Peru is one of Latin America’s leading emerging markets and is increasingly seen as a hub for international trade. For several years, investment in technology has been high on the agenda, adding greater sophistication to an economy built on natural resources. Also bringing patent matters into the limelight and advancing the IP ecosystem are various initiatives undertaken by the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) which, in conjunction with WIPO, recently launched an Inventor Assistance Programme to support inventors in protecting their innovations through the patent system. The emergence of dynamic new IP boutiques in recent years is also helping to push the IP conversation forward.


  • Barreda Moller
  • Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • ClarkeModet 
  • Estudio Echecopar
  • Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados
  • Muñiz, Olaya, Meléndez, Castro, Ono & Herrera

Allende & Garcia Abogados

“Working with Allende & Garcia is always a good experience: its docketing system is efficient and timely, and accurate responses are given to all questions and requests. Its proactive team is aware of market trends, developments regarding the criteria of the Peruvian patent office and IP court decisions.” It is cited as a reference in Peru for thorough technical analysis of patent matters and an agile, effective service. The chief designer of the ensemble’s personalised approach is Jorge Allende, a highly experienced attorney and strategist who “always ensures successful outcomes”. He primarily concentrates on patent transactions. The practice of Dafne Ramos Samanez encompasses prosecution, litigation and freedom to operate counselling: “Dafne is an outstanding professional whose name is almost a synonym for granted applications.”

BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados

Market sources line up to sing the praises of BARLAW: “It is extremely prompt, does incredibly accurate work and is reasonably priced.” Characterised by 24-7 availability, receptiveness to feedback and a laser focus on legal and business solutions, its service is hailed as “truly excellent”. The boutique owes its outstanding reputation to the leadership of Adriana Barrera, a practitioner who adds value to any IP discussion and makes quality an absolute priority. She is always seeking to broaden the firm’s horizons and in 2020 launched a regulatory affairs practice to complement its patent and other IP activities. In a display of efficient teamwork, she and patent and trademark prosecution specialist Medalith Albarracin teamed up to fulfil the filing needs of a diverse coterie of clients, including Pieriplast, part of a Latin American packaging group; Sennics Co, a global polymer additive supplier; and Korean food company CJ CheilJedang.

Barreda Moller

Gold-ranked Barreda Moller has long paced the IP field in Peru and, though the market is more competitive now than ever before, still stands as a byword for quality, precision, rich knowledge and bench depth. The esteemed boutique offers a comprehensive menu of patent services to innovators that lean on it for support in adjacent areas such as unfair competition law and data protection. A domestic and international IP heavyweight, Fernando Barreda is the first port of call for perspicacious advice at the strategic level.


ClarkeModet has maintained a presence in Peru for nearly two decades and understands all the nuances of protecting patent rights in the country. It adapts to the evolving needs of clients with agility and is constantly finessing its processes and systems to ensure a reliable service, delivered by an integrated and well-managed team of lawyers, scientific and engineering experts and IP agents. Those who enlist ClarkeModet benefit not just from its local expertise, but also from its international know-how and cavernous chest of resources. Silvana López serves as general manager in Peru.

Estudio Colmenares & Asociados

An award-winning patent and trademark firm with a 117-year history, Colmenares is a go-to for sophisticated IP advice. Effortlessly overcoming obstacles in the prosecution process, the set sees applications through to successful grant with impressive efficiency, often acting on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies as well as Peruvian universities. Contentious mandates are also a forte and a daily feature of practice for the ensemble’s 40-plus professionals. Managing partner Maria Del Carmen Arana provides staunch leadership to a group that includes lawyers, physical and chemical biologists, translators and others.

Estudio Echecopar

“Estudio Echecopar has a great team of lawyers with huge experience and knowledge in the patent field. They are always available, respond to all queries quickly and give excellent advice on challenging matters.” Deploying 360-degree patent expertise and taking advantage of refined industry knowledge to customise solutions, the group gives all the right support to clients as they procure, manage, commercialise, enforce and defend their intangible assets. Worthy of special mention is its affinity for pharmaceutical and biotechnology briefs and transactional assignments in the life sciences. Luis Alonso García Muñoz-Nájar has a striking CV, with highlights including stints as a senior foreign trade minister, a leader of INDECOPI and an IP lecturer at multiple universities. The seasoned patent, trademark and regulatory lawyer gives a first-class service to pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industry concerns.

Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados

When discussing the elite IP players in Peru, sources do not hesitate to endorse Fernández-Dávila & Bueno as a “highly respected and extremely capable” outfit. The registry and litigation functions of this full-service firm dovetail neatly with its IP, competition and other practices, thanks to a resolutely holistic approach. As a result, the team understands the business criticality of patents and solves patent problems not in isolation, but with the bigger commercial picture in mind. This is particularly true in the life sciences, for which the firm has established a special industry group – comprising attorneys and scientists – dedicated to advising on patent protection and regulatory matters. The fulcrum around which the practice turns is Carlos Fernández-Dávila Winkler, a versatile competition, regulatory and IP lawyer.

Muñiz, Olaya, Meléndez, Castro, Ono & Herrera

A discerning choice for prosecution, Muñiz Olaya Melendez Castro Ono & Herrera is a leader when it comes to PCT patent filing, being responsible for approximately 65% of all applications filed by Peruvian inventors. No one-trick pony, it has broad-ranging capabilities and can assist with negotiations, provide valuable strategic advice on IP asset management and more: “The service is comprehensive and the results always satisfying.” Supervising the practice, senior partner Bruno Mérchor makes full use of his advanced degree in business law, specialised IP training, public and private sector work experience, free trade agreement negotiation skills and insight gained as a director of the Inventions and New Technologies Directorate of INDECOPI. His advice is rich and future-focused, and inspires confidence.

Other recommended experts

Ana Teresa Barreto has a total command of all aspects of intellectual property and provides astute strategic counsel on patents, trademarks and copyright. She operates artfully across the contentious/non-contentious divide and works in multiple industry sectors, further enhancing her well-roundedness. She recently joined DLA Piper, having made the switch from ClarkeModet. Oscar Mago of OMC is enthusiastically endorsed as an accomplished attorney who provides actionable guidance and tangibly beneficial solutions. He builds longstanding relationships on the foundations of trust, dedication, quality and great results, and has a loyal international following.


  • Fernando Barreda - Barreda Moller
  • Maria Del Carmen Arana - Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Medalith Albarracin - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Jorge Allende - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Adriana Barrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Carlos Fernández-Dávila Winkler - Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados
  • Luis Alonso García Muñoz-Nájar - Estudio Echecopar
  • Oscar Mago - OMC Abogados & Consultores
  • Bruno Merchor Valderrama - Muñiz, Olaya, Meléndez, Castro, Ono & Herrera
  • Dafne Ramos Samanez - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Ana Teresa Barreto - DLA Piper