A healthy trickle of mechanical and electronics clashes have been flowing through Poland’s courts, with this rising number of confrontations stemming from the dominance of pharmaceutical titans. Talk of more specialised IP courts continues, with the Ministry of Justice initiating discussion over the shape of patent litigation in years to come. For some time, practices have lived on validations and translations of European patents, as well as opposition and invalidity proceedings. However, recently EU investment in the country has contributed to greater domestic innovation, while a creeping awareness of IP issues is driving an upturn in the number of inventions registered at the patent office. The Polish decision to opt out of the Unified Patent Court was an exercise in self-preservation for the country’s patent scene; lawyers refuse to rule out joining in the future, preferring to adopt a wait-and-see approach.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners
  • Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Allen & Overy A Pędzich Spk
  • JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Wardyński & Partners
  • Bird & Bird Szepietowski i wspólnicy spk
  • DLA Piper Wiater spk
  • Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj
  • Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Winski Law Firm

Firms: prosecution

Allen & Overy A Pędzich Spk

Fighting the corners of major pharmaceutical originators from around the world, Allen & Overy’s local set is a standout litigator in the Polish IP scene with a renowned capacity for transactional fare. Plugged into a pan-European network, its operators on the ground in Warsaw have chalked up a long line of impressive victories in high-stakes encounters, led by “top patent lawyer” Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska. A “point of reference” to her peers, the IP professor boasts “a vast knowledge of patent matters” gleaned over two decades in practice, and is credited with shoring up the group’s national offering; major forays into the supplementary protection space have earned her a reputation as “a reliable expert” in the field. The ensemble also offers its roster of illustrious clients advice on protection and enforcement strategies, rounding out similarly impressive non-contentious abilities.

Bird & Bird Szepietowski i wspólnicy spk

“When you entrust Bird & Bird with a dispute, you know you’re in safe hands.” A force to be reckoned with in around one-third of all the patent clashes in Polish courts, the local outpost “acts as both soldier and strategist, exhibiting an acute awareness of what is required of it”. Strolling with ease across the telecoms, technology and life sciences fields, the firm has championed Nokia’s position in an enforcement campaign against arch-rival Apple; holding the line in the first-ever standard-essential patent infringement dispute in Poland, the squad deployed its commercial abilities to settle a disagreement over whether licensing terms were fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory. In this and every other matter, Piotr Dynowski captains a team whose insight and expertise is invaluable: “Its lawyers are litigation enthusiasts that understand the legal, technical and commercial aspects of any instruction.” Characterised by clients as “fast, accurate and responsive”, Dynowski is a dexterous, hands-on lawyer who “presents sharp and persuasive arguments, based on nuanced strategy”.

DLA Piper Wiater spk

Drawing on the talent dispersed across its international parent network, DLA Piper Wiater confidently flexes its muscles in litigation for a host of multinational companies in the life sciences, high-tech and energy sectors, while never falling short of the quality associated with the brand. Of its contentious principal, one illustrious technology boss confides: “We consider Justyna Wilczyńska-Baraniak an extension of our European legal team. Providing us with impeccable guidance, judgement and timeliness, she is truly an asset to our operation.” Outside of the courtroom, the set has maximised its value over the last 12 months; making the leap into the transactional space, it has applied its commercial abilities towards negotiating a stream of licensing and cooperation agreements for its devoted following.

IP & Law Kancelaria Rzeczników Patentowych J Markieta, M Zielińska-Łazarowicz Sp p

Boasting an eminently qualified trio of experienced patent professionals, IP & Law grows in tandem with its technology-intensive domestic client base, thriving on the successes that it wins for them across the globe. Technically astute prosecution before patent offices nationally, in Europe and further afield characterises the impressive offering – and that same talent is also applied in courtroom and negotiation settings to great effect. Prospective customers seeking more information should contact partner Jarosław Markieta.

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys

Divided across two technical divisions and an excellent litigation team, JWP's IP practice has dispatched courtroom and patent office challenges on behalf of its long-term following for over 25 years. Cutting-edge infrastructure supports an ever-increasing capacity for instructions across the technical spectrum. Resounding commercial acumen is a boon for buyers – particularly small to medium-sized enterprises, to which the set offers comprehensive education and training on monetising intangible assets and developing actionable IP strategies. Clients both old and new appreciate the pharmaceutical know-how showcased by life sciences squadron leader Piotr Godlewski. A “highly qualified and experienced professional”, Godlewski’s participation in an application “guarantees rock-solid protection”; should a rival see fit to test this, the adroit contentious actor steps up to mount a rigorous defence of his work in invalidation proceedings. In these he is assisted by “reliable, client-focused” litigation hotshot Dorota Rzążewska. A quarterback on the electronics and mechanical engineering team, Sławomir Budziński is a mechanical systems pro and a qualified European patent attorney with a particular passion for the automotive industry.

Kaminski & Partners

A streamlined pack of technical experts offering a personal touch, Kaminski & Partners stands out for its remarkable patent prosecution ability. A favourite among patrons in the life sciences theatre, the set tailors its offering to customers, providing them with timely and cost-effective advice on developing IP strategies that will weather any storm. Patent alpha Piotr Kaminski is an authority in the biotech arena and boasts “great skill in chemistry”, as well; he is a valuable ally to those seeking staunch representation at patent offices both nationally and across Europe.

Kancelaria EUPATENT.PL

Celebrating its first decade on the Polish IP scene in 2018, Kancelaria EUPATENT.PL has quickly carved out a corner of the market as the dominant prosecutor of European patent applications for Polish entities. Boasting technical specialisations in software, biotech and pharmaceuticals, a dynamic team of European patent attorneys assists in building vast international patent portfolios in Europe and further afield. Masterminding the group’s ever-growing offering is the country’s first-ever European patent attorney, Adam Pawłowski: “An experienced and effective professional taking an intelligent and open-minded approach in both drafting and disputes; he expertly tackles litigation and invalidity proceedings.” A commercially focused counsel, he conducts “extremely detailed analyses of his devotees’ businesses so as to propose the best strategy to match”.

Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj

One of Poland’s first privately owned law firms, Kulikowska & Kulikowski is “well-established, prominent and among the best the country has to offer”. Renowned for both filing and fighting, the technically gifted and “vastly experienced” team has repeatedly proven its value to domestic and international operations alike, showcasing its “exquisite skills”, “open-minded approach” and devotion to fostering long-term relationships with devotees. One customer enthuses over the “diligent services they have provided us throughout the years, through which they have demonstrated their precision, trustworthiness and prompt responsiveness”. In this crack team of specialists, “superbly cunning litigator” Monika Chimiak stands out for her “legal strength” and is a regular fixture before the Polish Patent Office, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the common and administrative courts. Prosecution is handled by patent stars Aleksandra Twardowska-Czerwińska and Alicja Piotrowicz. Known for her “promptness, experience, reliability and passion”, Twardoswka-Czerwińska is driven by a zeal for IP protection in the biotech and pharmaceutical spheres and has assisted numerous rights holders – including the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences – in safeguarding their innovation. Piotrowicz is a mechanical and electronic savant who demonstrates impressive faculties in filing, prosecution and enforcement, stepping up to fight battles wherever her talent is required.

LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners

A “dynamic, ambitious and able combination of well-known lawyers and engineers”, specialised boutique LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners delivers major bang for its clients’ buck. High-end process-driven automation enables its sterling practitioners to focus on the practical details of patent work and to show off their pharmaceutical and regulatory mastery in obtaining and enforcing supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) – a major expansion area over the last year. “With talents in both prosecution and litigation, the ensemble deploys an intimate knowledge of the Polish Patent Office to close any gaps that may appear. “A creative thinker known for his pharmaceutical expertise”, Marek Lazewski is a “phenomenal litigator” and “the architect of the firm’s success so far”. Lazewski is joined in his efforts by Justyna Rasiewicz; taking an “incredibly focused” approach to her work, she is likewise highly specialised in pharmaceutical and biotech issues.

PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys 

“Almost monopolistic in size”, PATPOL boasts “huge numbers of attorneys within its ranks and responsibility for a sizeable catalogue of major patent portfolios”. Bringing far-reaching knowledge and professionalism to every instruction, the multilingual line-up excels before the Polish Patent Office and the EPO and adds further value through an accomplished translation service, as well as a network of foreign associates that opens countless international doors. Veteran prosecutor Magdalena Tagowska takes responsibility for an “efficient and experienced” patent department. With years spent before both Polish and EU courts, the life sciences specialist is a dab hand in SPC work.

POLSERVICE Patent and Trademark Attorneys Office 

Balancing tradition and modernity, IP boutique POLSERVICE is “in an excellent position right now”, delivering impressive results across the full spectrum of legal and technical IP needs. Thirty-two dedicated patent attorneys work hand in hand with the legal division to offer definitive answers to its patrons’ burning questions. Alicja Rogozińska and Marta Kawczyńska seek out the most efficient routes to protection for a highly innovative following that is dispersed nationally and across 70 other countries. Consumers have confidence in the formidable duo and their “carefully considered analyses of litigation and strategy”. Armed with qualifications in mechanical engineering, Rogozińska is a major force in this field; she also serves as president of the Licensing Executives Society Poland. “A well-prepared and professional representative at the European patent office” best known for her talents in the SPC space, Kawczyńska is an all-round maestro in the life sciences.

Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak

“A longstanding fixture on the Polish market”, Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak’s IP practice hinges around contentious and non-contentious instructions from key players in the construction and life sciences sectors. Its “fantastically creative” litigators “always have answers up their sleeves” and play their hand for a devoted client base that values the “excellent, old-school approach” inherent in the firm’s full-service backing. A shrewd negotiator of high-value IP agreements, Szymon Gogulski steers the ship; his talents are frequently commissioned by major operations in the energy sector. Aurelia Nowicka and Ewa Skrzydło-Tefelska both come highly recommended as “experienced and reliable experts with remarkable credentials”. Nowicka is well known as an expert in software protection, having authored four books on the topic; providing “useful advice and support” to rights holders in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Skrzydło-Tefelska maintains an innovative approach to her briefs.


“An active player on the Polish market for over a quarter of a century, old-school boutique SULIMA-GRABOWSKA-SIERZPUTOWSKA is still going strong.” The team’s bread and butter remains the validation of European patent applications in the country, but it nonetheless delivers an all-encompassing patent prosecution service to pharmaceutical innovators, among other major international clients. From one of Poland’s largest dedicated IP teams, no one stands out more than chemical engineering savant Iwona Sierzputowska, a skilled prosecutor whose dominance in invalidation proceedings guarantees a staunch defence against any challenge.

Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners

Springing into action at the first sign of a dispute, litigation specialist Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners is “a major competitor on the patent scene” and an irresistible force before the common court and the Polish Patent Office. “No stranger to complex industrial matters, an expert legal team partners up with some of the country’s top technical talent to tackle any demands their clients might have.” A new addition to the IAM Patent 1000, Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak heads up the IP division and dives into a significant prosecution and enforcement caseload for major multinationals. “An impressive and responsive professional,” Sokołowska-Ławniczak provides the “clear, succinct and practical advice” on which rock-solid IP strategies are built. Her counterpart in the set’s contentious endeavours is founding partner Elżbieta Traple. Sought after for her abilities in the courtroom, Traple has amassed vast knowledge from a range of academic and professional sources. With far-reaching talents incorporating pharmaceutical, competition and IP law, she has played a key role in heightening engagement with these areas on the national stage.

Wardyński & Partners

Internationally oriented and patent focused, Wardyński & Partners throws itself into complex multi-jurisdictional disputes on behalf of industry leaders across a near-complete sector spread. Maintaining both a commercial approach and a network of foreign associates that is unrivalled on the national market, it earns privileged status among life sciences outfits, on whose behalf it expertly bats away invalidation proceedings and infringing products using its “excellent knowledge of the law and creative strategies”. Heading the IP practice group, Włodzimierz Szoszuk comfortably straddles the contentious/non-contentious divide and works together with Norbert Walasek to reach victory on multiple fronts. Known for his tenacity in closing a deal, Szoszuk is also an expert in defending IP rights in court; Walasek is a veteran of a biosimilar-based litigation battles across Europe and comes recommended for his mastery of this rapidly emerging point of contention in life sciences circles. IAM Patent 1000 debutante Anna Pompe is a transactional savant who has spent the last 12 months negotiating complex contractual agreements for a major tobacco producer.

Winski Law Firm

As robust in defence as it is in attack, litigation sharpshooter Winski earns a spot on the IAM Patent 1000 rankings as a result of its bold, outside-the-box solutions to defending its clients’ interests. As a key player for both originators and generic pharmaceutical companies, the squad employs the experience that it garners on both sides as fuel for its impressive strategies. For this sector and many others, Marek Winski steps up; he recently shielded a major multinational from a preliminary injunction brought against it by a rival and has showcased impressive talent for transactional work on behalf of Greek software outfit Neurosoft.

WTS Patent Attorneys - Witek, Sniezko & Partners

One of the few Polish offices to maintain an outpost outside the country (in Munich), WTS Patent Attorneys boasts a respected patent prosecution practice and a robust international presence. With a “mastery over the technical aspects of its instructions”, the team receives praise for its nuanced performance before the Polish Patent Office and the EPO, as well as for the careful attention it pays to meeting its customers specific requirements. With a remarkable insight into the tribulations of biotech players, trilingual co-founder Rafał Witek holds considerable appeal to these companies, inviting them in and keeping them content. When the rights of actors in the food technology arena are at stake, Andrzej Witek leaps into action, deploying every weapon in his arsenal to protect their patents when challenged.

Other recommended experts

Strong ties to the domestic R&D scene and a balletic performance in prosecution venues earn electronics maven Lech Bury his place in the IAM Patent 1000 for the fifth year in a row. As a former researcher himself – and an erstwhile head of a technology start-up – he understands the demands particular to that sector’s players, which seek him out at family business Bury & Bury. A former government legal adviser and lecturer at Warsaw’s Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Mariusz Kondrat now plays a key role in driving forward the development of the law concerning pharmaceutical companies operating in Poland. “One of the best in litigation”, the qualified lawyer and European patent attorney heads the practice at Kondrat & Partners. Running the full gamut of IP services, Magdalena Krekora effortlessly secures protection for her clients’ most complex inventions then dexterously dispatches aggressive challenges to these rights; she plies her trade from self-titled operation Kancelaria Prawno-Patentowa Magdalena Krekora.

Individuals: litigation

  • Piotr Dynowski - Bird & Bird Szepietowski i wspólnicy spk
  • Ewa Skrzydło-Tefelska - Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska - Allen & Overy A Pędzich Spk
  • Monika Chimiak - Kulikowska & Kulikowski spj
  • Szymon Gogulski - Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Mariusz Kondrat - KONDRAT & Partners
  • Marek Lazewski - LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners
  • Justyna Rasiewicz - LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners
  • Dorota Rzążewska - JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Włodzimierz Szoszuk - Wardyński & Partners
  • Elżbieta Traple - Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Aurelia Nowicka - Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Anna Pompe - Wardyński & Partners
  • Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak - Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners
  • Norbert Walasek - Wardyński & Partners
  • Justyna Wilczyńska-Baraniak - DLA Piper Wiater spk
  • Marek Winski - Winski Law Firm

Individuals: prosecution