As a reflection of Peru’s increasing significance in the international patent market, the IAM Patent 1000 covers the jurisdiction for the first time this year. Intellectual property is an important driver of the nation’s growing economy – the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property has revved up its application turnover rate and recently joined the Global Patent Prosecution Highway pilot programme alongside 25 other countries, giving innovators the chance to establish a presence in larger dynamic markets. Peru has also signed fruitful cooperation agreements with the National Institute of Industrial Property and is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, where one patent application can be safeguarded in numerous jurisdictions.


  • Barreda Moller
  • Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • ClarkeModet 
  • Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados
  • Muñiz Olaya Melendez Castro Ono & Herrera

Allende & Garcia Abogados

“By taking the time to understand what clients need from a business perspective, Allende & Garcia finds ways to secure rights that help bring about commercially rewarding outcomes.” With a technically versatile team and an efficient in-house translation facility, the nimble boutique is a popular choice among foreign companies seeking to establish competitive local market positions and domestic innovators keen to establish an international footprint. The master of ceremonies is Dafne Ramos Samanez, who prosecutes applications through to successful grant without any hitches – a skill she harnesses for the likes of US outfits Snell & Wilmer and FisherBroyles. When litigation looms, garlanded professional Jorge Allende makes the perfect partner. Together with Ramos, he has had a busy recent period tackling nullity actions and oppositions in the mining sector and the mechanical field.

BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados

With its potent combination of lawyers, engineers and translators, BARLAW – led by Adriana Barrera and Medalith Albarracin – offers a comprehensive menu of service options for marquee brand owners and domestic innovators alike. “Its young and talented team is already one of Peru’s best, yet is only destined for further greatness. Their collaborative system, wherein they value client input as much as clients do theirs, make them trusted advisers when making important business decisions.” Managing partner Barrera runs a tight ship and, with a former career at a larger corporate firm under her belt, is well equipped to pull through when there is a lot on the line – as she has done when deftly executing carefully designed litigation strategies for Honda and others. She is also an astute prosecutor who works wonders alongside non-contentious captain Albarracin. The pair push applications from across the industry spectrum through the filing gauntlet to safeguard the rights of Caterpillar, TELEFONICA and other A-list names.

Barreda Moller

In terms of both quantity and quality of patent work, Barreda Moller is unsurpassed in Peru. In Fernando Barreda, it also has one of the country’s IP thought leaders. From drafting applications to defending infringement actions, Barreda consistently drives positive, enduring results the ensemble’s diverse client base. As the former president of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Peruvian delegate of the American Association of Intellectual Property, he counsels from a global vantage point.


Benefiting from the firm’s extensive network of offices spanning 10 jurisdictions, ClarkeModet’s Peruvian contingent provides steadfast, far-reaching support across the contentious/non-contentious divide to domestic and international patrons. Managing partner Ana Teresa Barreto supervises the practice, ensuring that each IP conundrum gets placed in the right expert’s hands.

Estudio Colmenares & Asociados

“Friendly, reliable and cost effective, Estudio Colmenares is hard to beat. On the most complex and high-stakes briefs, it provides the clearest evaluations and most thoughtful recommendations, while showing concern for clients’ broader business objectives.” Maria Del Carmen Arana takes the reins of a team which has proved itself particularly impressive in the pharmaceutical domain. The managing partner recently coordinated a contentious victory regarding an antibody invention for Regeneron; and carved a route to grant, in the face of objections, for Glenmark. The outfit’s close integration within Peru’s academic and non-profit innovation scenes further sets it apart – it supports the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru on ground-breaking projects and recently cultivated relations with the Universidad de Piura.

Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados

General practice firm Fernández-Dávila & Bueno is home to an IP squad that plays the roles of strategic counsellor and business partner to perfection. It takes its cue from founder Carlos Fernández-Dávila Winkler, a leading light on the market who has lectured at key events in the global IP calendar and negotiated Peru’s positions in multinational trade agreements. As a polyglot with an international education, he has a uniquely cosmopolitan outlook, allowing him to engage in productive international dialogues on behalf of Peruvian rights holders.

Muñiz Olaya Melendez Castro Ono & Herrera

The IP department at full-service giant Muñiz Olaya Melendez Castro Ono & Herrera is smaller than some of its counterparts, but no less mighty. With well-calibrated quality control and customer services departments backing professionals who have been put through first-rate training structures, the unit is prepared for any mandate going. Bruno Merchor Valderrama is the mastermind behind its success; the life sciences whizz has the task of protecting commercially vital patents at the cutting edge of innovation down to a fine art.

Other recommended experts

Operating out of Baker McKenzie subsidiary Estudio Echecopar, Luis Alonso García leverages the broad technical expertise at his disposal to conjure up durable strategies for myriad patent holders. Having been involved in the making of large-scale trade agreements, he is an assured negotiator.


  • Fernando Barreda - Barreda Moller
  • Maria Del Carmen Arana - Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Medalith Albarracin - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Jorge Allende - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Adriana Barrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Carlos Fernández-Dávila Winkler - Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados
  • Luis Alonso García - Estudio Echecopar
  • Bruno Merchor Valderrama - Muñiz Olaya Melendez Castro Ono & Herrera
  • Dafne Ramos Samanez - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Ana Teresa Barreto - ClarkeModet