Poland has seen some long-awaited changes of late, with the revision of several key statutes. The new regime, which will come into play in mid-2020, is primarily a result of changes to the 1964 Code of Civil Procedure that pave the way for the introduction of specialised IP courts. While the new judicial system is eagerly awaited, some question marks hang over how it will be run – in particular as regards whether judges will be required to have technical backgrounds, the weight of expert opinions and how evidence gathered from other jurisdictions will be used. Practitioners are making preparations to ensure that clients can transition to the new system as smoothly as possible. Meanwhile, ‘innovation’ remains the buzzword in Poland, as the government promotes discussion on the subject in a bid to attract increased venture capital funding. This should help to bring the country further into line with its European counterparts, and patent professionals are engaging with entrepreneurs with renewed vigour to ensure that their creations can be protected when the time comes.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners
  • Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Allen & Overy A Pędzich sp k
  • JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Wardyński & Partners
  • Baker McKenzie Krzyzowski i Wspólnicy Spólka Komandytowa
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
  • DLA Piper
  • Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj
  • Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Winski Law Firm

Firms: prosecution

  • AOMB Intellectual Property
  • Bury & Bury European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • IP & Law Kancelaria Rzeczników Patentowych J Markieta, M Zielińska-Łazarowicz Sp p
  • JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Kaminski & Partners
  • Kancelaria EUPATENT.PL
  • KONDRAT & Partners
  • Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj
  • LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners
  • PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys 
  • POLSERVICE Patent and Trademark Attorneys Office 
  • Sulima-Grabowska-Sierzputowska Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • WTS Patent Attorneys - Witek, Sniezko & Partners

Allen & Overy A Pędzich sp k

Seamless cross-border cooperation and a streamlined, bespoke service are hallmarks of Allen & Overy’s Polish patent division. Its forte lies in multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution across a dizzying array of sectors; and the firm’s antitrust unit is on standby to provide robust  support whenever necessary. Never one to back away from a challenge, Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska artfully melds academic knowledge with 20 years of practical experience to carry the day for industry heavyweights. “One of the country’s leading life sciences litigators, she comes up with arguments that no one would even dream of and develops fantastic strategies. She is proactive and business minded, and her understanding of the law is second to none.”

AOMB Intellectual Property

A reliable business partner when it comes to asset protection, AOMB is the go-to prosecution firm in the country. Its deep bench of technically savvy practitioners and cultivated international network distinguish it from other players on the market. Holding down the fort are dynamic trio Jakub Sielewiesiuk, Jan Dobrzański and Damian Krężel. Team leader Sielewiesiuk “brings a fresh and creative style to his work. The result is business-oriented advice at a reasonable price point that you can fully rely on”. Chemical technology ace Dobrzański works hand in hand with inventors, “asking the right questions and understanding the essence of the invention at hand to ensure it receives the best protection possible. He considers the scientific, legal and economic aspects of each brief, and analyses potential risks too”. Operating in a similar vein, Krężel takes a practical approach to drafting and makes sure that patents will withstand the test of time.

Baker McKenzie Krzyzowski i Wspólnicy Spólka Komandytowa

This international titan has offices across Europe, Asia and South America listed in the IAM Patent 1000 and makes its debut in the Polish rankings this year. For companies seeking to enforce and commercialise their most valuable creations at a global level, Baker McKenzie is a fine choice. “Experienced and reliable litigator” Marek Rosinski captains the division with a steady hand. He thrives at the intersection of IT and IP law, and also takes the lead on sweeping R&D and outsourcing agreements. Flanking him is Katarzyna Tobiasz-Dumania, who deftly traverses the contentious/non-contentious divide: the forward-thinking practitioner has a flair for spotting the next best move for fast-moving consumer goods companies.

Bird & Bird LLP

Bird & Bird needs no introduction on the international IP market: the full-service giant is often seen hammering out the wins in precedent-setting disputes and getting pen to paper on lucrative deals. Its Polish division is no different, having carved a real niche in nascent industries for its sound, tailored advice on even the most complex matters. Steadfast leader Piotr Dynowski co-heads the IP and technology, media and telecoms group. With a keen eye for strategies and fine-grained understanding of the regulated industries, he is a vital ally for must-win disputes.

Bury & Bury European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys

IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Bury & Bury draws on more than three generations of IP wisdom to “deliver a service that goes far beyond the walls of its offices. The squad are dedicated to understanding client needs, fully embed themselves in new technologies, protect the assets at stake and can translate them into profit, too.” Technology whizz Marek Bury speaks the language of inventors: “You feel safe entrusting your matters in the hands of someone who expertly understands the nuances of the patenting process. His knowledge of electronics exceeds all expectations and he can navigate the system easily, efficiently and faultlessly.”  The firm would not be where it is today without the talents of Lech Bury, a towering presence on the Polish patent scene. His meticulously drafted R&D agreements prove invaluable when commercialising the breakthroughs of research institutions.

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

In enforcement scenarios, CMS is simply top-notch. Its vast knowledge base and expertise, coupled with its constructive and proactive approach, ensure that multi-faceted disputes go smoothly and any conflicts are resolved amicably. It recently represented HP and the Hewlett-Packard Development Company in a high-profile dispute concerning eight patents, with division head Tomasz Koryzma and IP and unfair competition maven Marek Oleksyn playing a crucial role. “The pair are fantastic: they work efficiently, effectively and can handle complex situations to great effect.”

DLA Piper

The Polish branch of global outfit DLA Piper is home to a phalanx of battle-hardened litigators who also know a thing or two about creating value; a compelling international support package also delights those with issues that extend beyond local borders. Its technical versatility is boundless too: from energy through electronics to pharmaceuticals and life sciences, it is in pole position to tackle any brief going. For media and telecommunications companies seeking sophisticated counsel, Ewa Kurowska-Tober is the first port of call.

IP & Law Kancelaria Rzeczników Patentowych J Markieta, M Zielińska-Łazarowicz Sp p

Resolute in its focus on quality, IP & Law takes on clients’ matters as if they were its own. Working across the patent lifecycle, the computer technology experts at this contemporary boutique are fully in sync with the commercial objectives of the businesses they serve; the satisfaction of these goals is their prime objective. Polish and European patent attorney Jarosław Markieta is “super-professional and brilliantly assists in the defence of software patents”. Markieta is a smooth negotiator too, which shines through in his assured handling of licensing agreements.


“With JvWF, you know your assets are in good hands. The lawyers and engineers work together closely to correctly diagnose your business needs, and offer bespoke and comprehensive solutions that are completely adapted to your company profile.” For end-to-end prosecution and portfolio management support, the person to turn to is Iwona Jakubiak Vel Wojtczak. “Dynamic professional” Bartosz Fert “thrives at the overlap between technology and law. He responds quickly, communicates clearly and explains the science behind it all in a way that is easy to understand”.

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys

One of the largest firms in Poland, JWP continues on its astonishing upwards trajectory. This year it added several new clients to an already impressive roster, welcomed new practitioners to the fold and streamlined its A-to-Z offering too. “Its work ethic is excellent and the service even more so – you can rely on the experienced team to answer any query promptly, professionally and to an exemplary standard.” Managing partner and “talented litigator” Dorota Rzążewska “always has her customers’ interests at the forefront of her mind”. A specialist in pharmaceutical spats, she holds down the contentious side of the practice alongside Helena Gajek, who was recently elected to the partnership. Gajek capitalises on her expertise combatting unfair competition to come up trumps for drug manufacturers. Heading up the patent division is life sciences maestro and consummate prosecutor Piotr Godlewski; some of the country’s most renowned research institutes have him on speed dial. For mechanical briefs, few do it better than Sławomir Budziński, whose stint as head patent attorney at a top automotive company has given him unique industry insight.

Kaminski & Partners

Operating like a well-oiled machine, Kaminski & Partners has an unerring instinct for getting rights on the register, with particular strength in the life sciences. However, the patent attorney boutique is much more than just a filing shop: its abundant sector know-how and commercialisation capabilities make it ideally positioned to fulfil diverse patent needs. Managing partner Piotr Kaminski “is an excellent practitioner with a refined understanding of biotechnology”. His CV is replete with academic accomplishments and extensive in-house R&D experience at prestigious educational and pharmaceutical establishments.

Kancelaria EUPATENT.PL

Established in 2008, EUPATENT.PL has gone from strength to strength and is now deeply embedded in the European patent scene.  From strategic consulting to impeccable filing and representation before the European Patent Office, the ensemble approaches matters with an open mind to come up with outside-the-box solutions. Leading light Adam Pawłowski was the first Polish attorney to pass the European qualifying examination and garners warm plaudits from the market: “One of the most experienced professionals in town, he has prosecuted hundreds of applications and is extremely knowledgeable on local and European legislation. Adam really cares about his clients too, and works hard to help them achieve their goals, while maintaining a positive attitude and a willingness to share his wisdom.”

KONDRAT & Partners

“KONDRAT & Partners has a superb office where attorneys prepare applications at the highest level. With rich experience in the life sciences, its lawyers are wholly dedicated to their field. They handle every matter with utmost care and precision, and, where necessary, use their wider support network as well.” Providing staunch leadership to the troop is the “dynamic and innovative” Mariusz Kondrat. As a patent attorney and a lawyer, he assiduously guides clients from ideation to creation and tenaciously enforces their rights too. Making her debut in the guide this year, Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba “is immensely knowledgeable in the field of organic chemistry and has the ability to effectively manage a company’s patents on an international scale”. Together, they advise leading pharmaceutical players such as US Pharmacia and SEQUOIA Pharmaceuticals.

Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj

With an appetite for innovation and an insatiable desire for growth, Kulikowska & Kulikowski has been securing steadfast patent protection for clients for almost three decades and enthusiastically embraces each new challenge that comes its way. Mechanics pro Alicja Piotrowicz and biotechnology ace Aleksandra Twardowska-Czerwińska draft flawlessly and put in strong performances before the patent office; while Monika Chimiak “dives deep into each case and passionately litigates” on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners

“LDS has a modern and creative approach that serves as an example to the rest of the community.” The gold-tier litigation outfit uses every resource in its toolkit to emerge victorious on behalf of its industry-leading clientele. In addition to bringing out the big guns in the courtroom, it adroitly handles prosecution matters too: most recently, it got a grant decision overturned for listed oil refiner and petrol retailer Orlen. The mastermind behind the win was managing partner Marek Łazewski, whose commercially savvy strategic advice resonates with the pharmaceutical heavyweights that avail of his wall-to-wall service. Łazewski has also been elected as secretary general of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. Also held in high esteem is Justyna Rasiewicz, “one of the country’s key litigators. She is extremely detail oriented, focused and knowledgeable – Justyna never misses a beat in her cases”.

PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys 

Founded in 1966, PATPOL has been in the game for over 50 years and remains a potent force on the Polish patent scene. It effortlessly navigates the technical spectrum, from pharmaceuticals to aviation, and its refined prosecution offering has been snapped up by the likes of Ericsson and the Medical University of Warsaw. Heading the division, “Magdalena Tagowska comes up with creative legal arguments, and her proactivity, diligence and sophisticated understanding of technology make her fun to work with”. The life sciences aficionado is in hot demand for her supplementary protection certificate expertise. This year she is joined by Dariusz Świerczyński and Dariusz Piróg. Świerczyński specialises in inter partes proceedings before the Polish Patent Office; his legal opinions in the mining field are also beautifully written. Piróg operates out of PATPOL Legal, the firm’s contentious arm, where he zealously safeguards clients’ computer-implemented inventions.

POLSERVICE Patent and Trademark Attorneys Office 

A stalwart presence on the national legal landscape, POLSERVICE houses 35 patent and trademark attorneys, who tend to the assets of more than 2,650 clients from 70-plus jurisdictions. Its astute professionals draw up watertight patent applications and strategies for SMEs and multinational corporations, while also playing an active role in international IP organisations and contributing to the advancement of the industry as a whole. When it comes to mechanical constructions and technologies, Alicja Rogozińska can find the optimal solutions to the most complex conundrums; she was recently appointed department co-lead. In the life sciences, Marta Joanna Kawczyńska capitalises on her experience in the field of molecular medicine to understand intricate technicalities and provide incisive strategic guidance.

Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak

Top commercial law firm Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak has a sterling reputation for the outcomes it secures in ground-breaking disputes and has a pristine track record to prove it. In Szymon Gogulski, it has an “eminently skilled litigator and strategic adviser” whose granular knowledge of patent, trade secrets and competition law ensures that every angle of a case is covered. He chairs the practice alongside redoubtable courtroom advocate Ewa Skrzydło-Tefelska, who is also a widely published authority on a variety of legal topics. Aurelia Nowicka is another esteemed practitioner with four books to her name; peers hail her as an “experienced and reliable expert with an outstanding academic background.”

Sulima-Grabowska-Sierzputowska Patent & Trademark Attorneys

“Well-established practice Sulima-Grabowska-Sierzputowska Patent & Trademark Attorneys has highly specialised experts for every industry area imaginable.” It efficiently turns out watertight applications, keeps costs low and always looks out for new sectors to expand into – for example, the squad recently welcomed several new biotechnology aficionados to tackle European patent validations. Steering the ship is chemical engineer Iwona Sierzputowska: “The quality of her work is most impressive. She responds quickly and provides detailed legal analyses coupled with practical guidance.”

Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners

Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners has over 60 lawyers on deck who administer top-drawer legal services in Polish, English, French and German to a slew of domestic and international clients. The firm is home to Elżbieta Traple, “a leading authority on patents”. She plays a significant role in the drafting of legislation, publishes widely and has held a presidential post at the Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Krakow for the past 13 years. Another esteemed academic, Tomasz Targosz draws on his fusion of patent, unfair competition and antitrust law knowledge to achieve spectacular results in pharmaceutical spats. Fighting tooth and nail for patrons, Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak “is great to work with. She lays out the next steps and arguments very clearly, and handles matters in a very efficient way”.

Wardyński & Partners

Full-service colossus Wardyński & Partners has a wealth of resources at its fingertips to pull together winning battle plans in bet-the-company litigation. With experts in IP, life sciences, dispute resolution and competition law, the firm is perfectly placed to handle multifaceted disputes, and has been racking up the wins for leading pharmaceutical companies and their biologics. These matters are meat and drink to Włodzimierz Szoszuk, who acquits himself with distinction on the most convoluted infringement proceedings. For skirmishes in consumer electronics and machinery, Norbert Walasek is a safe pair of hands; while Anna Pompe presides over the practice and can find amicable settlements even when all hope seems lost.

Winski Law Firm

The litigators at Winski Law Firm relish the cut and thrust of major disputes and have quickly made a name for themselves on the back of their compelling performances in life sciences and pharmaceutical contentions. They also excel in other disciplines – for instance, Marek Winski has been working with artificial intelligence start-up Neurosoft to develop and implement its IP protection programme. Having sat on the board of directors at Neonet SA, a network of household electronics stores in Poland, he understands what the C-suite is looking for and always delivers.

WTS Patent Attorneys - Witek, Sniezko & Partners

Peers are quick to commend WTS Patent Attorneys as “one of the best and most experienced firms in Poland for biotechnological inventions”; while three offices, strategically located around the country, mean that patrons are never short of quality partner face-to-face time. Its strength in the life sciences is due to the illustrious line-up of Andrzej Witek and Rafał Witek. With several in-house positions under his belt, Andrzej has an intimate understanding of industry needs; he approaches all instructions with a global outlook. Fellow co-founder Rafał specialises in pharmaceutical product launches and has a keen eye for identifying potential risks – as well as the commercial nous to nip them in the bud.

Other recommended experts

IAM Patent 1000 newcomer and chemistry ace Joanna Bocheńska of ZRPat leverages her in-house experience to assist companies with sprawling patent portfolios. “Dependable, bright and committed to quality” is the consensus on Czub & Czub co-founder Krzysztof Czub. He lectures and publishes widely in the field of computer science. A familiar face before the EU IP Office, Magdalena Krekora has also mastered the art of drafting pharmaceutical patents. She operates out of her own eponymous boutique. Polish and European patent attorney Grażyna Padée plies her trade at ZRPat, where she dispenses commercially salient chemistry advice. “One of the few academics and lawyers out there who really grasps technical complexities”, Rafał Sikorski thrives at the intersection between competition law and intellectual property, drafting sophisticated computer software distribution agreements. He can be found at Sójka Maciak Mataczyński Adwokaci. Over at Ernst & Young, Justyna Wilczyńska-Baraniak is comfortable working on an international stage and “stands out in the digital sphere. She comes up with thoughtful ideas which brings cases to a quick and successful close”.

Individuals: litigation

  • Piotr Dynowski - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Marek Łazewski - LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners 
  • Justyna Rasiewicz - LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners
  • Ewa Skrzydło-Tefelska - Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska - Allen & Overy A Pędzich sp k
  • Monika Chimiak - Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj
  • Szymon Gogulski - Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Mariusz Kondrat - KONDRAT & Partners
  • Dorota Rzążewska - JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Włodzimierz Szoszuk - Wardyński & Partners
  • Elżbieta Traple - Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Justyna Wilczyńska-Baraniak - Ernst & Young
  • Helena Gajek - JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Tomasz Koryzma - CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
  • Aurelia Nowicka - Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Marek Oleksyn - CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
  • Dariusz Piróg - PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • Anna Pompe - Wardyński & Partners
  • Marek Rosinski - Baker McKenzie Krzyzowski i Wspólnicy Spólka Komandytowa
  • Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak - Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Tomasz Targosz - Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Katarzyna Tobiasz-Dumania - Baker McKenzie Krzyzowski i Wspólnicy Spólka Komandytowa
  • Norbert Walasek - Wardyński & Partners
  • Marek Winski - Winski Law Firm

Individuals: prosecution

  • Adam Pawłowski - Kancelaria EUPATENT.PL
  • Andrzej Witek - WTS Patent Attorneys - Witek, Sniezko & Partners
  • Rafał Witek - WTS Patent Attorneys - Witek, Sniezko & Partners
  • Joanna Bocheńska - ZRPat
  • Sławomir Budziński - JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Lech Bury - Bury & Bury European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • Marek Bury - Bury & Bury European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • Krzysztof Czub - Czub & Czub
  • Jan Dobrzański - AOMB Intellectual Property
  • Piotr Godlewski - JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba - KONDRAT & Partners
  • Piotr Kaminski - Kaminski & Partners
  • Marta Joanna Kawczyńska - POLSERVICE Patent and Trademark Attorneys Office 
  • Mariusz Kondrat - KONDRAT & Partners
  • Magdalena Krekora - Kancelaria Prawno-Patentowa Magdalena Krekora
  • Damian Krężel - AOMB Intellectual Property
  • Marek Łazewski - LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners 
  • Jarosław Markieta - IP & Law Kancelaria Rzeczników Patentowych J Markieta, M Zielińska-Łazarowicz Sp p
  • Grażyna Padée - ZRPat
  • Alicja Piotrowicz - Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj
  • Alicja Rogozińska - POLSERVICE Patent and Trademark Attorneys Office 
  • Jakub Sielewiesiuk - AOMB Intellectual Property
  • Iwona Sierzputowska - Sulima-Grabowska-Sierzputowska Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Rafał Sikorski - Sójka Maciak Mataczyński Adwokaci sp k
  • Dariusz Świerczyński - PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • Magdalena Tagowska - PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • Aleksandra Twardowska-Czerwińska - Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj