The uncertain fate of the Unified Patent Court remains a hot topic of discussion, as practitioners wait to see whether and how the latest hurdles facing the system can be resolved. On the non-contentious front, patent attorneys have been dealing with the impact of the mandatory patent application examinations introduced in 2017. On the one hand, these have aligned the Spanish regime with processes in place across the continent; but on the other, there has been a decline in the number of applications as inventors seek to file on a European level instead. Regardless, there is much to look forward to, as both domestic and international work ramps up – particularly in the booming life sciences and digitalisation sectors, which are presenting exciting new opportunities across the patent lifecycle.

Firms: litigation

  • Clifford Chance SLP
  • Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Grau & Angulo
  • Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Uría Menéndez
  • ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • Abril Abogados
  • Baker McKenzie
  • BAYLOS Abogados
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Pellisé Abogados
  • Vidal-Quadras & Ramon

Firms: prosecution

  • Highly recommended
  • ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • ZBM Patents & Trademarks 
  • Recommended
  • Abril Abogados
  • Curell Suñol SLP
  • Durán-Corretjer SLP
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • GALBAIAN Intellectual Property
  • H&A
  • PONS IP 
  • Ponti
  • Sugrañes
  • Ungria Patentes y Marcas SA

Firms: transactions

  • ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • Abril Abogados
  • Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • Clifford Chance SLP
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • Garrigues
  • Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Uría Menéndez

ABG Intellectual Property Law SL

“The go-to firm for prosecution, ABG’s dynamic, technically astute and dedicated team provides an excellent tailored service.” With 35 practitioners on deck – 15 of whom are qualified European patent attorneys – it boasts a wealth of knowledge, which it deploys to help start-ups and research institutes with their portfolios and assist multinational companies on myriad high-end cross-border disputes. Managing partners and former EPO examiners Juan Arias and Francisco Bernardo anchor the chemistry division. “Arias has a great business sense, an analytical mind and superb communication skills. His profound work ethic is also highly commendable.” Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) are Bernardo’s speciality and he is a favourite among pharmaceutical companies as a result. Enric Carbonell is another sage problem solver in the pharmaceutical sector: “He faces each project with a clear mind and a methodological approach, ensuring that inventions enjoy the widest protection possible.” Life sciences aficionado Agustín Alconada also garners warm plaudits: “He dispenses professional advice throughout the whole prosecution process and does a tremendous job in a cost-efficient way. He never fails to deliver, even on short notice.” In mechanics, Fernando Prieto is highly sought after for his shrewd opinion work. Lately, José Miguel Lissén has been working tirelessly to bolster ABG’s contentious arm: “A talented and passionate lawyer, José always makes the most out of the facts and thinks outside of the box to successfully argue his case. He pays exceptional attention to detail and confidently presents his findings.”

Abril Abogados

Thanks to heavy investment in its life sciences, software and telecommunications capabilities, Abril Abogados is fast distinguishing itself among its European competitors. The set never rests on its laurels and has recently expanded into Latin America to open new doors for clients, which make full use of the wall-to-wall services on offer. Leading the charge, Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros is an authority on all things patent, having authored numerous books and articles on the subject. The staunch litigator is a dab hand at asset commercialisation too. Fernando Ortega Sánchez is a fine choice for those seeking strategic litigation advice and works quickly to enforce rights in both civil and criminal courts.

Baker McKenzie

International full-service outfit Baker McKenzie has built up a sterling offering in Spain, with the Barcelona and Madrid teams working shoulder to shoulder with colleagues around the world to hammer out the right results in the most byzantine multi-jurisdictional suits. Spearheading the IP and antitrust group, Carles Prat enjoys a broad litigation practice that encompasses trademarks, copyright, patents and unfair competition, making him a wise choice for multi-faceted briefs.


“The key to BALDER’s success is its practitioners: they are responsive and professional, and you always get the right person for the job.” Since setting up shop seven years ago, the IP boutique has gone from strength to strength: having tripled in size, it now houses 35 attorneys, most of whom possess ample experience in industry, at the patent office or as technical judges. A prime example is Magnus Stiebe, whose background as an examiner at the Swedish Patent Office stands him in good stead when prosecuting complex electro-mechanical applications before the European Patent Office (EPO). He is “a fantastic technical expert too. He puts in great performances in court and anyone who meets him is instantly impressed”. Joining him in the IAM Patent 1000 this year on a wave of praise is fellow patent attorney Isabel Pato Cour: “Intelligent, hardworking and pedagogic are just a few of her attributes. She has the capacity to understand new ideas and transform them into an application that cannot be refused.” Although BALDER is best known for its non-contentious work, it has lately been bringing out the big guns in litigation in the form of Patricia Koch. She draws judiciously on more than two decades of experience before the German and Spanish courts, and several favourable Supreme Court decisions bear her fingerprints.

BAYLOS Abogados

“An outstanding firm with a fantastic team behind it, BAYLOS is a premier choice for patent litigation in Spain.” Its recent merger with FJF Legal has further cemented its position on the market and expanded the resources available to clients seeking to protect their crown-jewel assets. Telecommunications connoisseur Pedro Merino Baylos leads the charge and ensures that industry heavyweights facing cross-border skirmishes can sleep soundly at night. BAYLOS also inherited the razor-sharp talents of Juan Luis Gracia and Fabrizio Miazzetto from FJF. The high-tech sector is a happy hunting ground for Gracia, “one of the best litigators in the country with a ton of experience. He takes every fact into consideration and provides hands-on advice that is loved by patrons”. The dual-qualified Miazzetto operates fluently across several industries; together with Gracia, “they grasp the technology involved in every case and look under every stone to come up with the best possible arguments”.

Bird & Bird (International) LLP

The name Bird & Bird is synonymous with quality in the IP world and the Madrid division is a vital cog in its slick international machine. The set has an intimate understanding of both local and regional legal practices and those in Latin America, and is thus the perfect springboard for innovators seeking to carve a foothold both at home and abroad. Some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry rely on Manuel Lobato, “an outstanding professional with a great reputation. He has a great academic mind and handles cases with finesse – his work is really next level”. Joining him in the *IAM Patent 1000* this year is prosecution guru Mariano Santos, who brings two decades of experience in portfolio management and coordination to bear with superb results.

Clifford Chance SLP

“The legal team at Clifford Chance defends clients’ interests until the very end and works hard to find new arguments and defence lines – simply, they are the best litigators in town.” IP division leader Miquel Montañá attracts warm plaudits from every corner of the market: “Miquel is without doubt one of the finest practitioners in Spain and is sought after by almost every leading pharmaceutical originator. He has immense knowledge of the court system and lives up to his reputation as the country’s highest-profile litigator – he puts together compelling arguments, delivers them enthusiastically and runs circles around the opposition. He just exudes sophistication, confidence and creativity.” Also fighting tooth and nail in the life sciences are Josep Montefusco and Isabel Carulla. “Montefusco is a super-knowledgeable lawyer who presents cases with impressive skill and bravura; while Carulla takes the time to memorise company infrastructures and comes up with the right solutions and assessments.” A new face in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, Rais Arnal Amils “picks up cases quickly, understands the science behind them and drafts persuasive arguments in a timely manner. She is a vastly experienced litigator whose star is on the rise”.


With 14 offices across the country – complemented by a further 14 outposts strategically located throughout Europe, South America, Asia and the United States – full-service outfit Cuatrecasas effortlessly executes on sprawling cross-border instructions. Its contentious and transactional capabilities leave little to be desired; the unit has also been beefing up its digitalisation offering, having just launched a legal technology accelerator programme called Cuatrecasas ACELERA. Based in Barcelona, Jorge Llevat has a stellar track record fighting infringement fires and shepherding some of the country’s most lucrative technology transfer deals to successful close.

Curell Suñol SLP

A fixture on the Spanish legal landscape, Curell Suñol has been filing applications and protecting inventions with panache for over 70 years. Its deep reserves of knowledge in the telecommunications, electrical and mechanical industries are a major boon for innovative companies of all stripes seeking precision protection from first-rate European patent attorneys. Steering the patent and designs department is Santiago Jordá. With previous experience as a research engineer at a metallurgical company and a product manager for SEAT under his belt, he has an inside perspective on the sectors he navigates and is a first port of call for freedom to operate analyses and patentability opinions.

Durán-Corretjer SLP

A preferred choice for high-tech companies, Durán-Corretjer has been consistently delivering top-drawer prosecution services for over a century. Swift, resourceful and relentless in their commitment to quality, its practitioners are unstintingly dedicated to patrons and examine every brief through a commercial lens. Technically sharp Spanish and European patent attorney Luis-Alfonso Durán is the contact to note for interested parties.


Rousaud Costas Duran was recently acquired by UK-listed multinational DWF in a transformative move that gave clients instant access to more than 4,000 professionals in 31 offices worldwide – in addition to its three local offices – at a stroke. Its lawyers likewise have an instinct for realizing promising opportunities for clients: whether start-ups or multinationals, all benefit from their affinity for the fine print of licensing, technology transfer and R&D agreements. Co-managing partner Ignasi Costas has a CV that is studded with academic accomplishments. His out-of-the-box thinking and practical approach make him a favourite of those who are pushing the envelope in their respective sectors.

Elzaburu SLP

Businesses of all shapes and sizes flock to the doors of storied outfit Elzaburu for sophisticated, A-to-Z guidance from its diverse squad of lawyers, patent attorneys, engineers and scientists. Its roster is chock-full of industry giants: this year, for example, the firm juggled prosecution for Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi with the coordination of defences for Xiaomi. Spearheading the litigation group, Antonio Castán “is not fazed by unprecedented and unique disputes – he faces them head on and always comes up with an innovative solution”. SPC ace Enrique Armijo Chávarri is a repository of trust for his pharmaceutical clientele, not least thanks to the staggering number of wins he has accumulated over 25 years of practice. This year he is joined by technical engineer and lawyer Colm Ahern, who was recently elected to the partnership. His technically on-point advice and measured courtroom pleadings bring a new edge to the practice and see the firm ascend to silver on the litigation table as a result. The prosecution division operates under the watchful eye of Francisco Sáez, who drafts meticulously and safely guides technology companies through the journey to robust patent protection. Biotechnology whizz Javier Fernández-Lasquetty’s key strength lies in negotiating intricate deals and finding amicable settlements.

GALBAIAN Intellectual Property

“A modern firm with an international approach, GALBAIAN works as a united front to deliver quality services.” Electronics is a forte, but the firm has the technical nous to handle briefs across all industries, guaranteeing efficient, effective results while never skimping on quality. In the words of one patron: “They are an essential part of our team; it is their ability to deeply understand the smallest details that makes the greatest difference.” Founding partner and patent attorney Ismael Igartua “rolls up his sleeves and assesses the pros and cons of each case without ever losing sight of wider commercial realities. He is extremely tech-savvy and stays up to date on several disciplines, which ensures patents get granted quicker than you expect”. He works side by side with industrial electronics specialist Eduardo González, “whose strategic analysis and superb risk evaluations drastically reduce your chances of facing an infringement claim”.


Global player Garrigues is a potent presence across Europe, the Americas and Asia, and intellectual property is a central plank of its full-service offering. The firm is thus a natural choice for cross-border prosecution, enforcement and commercialisation mandates – particularly for clients whose needs extend beyond pure patent matters. Its slew of technical experts and lawyers are united in their focus on ensuring that clients receive the support they need to achieve their wider business goals and maximise the return on their investments.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados

When it comes to high-stakes patent disputes, few do it better than the battle-hardened litigators at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo. The pharmaceutical sector is a particular stronghold, with complex standard-essential patent matters a real speciality – expertise which resonates with A-listers such as Eisai Europe and Mundipharma. Crucial pan-European litigation is meat and drink to department captain Eduardo Castillo, whose blend of IP and unfair competition law ensures that he can detect and argue every hidden angle of a case. Colleague Jesús Muñoz-Delgado puts up a tough fight in court and knows how to get crucial technology transfer agreements across the line. Luminary and litigator par excellence Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves is an invaluable sounding board for clients and colleagues alike.

Grau & Angulo

Premier boutique Grau & Angulo “analyses the technical arguments of each case, assesses the urgency of each element and delicately weighs up the balance of probabilities to provide an A-star service”. With six individuals ranked on the litigation table this year – more than any other firm in the country – it is clear that the side has one of the deepest benches around. Co-founders Alejandro Angulo and Jorge Grau set the tone from the top. Angulo is distinguished by his command of five languages, polished courtroom performances and refined understanding of electronics, mechanical and telecommunications. Grau “astonishes with his capacity to handle complicated briefs – he consistently stays on the ball. He comes up with arguments others would not even dream of considering and defends his cases fiercely, but politely and with elegance”. When the going gets tough for manufacturers of generic pharmaceutical products, Javier Huarte gets going: “Practical and smart, he has a natural gift for presenting complex matters in a simple way and does not waste time with details that lead nowhere.” Having racked up landmark victories for the likes of Mylan and Teva, he is “great at mixing things up and pleading very convincingly”. Having spent more than two decades getting to grips with the ins and outs of the engineering and manufacturing sectors, Ignacio Marqués “puts a great deal of effort into his work and takes the time to successfully understand complex technologies that most struggle with”. Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Ana-Laura Morales, “whose deep understanding of the local judicial system allows her to provide valuable suggestions on the best route forward in order to secure the most successful results”. Also operating in the mechanical and electronics arenas is Jesús Arribas, who holds down the fort in Grau & Angulo’s Madrid office. “Responsive and great to collaborate with”, he recently put out infringement fires for Nestlé.


A recent rebrand has given H&A (formerly Herrero & Asociados) a new lease of life and renewed dynamism: the firm has expanded its geographical footprint by opening a Colombian office and broadened its offering by diving deep into the digital sector and exploring nascent technologies. While it relishse the opportunities presented by a changing landscape, it consistently stands out for its “professionalism, pragmatism and customer-centric approach”. Prosecution maestro Jesús González sits at the top of the totem pole. “He has a way of grasping the essence of even the most complicated inventions and drafts bulletproof patents that are built to last.” Telecommunications and software manager Manuel Pérez knows how to get applications through the filing gauntlet, thanks to unique insight gained as an examiner at the EPO.


“The accuracy and quality of its services, coupled with its cost-conscious, client-facing practitioners, make HOFFMANN EITLE a superb patent agency.” The firm was born and bred in Germany, where it enjoys a sterling reputation for its life sciences capabilities in particular; and the Spanish branch is no exception, making waves on the market since its establishment in 2013. The driving force is department lead and biotech specialist Gustavo Fúster Olaguibel. Making light work of everything from validity opinions to nullity proceedings, Olaguibel is “an extremely intelligent, indefatigable practitioner who adopts a pragmatic approach that is well suited to patrons’ needs”.

Hogan Lovells

The high-tech and life sciences high-fliers that send instructions Hogan Lovells’ way enjoy unfettered access to the abundant resources on offer at this full-service giant. Closely integrated into the firm’s wider international network, the Spanish unit shines brightest when fighting clients’ corners in disputes on a local and international scale. First among equals is Ana Castedo, “a thorough, intelligent and intuitive lawyer. She can predict problems before they crop up and has a solution ready just in case they do. Ana is always prepared and working with her is an absolute pleasure”.


“Responsive, assiduous and sensitive on costs” is the verdict on HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER, which provides a seamless A-to-Z patent service to some of the world’s biggest technology and life sciences companies, including Huawei, Seiko Epson, Janssen, Ferring and Illumina. Managing partner and “outstanding litigator” Luis Fernández-Novoa acts as lead counsel for the latter: “His professionalism and expertise lend itself to an excellent partnership. His knowledge of the law is superb, as is his ability to learn about new technologies and adapt his strategies to suit each case.” Joining Fernández-Novoa in the gold tier this year is Álvaro Velázquez, who “impresses with his impeccable communication skills, attention to detail and excellent customer relationships. Álvaro is always keen to understand the technicalities behind each matter and always keeps clients informed of every development”. Rounding off the team is José Antonio Sanmartín, who has a commanding courtroom presence and is never thrown off his trial game.

Pellisé Abogados

Founded in 1955, nimble boutique Pellisé Abogados knows exactly how to jump through the hoops to secure unassailable protection for intangible assets in Spain. Leading lights David Pellisé Urquiza and Juan Carlos Quero are both hailed as esteemed members of the IP community. “A tough opponent, Uquiza has been in the business for decades and has the ability to see lines of arguments that others would miss.” Colleague Quero splits his time between tenaciously advocating in court and nurturing the future generation of patent lawyers by lecturing at Esade Law School.


The prosecution pros at PONS IP are “honest, approachable and transparent. The work is handled meticulously and always achieves the desired outcomes. There is no better firm for local and European instructions”. With 130-plus seasoned professionals operating from seven Spanish offices and bases in Brussels, China and Colombia, it has all the resources its international and internationally minded patrons could wish for; its prodigious output has made the firm one of the top Patent Cooperation Treaty filers in the country. Chemical maven and patent director Patricia Ramos capitalises on industry experience gained at leading biotech company PharmaMar to conjure up solutions that are as innovative as her clientele. She is joined in the rankings this year by Isabel Cortés Martínez and Jean Devaureix. Cortés Martínez manages portfolios for some of the biggest companies in Europe, Asia and the United States without missing a beat; while deputy director of the legal department Devaureix “is a skilled litigator with a keen strategic eye”.


For more than 80 years now, the percipient and diligent practitioners at prosecution shop Ponti have been building ironclad protection around innovative technologies. Their distinctly personal service is sensitive to clients’ individual needs and gentle on their pocketbooks. Heading up the patent division, Maria Mercè Vidal puts in a strong showing before the EPO for her agri-food patrons.


Strategically located in Spain’s humming innovation hub, Barcelona IP boutique Sugrañes is always up to speed with the latest technological advances and is a great choice for inventors looking for contemporary advice when protecting their creations. An industrial engineer by training and an authority on EPO proceedings, Lluís Vilalta “analyses matters in great detail and patches up weak arguments that would be invisible to the untrained eye”.

Ungria Patentes y Marcas SA

Driven and determined, Ungria Patentes y Marcas continually seeks to expand its offering and influence for the benefit of its clients. It recently opened new offices in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to cement its presence in Latin America and better serve as a gateway to the region. The quality of its work is reflected in glowing reviews: “It establishes relationships with clients that go beyond external counsel – the team is there for you through thick and thin, and is always available to dish out precise technical advice.” One patron enthuses: “They have our best interests at heart and are really attentive to our needs. Their counsel is insightful and trustworthy, as they fully understand the importance of IP assets to a company’s strategy.” The set takes its cue from Sergio Escorza, who lives and breathes its values. Armed with an MSc in bioresources from Japan and a PhD in biology from the United States, he turns his sharp academic mind to astutely build up portfolios and help navigate businesses through uncharted waters.

Uría Menéndez

Deeply embedded in the Spanish legal landscape, full-service outfit Uría Menéndez also has an expansive international reach, thanks to a further 10 offices across Europe and the Americas. In Madrid, crack litigators José Massaguer and Ingrid Pi leave peers in awe of their agility in the courtroom; one enthuses: “Massaguer has been a pillar on the litigation scene for over 20 years and that is set to continue.” Pi sets the narrative in life sciences disputes and has also been sewing up some consequential commercial agreements of late. In Barcelona, consummate deal negotiator Montiano Monteagudo deftly guides crucial IP-rich transactions through to successful close.

Vidal-Quadras & Ramon

Dynamic duo Miguel Vidal-Quadras and Oriol Ramon recently set up Vidal-Quadras & Ramon, a forward-thinking outfit that knows exactly which levers to throw to turn fraught disputes in clients’ favour. Their tactical nous and robust advocacy resonate with industry heavyweights, particularly in the generic pharmaceutical space. “One of the best litigators in the field”, Vidal-Quadras has deep reserves of IP wisdom and publishes widely on the hottest topics in the life sciences. The pleadings of “strong and confident advocate” Ramon are always underpinned by bulletproof technical arguments.

ZBM Patents & Trademarks 

Standing head and shoulders above its competitors, “ZBM has changed the course of Spain’s IP landscape and continuously contributes to the development and improvement of the profession in general”. “It is one of the best for prosecution work,” enthuses one satisfied client. “The diligence and personal attention it puts into every mandate must be highlighted, as well as the level of internal organisation and responsiveness.” IT and electronics division head Carles Comes “is one of the leading professionals in his field, and when he serves as a technical expert in court, you can see why. He instils clients with confidence thanks to his up-to-the-minute knowledge, meticulousness and dedication”. The firm’s resident chemistry whizzes are Montserrat Jané, Bernabé Zea and IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Noemí Daviu. “Jané is super-knowledgeable and resourceful; she locks in the right prosecution strategies to ensure that assets enjoy the maximum protection available and her drafting is watertight. To top it off, she is lovely to work with.” Moving into the highly recommended tier this year is Zea, “an outstanding specialist in every possible area, from due diligence to litigation support. He translates complex issues into easily understandable terms and combines profound insight with a creative approach to find optimum lines of argumentation to secure his clients’ positions”. Dispensing incisive freedom-to-operate and validity opinions, Daviu always frames her counsel through an innately commercial prism. Mechanics department captain Anna Barlocci “is one of the top names in prosecution. She prioritises patrons’ needs and goes to great lengths to find unique, well-thought-out solutions; all while explaining complex technologies in a clear and didactic way”. Engineering ace Oscar Rubio Solis makes his debut in the guide this year, thanks to his “great capacity to assimilate technical concepts, finesse them and ultimately achieve wider patent protection than initially considered. His ample industry experience allows him to understand inventors on a deeper level and find impressive arguments to overcome patentability objections”.

Other recommended experts

Co-chair of the life and health sciences team at Eversheds Sutherland, Francisco Carrión is a sharp-shooting litigator who brings the heat at trial, but can also pave the way for successful resolutions out of court in his capacity as an arbitrator. Super-smart and collaborative, Mathieu de Rooij “grasps the nuances of the technologies at hand and gets patents granted in a quick turnaround”. The former ZBM practitioner and EPO examiner now operates out of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG. Guell IP’s very own Jordi Güell leverages two decades of experience as a dual-qualified patent attorney and lawyer to protect and enforce intangible assets to the max. With a PhD in biomedical sciences and an eight-year stint as a patent examiner at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office behind him, Manuel Illescas of Manuel Illescas Asociados knows what makes for a good application and can see it through to grant without any hiccups. Over at ClarkeModet, Miguel Rigueiro has a knack for the coordination of international prosecution and the smooth management of portfolios, all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Individuals: litigation

  • Eduardo Castillo - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Luis Fernández-Novoa - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Jorge Grau - Grau & Angulo
  • Javier Huarte - Grau & Angulo
  • Manuel Lobato - Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • José Massaguer - Uría Menéndez
  • Miquel Montañá - Clifford Chance SLP
  • Álvaro Velázquez - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Miguel Vidal-Quadras - Vidal-Quadras & Ramon
  • Alejandro Angulo - Grau & Angulo
  • Jesús Arribas - Grau & Angulo
  • Isabel Carulla - Clifford Chance SLP
  • Antonio Castán - Elzaburu SLP
  • Ana Castedo - Hogan Lovells
  • Patricia Koch - BALDER
  • José Miguel Lissén - ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • Ignacio Marqués - Grau & Angulo
  • Josep Montefusco - Clifford Chance SLP
  • Jesús Muñoz-Delgado - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • David Pellisé Urquiza - Pellisé Abogados
  • Ingrid Pi - Uría Menéndez
  • José Antonio Sanmartín - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Colm Ahern - Elzaburu SLP
  • Enrique Armijo Chávarri - Elzaburu SLP
  • Rais Arnal Amils - Clifford Chance SLP
  • Francisco J Carrión - Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP
  • Jean Devaureix - PONS IP 
  • Juan Luis Gracia - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Jordi Güell - Guell IP
  • Jorge Llevat - Cuatrecasas
  • Pedro Merino Baylos - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Fabrizio Miazzetto - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Ana-Laura Morales - Grau & Angulo 
  • Carles Prat - Baker McKenzie
  • Juan Carlos Quero - Pellisé Abogados
  • Oriol Ramon - Vidal-Quadras & Ramon
  • Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros - Abril Abogados

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Ignasi Costas - DWF-RCD
  • Javier Fernández-Lasquetty - Elzaburu SLP
  • José Miguel Lissén - ABG Intellectual Property Law SL
  • Jorge Llevat - Cuatrecasas
  • Manuel Lobato - Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • José Massaguer - Uría Menéndez
  • Montiano Monteagudo - Uría Menéndez
  • Jesús Muñoz-Delgado - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Fernando Ortega Sánchez - Abril Abogados
  • Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros - Abril Abogados


  • Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados