Although the Turkish economy has experienced turbulence of late, there are signs of recovery on the horizon, with a new economic programme focused on strengthening innovation, among other things, unveiled for 2021. The local start-up scene is thriving and a large-scale technology complex has been set up in Istanbul to serve as a regional hub for innovative research – all of which has contributed to healthy patent filing numbers and furthered a sense of optimism among the IP community. On the contentious front, while constant changes in the judiciary and a lack of technical specialisation in the courts are causing some frustration, the past 12 months have also seen some legislative clarity. For instance, the Code on the Amendment of the Code of Civil Procedure and Some Other Laws entered into force in late 2020, which should have a positive impact on patent proceedings. One amendment allows judges to grant parties an additional two weeks in which to submit statements that challenge court expert reports, which significantly influence the outcome of a decision. In other news, a landmark ruling from the IP courts has broken new ground in the nationwide battle for the European Patent Convention (EPC) to be applied to patents in Turkey.

Firms: litigation and transactions

Firms: prosecution


Nimble boutique Alfa Patent Stan Advoka is a discerning choice for non-contentious briefs in the electronics, chemistry and microbiology fields. The set communicates in all three official EPO languages, drafts meticulous applications and has the magic touch to see them through to grant. Its high profile is due in no small part to Selda Arkan and Baris Atalay, Turkey’s first-ever qualified European patent attorneys. Fluent in eight languages, Arkan is a repository of trust for life sciences companies with international ambitions. A prolific author, registered court expert and drafter extraordinaire, Atalay is a favourite among research institutes. The pair are hailed by peers for their professionalism, quality service and can-do attitude.

Ankara Patent Bureau

Since setting up shop in 1964, Ankara Patent Bureau has played a crucial role in the development of Turkey’s IP scene and clients take great comfort from its profound institutional knowledge. Home to an impressive 100 engineers, lawyers and business sages, it can deftly navigate the rapids of all technical fields; while ongoing investment in its IT structures ensures that practitioners can be true partners to the businesses they serve. Dynamic duo Korcan Dericioğlu and Ekin Karakuş Öcal are the first port of call for potential instructions.

Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency 

One of Turkey’s major IP players, Deriş excels at procuring strong, broad and enforceable patents, while keeping a close eye out for potential commercialisation opportunities. “The team is highly recommended for its efficiency and comprehensive as well as cost-effective recommendations, which come with a high probability of success.” Strength in depth is a massive draw: its bench comprises 30 lawyers, 29 registered trademark and patent attorneys and six European patent attorneys, all of whom are as innovative in their thinking as their patrons; for example, the group recently developed and patented its own searching technology as a computer-implemented invention. Managing partner and division captain Serra Coral is renowned for her futureproofed litigation strategies; while Emre Kerim Yardımcı’s creative approach to complex disputes has not only helped to push Deriş to the top of the leader board, but also cemented his own position among the country’s elite. Fellow heavyweight Okan Can has a sterling reputation in the local and international community, thanks to his “immense knowledge and precise way of working”. “Okan is one of the best lawyers for patent infringement cases: he is reliable, operates on a high level and never fails to meet the needs of clients.” All-rounder Muazzez Korutürk was recently elected to the partnership: “She is friendly, readily makes herself available and provides superb advice, thanks to her brilliant knowledge of the subject matter. Muazzez is a pleasure to work with.” European patent attorney Oya Yalvaç shines bright in opposition proceedings and conducts thorough yet easily digestible freedom to operate searches that sit well with in-house counsel, courtesy of her own background in the pharmaceutical industry. A leading light on the Turkish legal landscape, Mehmet Nazim Aydin Deriş has made a significant contribution to the national IP regime and regularly shares his profound wisdom with colleagues and peers.

Gün + Partners

“Gün + Partners is the first choice for IP instructions in Turkey: it works systematically, investigates each matter in depth and provides fantastic advice at a great price point, all while building positive personal relationships.” The storied outfit has blazed a trail for domestic patent practitioners to follow, participates enthusiastically in the international IP dialogue and dispenses a comprehensive service that few can match. An unstoppable force and one of the finest litigators in town, Mehmet Gün has multiple landslide victories to his name – many of which have helped to shape the Turkish patent landscape. For example, he and Özge Atılgan Karakulak initiated the first-ever pharmaceutical data protection and exclusivity actions in the country. Multinational life sciences corporations rely on the IP group co-chair to achieve positive outcomes in complex litigation with minimum fuss. Pharmaceutical giants and technology conglomerates are in safe hands with Selin Sinem Erciyas and Aysel Korkmaz Yatkın respectively. Often found assisting research bodies and foreign embassies, Sinem Erciyas understands the need for efficiency and delivers on the money in time-sensitive matters; while Korkmaz Yatkın is lauded by peers for her persuasive advocacy skills. On the non-contentious front, Uğur Aktekin, Pinar Arikan and Burcu Sucuka form a star-studded line-up. Department co-lead Aktekin enjoys a broad practice encompassing trademarks, designs, patents and unfair competition, among other things, making him ideally placed to advise on multifaceted issues in the technology and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. Arikan patents and counsels across a wide spectrum of industries, devises commercially sound strategies and restructures portfolios to drive business value. Technically adept and armed with an MSc in genetics and cellular pathology, Sucuka looks out for clients’ best interests, conducts regular training sessions and always gives helpful tips along the way.

INVOKAT Intellectual Property Services Ltd

Time and time again, global companies and local entrepreneurs turn to INVOKAT to protect their crown-jewel assets. Its bespoke, technically brilliant patent offering has earned it a loyal following in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors in particular – areas which are also strongholds for managing director and firm founder Aydin Mutlu. A qualified European patent attorney and chemical engineering whizz, he is highly sought after both by industry leaders and by peers to act as counsel on highly intricate matters.

Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu

“The service at Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu is of the highest calibre – the reliability, professionalism and precision with which instructions are handled are nothing short of impressive. The responsiveness is also outstanding and the advice is both clear and thorough.” Founder Yasemin Kenaroğlu puts heart and soul into her work and has stellar results to show for it: “Yasemin cannot be praised enough for her exceptional litigation capabilities. She is exceptionally experienced, tackles sensitive matters with care and is not afraid to act. If anyone needs to defend their rights in Turkey, Yasemin is the one to call.”

Moroğlu Arseven

Full-service firm Moroğlu Arseven takes a holistic approach to intellectual property, providing seamless support across the technical spectrum. In the patent world, the savvy troop looks for ways to enhance and maximise the business value of clients’ inventions through lucrative licensing deals and technology transfers in the R&D space. Led by star litigator Işık Özdoğan, it has also been coming up trumps in dispute proceedings of late. Özdoğan works closely with enforcement ace Ezgi Baklacı Gülkokar and commercialisation guru Gökçe İzgi to deliver hands-on, considered counsel that accounts for long-term goals.

NSN Law Firm 

Headquartered in Istanbul and working hand in glove with associate offices in a further three key locations – Antalya, Ankara and Izmir – NSN is in prime position to secure and maintain cast-iron patent protection across the country. The commercial law firm has earned a glittering reputation for its textbook performances in ground-breaking disputes, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, and has several precedent-setting wins to its name. Tough-as-nails litigator Selma Ünlü brings gravitas to the courtroom and delivers arguments with authority and poise. She co-chairs the patent and life sciences department alongside Gülay Göksu, a qualified trademark patent attorney and lawyer. The pair “approach matters professionally and report on developments in a clear, concise and timely manner”.


A fine choice for one-stop shoppers, OFO VENTURA acquits itself with distinction in patent procurement and litigation, especially in the regulated industries. Globally renowned firms, many of which are part of its longstanding network, send through a steady stream of non-contentious instructions; but the team’s true meat and drink is big-ticket litigation, where it combines local know-how and outside-the-box thinking to carry the day. Between them, Özlem Fütman and Yasemin Aktaş form a formidable duo. European patent attorney and staunch litigator Fütman is “an excellent communicator with a proactive approach. She is great to work with and offers suggestions that will bring about the most successful outcome for clients”. Aktaş likewise shepherds patrons through each stage of the brief with a practised hand, providing clear-sighted guidance that instils them with confidence.

Stock Intellectual Property Services AS

One of the most venerable IP firms in the country, Stock Intellectual Property Services is highly acclaimed for its premier prosecution practice. Established in 1887, the outfit is steeped in history, but its approach to drafting and filing remains creative and detail-oriented. It has lately seen more instructions from the local outposts of the top 20 global filers – a trend which has further diversified its largely international client base. Entering prime time are Bahadir Gursoy and Pinar Sen, who assist companies in many meaningful ways. Formerly a project engineer with a leading automotive lighting systems supplier, Gursoy speaks the language of inventors and distils this into immaculate applications; while Sen provides invaluable litigation support informed by past experience as a senior patent and trademark attorney at a top pharmaceutical company. Veteran Kazim Dündar is a trusted sounding board for clients and colleagues, and remains an influential figure on the IP scene.

Suluk Intellectual Property Law Firm

When it comes to quality and client service, Suluk Intellectual Property Law Firm surpasses expectations at every turn. The renowned boutique is really firing on all cylinders now, maintaining a thriving prosecution practice and making the difference in complex pharmaceutical, software and electronics disputes. Robust leadership is supplied in spades by Cahit Suluk, whose first-rate industry knowledge and refined business sense translate into sophisticated strategic advice. Fellow litigator Bahattin Çarkacı leverages his trademark, design and unfair competition law knowledge to prevail in tricky disputes with multiple threads.

Other recommended experts

At Eyuboğlu Law Firm, Samiye Eyuboğlu is the confidante of major generic pharmaceutical companies. She is intimately familiar with the local landscape, thanks to a stint as a lawyer at the Turkish Patent Institute Administration. FarmaPatent founder Pinar Bulut knows the life sciences industry inside out; as a former analyst and laboratory chief with extensive industry experience, he can swiftly identify the best patenting strategies and is a dab hand at licensing agreements too. Schooled in the arts of aeronautical and mechanical engineering, Istanbul Patent’s Erkan Sevinç performs with verve before the EPO and is a thoughtful choice for prosecution instructions.

Individuals: litigation and transactions

  • Özge Atılgan Karakulak - Gün + Partners
  • Okan Can - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency
  • Mehmet Nazim Aydin Deriş - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency
  • Selin Sinem Erciyas - Gün + Partners
  • Mehmet Gün - Gün + Partners
  • Selma Ünlü - NSN Law Firm 
  • Özlem Fütman - OFO VENTURA
  • Yasemin Kenaroğlu - Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu 
  • Aysel Korkmaz Yatkın - Gün + Partners
  • Işık Özdoğan - Moroğlu Arseven
  • Emre Kerim Yardımcı - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency
  • Yasemin Aktaş - OFO VENTURA
  • Ezgi Baklacı Gülkokar - Moroğlu Arseven
  • Bahattin Çarkacı - Suluk Intellectual Property Law Firm
  • Serra Coral - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency
  • Samiye Eyuboğlu - Eyuboğlu Law Firm
  • Gülay Göksu - NSN Law Firm 
  • Gökçe İzgi - Moroğlu Arseven
  • Muazzez Korutürk - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency
  • Cahit Suluk - Suluk Intellectual Property Law Firm

Individuals: prosecution

  • Uğur Aktekin - Gün + Partners
  • Pinar Arikan - Gün + Partners
  • Selda Arkan - ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA Ltd Co 
  • Baris Atalay - ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA Ltd Co 
  • Pinar Bulut - FarmaPatent
  • Serra Coral - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency
  • Kazim Dündar - Stock Intellectual Property Services AS
  • Bahadir Gursoy - Stock Intellectual Property Services AS
  • Aydin Mutlu - INVOKAT Intellectual Property Services Ltd
  • Pinar Sen - Stock Intellectual Property Services AS
  • Erkan Sevinç - Istanbul Patent AS
  • Burcu Sucuka - Gün + Partners
  • Oya Yalvaç - Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency