Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) has remained open throughout the pandemic, clearing a sizeable backlog and issuing an increasing number of office actions, thanks to the hiring of additional patent examiners. Although overall filing numbers have decreased over the past year, the country remains an attractive market for international corporations. In September 2020, the DIP published the latest draft amendments to the Patent Act, which include preparations for Thailand’s accession to the Hague Agreement.


  • Baker McKenzie
  • Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office Ltd
  • Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Ananda Intellectual Property
  • Chavalit Law Group
  • Rouse
  • S&I International Bangkok Office
  • Satyapon & Partners Ltd 
  • ZICO Law
  • Dej-Udom & Associates
  • LawPlus Ltd

Ananda Intellectual Property

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2021, Ananda Intellectual Property has grown into one of Thailand’s most respected IP firms. The litigation practice attracts particular attention, boasting an unblemished track record. In 2018 the outfit won the country’s biggest ever patent litigation case under the guidance of senior litigator Nuttakorn Sorakun. With qualified patent agents making themselves available at any time of day, patrons benefit from having direct access to a group that is “professional, responsive and precise”. Ananda’s “humble and easy to talk to” managing partner and director Franck Fougere is a “true facilitator”, who has worked tirelessly in the country to sort out patent issues for multinational corporations for almost 20 years. Foreign associates appreciate his “honesty and commitment to resolving any problem that may arise”.

Baker McKenzie

One of the country’s “key patent firms”, global heavyweight Baker McKenzie’s regional office lives up to its reputation. Its ambitious patent practice continues to attract big-name clientele locally and abroad as it fearlessly tackles complex issues. Most recently, Say Sujintaya led the outfit to reach a favourable outcome in a high-stakes litigation case for a renowned jewelry manufacturer. Further, her work related to pharmaceutical patents is worthy of notice; she was called on to handle a case involving a compulsory licensing threat – the first of its kind in Thailand – which required long negotiations with the  government. Tanakrit Tangburanakij enters the rankings this year as he takes on more responsibility for the firm’s prosecution work. A testament to his abilities, peers elected him president of the Intellectual Property Association of Thailand. Having acquired 20 years of patent prosecution and litigation experience as the in-house manager of PTT Global Chemical Public Company and working at two of the ranked firms in this chapter, Radeemada Mungkarndee’s expertise is broad and deep – she is “equally well versed in patents and trademarks”.

Chavalit Law Group

After SCL Group became SCL Nishimura in 2019, “efficient and reliable” Chavalit & Associates has continued as its IP, IT and telecoms legal service provider. Managing partner Chavalit Uttasart and Kallayarat Chinsrivongkul have built the entity’s reputation as “a safe pair of hands for anyone wishing to file a patent in Thailand”. Drawing on their “extensive experience in the field”, they provide “excellent and well-thought-out litigation strategies” in addition to their prosecution services. Those who have worked with Kallayarat for years rave about her outstanding work ethic: “She is prompt and professional and goes above and beyond in providing good service;” “Ms Kallayarat and her team worked many nights and weekends to understand a very complicated issue until they became specialists on the matter;” and “she works from very early in the morning until late in the evening and makes herself available any day of the week.” One foreign associate says: “I am glad I got to know her, both for her professionality and her friendship.”

Dej-Udom & Associates

With a diverse and internationally trained team of attorneys, Dej-Udom & Associates appeals to patrons both within and far beyond Thailand’s borders. With a doctorate in computers and engineering management, Poondej Krairit specialises in IP and technology law. Considered an authority in his field, he currently serves on several patent-related government committees and maintains close relationships with both local and national enforcement authorities.

Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office Ltd

Boasting one of the top-tier IP practices in the region, Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office handles a significant portion of patent applications filed in the country by foreign parties. Six partners and eight patent attorneys are supported by more than 40 technically qualified experts. Prabjote Busdee relies on four decades of experience to advise clients in the life sciences sector. The firm’s go-to litigators, Rutorn Nopakun and Chakrapat Mongkolsit are both US-educated and dual qualified.

LawPlus Ltd

LawPlus managing director Kowit Somwaiya is a familiar face in Thailand’s IP community. His global engagement and deep expertise have earned him prominent positions within both Thai and international industry associations over the years. Under Kowit’s leadership, the firm has established close working relationships with professionals in more than 160 countries to offer comprehensive protection for clients’ IP rights. The team at LawPlus are specialists at Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications in both Thailand and Myanmar.


Rouse’s Thailand office provides the full gamut of patent services based on decades of experience in Asia. Operating out of Bangkok, Manoon Changchumni is a trusted advisor on contentious matters. He is supported by Fabrice Mattei, who is no stranger to complex litigation. He has been in charge of several landmark cases before the Thai Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court (IP&IT court) as well as the Supreme Court.

S&I International Bangkok Office

Supporting a large number of Japanese enterprises, S&I International Bangkok Office was established back in 1996 by a former JPO patent examiner and appeal board examiner. Dual-qualified as a patent agent and attorney at law, Yingluck Krairiksh is a key player at the practice, navigating contentious and non-contentious matters with ease.

Satyapon & Partners Ltd 

Foreign associates of Satyapon & Partners praise it for holding an “unrivalled standard of diligent, ethical and professional services”. They feel confident leaving their “most precious, top-tier clients” in the hands of a “reliable, efficient team which offers first-rate services and advice in every respect”. One comments that what initially drew them in was “Satyapon Sachdecha’s passion for intellectual property”, referring to his significant contributions to the international and local IP communities during his 10 years as the chair of the Intellectual Property Association of Thailand. Possessing qualifications in highly technical fields, the practitioners at Satyapon & Partners are well-equipped to handle highly complex cases. A recent widely publicised patent infringement case for Panasonic resulted in the largest product seizure in Thai history. Working alongside Sachdecha, Verasak Maiwatana is “the most trustworthy patent agent in Thailand by far”. He is a veteran with a level of experience that is hard to beat, for he is the former director of the Thai patent office, has served as a patent examiner, director of the IP management division and head of the PCT receiving office.

Tilleke & Gibbins

An outfit with a stellar reputation and a strong presence in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Tilleke & Gibbins boasts the highest number of ranked individuals in this chapter. Over the past year the patent practice has welcomed two new members. What is more, following Thailand’s move as the first country in Asia to legalise cannabis, it currently has the largest team of local cannabis industry legal advisors. Darani Vachanavuttivong is an internationally recognised enforcer of IP rights, while Alan Adcock’s negotiation skills allow him to seal the deal in major patent transactions. Sukontip Jitmongkolthong splits her time between Thailand and Laos and is a popular name among multinationals seeking help in contentious matters. Relentless litigators Nandana Indananda and Suebsiri Taweepon have been known to secure unprecedented compensation before the IP and IT court. Further, the “very knowledgeable” Somboon Earterasarun receives high praise from patrons describe him as “a proactive and client-focused lawyer who adds value to our business”, who “ensures that the client expectations are met in terms of service level, results, and costs.”


Big-name clients like Hanergy Holding Group, PTT Global Chemical and ZTE approach ZICO Law for its vast ASEAN IP knowledge as the only firm with offices in every country in the region. Litigator and transactional adviser Nuttaphol Arammuang competently leads the patent practice. Titirat Wattanachewanopakorn is an expert enforcer who effortlessly takes care of anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting matters.

Other recommended experts

Ratchapong Thongdeetae is a patent specialist is a patent specialist with nearly 15 years of professional experience. He prosecutes patents for large international companies at ILCT Ltd.


  • Alan Adcock - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Nuttaphol Arammuang - ZICO Law
  • Prabjote Busdee - Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office Ltd
  • Manoon Changchumni - Rouse
  • Kallayarat Chinsrivongkul - Chavalit Law Group
  • Somboon Earterasarun - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Franck Fougere - Ananda Intellectual Property
  • Nandana Indananda - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Sukontip Jitmongkolthong - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Yingluck Krairiksh - S&I International Bangkok Office
  • Poondej Krairit - Dej-Udom & Associates
  • Philip Lyren - Spruson & Ferguson
  • Verasak Maiwatana - Satyapon & Partners Ltd
  • Fabrice Mattei - Rouse
  • Chakrapat Mongkolsit - Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office Ltd
  • Radeemada Mungkarndee - Baker McKenzie
  • Rutorn Nopakun - Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office Ltd
  • Satyapon Sachdecha - Satyapon & Partners Ltd
  • Kowit Somwaiya - LawPlus Ltd
  • Nuttakorn Sorakun - Ananda Intellectual Property
  • Say Sujintaya - Baker McKenzie
  • Tanakrit Tangburanakij - Baker McKenzie
  • Suebsiri Taweepon - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Ratchapong Thongdeetae - International Legal Counsellors Thailand
  • Chavalit Uttasart - Chavalit Law Group
  • Darani Vachanavuttivong - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Titirat Wattanachewanopakorn - ZICO Law