selda Arkan is the key contact for those seeking more information.

Ankara Patent Bureau Ltd

A “robust and well-established” offering on the Turkish IP scene, Ankara Patent Bureau has been safeguarding innovation for over half a century. Its diverse team of attorneys, technical specialists and in-house translators is a potent draw for Turkish and international clients. Board members Ekin Dericioğlu Kurt and Aysu Dericioğlu Egemen stand out for their dedication to rights holders and their devotion to promoting IP awareness. They are both seasoned patent attorneys; Dericioğlu Kurt is an influential presence at the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, while her sister’s portfolio management and patent strategy skills are sought after by national research and development operations. Both played an integral role in drafting the recent Industrial Property Law and have shared the knowledge they amassed in the process to assist their following to develop their IP strategies.

Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership

International rights holders in Turkey need look no further than “first-choice” Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership an extensive IP outfit covering all bases in prosecution and enforcement, its skilled patent attorneys turn to a market-leading line-up of litigators when tensions arise, who collaborate to realise superlative outcomes. Mehmet Nazım Aydın Deriş is singled out by peers for his talents in prosecution. A pivotal force in the development of patent law in Turkey and a champion of IP awareness among domestic industry, he continues to play a powerful role as the government broadens its international IP engagement. Renowned for his accomplishments in both contentious and non-contentious matters, Okan Can is a supremely qualified European patent attorney and attorney at law. “Knowledgeable, proactive and creative”, he counsels a heterogeneous array of world-renowned multinationals through infringement proceedings and is a stalwart negotiator for those seeking to develop their patent portfolios.

Destek Patent Inc

Destek is one of Turkey’s most prolific patent filers and has maintained an unyielding commitment to quality over its 35 years in practice – its commercial outlook and streamlined processes distinguishing it in a crowded field. The side offers cost-effective solutions to rights protection and, more recently, ISO 9001-certified customer service. A team of experienced professionals are located across 10 of Turkey’s major cities, ensuring convenient access throughout the country. As head of the patent department, Tahnur Yazici is best placed to answer initial inquiries.

Gün + Partners

A staunch defender of blockbuster drug protection and a champion in high-profile lawsuits in Turkey’s administrative courts, contentious IP show-stopper Gün + Partners is a “first choice” for pharmaceutical outfits in a dispute. Industry titans can rest safe in the knowledge that the firm’s litigators offer “timely, intelligent and considered solutions in litigation and strategy”. Time and time again, firm founder Mehmet Gün and partner Özge Atılgan Karakulak put their hands into the fire for a devoted following. “Simply the best in their field, they offer tailor-made, innovative guidance through the tricky business of patent clashes in the country.” Gün is an iconic figure whose extensive reputation and influence spreads far beyond the confines of IP litigation. Atılgan Karakulak makes her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. She spearheads both the life sciences and IP practices. A formidable force alongside Atılgan Karakulak, Selin Sinem Erciyas is a veteran in the field. She is a trusted accomplice to domestic research entities and a natural in her role as spokesperson for the Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies Association. Uğur Aktekin leads the firm’s prosecution arm, which is well-reputed and active across myriad sectors. A seasoned portfolio manager and a remarkable tactician, Aktekin has secured protection for innovation in the food, electronics and pharmaceutical arenas and develops enforcement blueprints to match.

INVOKAT Intellectual Property Services

An up-and-coming force in patent prosecution, INVOKAT continues to expand on its offering. The last year has seen an increase in both manpower and client roster, with two new technical experts and an influx of multinational pharmaceutical operations seeking its “quality work and devotion to high-standards”. Forays into the contentious sphere propel the firm to the forefront of the Turkish patent scene, with roles in crucial crunches between industry giants and a strong performance in oppositions in front of the European Patent Office (EPO) fostering its hard-earned credibility on the IP scene. Chemical maven Aydin Mutlu is the brains behind the operation. A European patent attorney formerly in-house with Bayer pharmaceuticals, he is celebrated by the country’s top litigators, who value his impressive technical skillset.

Istanbul Patent AS

Buyers flock to market-leading prosecution shop Istanbul Patent, hoping to take advantage of its refined appreciation for the intricacies of patent prosecution in Turkey. The side’s hawk-eyed oversight of domestic filings, national phase Patent Cooperation Treaty applications and European patent validations explains its unwavering appeal to both foreign associates and national players. When obstacles appear, the set’s adroit management of contentious issues is invaluable. Tasked with realising value for his clients’ innovation, Erkan Sevinç artfully mixes commercial savvy and strategic thinking to secure the best results. The mechanical engineering specialist’s résumé includes time in research, extensive experience at the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and the EPO and impressive technical expertise.

Kenaroğlu Intellectual Property

“Kenaroğlu Intellectual Property is an outstanding, well-respected firm offering 360-degree protection and privileged client-service. Among the best in Turkey for litigation, it delivers eximious service at both the local and international levels. In any given instruction, the extraordinary outfit devotes extensive time and effort to securing victory.” “Ingraining the importance of rights protection in the team’s approach, Yasemin Kenaroğlu is an incredible lawyer. She considers every approach, exhibiting a wisdom that belies her years.” Peers single her out for “her immediate responsiveness and prompt assistance, whatever time of day you contact her”. A favourite among foreign associates, Kenaroğlu skilfully handles a significant volume of work for German operations which appreciate her reliability, precision and professionalism.

Moroğlu Arseven 

Full-service operation Moroğlu Arseven continues to broaden its IP practice, deftly adapting its legendary trademark talents to an audience hungry for a robust patent offering. Already a shrewd broker for multinationals looking to formulate licensing agreements for their intellectual property, it is increasingly in-demand among life sciences and pharmaceuticals outfits for its capacity in complex litigation. Leading the core team is Işık Özdoğan, an IP warrior known for her numerous victories before the courts as well as her talent for portfolio management. Among her colleagues, Ezgi Baklacı Gülkokar stands out. A force to be reckoned with in litigation, Baklacı Gülkokar is unfaltering in prosecution and enforcement. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Baklacı Gülkokar at the practice, Gökçe İzgi is a seasoned litigator whose specialisms cross technical borders. She applies her abilities to both contentious and non-contentious patent work.

NSN Law Firm

“Responsive, professional and technically adept, NSN is consistently among the best performers in the IP realm”, delivering “a top-class service at a reasonable cost”. The set garners acclaim for its adroit handling of litigation, prosecution and transactional work; its razor-sharp strategic approach and sturdy regulatory foundations are an asset in all three realms. An expanding technical emphasis ensures that the group’s offering in the mechanical engineering arena is now rivalling that of its pharmaceuticals and life sciences team. Highlighted for all-encompassing experience in patent matters, Selma Ünlü is an efficient lawyer whose advice is consistently of a high standard and of the utmost benefit to her patrons. A specialist on both sides of the contentious schism, she particularly excels in the defence of high-value pharmaceutical innovation in invalidation proceedings brought by competitors. Assisting her in such cases, senior associate Gülay Göksu is a go-to adviser for her consultancy faculties. She comes “highly recommended for the quality of her work in the patent domain”.

Stock Industrial Property Services

Stock Industrial Property Services is a long-serving presence on Turkey’s IP scene, most noted for its expertise and experience in the protection of IP rights. The outfit is one of the country’s top prosecution outfits and is renowned as a leading validator of European patents. In recent years it has further strengthened its contentious offering, thereby increasing its value to rights holders in disputes. A respected licensing arm completes the firm's all-round offering that attracts clients from far and wide. Kazim Dündar is a technically gifted attorney and a calming voice in any dispute, he has been the driving force behind the set’s ongoing expansion.

Other recommended experts

A former lawyer at the Turkish Patent Institute, the supremely experienced Samiye Eyuboğlu now valiantly represents the interests of pharmaceutical generics from eponymous offering Eyuboğlu Law Firm. “An academic at the forefront of the patent scene, Cahit Suluk is a renowned figure in intellectual property.” With a deep-seated knowledge of national and international IP law, he is a smooth operator in both contentious and non-contentious mandates. He founded and continues to reside at Cahit Suluk Intellectual Property Law Firm.

Individuals: litigation and transactions

  • Mehmet Gün - Gün + Partners
  • Selma Ünlü - NSN Law Firm
  • Mehmet Nazim Aydin Deriş - Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership
  • Selin Sinem Erciyas - Gün + Partners
  • Yasemin Kenaroğlu - Kenaroğlu Intellectual Property 
  • Işık Özdoğan - Moroğlu Arseven
  • Özge Atılgan Karakulak - Gün + Partners
  • Ezgi Baklacı Gülkokar - Moroğlu Arseven
  • Okan Can - Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership
  • Samiye Eyuboğlu - Eyuboğlu Law Firm
  • Gülay Göksu - NSN Law Firm
  • Gökçe İzgi - Moroğlu Arseven
  • Cahit Suluk - Cahit Suluk Intellectual Property Law Firm

Individuals: prosecution

  • Uğur Aktekin - Gün + Partners
  • Aysu Dericioğlu Egemen - Ankara Patent Bureau Ltd
  • Ekin Dericioğlu Kurt - Ankara Patent Bureau Ltd
  • Kazim Dündar - Stock Industrial Property Services
  • Aydin Mutlu - INVOKAT Intellectual Property Services 
  • Erkan Sevinç - Istanbul Patent AS