The patent regime in Romania has developed a reputation as being one that smiles upon innovators, but the reality is a little more complex. On the one hand, its invention-friendly courts are often utilised to obtain strategic injunctions, which can be a valuable asset for those looking to rebuff competitors across multiple European jurisdictions. On the other, national investment in research and infrastructure has dwindled in recent years, which has left EU-sponsored projects as the main source of funding for those looking to patent original ideas. There has also been some dissatisfaction with a perceived reduction in the efficiency of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) over the last 12 months.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • Milcev Burbea Intellectual Property & Law Office
  • Mușat & Asociaţii
  • Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii
  • STOICA & Asociații
  • Turcu & Turcu
  • Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law

Firms: prosecution

  • Cabinet Enpora
  • Cabinet M Oproiu Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Rominvent SA

Cabinet Enpora

Those seeking patent attorneys with a refined appreciation for commercial concerns should look no further than Cabinet Enpora. Proffering inimitable filing services and representation before the OSIM and the European Patent Office, the firm fights for its clients’ agendas across the continent and with the utmost conviction and skill. The set’s technical versatility is unrestrained too; companies in diverse fields, such as pharmaceuticals and automotive are treated to a fine service.

Cabinet M Oproiu Patent & Trademark Attorneys

A “reputable firm with an excellent patent practice”, Cabinet M Oproiu has been delighting clients with eminently intelligent, commercially targeted advice since 1995. The Bucharest-based partnership of IP attorneys, trained scientists and lawyers also draws on a carefully selected international network of associates to assist clients in their quest for global rights protection. Standout star and name partner Margareta Oproiu became a registered patent attorney in the first session run by the OSIM; her proficiency spans a dazzling range of scientific fields.

Milcev Burbea Intellectual Property & Law Office

Staffed by “fantastic professionals and wonderful people”, Milcev Burbea Intellectual Property & Law Office has cultivated an excellent reputation for producing concise yet rigorous patent analyses that hits the mark when it comes to quality and value. The firm’s leading lights are Gabriela Milcev and Iulia Burbea, both of whom are eminent figures among the IP community. Milcev is an artful arbitrator who knows how to resolve dicey disputes and can construct solutions for even the most intractable problems. Burbea excels in structuring complex IP portfolios, maximising their yield to squeeze every last drop of value from an original idea.

Mușat & Asociaţii

Mușat & Asociaţii does a fantastic job of attracting overseas investors looking to capitalise on the innovative culture and thriving IP scene in Romania. Boasting a client base that is 80% international, the firm is the gateway to the country for many global corporations across a plethora of industries. The key contact is savvy patent strategist Anca Buta Mușat.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen boasts the largest group of specialised IP practitioners within a Romanian full-service law firm, with 11 professionals – including both lawyers and patent attorneys – exclusively dedicated to the practice. Matching quality with scale, the firm is a repository of trust when it comes to high-stakes pharmaceutical litigation. The offering’s contentious and non-contentious sides complement each other perfectly, which gives clients the benefit of joined-up thinking when looking to resolve IP conundrums of all stripes. Leading the way is the trio of Adina Badarau, Ana-Maria Baciu and Sorina Olaru. Badarau, a senior patent attorney at the firm, picks apart tricky pharmaceutical prosecution issues with precision, concentrating her considerable expertise where it is needed most. A versatile patent strategist with expertise in gaming, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Baciu co-heads the IP practice. She comes into her own when thorny regulatory and compliance issues crop up. Finally, seasoned litigator Olaru has been kept busy this year providing counsel to Teva concerning the defence of key patents that underpin the company’s blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone.


PETOŠEVIĆ makes a crucial contribution to intellectual property in Eastern Europe and throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States. Offering A-to-Z patent support, the firm’s Romanian contingent benefits from the wider organisation’s international support package; the local team “innately, and without unnecessary fanfare, understands how to make strong arguments and adapt them in order to overcome obstacles in different jurisdictions”. The leader in Bucharest is Aura Campeanu, who maintains a multi-faceted practice, which spans the contentious/non-contentious divide. She and her team “apply themselves to highly technical matters successfully”, and ensure that clients have “complete faith in the quality of their responses and overall strategies”.

Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii

In just seven years since it was established, Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii has become a premier choice for contentious IP mandates and transactions. Formerly a leading practitioner at STOICA & Asociaţii, patent litigator Răzvan Dincă is “renowned for his academic excellence” and abilities in court: “He is a very seasoned attorney who presents convincing arguments underpinned by creative strategies. Although he is not an easy opponent, he is always a pleasure to go up against.” Working alongside Dincă is partner Irina Speciac, whose outstanding courtroom record representing pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and tobacco giants sets her apart from most; she is a crucial ally for those who are serious about enforcement.

Rominvent SA

Storied organisation Rominvent maintains one of the largest and broadest patent practices in the country. By tapping into a rich seam of expertise across myriad technical disciplines, clients of the firm can see to all their patent issues in one fell swoop without having to look elsewhere, granting them efficiencies and cost savings. Deemed “one of the best patent attorneys in Romania”, prosecution maven Oana Boncea is an important name for the address book. Alongside her practice, she helps mentor and prepare candidates for the European patent attorney exam, thereby funnelling her know-how generously back into the IP community.

STOICA & Asociații

STOICA & Asociații offers efficient, value-driven patent services for those operating at the cutting edge of developments in energy, information technology and pharmaceuticals. Managing partner Valeriu Stoica is “a lawyer with outstanding experience” and a failsafe option for clients in must-win litigation. His partner, former judge and civil servant Dragoş Bogdan, is widely known as one of the authors of a book on intellectual property that is regarded to be “the Bible of the profession”. He can offer advice in four languages and is sought out by corporate acolytes seeking a speedy resolution to their patent disputes.

Turcu & Turcu

Turcu & Turcu is one of the leading names in Romania for patent litigation, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. With operations in Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania, the firm provides outstanding support by utilising the considerable talents of its attorneys to soothe its clients’ patent headaches. Gabriel Nicolae Turcu provides resolute leadership to the team. He is a zealous advocate for his clients but also a constructive problem solver.


VILAU | ASSOCIATES takes an eminently practical approach and is resolutely business-focused; as a result, it has established tight relationships with clients that stand the test of time. The firm specialises in litigation and is especially impressive when it comes to SEPs, FRAND and pharmaceutical cases. The set is eminently forward-looking and has built an enviable network of contacts in Asia and expanded its abilities in developing areas, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. At the heart of all that the firm offers is “excellent communicator” Dragos Vilau, who “guides patent litigation and monetisation efforts in Romania with great skill”. “His abilities as a tactician and a courtroom litigator mean he would not be out of place in any first-tier global firm. The quality of his advice always exceeds expectations.”

Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law

Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners was established in 1995, shortly after the liberalisation of the Romanian IP market. The firm is in its element in litigation skirmishes and complex licensing negotiations and is renowned for its proficiency in the pharmaceutical field. Expertly coordinating the litigation group’s IP practice is Alina Tugearu. Flanking her are top litigator and alternative dispute resolution expert Calin-Andrei Zamfirescu and international litigation and arbitration pro Cosmin Vasile.

Other recommended experts

Ionut Lupsa of Lupsa & Associates has 19 years of experience as a lawyer and 11 years as a patent attorney; this gives him the perfect foundation from which to consider a case or portfolio from all possible angles and produce targeted patent advice. Radu Tărăcilă Pădurari Retevoescu’s Lucian Mihai is a classy patent litigator who has been a fixture in the address books of international brands for over 30 years. The honours that have been accorded to him – including as president of the Romanian Constitutional Court – stand testament to his quality and high standing in the Romanian legal scene. A “strong professional” with a wealth of experience dealing with complex life sciences matters, Mihaela Teodorescu set up her own eponymous firm back in 2014 and has not looked back since. Competitors consider her to be “an important name in the Romanian industry, who will succeed no matter the circumstances”.


  • Oana Boncea - Rominvent SA
  • Iulia Burbea - Milcev Burbea Intellectual Property & Law Office
  • Răzvan Dincă - Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii
  • Gabriela Milcev - Milcev Burbea Intellectual Property & Law Office
  • Sorina Olaru - Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Valeriu Stoica - STOICA & Asociații
  • Mihaela Teodorescu - Mihaela Teodorescu & Partners – Intellectual Property Office SRL
  • Ana-Maria Baciu - Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Adina Badarau - Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen
  • Dragoş Bogdan - STOICA & Asociații
  • Anca Buta Muşat - Mușat & Asociaţii
  • Aura Campeanu - PETOŠEVIĆ
  • Ionut Lupsa - Lupsa & Associates
  • Lucian Mihai - Radu Tărăcilă Pădurari Retevoescu SCA in association with Allen & Overy LLP
  • Margareta Oproiu - Cabinet M Oproiu Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Irina Speciac - Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii
  • Alina Tugearu - Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law
  • Gabriel Nicolae Turcu - Turcu & Turcu
  • Cosmin Vasile - Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law
  • Dragos M Vilau - VILAU | ASSOCIATES
  • Calin-Andrei Zamfirescu - Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Attorneys at Law