Although there have been no significant legislative changes in Spain since the introduction of the new Patent Act in 2017, the country and its practitioners have been busy transitioning to the new regime. Among other things, all Spanish patents granted by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office now undergo substantive examination – a process that was optional before the new legislation came into force. This has undoubtedly enhanced the quality of Spanish patents and simultaneously boosted confidence in the system as a whole. On the contentious front, while pharmaceutical and life sciences disputes feature prominently on court dockets, activity in the telecommunications industry has also picked up substantially. One positive takeaway is that although Spain sees far less litigation than its European counterparts, the consistency of decisions has improved and there has been a concerted effort to have more specialised judges and courts hear patent cases.

Firms: litigation

  • Clifford Chance
  • Gómez Acebo & Pombo Abogados SLP
  • Grau & Angulo
  • BAYLOS Abogados
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Uría Menéndez
  • Vidal-Quadras & Ramon
  • ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • Abril Abogados
  • CMS 
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Pellisé Abogados

Firms: prosecution

Firms: transactions

  • Abril Abogados
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • Clifford Chance
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • Garrigues
  • Gómez Acebo & Pombo Abogados SLP
  • Uría Menéndez

ABG Intellectual Property Law SL

ABG Intellectual Property is more than just a consultancy firm; it is a strategic partner with a cosmopolitan, business-minded approach that helps clients to achieve optimum results in any scenario. Home to a “top-class” squad of patent attorneys and lawyers, it provides a cradle-to-grave patent service across the industry spectrum; although chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are particular fortes. Founding partner Juan Arias has “outstanding industry experience, great business sense and analytical skills, and is a great communicator too. He understands inventors on their level”, and earns further plaudits for his “professionalism and commitment to his clients”. Fellow founder Francisco Bernardo manages global IP portfolios for advanced clinical development projects with a sure touch and has a complete mastery of prosecution procedures in different jurisdictions; his guidance is always made to measure. Also practising within the pharmaceutical sector, the “diligent and bright” Enric Carbonell likewise receives glowing testimony: “He quickly identifies what needs to be protected, creates a strategy and writes strong claims accordingly, making for a very smooth process. He is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with, and he knows how the law works in almost every country.” Making her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is chemist Almudena Fernández, who stands out for her “attention to detail and superior technical knowledge”: “She is thorough in her analysis and in her approach, always providing solutions that suit the client’s business needs. She is truly exceptional at what she does.” One of Spain’s most knowledgeable specialists when it comes to pharmaceutical and biotechnology patents, Agustín Alconada is a sage counsellor to clients and a persuasive expert witness in court: “He is cool, methodical and capable of handling large volumes of data in short periods of time. He is simply the best patent partner in the life sciences.” Bolstering the practice with his electro-mechanics and telecommunications know-how is Fernando Prieto: “Fernando quickly analyses complex problems, articulates complex engineering concepts clearly and comes up with smart tactical solutions.” Leading the recently established litigation department is Laura Montoya, who excels both in contentious settings and in the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements. She embraces the firm’s technological specialties and plays a critical role in delivering policy and infringement advice.

Abril Abogados

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, Abril Abogados is a well-regarded name on the market, thanks to its “brilliant and exceptionally technically skilled professionals”. The boutique maintains six offices across the country which provide convenient access for Spanish companies, while also acting as a springboard to Europe for Latin American concerns. Under the stewardship of Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros, it has forged a strong presence in the life science and telecommunications sectors. As one client enthuses: “We have a lot of faith in Ignacio – he does an excellent job of evaluating our proposals and then explaining whether the idea makes sense and what may be lacking, which is crucial when moving business decisions forward”. Working alongside him are the “outstanding” Fernando Ortega Sánchez and Jorge Oria Sousa-Montes, who “handle some of the country’s most important cases”. On the pharmaceutical side, Ortega Sánchez has recently been advising one of Spain’s largest hospitals on issues relating to a covid-19 research project; while Oria Sousa-Montes has been tending to the needs of Magnum Capital, which develops charging stations for electric cars.


“Pragmatic, efficient and quick”, is the market consensus on the service at BALDER: “They understand the technology, identify possible conflicts, produce reliable solutions and build relationships based on mutual trust.” Working from across four offices in Spain, the firm’s patent practitioners move heaven and earth to meet and exceed the demands of its dynamic clientele. First among equals is the “bright and hardworking” Isabel Pato Cour. “She is the most knowledgeable patent attorney I’ve ever met,” enthuses one patron. “Isabel has a great understanding of our inventions and gets good patents granted.” Working beside her is IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Olof Fickert, who “produces valuable opinions and suggestions that have been vital to the successful acquisition of IP rights”. He is also hailed for his “promptness, reliability and responsiveness”; and for his familiarity with procedural issues in Latin America. Magnus Stiebe brings a valuable extra dimension to the practice as a former examiner at the Swedish Patent Office: “Whether he is drafting opinions or appearing in court, Magnus stands out in everything he does. He carefully analyses each case, works proactively and innovatively, and is fully committed to clients. He is an outstanding and collaborative professional; it is simply great to work with him.” Holding down the fort on the contentious side is Patricia Koch, “a terrific litigator with a fantastic reputation”. Her fluency in German and experience working in the country are an added bonus on cross-border briefs.

Ballester IP

Ballester IP makes its debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year courtesy of its “superior management of patent applications”: the firm’s precision prosecution offering is reportedly “nothing short of excellent”. In one recent highlight, it successfully overcame office actions issued by the EPO on behalf of Laboratorios Forenqui. Leading light Rosalía Ballester provides incisive, tailored guidance across both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide to players from a wide range of industries. “She communicates swiftly, accurately and eloquently. You can really count on her to do the job.”


IP powerhouse Bardehle Pagenberg has complex technologies on lock in any patenting scenario. It is a favourite among multinationals, thanks to its geographical reach and impressive bench strength: it plays host to more than 220 “reliable and responsive” professionals across four European countries, and adopts a holistic approach to patent protection. Taking the lead in Barcelona is Mathieu de Rooij, a former EPO examiner who knows exactly how to get applications through to grant, especially in the automotive sector. Those who have worked with him have only positive things to say: “Every collaboration with Mathieu is seamless – he is clever, pleasant and just a joy to work with.”

BAYLOS Abogados

Availability and transparency are hallmarks of the service at BAYLOS Abogados, an “excellent partner” which “fills its clients with confidence throughout the whole process”. The firm’s courtroom sharpshooters have the legal and technical dexterity to come out on top in litigation involving virtually any industry, devising astute strategies that are always driven by careful commercial considerations. “The number one choice for patent disputes in Spain”, Pedro Merino Baylos has a flair for coordinating cross-border disputes, especially in the telecommunications and life sciences sectors. “Pedro is intelligent and thoughtful, and always takes account of clients’ circumstances and budget. He is also an excellent communicator and great fun to work with.” Juan Luis Gracia and Fabrizio Miazzetto are likewise “fantastic litigators” who “understand the technology behind the invention and will turn every stone to ensure they can present the best possible arguments”. The biotech and automotive sectors are happy hunting grounds for Luis Gracia; while Miazetto maintains a vibrant IP practice encompassing both patents and trademarks.

Bird & Bird LLP

Famed worldwide for its fearsome contentious capabilities, Bird & Bird is an indomitable opponent in high-stakes litigation. Close collaboration between practitioners across its extensive international network ensures that it can cut through the complexity of technically dense cross-border proceedings with ease. Heading up operations in Madrid is Manuel Lobato, a “great litigator with deep expertise that stretches way beyond IP law”. “He has an outstanding reputation on the market and I rate him very highly,” reports one peer. He recently defended Oncovision, a leading provider of innovative medical imaging devices, in a spat with competitor Sociedad Española de Electromedicina y Calidad. Adding further firepower is new recruit José Miguel Lissén, who joined the ranks from ABG Intellectual Property Law. Detail oriented and dynamic, he brings disputes to a swift and successful close for top life sciences and telecommunications companies. Making her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Teresa Mercadal, a “bright lawyer with great procedural experience” who “makes sophisticated and creative assessments based on crucial legal doctrines”. On the non-contentious front, Mariano Santos “is a sharp, proactive and responsive professional who is always on top of matters and ready to solve any problems that arise. His knowledge and service level go above and beyond”.


Bridging the gap between Latin America and Europe, ClarkeModet is a dominant force in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. It has built a deep reservoir of institutional knowledge over its 140-year history, and today its 500-plus practitioners manage some 350,000 case files on behalf of domestic and international pioneers. In the words of one client: “Obtaining IP rights is a time-consuming process that requires an up-to-date understanding of legal, technological and administrative standards; and the experts at ClarkeModet excel on all fronts.” Technical services director and seasoned chemist Paola Rúa identifies all the best strategic plays for European concerns seeking to branch out into Latin America. Another key asset is Miguel Rigueiro, who has a percipient take on portfolio management and a keen eye for coordinating multi-jurisdictional mass filings.

Clifford Chance

“A leader on the Spanish market”, Clifford Chance has turned pharmaceutical patent litigation into an art form – as borne out by its recent caseload. Top gun Miquel Montañá has been taking the lead on an infringement and validity case for AstraZeneca, while also representing Bayer against Ceva Santé Animale and Ceva Salud Animal in a pan-European dispute. Montañá is feted as “one of the country’s finest lawyers – he always presents the most sophisticated arguments”. His right hand on both matters is Isabel Carulla, who invariably sticks the landing in patent disputes that come interlaced with unfair competition threads – and in deal negotiations too. She also teams up with “sophisticated litigator” Josep Montefusco, who recently went out to bat for F Hoffman-La-Roche in infringement proceedings against Kern Pharma concerning biosimilars. Rounding off the troop is Rais Arnal Amils, a “brilliant lawyer” who “presents complex ideas in a simple and understandable manner”.


A new entrant to the IAM Patent 1000 this year, CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo has been making waves on the legal market since it brought former Gómez Acebo & Pombo lawyer María González Gordon on board in late 2019. Thanks to this smart move, the firm has significantly bolstered its contentious offering and carved itself a foothold in the life sciences; it is now a premier destination for those seeking holistic counsel. “In complex cases, the CMS team analyses every shred of evidence and prepares detailed reports,” observes one client, who goes on to praise its practitioners for their “quality, agility and empathy”. Eli Lilly and Company is one company which has enjoyed the full benefit of this combination of late: González has been assisting it with the launch of its new medical products and applications.


Full-service Cautrecasas has expansive domestic reach through 14 bases across the country; and with a further 14 additional outposts strategically located throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States, its international wingspan is just as impressive. This makes cross-border mandates a breeze and ensures that both local and foreign innovators can easily avail of its 360-degree service. On the prosecution front, the side has been assisting the Spanish state lotteries and counselling Madrid Polytechnic University on the design, preparation and drafting of technology transfers. On the contentious side, Jorge Llevat has been busy representing labware manufacturer Deltalab in a medical devices dispute and AND&OR in a trade secrets infringement case. “Jorge is a reference on patents and industrial property rights; and is diligent and measured in his advice.”

Curell Suñol SLP

Curell Suñol has spent more than 70 years drafting and filing watertight applications for innovators in the telecommunications, electrical and mechanical industries, and getting them through to grant. Its European patent attorneys and lawyers are fully committed to the cause and keep up to date with the latest technological advancements, which makes for a well-rounded, future-focused offering. Division spearhead Santiago Jordá blends a complete command of engineering and material sciences with valuable in-house insight from stints as a research engineer at a metallurgical company and a product manager at SEAT to deliver advice that goes right to the heart of each matter.


Having now slotted together all the pieces from DWF’s 2019 acquisition of Rousaud Costas Duran, successor firm DWF-RCD has significantly enhanced its contentious capabilities and is also riding high in the transactional space. The commercialisation of cutting-edge technologies is meat and drink to the entrepreneurially minded outfit, which has shepherded more than 30 technology transfers for new spin-off companies engaged in R&D to completion in the past 12 to 18 months. RCD’s founding partner Ignasi Costas has a rich academic background and an intimate familiarity with the rhythms of technology-based companies (he is a board member of several), which inform his dynamic, business-oriented approach.

Elzaburu SLP

“Elzaburu provides a feeling of security that is hard to find in the legal world,” enthuses one happy patron. “Its practitioners think ahead, which helps us to minimise risks and ensure that we are prepared for any situation that may arise.” The firm provides fulsome support at all stages of the patent lifecycle and have multiple disciplines down cold, from pharmaceuticals to electronics and telecommunications. In the latter space, Enrique Armijo Chávarri has been coordinating Xiaomi’s defence in infringement proceedings brought by Fractus and in another suit brought by TOT Power Control. He and litigation department captain Antonio Castán receive effusive praise: “They are extremely farsighted – a skill which allows in-house teams to prepare without feeling rushed – and are excellent at communicating complex matters in simpler terms. Enrique and Antonio are super-personable, give a fantastic personalised service and are always there whenever you need them.” Qualified as both an engineer and a lawyer, Colm Ahern combines his technical and legal expertise to provide big-picture guidance that helps to identify the best course of action and how best to pursue it. The prosecution division is thriving under the leadership of chemist Francisco Sáez: recent briefs include monitoring, managing and policing the portfolios of high-flying entities such as Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi and SEAT, as well as the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre. A stand-out drafter, Sáez was one of the first practitioners in Spain to pass the European Qualifying Examination and is thus a master of local and regional prosecution. Transactions guru Javier Fernández-Lasquetty is celebrated for his fine-grained understanding of the business landscape and superb commercial vision.

Esquivel & Martin Santos

Since setting up shop 10 years ago, agile boutique Esquivel & Martin Santos has cultivated a premier patent offering that is particularly attuned to the specific needs of start-ups and SMEs seeking robust protection in the pharmaceutical and agribusiness sectors. Innovation is likewise a watchword at the firm itself: it is in the process of launching a pilot fixed-fee freedom to operate service to ensure even greater accessibility and transparency, and recently established a China desk as a further USP. Founding partner Adrian Esquivel is a sharp and business-savvy practitioner whose diligent, constructive approach has done much to develop the firm into the flourishing boutique it is today.

GALBAIAN Intellectual Property

“A rising star in Spanish IP”, GALBAIAN is in hot demand for its value-added strategic advice and prosecution services. Its highly qualified, responsive team takes a resolutely practical approach to each mandate, which translates into comprehensive, easily implementable counsel. “They dedicate themselves to patents with rigour and passion; their experience, know-how and approachability are just some of the reasons we continue to work with them,” reports one client. Director and telecommunications engineer Ismael Igartua is “a quick and deep thinker who can see what other attorneys cannot. He really gets to know the specifics of every case, never limits his advice and suggests the best strategies according to each circumstance. Ismael is super-bright, has that level of gravitas and really makes himself heard before the courts and patent offices”. Working alongside him are Eduardo González and Amaia Sarasola. A highly skilled patent attorney with in-depth mechanical engineering expertise, González has “great scientific and practical knowledge”. Sarasola makes her IAM Patent 1000 debut thanks to glowing client feedback: “Amaia is talented, thorough and an excellent communicator. Her attention to detail is second to none; she is also really resourceful and can assimilate sector-specific technical concepts, come up with pragmatic solutions and then present them clearly.”


The full-service Garrigues is a mighty force on the patent market, both in Iberia and beyond: it has 32 offices spread out across Europe, the Americas and Asia, and more than 2,000 professionals on deck to provide total support to innovators wherever they are based. Headquartered in Madrid, the firm knows the lie of the land at home like the back of its hand, and has all the legal insight needed to provide game-changing assistance at an international level too. Companies of every shape and size flock to its doors for the wall-to-wall services on offer.

Gómez Acebo & Pombo Abogados SLP

Long regarded as one of Spain’s leading patent litigation firms, Gómez Acebo & Pombo Abogados features prominently in many of the life sciences disputes that come before the Spanish courts. Its battle-hardened lawyers are routinely entrusted with ground-breaking cases: for example, department head Eduardo Castillo and senior partner Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves have been busy representing Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals in pan-European litigation against several leading generic companies over its blockbuster opioid drug – a case that takes the courts into uncharted legal terrain concerning ‘added matter’ as a ground for patent revocation. Castillo and Ulloa frequently bring the heat in cross-border pharmaceutical skirmishes; while Jesús Muñoz-Delgado provides strategic advice in the biotechnology arena and is an authority on plant variety rights. However, Castillo and Muñoz-Delgado cannot be pigeonholed and also represent a slew of household names in the telecommunications and electronics fields, thanks to their extensive knowledge of FRAND and SEP issues.

Grau & Angulo

One of Spain’s most illustrious firms and a go-to for generic pharmaceutical companies, Grau & Angulo is home to a deep bench of legally and technically adept lawyers who “always go the extra mile”. Namesake Alejandro Angulo sets the tone from the top: with a command of five languages and a gift for weaving compelling arguments, he hits all the right notes in cross-border disputes. He has recently been representing American company Two Way Media against Telefónica in multifaceted enforcement, infringement, nullity and revocation proceedings concerning a live streaming programme. Working alongside him on this matter are Jesús Arribas and Ana-Laura Morales. Arribas is a technical renaissance man who has also been busy of late designing effective global enforcement plans for audio technologies; while Morales is a fine choice for clever pre-litigation strategies. The “friendly and collaborative” Ignacio Marqués is “incredibly helpful in pan-European disputes – he explains legal issues to non-lawyers perfectly and communicates extremely well”. Javier Huarte and Ignacio Pontijas are the stars of the life sciences division. Polished litigator Huarte “always finds reliable and inventive solutions, regardless of how difficult the problem is. He knows the patent legislation inside out, never gets lost in the detail and performs outstandingly in court. He is business oriented too, and provides strategic recommendations that are totally in line with a company’s commercial goals”. IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Pontijas is “an exceptional lawyer with an incredible understanding of issues in the pharmaceutical industry. He digs into the detail and never leaves a single element of a case unobserved”.


The soup-to-nuts patent service at H&A makes it a fantastic choice for one-stop shopping: from start-ups to industry heavyweights, companies can find everything they need to protect their crown-jewel assets under one roof. Additional bases in Latin America ensure that inventors with intercontinental ambitions on either side of the Atlantic are well catered for. The firm is characterised by its “proactivity and professionalism” – qualities which are embodied in department head Jesús González. The mechanical engineer has chalked up 35 years in the game and is lauded for his entrepreneurial mentality. Former EPO examiner Manuel Pérez is a repository of trust for major software entities, thanks to his unerring instincts on patentability and extensive in-house insight gleaned from roles at major global telecommunications companies.


HOFFMANN EITLE enjoys a phenomenal reputation in Germany and has become a preferred destination in Europe for robust patent protection in the life sciences. The group’s Spanish contingent carries on this tradition of excellence, producing impeccable work product – and just as efficiently, too. Taking the team to great heights is Gustavo Fúster Olaguibel, one of the country’s pre-eminent patent attorneys and biotechnology specialists: “He has brilliant strategic ideas when clients present him with complicated issues. He is reliable, conscientious and has an almost inexhaustible capacity to work.” Joining him in the guide this year is pharmacist Silvia Bertran Valls, whose diverse private practice and industry experience gives her a great perspective. Global portfolio management and international prosecution are her metiers.

Hogan Lovells

International powerhouse Hogan Lovells is counsel of choice to industry leaders worldwide, not least thanks to its adroit handling of high-stakes conflicts. The full-service outfit is always seeking to enhance its offering, and has developed its own in-house technologies and platforms to promote knowledge sharing and streamline its service. The practice is helmed by Ana Castedo, a “remarkable litigator” who is “fully devoted to her clients”. She has a real affinity for issues in the life sciences and telecommunication sectors, especially SEPs.


The “responsive, dynamic and creative” lawyers at HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER “approach each case with the necessary sense of urgency and ownership. They are proactive, reply quickly and build strong strategies, which they can explain in simple terms to non-lawyers”. Clients highlight close collaboration between its offices as key to achieving “optimal and harmonised results”. The IP titan provides an A-to-Z patent service to a litany of life sciences and technology heavyweights, including CEVA, Ferring, Fractus and Seiko Epson Corporation. The twin pillars of the practice are Luis Fernández-Novoa and Álvaro Velázquez, who score a solid 10 out of 10 with clients. “Luis is extremely dedicated and open-minded. He will guide you through procedural specifics and suggest alternative options and strategies, along with a recommendation on what he thinks is the best route. These discussions are truly valuable – you can really come up with a solution that will achieve the desired outcome from a business perspective.” “One of Álvaro’s best attributes is his perseverance: he is so full of energy and never stops until he comes to the right conclusion.” “He is always keen to understand the technical issues of the case from the very beginning and prepares for hearings thoroughly, which means that any unpleasant surprises are avoided.” Rounding off the team is José Antonio Sanmartín, whose technical dexterity allows him to dispense difference-making advice in almost any industry. Alongside Fernández-Novoa, he recently represented Huawei in proceedings against TOT Power Control and Corning Optical Communications.

Pellisé Abogados

Pellisé Abogados adopts a reassuringly comprehensive approach to patent protection, offering realistic, business-oriented guidance to inventors that are seeking to shore up their position in Spain. The names to note are David Pellisé Urquiza and Juan Carlos Quero, who are both held in high esteem by peers. Pellisé Urquiza is a scrupulous attorney who has made the nanotechnology and biotechnology spaces his own; while Carlos Quero provides invaluable strategic counsel that is resolutely commercial in focus.


“You can consistently rely on PONS IP,” report clients of this prolific prosecution shop, whose practitioners are hailed as “open, honest and approachable”. With 130-plus experts operating from five regional Spanish bases and further offices in Brussels, Bogota, Medellin and Guangzhou, it makes light work of international instructions; no surprise, then, that it is one of the top Patent Cooperation Treaty filers in the country. Overseeing all of this with a watchful eye is chemistry ace Patricia Ramos, who leverages her past industry experience at leading biotech company PharMar to provide counsel that comes laced with business insights. She recently helped industrial printing company Maktub to obtain relevant IP rights for its protective face shields. On the engineering side of the practice, IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Gabriel Castilla takes charge. He excels in oppositions and appeals proceedings at the EPO, and can drive business gains too. Portfolios are meticulously handled by Isabel Cortés Martínez; while deputy director of the legal department Jean Devaureix is “a highly skilled litigator and strategic decision maker”.


On the frontlines of patent practice in Spain for eight decades, Ponti & Partners has won a loyal following of start-ups, international concerns and educational institutions seeking a trusted guide through the patenting and monetisation maze. Department head and European patent attorney Maria Mercè Vidal is an authority in the burgeoning agri-food sector and a safe pair of hands for EPO work.


Innovation is the central narrative at Barcelona-based Sugrañes, whose patent practitioners love diving into the nitty-gritty of novel inventions at the cutting edge of their respective fields. Stacked with experts from every technical background imaginable, the boutique assembles custom-built teams to ensure that all briefs are optimally resourced. Industrial engineer and patent director Lluís Vilalta “pays close attention to the technical details of each case, explains the complexities in a simplified manner and always provides the best possible advice”.

Ungria Patentes y Marcas SA

Consistency characterises the service of top-flight prosecution firm Ungria Patentes y Marcas: remarkably low team turnover ensures that matters rarely change hands and that fruitful long-term relationships can be nurtured with clients. Its 15 Spanish offices are complemented by a further four in the Americas, giving it ready accessibility. The linchpin of the practice is Sergio Escorza, whose glittering CV is adorned with academic positions and industry experience, all of which informs his business-driven counsel. Joining him in the guide this year on a wave of praise is Asier Cueva. “He is more of a business partner than a supplier of legal services,” enthuses one client. “He has an excellent understanding of engineering technologies and grasps new concepts quickly. Asier manages our patents across several countries with ease, and solves any issues with maximum efficiency and in a quick turnaround time.”

Uría Menéndez

The IP practitioners at commercial firm Uría Menéndez makes full use of their commercial nous and refined legal knowledge in tending to the patent needs of the firm’s discerning corporate clientele. They are regularly entrusted with critical instructions: for example, the firm has recently been advising Gilead Sciences on its litigation strategy in connection with potential infringement claims. Sanofi Aventis is another beneficiary of its shrewd advice; as are Amazon and Telefónica. Key counsel for all four is José Massaguer, who provides inspiring leadership to the squad. The consummate litigator delivers impactful arguments with authority and is completely dedicated to his life sciences patrons. Fellow litigator Ingrid Pi combines deep technical expertise with a strong grasp of IP regulatory matters, to great effect. She has recently been assisting Nador Cott Protection with an important plant variety brief. In Barcelona, Montiano Monteagudo has shepherded many deals in the electronics and food sectors to close, thanks to his silky-smooth negotiating skills.

Vidal-Quadras & Ramon

Although Vidal-Quadras & Ramon is a relatively new name on the legal landscape, having commenced operations in 2019, the agile boutique is backed by years of experience in the form of co-founders Miguel Vidal-Quadras and Oriol Ramon. The pair are renowned for their impeccable courtroom performances and the outstanding results they secure on behalf of leading pharmaceutical generics companies. Accomplished litigator Vidal-Quadras “presents complicated arguments effectively” and also publishes widely on the latest developments in the life sciences. So too does fellow contentious ace Ramon, who is “super-personable and extremely active in the field”; his pleadings are always to the highest standard – structured, succinct and crystal clear.

ZBM Patents & Trademarks 

“One of the best patent firms in Europe”, ZBM produces “work of excellent quality”: “All of its professionals are technically brilliant. If you want to be sure that you have instructed the best experts possible, then ZBM is the first choice.” Heading up the chemistry and life sciences division, Bernabé Zea is “a straightforward attorney who can be trusted with the most complicated cases”. He is in hot demand for his expert testimony in litigation; while as a licensing specialist, he also oversees ZBM BConnect, the firm’s technology transfer unit. Working alongside him are fellow chemistry maestros Noemí Daviu, Montserrat Jané and Natividad Toledo. In providing freedom to operate analyses and validity opinions, Daviu carefully considers all relevant legal and commercial issues while keeping clients’ interests front and centre. “Creative and clear in her advice”, Jané has a high success rate in oppositions and appeals; while Toledo has a rare facility for “the interpretation of documents. She pays exceptional attention to detail, has superior writing skills and gives practical tips too”. In IT and electronics, Carles Comes is one of the best in the business when it comes to software patents and is a highly sought-after technical expert on the same. Meanwhile, Anna Barlocci and Oscar Rubio Solis shine bright on the mechanical side of the practice. “Anna’s technical knowledge and understanding of patent procedures are outstanding. She is proactive, approaches different arguments creatively and is great at answering complex questions.” “Fantastic team player” Rubio Solis is “great at capturing inventions and improving them too. He is fearless and always looks to understand more about the technology, which makes him a great partner for inventors”.

Other recommended experts

Francisco Carrión of Eversheds Sutherland knows exactly when to enforce his clients’ rights and when to push for out-of-court settlements. He also leverages his “vast legal knowledge and immense expertise in procedural matters” in his capacity as co-chair of the firm’s health and life sciences division. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Spanish patent law knows who Luis-Alfonso Durán is, thanks to his roles as managing partner of Durán Corretjer and president of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Spanish Industry Association. Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Guillaume Durville, who has been busy building up the Spanish branch of Plasseraud IP. “Guillaume is a joy to work with – he knows exactly what to do in any situation and he understands how to balance patent drafting and prosecution in Europe, while being mindful of international procedures.” As a patent attorney, lawyer and prominent IP lecturer, Jordi Güell is the full package; he can be found at eponymous boutique Guell IP. A biomedical sciences PhD and a former examiner at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, Manuel Illescas is the ideal guide for inventors seeking to get applications through to grant. He operates out of his base at Manuel Illescas Asociados. “Highly regarded patent litigator” Sergio Miralles makes his first appearance in the guide this year. The founder of Intangibles has spent two decades at the patent coalface, including a stint as head of IP at a major multinational law firm. Baker McKenzie’s Carles Prat is a seasoned litigator with extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property. He also teaches at ESADE law school, where he is helping to shape the next generation of patent lawyers.

Individuals: litigation

  • Eduardo Castillo - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Luis Fernández-Novoa - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Javier Huarte - Grau & Angulo
  • Manuel Lobato - Bird & Bird LLP
  • José Massaguer - Uría Menéndez
  • Miquel Montañá - Clifford Chance
  • Álvaro Velázquez - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Miguel Vidal-Quadras - Vidal-Quadras & Ramon
  • Alejandro Angulo - Grau & Angulo
  • Jesús Arribas - Grau & Angulo
  • Isabel Carulla - Clifford Chance
  • Antonio Castán - Elzaburu SLP
  • Ana Castedo - Hogan Lovells
  • Patricia Koch - BALDER
  • José Miguel Lissén - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Ignacio Marqués - Grau & Angulo
  • Pedro Merino Baylos - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Josep Montefusco - Clifford Chance
  • Jesús Muñoz-Delgado - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • David Pellisé Urquiza - Pellisé Abogados
  • Ingrid Pi - Uría Menéndez
  • Oriol Ramon - Vidal-Quadras & Ramon
  • José Antonio Sanmartín - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Colm Ahern - Elzaburu SLP
  • Enrique Armijo Chávarri - Elzaburu SLP
  • Rais Arnal Amils - Clifford Chance
  • Francisco J Carrión - Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP
  • Jean Devaureix - PONS IP 
  • María González Gordon González Fornos - CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo 
  • Juan Luis Gracia - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Jordi Güell - Guell IP
  • Jorge Llevat - Cuatrecasas
  • Teresa Mercadal - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Fabrizio Miazzetto - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Sergio Miralles - Intangibles
  • Laura Montoya - ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • Ana-Laura Morales - Grau & Angulo
  • Jorge Oria Sousa-Montes - Abril Abogados
  • Ignacio Pontijas - Grau & Angulo
  • Carles Prat - Baker McKenzie
  • Juan Carlos Quero - Pellisé Abogados
  • Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros - Abril Abogados

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Ignasi Costas - DWF-RCD
  • Javier Fernández-Lasquetty - Elzaburu SLP
  • Jorge Llevat - Cuatrecasas
  • Manuel Lobato - Bird & Bird LLP
  • José Massaguer - Uría Menéndez
  • Montiano Monteagudo - Uría Menéndez
  • Jesús Muñoz-Delgado - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Fernando Ortega Sánchez - Abril Abogados
  • Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros - Abril Abogados


  • Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados