With tech talent driving a vibrant start-up scene and foreign companies such as Fitbit opening large R&D centres in Bucharest, Romania is doing increasingly well on the filing front. Confidence in the economy, which grew an impressive 5.7% in the second quarter of 2017 (a faster rate than anywhere else in the European Union), has also led to an upsurge in transactional activity and a willingness among rights holders to take potentially costly cases to court.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • Milcev Burbea IP & Law Office
  • Mușat & Asociaţii
  • Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii
  • STOICA & Asociații
  • Turcu & Turcu
  • Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law

Firms: prosecution

  • Cabinet Enpora
  • Cabinet M Oproiu Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Rominvent SA

Cabinet Enpora

Rights holders wanting a steadfast ally that will always step up to the plate when they are in trouble should check out the nimble, versatile Cabinet Enpora. Its patent sages provide round-the-clock attention and 24-carat counsel on filing, renewal, portfolio management and infringement issues; their lines of reasoning cut mustard with even the most experienced examiners and judges. Founding partner Virginia-Daisy Pop is one for the contact book.

Cabinet M Oproiu Patent & Trademark Attorneys

Stellar IP boutique Cabinet M Oproiu is equally adept at assisting clients to acquire both Romanian and European patents, and also boasts unique experience counselling on issues surrounding supplementary protection certificates. The super-smart Margareta Oproiu leads by example. Her strategic support is the talk of the town; closely following international trends in her clients’ markets, she hunts out exciting new commercialisation opportunities. The sort of person who can relate to and communicate with anyone, she is an extremely effective negotiator.

Milcev Burbea IP & Law Office

Dispensing sophisticated, well-researched, pragmatic support at a fair price point, Milcev Burbea IP & Law Office has found a winning formula – and new clients are flocking to it by the busload. Software is an area of particular growth but the firm’s roster features names from across the board. Gabriela Milcev and Iulia Burbea make up the backbone of the practice. Milcev brings the thunder in touch-and-go cases but also has the people skills to solve unwieldy disputes via arbitration and get outcomes that work for both sides. Burbea is a licensing sage who structures agreements that are good today and good for tomorrow.

Mușat & Asociaţii

One of the first law firms in Romania to be formed after the fall of the communist regime, Mușat & Asociaţii has been assisting major US and EU companies for nearly three decades now; foreign entities represent 80% of its client base. Given that the IP team is flanked by vigorous corporate practices, it should come as little surprise that it excels in high-value technology transfers and licensing agreements. Anca Buta Muşat always goes above and beyond with her recommendations; she considers issues from all angles and then lays out the options clearly and concisely. When it comes to business nous, she bows to no one.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen

With eight lawyers and three consultants specialising in intellectual property, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen has the largest dedicated group within any full-service firm in the country. Of course, quantity without quality means nothing – but with four individuals ranked in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2018, the firm can boast both. High-profile contentious support for illustrious names such as Zentiva, one of the fastest-growing generic drug companies in Europe, is presently giving the set significant visibility in the pharmaceuticals realm. The triumvirate of Sorina Olaru, Adina Badarau and Ana-Maria Baciu are working hand in hand for this client. Olaru is a dynamic litigator with a business-minded approach; she has landed plenty of punches in her time but is not one to spurn settlement talks when this is commercially expedient for clients. Badarau and Baciu are scientific whizzes who relish diving into nitty-gritty details and all that lies behind inventions; their technical mastery ensures that no possible lines of attack or defence are overlooked.


Anybody in Central and Eastern Europe who knows anything about intellectual property knows the name PETOŠEVIĆ. Housing over 120 individuals in 15 regional offices, it has the wherewithal to expand patent portfolios and extinguish multijurisdictional infringement flames with ease, making it a formidable choice for ambitious rights holders. The pragmatic and ever-reliable Aura Campeanu wears the shirt in Romania. Held in high regard by even the most demanding examiners at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) as well as senior judges, she is a beacon of light for clients.

Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii

“Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii is one of the strongest firms in the country.” Its commercially attuned IP lawyers go all in for rights holders, moving beyond standard legal support to become thoroughgoing business partners. Even the little free time they have tends to be spent catching up on the latest developments in their clients’ industries. Pragmatic, cost-conscious and personable, managing partner Răzvan Dincă sets the standard. Pharmaceutical litigation is his métier but nothing is beyond him – Novartis is one of many household names entrusting him with their most valuable rights. His teammate Irina Speciac is another litigator whose mental agility routinely catches opposing counsel off guard. She complements a rock-solid patent practice with notable antitrust and regulatory law knowledge.

Rominvent SA

Founded in 1953, Rominvent has a longstanding reputation for reliability and excellence; indeed, for nearly four decades it was the only IP boutique authorised to represent local and international entities before the Romanian authorities. However, it has never been one to rest on its laurels and continues to find new ways of honing its customer service; dazzling response times and sophisticated internal software put clients on a sure footing from day one. A dab hand at drafting, Oana Boncea has successfully prosecuted countless national, European and Patent Cooperation Treaty patents in her time; everything she writes is crisp and clear.

STOICA & Asociații

Operating a cutting-edge IP practice as part of its full-service operation, STOICA & Asociații is a cosmopolitan firm up to speed with the latest legal developments across the continent. Its tech-savvy lawyers prosecute with the utmost precision and have a knack for finding novel ways of commercialising potentially valuable rights. Founding partner Valeriu Stoica is the talismanic lynchpin here. His ceaseless eloquence has earned him a tremendous track record in the courtroom. However, Stoica is not the practice’s only client magnet: Dragoş Bogda has a loyal following as well, thanks to his ability to get to grips with the most complex inventions, his discerning tactical nous and his down-to-earth, straightforward manner.

Turcu & Turcu

Turcu & Turcu is a prime address for patent support in Romania. The approach of its ambitious, energetic practitioners resonates with local and foreign rights holders alike; mandates that other firms would deem too daunting are taken on with alacrity here. What is more, all matters are managed cost effectively and clients are given maximum face time. As passionate about his customers’ businesses as he is about his own, Gabriel Nicolae Turcu fights their corner fervently with cast-iron arguments.


VILAU | ASSOCIATES is renowned for its unstinting commitment to quality – all applications are scrupulously put together and no stones are left unturned in preparations for infringement proceedings; by the time a case goes to court, every conceivable step the opposing counsel could take will have been suitably chewed over. With more commercial wit than many lawyers manage to acquire in a lifetime, Dragos Vilau has been skillfully sorting out the IP threads of privatisations, mergers and acquisitions for well-known foreign investors as well as local entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law

Filing applications for exciting new inventions, swinging knife-edge courtroom battles and sewing up lucrative licensing contracts are all in a day’s work for the indefatigable Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners. Alina Tugearu, Cosmin Vasile and Calin-Andrei Zamfirescu are the three most visible members of the IP practice. The energy, construction and infrastructure areas are happy hunting grounds for Tugearu, who savours mandates with an international dimension. Vasile is an arbitration ace. His personable nature and sangfroid have helped waves of clients get favourable results in unfavourable circumstances. For heavy-duty litigation, rights holders make a beeline straight to Zamfirescu. Honorary president of the National Union of Romanian Bars, he is a true doyen of intellectual property and one of the most distinguished lawyers in Eastern Europe.

Other recommended experts

Appreciating where added value lies, Ionut Lupsa at Lupsa & Associates frames his rigorous technical analysis in the context of wider business concerns. He is a regular in proceedings before OSIM and the EU Intellectual Property Office. In the game for over 30 years, Lucian Mihai of Radu Tărăcilă Pădurari Retevoescu has seen nearly everything there is to see in Romanian intellectual property. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of case law – and the ability to recall facts at the snap of a finger. Mihaela Teodorescu & Partners’ Mihaela Teodorescu is an “extremely well-regarded IP professional” with a chemical engineering background.


  • Oana Boncea - Rominvent SA
  • Iulia Burbea - Milcev Burbea IP & Law Office
  • Răzvan Dincă - Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii
  • Gabriela Milcev - Milcev Burbea IP & Law Office
  • Sorina Olaru - Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Mihaela Teodorescu - Mihaela Teodorescu & Partners – Intellectual Property Office SRL
  • Ana-Maria Baciu - Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Adina Badarau - Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Dragoş Bogdan - STOICA & Asociații
  • Anca Buta Muşat - Mușat & Asociaţii
  • Aura Campeanu - PETOŠEVIĆ
  • Ionut Lupsa - Lupsa & Associates
  • Lucian Mihai - Radu Tărăcilă Pădurari Retevoescu SCA in association with Allen & Overy LLP
  • Margareta Oproiu - Cabinet M Oproiu Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Irina Speciac - Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii
  • Valeriu Stoica - STOICA & Asociații
  • Alina Tugearu - Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law
  • Gabriel Nicolae Turcu - Turcu & Turcu
  • Cosmin Vasile - Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law
  • Dragos M Vilau - VILAU | ASSOCIATES
  • Calin-Andrei Zamfirescu - Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law