Patents are getting tougher to obtain in Spain, following the introduction of mandatory examinations for applications in April 2017 as part of a set of wide-ranging reforms. The recent establishment of specialised IP courts has also helped to raise standards and patent litigation has emerged as a more streamlined process conducted in front of more technically knowledgeable judges. As a result, Spain is a beacon for those seeking speedy injunctions, with clients flocking to Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia – to the three IP-competent courts under the new Patent Law – for infringement matters. The general feeling among the Spanish patent community is tentatively optimistic: the industry has seen cautious growth this year despite continued cost-sensitivity on the client side and the authorities are addressing the need for the patent registration process to be speedy while also increasing the robustness of the rights that are granted. Activities look to be hitting the mark when it comes to strengthening the reputation of Spanish patents across Europe and the world.

Firms: litigation

  • Clifford Chance SLP 
  • Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Grau & Angulo
  • Amat & Vidal-Quadras
  • Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • Hogan Lovells International LLP
  • Uría Menéndez
  • Abril Abogados
  • Baker McKenzie
  • BAYLOS Abogados
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • Pellisé Abogados

Firms: prosecution

Firms: transactions

  • Abril Abogados
  • Amat & Vidal-Quadras
  • Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • Clifford Chance SLP 
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Elzaburu SLP
  • Garrigues
  • Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • RCD – Rousaud Costas Duran
  • Uría Menéndez

ABG Intellectual Property

“The best prosecution firm – they would be our first choice.” The words of competitors and clients alike give some sense of the regard in which ABG Intellectual Property is held in Spain; its golden reputation for patent prosecution, oppositions, appeals, supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), transactions and litigation is truly unparalleled. As one client espouses: “A patent prosecution firm with an excellent biotech team, probably the best in Spain. The natural firm to go to for prosecution work due to their modern and commercial approach. It is a firm with knowledgeable and serious professionals, attentive to their clients’ needs and with a big weight in patent education in Spain.” The firm’s expertise extends into multiple hot technical areas (notably chemistry, biotechnology and electromechanics) and well beyond Spain – with three former EPO examiners on the team. One of which is Francisco Bernardo, who specialises in advising major pharmaceutical companies on their blockbuster products. Described as being “very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with”, he gathers effusive plaudits from far and wide. Juan Arias also enjoys a sterling market reputation for his EPO-facing prosecution practice: “Juan has many years of experience and outstanding knowledge of the pharmaceutical patent protection field. He also has good business sense, great analytical vision and great communication skills. However, the main attribute for which I would recommend him is his profound commitment to us.” Completing the trio of former EPO examiners is Agustín Alconada, a biotech maven with the golden touch when it comes to therapeutic methods, stem cells and pharmaceutical expertise. Chemistry, life sciences and biotech ace Enric Carbonell, who utilises 20 years of in-house experience in his an outstanding opinion and prosecution practice, also receives rave reviews from clients: “We have worked with several IP agents, and by far, Mr Carbonell is the best one that we have ever had. Despite the fact that he has other clients in addition to our company, his dedication makes us feel like we we’re his only concern.” Switching technical areas, telecoms and electromechanics titan Fernando Prieto can often be found in court ensuring that litigators keep to the technical straight and narrow when debating his areas of expertise. On the contentious side, ABG has recently been investing in their litigation outfit, which is fast becoming a major magnet for clients. Leading the way in this field is the the “client-sensitive” José Miguel Lissén, who is cogent choice for brands who are looking for vast experience in all of the important technical areas alongside refined courtroom judgement and a deft touch in transactional issues.

Abril Abogados

Abril Abogados has been a trailblazer on the Spanish market since 2001. The first firm to offer combined prosecution and litigation services, there is nothing that is out of reach for the Abril practitioners – to which recipients of the side’s transactional advice attest. Life sciences, telecoms and software are the areas which have been driving the set’s remarkable growth this year, for example, it has been handling prosecution for CSIC, the number one patent owner in Spain; litigation for finance player Bankinter; and transactional support for an assortment of life sciences clients. Holding the standard aloft is litigator and technology transfer sensation Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros, who combines the right level of assertiveness with a genuine desire to understand his clients’ needs. Working alongside him is hybrid patent litigator-adviser Fernando Ortega who excels in patent litigation strategy and can list unfair competition know-how and customs interventions expertise among his many legal talents besides intellectual property.

Amat & Vidal-Quadras

The “excellent” Amat & Vidal-Quadras may have an unusually broad corporate litigation practice, but it does not lack for quality when it comes to IP-specific advice. Known across the board for its outstanding litigation results on behalf of leading pharmaceutical generics, the firm’s excellent licensing and technology transfer capabilities do not get as much attention as they deserve. A formidable opponent when matters become contentious, head of department Miguel Vidal-Quadras Trias de Bes “has been, for years, one of the best lawyers for pharmaceutical cases on behalf of generic companies”, he also boasts a list of patent-related publications long enough to publish as an article in itself. His partner Oriol Ramon Sauri also publishes widely, translating his considerable courtroom nous into nuggets of wisdom that are eagerly sort out by those looking to expand their knowledge within the profession.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie is a name known around the world for its high-quality legal advice delivered with a personal touch, no matter how challenging or multi-jurisdictional the matter. The outfit’s Barcelona and Madrid offices are no exception to this and are supremely led by the vastly experienced Carles Prat who is based out of Barcelona. A veritable polyglot who speaks five languages, Prat divides his time between providing outstanding commercial representation in the IP courts and delivering regular speeches on various commercial law topics to great acclaim.


“A firm that makes a modern impression,” BALDER is going places in the Spanish market. Although known primarily for its prosecution practice, the side is strengthening its litigation offering at a rapid rate. Part of this expansion is linked to BALDER’s drive to retain patent talent by creating a dynamic, outwards-facing environment. This has had a hugely positive effect on client experience and testimonials describe BALDER as home to “reliable and trustworthy partners” who “are always able to respond to our enquiries quickly” and never overcharge clients for work which can be done in a more efficient way. Their extensive understanding of Latin America is also appreciated by those who need a smooth entry point into the legal markets of Buenos Aires or Bogota. The leading lights at the firm are litigator Patricia Koch and patent attorney Magnus Stiebe, whose reputations precede them in the Spanish IP community. Koch’s “very experienced and practical advice” is borne from the time she has spent litigating in both Germany and Spain, which gives her the edge over those lacking legal experience overseas. Stiebe also has an international edge; with a background at the Swedish Patent Office, his electro-mechanical skills and razor-sharp intelligence make him one of the very best options for complex work before the EPO. As one competitor enthuses: “He’s a really extraordinary professional – he’s committed, performs well as an expert and is a truly great European patent attorney.”

BAYLOS Abogados

“BAYLOS has been doing an incredible job in litigation cases these last few years: its practitioners always make sure they master the technology involved and overturn every stone to present the best possible case.” Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, the venerable IP boutique provides fantastic advice on domestic and cross-border litigation cases concerning pharmaceuticals, energy, automotives or indeed any other patent sector. For dazzling courtroom counsel look no further than the charismatic Pedro Merino Baylos; his proficiency across an array of litigation areas has helped him build a steadfast reputation as “a great litigator and a nice guy”; he is an asset to any company that is serious about defending their IP rights.

Bird & Bird (International) LLP

Nobody in the legal world could fail to recognise the moniker Bird & Bird. The behemoth’s Madrid office has a deep well of expertise to draw from; clients in Spain benefit from the IP knowledge in capitals all around Europe and across the globe. The life sciences are Bird & Bird’s speciality – an area in which the firm continues to enjoy phenomenal success – but the Spanish team is equally comfortable working with aerospace, telecoms or automobile patents. Bringing a touch of class to everything he does, Manuel Lobato is “a great professional, highly experienced in patent prosecution and litigation”, with a superb list of blockbuster suits, across all technical areas to his name. “He is a brilliant mind and a practical person. He does not think about fees but about providing the best advice in a timely manner. Meeting his client’s needs (in terms of quality, deadlines, fees and responsiveness) is his goal and he always succeeds in achieving it.” Senior associate José Ángel García-Zapata joined Bird & Bird in 2010 from another elite Spanish firm, and since then has only burnished his already glowing reputation for finding a way through the thorniest litigation battles and the most bewildering licensing snafus.

Clifford Chance SLP 

Number one on speed dial for most major innovative pharmaceutical companies, Clifford Chance’s Spanish offering is “a huge player – one of the important firms” for must-win pharmaceutical litigation in the country. Partner Miquel Montañá has essentially cornered the market in terms of pharmaceutical patent litigation in Spain and garners considerably more praise than any other practitioner in his jurisdiction. “He’s clearly the leading patent lawyer in Spain, adored by his numerous clients and rightly so. He’s the number one in Spain – he’s good technically and brings innovative solutions.” “I would highly recommend him to others except that he is already a legend in the pharmaceutical field! Miquel is simply outstanding, not only in the way he performs at court but also when he prepares the hearings with in-house lawyers and experts. Besides, his availability and humility is far beyond expectations, like his value-added advice. It is a real pleasure working with him and a nightmare working against him.” Flanking Montañá are fellow patent pros Josep Montefusco and Isabel Carulla. Montefusco serves as head of the set’s tech group, specialising in IP litigation with an emphasis on the healthcare, telecoms, media and technology and retail sectors. “He has a massive fan base and is clearly exceedingly knowledgeable.” While Carulla is a “wise and practical adviser, the best available”. Her 23 years of experience include involvement in crucial mergers and transactions as well as litigation and provides clients with well-rounded counsel with a sharp commercial edge.


Proffering high-level litigation and transactional representation, Cuatrecasas has made major strides over the last few years in terms of the quality of its patent services. A particular strong suit for the firm is its licensing and agreements capability, for which it is “especially known” according to one competitor. Cuatrecasas prides itself on taking a holistic, commercial approach to its work and acting as a fount of alternative strategic suggestions for clients from an assortment of industries that might not be as well-acquainted with the litigation landscape. The fulcrum around which the practice turns is undoubtedly Barcelona-based Jorge Llevat, whose glittering IP record includes some of the most significant IT outsourcing transactions in the jurisdiction. His litigation practice is equally storied, with local and international companies alike seeking his help to defend their patents in technical areas including life sciences and telecoms, media and technology.

Durán-Corretjer SLP

Durán-Corretjer has been a firm fixture on the Iberian patent landscape since 1902, when it first established the foundation for what has become a premier destination in Spanish IP law. Consisting of a team of more than 20 professionals, the side has the all-around technical strength to ensure it is never intimidated by a mandate and always produces gilt-edged patent applications no matter how complicated the subject matter. Luis-Alfonso Durán is the managing partner and does a fantastic job of connecting Durán-Corretjer to the wider world through his innumerable links to industry bodies.

Elzaburu SLP

Elzaburu is the oldest IP firm in Spain, with roots dating back to 1865. “It’s a classical IP firm with a long history, with many traditional IP experts – big and very versatile.” Elzaburu is indeed blessed with a wealth of talent across all patent areas and is one of the few firms in the country that have individuals on all three of the IAM Patent 1000 tables. Clients and competitors are especially complimentary about Elzaburu’s “strong” prosecution practice, led by redoubtable head of patents Francisco Sáez. A “great guy” as well as a standout drafter, prosecutor and defender of Spanish, Patent Cooperation Treaty and European patents, with a diploma in patent litigation in Europe, Sáez is well-prepared for the advent of the UPC. On the purely contentious side, there is also plenty that deserves mention. Head of litigation Antonio Castán is “well-known in the IP world” for his vast experience, which includes some truly landmark settlements and bewilderingly complex multi-jurisdictional firefights. Litigation partner Enrique Armijo Chávarri is an elite name in the world of SPC proceedings; this year, clients including GLAXO and other pharmaceutical players, have been queuing up for his expert advice. Renowned for his transactional support is Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, a former Baker McKenzie partner specialising in biotechnology, whose silky mediation skills are absolutely second to none.

GALBAIAN Intellectual Property

Basque IP co-operative GALBAIAN has a unique background, having started out life as an in-house department of the Fagor Group. The firm still maintains close connections to the group and its parent company, Mondragon Corporation – managing its patent filings and supplying it with business-focused advice. With particular prowess in electromechanics and telecoms, GALBAIAN attracts clients looking for impeccable drafting and targeted counsel. The team is led by prosecution and strategic counselling wizard Ismael Igartua, who attracts widespread acclaim from mechanical clients. As one loyal patron explains: “Ismael and his team have always shown a genuine interest in the technical aspects and the context of our projects, providing the best advice on how to protect our IP assets. He has a deep understanding of industry, technology and the business needs of his clients. With his outstanding technical expertise, he is able to service the needs of both technology-based industries and the academic world.” Another expounds: “The human treatment you receive from Ismael and his team means that the company he leads is considered by his users as a partner and not a service company.”


Well-connected transatlantic giant Garrigues boasts an extremely comprehensive offering, with litigation, prosecution and transactional support all falling under its ambit. The firm’s superb mix of technical expertise and legal dexterity has helped many clients to navigate the choppy seas on the way towards patent protection. Garrigues excels in drafting complex strategy and collaboration agreements and deftly chaperones the most crucial IP transactions through to conclusion.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo is a firm with “a very impressive reputation in Spain”. The litigation and transactional stalwarts based at the set have had an exceptionally busy year acting for the likes of Mundipharma, and there is more high-profile work in the pipeline. Life sciences and telecoms are the firm’s bread and butter, and over time Gómez-Acebo & Pombo’s standing has gathered it a devoted following of international clients. Capable of coordinating numerous multi-jurisdictional cases at once with its deep bench of first-rate litigators, Gómez-Acebo & Pombo is capable in all major technical areas. On the contentious side, the flag is flown by Eduardo Castillo and Jesús Muñoz-Delgado, both of whom are renowned in Spain for their courtroom finesse. Head of intellectual property and technology Castillo comes into his own when fighting high-stakes battles on behalf of major pharmaceuticals, but also does excellent work for high-profile clients in other industries. Muñoz-Delgado also excels in the life sciences arena; his litigation record in plant varieties is spotless, while his sterling work in the patent licensing space means that he also features in the guide’s transactional table. Gómez-Acebo & Pombo cannot be mentioned without the name of Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves featuring: recognised as a true doyen of the Spanish patent scene, the firm’s honorary president has forgotten more about IP than most practitioners will ever know.

Grau & Angulo

An impressively strong bench, a high degree of technical specialisation and decades of experience are just a few of the reasons that Grau & Angulo continues to impress the battle-hardened clients whom it serves in courtrooms across Spain. It may be the first choice for pharmaceutical generics looking to litigate in the jurisdiction, but the firm also maintains a broad base of clients. This year, Grau & Angulo has undertaken work in the construction, food and beverage and entertainment arenas, for the likes of Nestlé (in connection with their Dolce Gusto system). The outfit’s fearsome reputation is built on the fact that it is home to a remarkable team of legal talent. Name partners Alejandro Angulo and Jorge Grau exemplify the firm’s refined style. Angulo can deliver his outstanding electronics, mechanical and telecoms insight in five languages and stands in the courtroom like a colossus when a contentious matter is at stake. Grau works in the same technical field as Angulo and is at his best when meticulously coordinating cross-border IP litigation for Spanish clients. Life sciences crusader Javier Huarte is “the natural choice for manufacturers of generic products”, he is widely known among the community and many of his peers bear testament to his quality having witnessed it first-hand in the heat of battle. With more than 15 years of experience, the “tremendously knowledgeable” Jesús Arribas has excellent mechanical and electronics credentials, having worked on some truly ground-breaking audio compression and streaming technology matters. Arribas’ tendency to immerse himself in his clients’ technical areas is lauded by patrons and his exceptional loyalty is admired by all. Finally, the redoubtable Ignacio Marqués “gets properly involved in his cases”. Prospective clients will find it difficult to find a greater repository of wisdom on complex cross-border EU litigation than the redoubtable Marqués.

Herrero & Asociados

Herrero & Asociados is famed for its outstanding prosecution practice, but the outfit’s also boasts all-around strength in litigation and transactional matters. The firm knows how to monetise a patent from all angles, especially when this involves enforcing rights in Latin America for which the team uses a centralised IP docketing system to ensure that filings in Bogotá, Brasília or Buenos Aires are all dealt with in a timely fashion, with all due care and attention. The firm covers the complete spectrum of technical areas and possesses a profound pool of technical nous. Key names on the prosecution side are filing impresarios Manuel Pérez and Jesús González. Pérez’s technically adroit telecoms percipience is enhanced by his extensive experience at the EPO – he knows European patent procedure like the back of his hand. Mechanical engineer González’s 34 years of experience in intellectual property stand him in good stead to tackle absolutely any confounding strategic conundrum that may crop up.


HOFFMANN EITLE already has a fantastic reputation in Germany, where the firm has been a household name in intellectual property for many decades. The side’s Spanish outlet – which opened in 2013 – can be relied on to produce the same quality, which is a considerable achievement in itself. HOFFMANN EITLE’s life sciences expertise is especially prized, with one satisfied client deeming it to be “the best intellectual property law firm in Spain in the field – it is reliable, used to working to very tight deadlines and always gives an accurate and objective view”. Another long-term client highlights its “solid patent applications, outstanding use of evidence to defend IP rights and ability to look 15 years ahead when deciding enforcement strategy” and, above all the “proximity and sense of urgency” brought to bear when push comes to shove. Patrons are also keen to “emphasise the added value” that Gustavo Fúster Olaguibel brings to the table – qualified as a Spanish patent attorney, a European patent attorney and attorney at law, he is a unique talent indeed. “Gustavo is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met. He works without dismay for long hours and on any kind of matter. He is always cheerful and dynamic, and he has created a fantastic team around him.” The future is certainly bright for HOFFMANN EITLE’s Spanish branch.

Hogan Lovells International LLP

Hogan Lovells is fast-becoming a top litigation destination in Spain. It almost goes without saying that the global leviathan possesses strength in depth, international connections and considerable firepower and with clients flocking to its doors, the team’s reputation is flying high. Pharmaceuticals and telecoms are the hottest areas, with the firm enjoying a series of huge client acquisitions this year. Spearheading the contentious practice is Ana Castedo, whose chief technical specialisms mirror those of her firm. Her multi-jurisdictional experience is prized among brands who appreciate targeted strategic advice, technical acumen and a great interpersonal service, all rolled into one.


European IP juggernaut HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER has established a formidable network of IP professionals across the continent and continues to dispense the finest cross-border patent advice to clients from Amsterdam to Madrid. Its Spanish office focuses on patent litigation, and is led by a triumvirate of gifted, battle-hardened litigators who know exactly what will and will not fly in the courtroom. “Well-known” managing partner Luis Fernández-Novoa delves deep into the technical background of every brief as a matter of course; no small feat, considering the wide range of technical areas in which he practices. Working alongside him is Álvaro Velázquez, a litigator who gathers plaudits from every corner of Europe: “Alvaro is a very good lawyer, with a fine knowledge of substantive patent law and court proceedings, but I would say that what makes him stand out is his capacity of following and becoming familiar with the technical issues being discussed. I also find he has very good communication skills, both in court pleadings and in correspondence and calls with his clients.” This sentiment is echoed by a peer, who cites his “thoroughness in preparing writs, hearings and cross-examinations”. Rounding off the trio is José Antonio Sanmartín, a veteran with over 20 years of experience in fields as diverse as white-collar crime, breach of contract and other branches of commercial conflict resolution, all of which superbly complement his patent offering.

Pellisé Abogados

IP boutique Pellisé Abogados is an assured choice for patent litigation of all stripes; with extensive expertise in both the courtroom and the boardroom, clients are guaranteed the finest service and the most rigorous attention. The practice is led by the dynamic litigation duo of David Pellisé Urquiza and Juan Carlos Quero. Pellisé serves as president of the Spanish group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, a position which hints at the high regard in which he is held by the rest of the IP community. In addition, to his vigorous litigation practice, attorney at law Quero, spends much of his time lecturing at ESADE – passing on his vast knowledge of patent protection to the next generation of courtroom gladiators.


PONS IP has been operating at the cutting-edge of new developments in intellectual property since its establishment 75 years ago. Serving clients in Spain, Europe and Latin America with equal gusto, the firm is innately business-focused and aims to become a reliable partner to those who put their trust in its network of almost 300 professionals globally. Highly specialised consultancy services now complement the firm’s traditional focus on prosecution – which it still carries out across all key sectors, from food and beverage to agrotechnology. As head of the patent department, chemistry oracle Patricia Ramos’ impeccable life sciences filing sets the standard at PONS and benefits from her varied career experience, which includes a valuable stint spent in-house at leading biotech company PharmaMar.


At forward-thinking boutique Ponti, the client is king. The firm is flexible in its quest for leaner billing, provides just the right amount of technical information and always makes sure to explain where IP strategy fits into a client’s overall commercial objectives. Such an attitude makes the side a premier destination for universities, research institutes, small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals alike; clients that come through the door can expect meticulous patent searching, a wide spectrum of technical proficiency, and patent filing par excellence. Underpinning Ponti’s offering is prosecution cognoscente Maria Mercè Vidal who, among her many talents, happens to be one of the few Spanish IP experts in the growing agri-food sector. Vidal has also been a registered European Patent Attorney since 2013; her multi-faceted prosecution practice continues to go from strength to strength.

RCD – Rousaud Costas Duran

Rousaud Costas Duran has an impeccable pedigree in the patent transactional space and prides itself on an impressive track record for penning licensing, technology transfer, joint venture and R&D agreements across all sectors and industries. Lawyers from the firm’s innovation and dispute resolution teams are combined with the IP team at RCD, to create a commercial taskforce that can evaluate a deal from every angle. Founding partner Ignasi Costas has a résumé stacked full of top US degrees, and is known as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking transactional IP experts practising in Spain today. He sees the fifth corner in the room and absolutely nothing eludes him when a deal needs to be locked down for a client.


Sugrañes “used to be a traditional IP firm, but it’s evolving and becoming more modern” – the outfit represents a perfect combination for clients wanting traditional quality matched by an innovative approach. Offering European, Patent Cooperation Treaty and Spanish filing, consultation and portfolio management, Sugrañes is an elder statesmen of the Spanish IP market, with a history dating back to the late 19th century. Prosecution savant and “true expert” Lluís Vilalta embodies the firm’s ethos; since 2002, he has been dispensing model advice and preparing clear, insightful nullity and infringement reports for those who entrust him with their patent fortunes.

Ungria Patentes y Marcas SA

A firm that strikes an excellent balance between tradition and innovation, Ungria Patentes y Marcas is on an upward growth trajectory. With an excellent Latin American offering, the firm counts over 160 professionals in its ranks and is well-placed to work across virtually all markets and technical areas. Clients cite Ungria’s “total availability, efficiency, high technical capacity, experience and legislative knowledge – as well as its absolute honesty and loyalty when it comes to advising on portfolio strategy”. Top-notch application drafting, portfolio management and insightful advice on strategy await all who approach Ungria, an offering underpinned by prosecution dab-hand Sergio Escorza. Educated in the United States and Japan, he brings a truly global outlook to his portfolio management and consistently translates his pure academic prowess into outstanding results for his clients.

Uría Menéndez

“Probably the best Spanish generalist firm,” Uría Menéndez possesses an exceedingly impressive IP team. Servicing “a very strong corporate client base”, the firm is trusted to handle patent briefs of the highest importance in both the boardroom and the courtroom. The main man who gathers the most plaudits is the “thorough and academic” litigator and transactional supremo José Massaguer, who combines his professorial work with a thriving life sciences practice. He always delivers the goods whether he is dissecting opponent arguments before tribunals or casting his forensic eye over technology licensing agreements. Fellow litigator Ingrid Pi demonstrates a similar technical expertise in the life sciences, which she combines with broad experience in IP regulatory matters to create watertight commercial advice that clients can 100% rely on. Rounding off the transactional team is Barcelona-based Montiano Monteagudo, he is known as a versatile lawyer with the ability to traverse various fields of corporate law in order to supply transactional IP advice of rarefied quality.

ZBM Patents & Trademarks 

“I have been involved in many oppositions with other IP firms through various clients, and if it was up to me, I would only use ZBM. Why? For one thing, they simply keep winning. You can’t argue with results. Also, they are incredible easy to work with. Not to mention, they are open-minded and allow for excellent exchange of ideas.” Clients are absolutely emphatic in their praise of ZBM’s patent filing and prosecution services, which operates in virtually all technical areas and covers a broad range of services, from contentious support through to oppositions and straight-up filing. Competitors admire the modern, open atmosphere at the firm – partners at ZBM “know how to treat people” and “ensure there’s a pathway for technical people to follow”. The partner that has risen highest is Anna Barlocci, one of the firm’s founders and a connoisseur in an assortment of fields including medical devices, cookware and robotics. “Anna is probably one of the best patent attorneys in Spain. She has a very good reputation for her teaching capabilities and is easily able to explain the intricacies of the most complex patenting issues in simple language.” Chemistry practitioner Bernabé Zea is “well-known for his role as a court expert often used by generics companies”, alongside his astonishing technology transfer capabilities. Also used to acting in litigation support is Carles Comes, ZBM’s head of IT and electronics, who prosecutes “with the highest standards” and never fails to tie up the loose ends when drafting. Of late the firm has been enjoying some incredible success rates at the EPO and this is largely thanks to the top-notch skills of patent attorneys Mathieu de Rooij and Montserrat Jané. Electromechanics maestro de Rooij is described as “very competent and skilled, great to work with, challenging and always engaging, an intuitive thinker with a rational, practical mind”. He is often paired with Jané, who “always seems to come up with crafty arguments” whenever she is engaged to prepare or defend a life sciences patent as part of ZBM’s highly prized pharmaceuticals offering.

Other recommended experts

Francisco Carrión, of Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP, is a formidable force of a litigator. As one peer attests: “He is maybe one of those that has less visibility, but if you have him on the other side of a patent case, you need to be careful – he’s very smart.” This particularly applies to matters in the life sciences domain, of which he is a master. Renaissance man Jordi Güell, of Güell IP, is dual-qualified as a patent attorney and attorney at law, which makes him an exceptional option for clients seeking all-around IP protection. Having recently struck out from a larger offering to set up shop himself, Güell continues to thrive and offers patent advice of the highest order to his devotees. Manuel Illescas, of Manuel Illescas Asociados, has a diverse biomedical research background to match the eight years he spent an examiner at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, as a result he is a gifted filer and master tactician for life sciences clients of all hues.

Individuals: litigation

  • Eduardo Castillo - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Luis Fernández-Novoa - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Jorge Grau - Grau & Angulo
  • Javier Huarte - Grau & Angulo
  • Manuel Lobato - Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • José Massaguer - Uría Menéndez
  • Miquel Montañá - Clifford Chance SLP
  • Miguel Vidal-Quadras Trias de Bes - Amat & Vidal-Quadras
  • Alejandro Angulo - Grau & Angulo
  • Jesús Arribas - Grau & Angulo 
  • Antonio Castán - Elzaburu SLP
  • Ana Castedo - Hogan Lovells International LLP
  • Patricia Koch - BALDER
  • José Miguel Lissén - ABG Intellectual Property
  • Ignacio Marqués - Grau & Angulo
  • Josep Montefusco - Clifford Chance SLP
  • Jesús Muñoz-Delgado - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • David Pellisé Urquiza - Pellisé Abogados
  • Ingrid Pi - Uría Menéndez
  • José Antonio Sanmartín - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Álvaro Velázquez - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Enrique Armijo Chávarri - Elzaburu SLP
  • Francisco J Carrión - Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP
  • Isabel Carulla - Clifford Chance SLP
  • José Ángel García-Zapata - Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • Jordi Güell - Güell IP
  • Jorge Llevat - Cuatrecasas
  • Pedro Merino Baylos - BAYLOS Abogados
  • Carles Prat - Baker McKenzie
  • Juan Carlos Quero - Pellisé Abogados
  • Oriol Ramon Sauri - Amat & Vidal-Quadras
  • Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros - Abril Abogados

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Ignasi Costas - RCD – Rousaud Costas Duran
  • Javier Fernández-Lasquetty - Elzaburu SLP
  • José Miguel Lissén - ABG Intellectual Property
  • Jorge Llevat - Cuatrecasas
  • Manuel Lobato - Bird & Bird (International) LLP
  • José Massaguer - Uría Menéndez
  • Montiano Monteagudo - Uría Menéndez
  • Jesús Muñoz-Delgado - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
  • Fernando Ortega - Abril Abogados
  • Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros - Abril Abogados


  • Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves - Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados