Competition remains as fierce as ever in the Dutch market, with a crowded patent space prompting litigators to expand into other fields. The two main concerns for the big-hitters in the Dutch patent industry remain that of the UPC and Brexit. Advocates of the UPC believe that it will provide new and unique opportunities but, for the most part, practitioners are adopting a wait-and-see attitude towards it. Uncertainty aside, the courts have been busy with many big international disputes of late – ASML v Nikon and the dispute between Ferring and Allergan spring to mind.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • Brinkhof
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • BarentsKrans
  • DLA Piper
  • NautaDutilh
  • Taylor Wessing

Firms: prosecution

Allen & Overy LLP

Clients seek out Allen & Overy because of its unique capacity for international strategic collaboration. The vast array of talent – which spans 10 important IP jurisdictions on different continents – at the disposal of clients ensures that matters are looked at from a variety of different angles. Heading up the practice in Amsterdam is Frits Gerritzen, a punchy litigator who acts decisively for those instructing him. Linking up with partners in London, he is currently assisting Regeneron with respect to an international enforcement campaign to protect its transgenic mice production technology. His touch is deft on the transactional side and, again joining forces with international colleagues, he has been acting for Qualcomm on its $47 billion acquisition of NXP Semiconductor.

AOMB Intellectual Property

AOMB has been making hefty strides in the life sciences arena of late with main man René Raggers leading the charge; more innovators are knocking on the firm’s door for assistance in patent litigation – a significant step change for a practice traditionally dominated by manufacturers of generic drugs. The senior European and Dutch patent attorney and biology and biotechnology ace personifies the firm’s personal and hands-on approach to client work and he is a popular choice for prestigious clients such as the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Raggers is recommended by peers at competitor firms faced with a conflict of interest, which is testament to his high standing in the profession. His counterpart in the electrical arts is Hans Dohmen. He is in his element when diving into the nitty gritty of his clients’ inventions but he always keeps one eye on the bigger picture and has a knack for creating IP value.

Arnold & Siedsma

Proactive, practical and committed, the practitioners at Arnold & Siedsma form a well-rounded team that is all about quality. Easy to pick out from the crowd, the firm deals with prosecution and litigation at a high level; it has gold-plated experience of large European projects given its presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, and was one of the first ISO 9001-certified IP firms in the Dutch market. Managing partner Paul Hylarides does a fantastic job steering the ship, dispensing commercially apt advice with regard to the protection of electrical engineering innovations. “Instrumental to the expansion of the firm, Paul is an excellent professional with tremendous intuition or ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’ for the core issues. He does a tremendous job in a very cost-efficient manner.” Hylarides handles a large volume of work for Samsung alongside Joost Grootscholten, a noted software expert. Another software champion and broad high-tech ace is Addick Land, who shines on matters that are contentious and cross-border in nature. Martin Luten is another go-to when infringement headaches loom: “He has a unique ability to understand the needs of his clients and masterminds effective enforcement strategies that produce optimal results.” “His eye for detail is impressive and he understands new technologies very quickly.” When it comes to mechanical and civil engineering, and medical and information technology, innovators would do well to call on Arjen Hooiveld or Rogier Brouwer. Arjen is a “magnificent strategist with a very pragmatic approach and one of the most prominent patent attorneys in the Netherlands” – a good choice, then, to represent Nikon against ASML and Carl Zeiss in the biggest Dutch patent case in history; Brouwer has held leading management positions in industry and knows where his clients are coming from. Anchoring the life sciences practice are Petri van Someren and Marcel van Kooij, the former a leading connoisseur on plant breeding and the latter a highly experienced EPO patent defender and nullifier, and broad biopharmaceutical expert.


BarentsKrans is one of the fastest growing firms in the Netherlands. Building long-lasting relationships with clients, this dedicated outfit is “a responsive group, which can be relied upon to come up with creative litigation strategies and provide astute advice”. The dynamic duo of Jaap Bremer and Marleen van den Horst are “highly regarded and very strong patent litigators especially in the field of life sciences”. Clients find Bremer to be an extremely trustworthy adviser; “He is really hands-on, isn’t afraid to be honest with clients and charges reasonable rates.” Van den Horst “not only has a good understanding of intellectual property but also legislation for drugs and medicine. She has an instinctual feel for the court’s position on various issues, enabling arguments to be tailored to find maximum traction with the leading IP judges in her jurisdiction. She is a top-tier litigator for pharmaceutical patent litigations”. They have acted for Mylan for more than two decades.

Bird & Bird LLP

Bird & Bird’s team in the Netherlands is an essential cog of the firm’s international machine thanks to its excellent results and work practices. “The side is captained by top case managers and is very easy to work with. In terms of patent litgation, Bird & Bird is a leading law firm.” Crucial to its success is head of the IP practice Wouter Pors. Pors “is not rash when it comes to going to court. He is especially keen on putting the interests of the client first and if it is better for his client to negotiate or make a deal he will not hesitate to do so”. He is “strategic, clear, down to earth and a pleasure to work with”. For those with queries relating to the UPC, he is an excellent reference. Leading life sciences specialist Marc van Wijngaarden is known for his work in cross-border patent litigation and spends a lot of time wading through tempestuous waters for pharmaceutical giants. A reassuring and calming influence during heated litigation, Armand Killan “is one of the best known and most experienced patent litigators in the Netherlands. He has a deep and solid understanding of the industries that he works in and has tremendous knowledge of relevant products, strategies and legal and business people. He is very realisitc about what his clients need and for this he is a very valuable resource”. He handles litigation against Boston Scientific in the Netherlands on behalf of Edwards Lifesciences.


Brinkhof is “a thoroughly experienced IP firm doing work at the highest level and a class act which certainly merits the highest ranking. Its practitioners consistently deliver top-quality litigation results in a full range of technical areas”, burning brightly when coordinating large pan-European cases. All four partners are warmly recommended by the IAM Patent 1000. “Mark van Gardingen is the best patent lawyer in the Netherlands,” enthuses one source: “He is able to create a virtual reality and carry the judges along with his narrative. He is intelligent, tenacious and amazing in terms of oral advocacy and strategic foresight.” Lining up alongside him in representing pharmaceutical giant Sandoz is Daan de Lange, “a brilliant, hugely talented patent lawyer with a special talent for winning practically impossible lawsuits”. Another artful persuader is Richard Ebbink, “one of the most renowned patent litigators in the Netherlands with in-depth expertise especially in the healthcare industry”. Koen Bijvank is “a technical powerhouse with a passion for patent strategy”.

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is “a leading European IP counsel with an exceptional combination of theoretical and practical business expertise”. Covering the full spectrum of IP work and representing some of the biggest Benelux and multinational companies, it leads the way on matters at the intersection of IP and competition law, on major court litigations and the biggest corporate transactions. Star of the show Gertjan Kuipers is “possibly the top player in the patent field” and “if you have him by your side in the courtroom, it is a privilege”. Also highly rated is Tjibbe Douma, “a walking encyclopaedia of intellectual property and law who makes it his business to know every single detail of his cases”. “He is an excellent resource for multi-jurisdictional cases” and, alongside Kuipers, is currently acting for Ferring against Allergan on Dutch and US patent litigation. “He really understands his clients’ commercial objectives and provides proactive advice that goes beyond the particular case at hand.” Joining them in the guide for the first time this year is Oscar Lamme, a “technically astute lawyer with an outstanding ability to break down complex legal concepts for his clients”.

De Vries & Metman 

De Vries & Metman provides a tailored service across a kaleidoscopic range of technical areas via an experienced and cosmopolitan team; it is an invaluable ally for the country’s top law firms in litigation proceedings, and a reliable patent prosecutor and portfolio manager. “Extremely diligent and committed”, Arnt Aalbers leads the crew by example. The former Akzo Nobel in-house counsel is among the top experts in the country on mechanical engineering patent matters, alongside his colleague Louw Feenstra, an experienced researcher with a PhD in applied physics. The high-tech theatre is where Ferry van Looijengoed and Erik Visscher play leading roles. Van Looijengoed, who has recently been defending standard-essential telecoms patent assertions against client Asus, is “superior in his field. He has vast experience, really understands the tech, knows how legal proceedings work and communicates with crystal clarity. He is not afraid to get stuck in but is also excellent at high-level strategic thinking”. Visscher is at the forefront of developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and is building portfolios for Promaton and Aidence encompassing AI-based inventions. Lilian Hesselink has the key to unlock IP value in the chemistry domain.

DLA Piper

Full lifecycle patent practice is the name of the game at DLA Piper, which thrives in the cut and thrust of litigation and deal negotiation and proficiently handles asset management and restructuring tasks. With veteran litigator Paul Reeskamp and legal director Alexander Tsoutsanis on deck, heavy-duty patent litigation is a forte for the Dutch team, which is currently busy on sundry important cases: Reeskamp is representing Fresenius Kabi in the Dutch and Belgian aspects of its global litigation against Eli Lilly regarding the latter’s blockbuster Alimta drug, while Tsoutsanis displays a similar facility for cross-border actions, in a strategically intricate dispute in the ebike space. Highly experienced in litigation, life sciences aficionado Johan Renes is prized by the C-suite for his strategic and commercial IP insights.


EP&C never cuts corners; “The team consists of some brilliant guys who really go beyond the ‘nine to six’ mentality. That they work incredibly hard is one of the key ingredients in their success.” Seeing round corners is another; the professionals here take the long view on patent protection and strategy, making their advice valuable and cost-effective. Managing partner and mechanical engineer Hendrik Jan Brookhuis is a guiding light when it comes to protecting inventions and advising on disputes. Civil engineer Walter Hart soothes the pressing IP concerns of leading players in the energy, packaging and transport sectors; he is a confidence-inspiring patent attorney for whom a good patent is a business asset and not just a piece of paper. Hart is also an expert on all things UPC-related, as is Jordi Kox who wrote a thesis on the subject while taking his MA in IP law and management. Kox is a talented linguist who speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and German – this, combined with his down-to-earth sensibility, makes him easy for just about any company to partner with on IP strategy implementation projects.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is a dream for any multinational company looking for sage IP guidance with a strong commercial flavour. The Dutch wing of this well-oiled machine is particularly strong when it comes to the pharmaceutical and technology sectors and consists of a “team of top-notch litigators that can easily handle the most technically complex cases”. The driving force behind the side is patent litigation supremo Rutger Kleemans, who is lauded by sources as a wonderful problem solver. He is coordinating the European part of NIKON’s litigation against ASML which, in the Netherlands, involves 22 separate patent infringement and validity actions before courts in The Hague. Working with him on this is Jelle Drok, a creative litigator who boasts a strong technical background in aerospace engineering. Peter Hendrick helms the firm’s international patent litigation practice and continues to be looked up to as a thought leader on multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Hogan Lovells

As a microcosm of the global firm, the Netherlands contingent of Hogan Lovells is no stranger to massive patent litigations; it is currently representing NIKON on the Dutch leg of its dispute against ASML – the largest ever patent case in the country. Comfortable in the limelight are sturdy battlers Bert Oosting, Klaas Bisschop and Ruud van der Velden, who together form a redoubtable team. “Bert and Klaas are experienced and strong litigators and excellent communicators who present engagingly in court.” Garnering particular praise for this year’s IAM Patent 1000, Bisschop is “extremely effective at thinking on his feet because he prepares his cases to an unbelievable extent”. Van der Velden “is excellent with clients and more than capable of handling important matters independently. He gets his head around complex scenarios rapidly and provides precise legal advice in a responsive manner.” The team acquits itself with rare distinction in the life sciences, with its combination of patent, competition and regulatory expertise.


“The top boutique in the Netherlands,” Hoyng Rokh Monegier has a high-calibre line-up of in-sync lawyers and patent attorneys, who perform flawlessly in bet-the-company cross-border IP litigations over cutting-edge technologies. Willem Hoyng has attained legendary status for his feats of advocacy in court. “He has the most rigorous legal mind and is a top-flight strategic thinker who knows how the courts approach matters. He is the person you need by your side in a big case.” That said, you will not put a foot wrong if Bart van den Broek is your lead. The Amsterdam managing partner is “as technically astute as they come” and “has a gift for devising the simplest, most persuasive arguments that stake out the most complex and challenging positions”. Next to Hoyng on the frontlines of major biopharmaceutical cases is Simon Dack, a five-star litigator with “a tremendous ability to see a case from all sides and develop a strategy which can weave through all difficult issues. He is extremely dedicated and has excellent court vision”. Two of the esteemed ensemble’s most versatile operators are Geert Theuws and Theo Blomme, both of whom also garner strong recommendations from the market: “Geert is efficient and straightforward and focuses 100% on how to win a case. He is excellent from both a technical and legal perspective and well-prepared for – and highly persuasive in – oral proceedings.” Blomme is “an extremely safe pair of hands in court” and, from an opponent’s perspective, “a formidable adversary from start to finish”. This year’s IAM Patent 1000 attests to the firm’s deep prosecution bench, recognising Wilbert Derks, Jeroen den Hartog, David Owen and Michiel de Baat for their high-efficiency, high-quality handling of patent procurement efforts and questions of IP strategy. Derks’s background is in polymer technology and he is described as “a real asset on a project team because he is someone you can interact with on a business level”. With a specialisation in chemical technologies, “Jeroen’s extensive in-house experience grants him a strong strategic and commercial sense and a pragmatic outlook”. Electrical engineer Owen stands out for his combined knowledge of US and European patent law: “The quality of his work is outstanding, which is shown convincingly by the broad scope of the claims he gets granted and the number of applications he handles. He grasps the essence of inventions rapidly and translates this into well written patents.” De Baat produces “subtle, smart work and is strategically very intelligent and a formidable opponent”. One of the broadest skill sets in the group belongs to IP enforcement and transactional ace Frank Eijsvogels, whose knowledge of patent, design, trademark, trade secret and unfair competition law is second to none.


NautaDutilh has a perfectly formed Benelux IP group with excellent professionals in its Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg offices all working in harmony; that it is also an eminent Dutch commercial firm makes it all the more compelling for rights holders with broad business interests in the region. Strong technical expertise and industry knowledge enable the set’s litigators to resolve and not just fight complex patent disputes, which they do with great proficiency across many different sectors. Hailed for her “high-quality but cost-effective representation” and “deep knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical disputes”, Anne Marie Verschuur heads the practice. She has the coordination of multi-jurisdictional cases down to a fine art.


At the cutting edge of intellectual property for over 130 years, NLO has rich experience guiding patrons on patent strategy and protecting their innovations. Matched by only one other, the firm has eight individuals recommended for prosecution in the IAM Patent 1000, such is the depth of its technical bench. Standouts in the mechanical engineering and medical device areas are Maarten Ketelaars and Paul Clarkson. Ketelaars is “highly engaged and enthusiastic about his work” in a way that is infectious and has an enhanced level of commercial knowledge given his business management experience at the firm. Former EPO examiner Clarkson speaks Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish and loves facilitating international business and connections. In the high-tech domain, Hans Bottema and Hans Hutter take charge; physicist Bottema understands the importance of patents as business assets first hand as a result of his time spent in-house. Hutter is a go-to for leading players in the telecoms industry. Able to call on Bart Swinkels, Arthur Meekel, Mari Korsten and David Bot and get a fast and quality response, companies in the life sciences are well served by NLO. “Swinkels is one of the best attorneys in the industry and the complete package.” He is great at analysing competitive landscapes and handling contentious matters nationally and at the European level. Meekel comes from an organic and biochemistry background and specialises in EPO oppositions and appeals. Former Novartis man Korsten, meanwhile, is “excellent in a patent litigation context”. Bot is the leading food and nutrition patent expert in the country.

Patentwerk BV

“Well-organised, flexible and full of eminently qualified individuals”, Patentwerk “provides effective guidance to established companies and those with growing patent aspirations from beginning to end with respect to the protection of innovation”. The ISO 9001 – and 27001 – certified firm has impressive leaders in Hein van den Heuvel and Bas Langenhuijsen, who specialise in the industrial production machine and chemistry areas respectively. Van den Heuvel established the firm and instilled the team with a personal, hands-on approach. “Over many years, Bas has proved himself to be a strategically smart practitioner. He adds value as a result of his business knowledge and offers first-class and often highly creative solutions.”

Simmons & Simmons LLP

Simmons & Simmons is distinguished by the multifaceted nature of its patent practice; not only does it bring the heat in major pieces of patent litigation, it also brokers international transactions with an assured hand and, as of May 2018 when it launched its European prosecution practice, sees to patent filings with precision and finesse. The tip of the spear in benchmark litigations is Bas Berghuis van Woortman, an experienced advocate and repository of trust for leaders in global industry. Of late he has been busy representing Allergan and Serenity in a major multistream case against Ferring, while also handling enforcement matters for HP regarding the design and functionality of toner cartridges. By his side on many matters, but also frequently taking the lead, is Mattie de Koning, a “clever patent lawyer with a strong technical background and exceptional analytical skills”.

Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing can make great things happen for international technology companies thanks to its strong IP practice across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The team in the Netherlands delivers crisp results in the sort of litigations that hit headlines. In these, sharpshooter Judith Krens “knows the winning formula and is brilliant to work with; her legal knowledge is outstanding but moreover she really understands the technology”. She is currently handling one of the country’s biggest biotech cases, acting for Pfizer against Hoffmann-La Roche with respect to monoclonal antibody bevacizumab. Also proficient in the life sciences, but a rangy litigator with a strong high-tech practice too, is Wim Maas. “Wim provides commercial and pragmatic advice and delivers to tight deadlines. He understands the pharmaceutical industry well and appreciates the pressures and goals of those within it.”

VO Patents & Trademarks 

Well-built patent attorney firm VO is a vital strategic ally for creators from the initial stages of ideation, through all phases of patent prosecution and in litigation as well. Last year was an exceptionally busy one for the crew across virtually all conceivable technical areas and industries, proving that there is a specialist here for any and every occasion. The highest of high-tech companies make a beeline to Cees Jansen; he knows exactly what they are after, having served as head of patents in-house at two companies – unstintingly dedicated to quality, he always delivers. On the mechanical engineering front, Bernard Ledeboer and Leo Jessen are the names on which to focus. Ledeboer “has tremendous experience in dealing with the courts and has a knack for presenting cases clearly and effectively”. “Gifted in both prosecution and litigation”, Jessen is, likewise, “extremely good at building a case”. Otto Oudshoorn, Hajo Kraak and Frits Schut are mainstays of the life sciences and chemistry practice. Heading this up, Oudshoorn is an authority on food technology; Kraak is another of the firm’s experienced former in-house patent counsels and can be relied on for a commercially tuned-up service on chemical and pharmaceutical matters. As co-director of a start-up, Schut has first-hand commercial experience; another “brilliant life sciences sage who is extremely talented and technically astute”.

Vondst Advocaten NV

Representing some of the biggest names in the life sciences field, boutique Vondst Advocaten “has been performing at a consistently high level and impressed with its recent results”. With ferocious litigators in its ranks, this team routinely goes above and beyond to get results. Arvid van Oorschot “is fuelled by a strong desire to win and does everything in his power to secure victory. His stamina and assertiveness in the courtroom make him a redoubtable lawyer. He possesses outstanding analytical skills and understands technical situations quickly; crucially, he also knows how to translate complicated technical topics into accessible language”. Another high flyer in the courtroom is Otto Swens, “a clever litigator with an instinctual feel for the strongest arguments”. He also “demonstrates a strong understanding of his clients’ businesses and is extremely responsive, too”. Also enthusiastically endorsed is Ricardo Dijkstra. “He provides efficient advice that is easy to implement in practice and is an excellent lawyer and a well-respected Dutch patent litigator.”

Other recommended experts

AKD’s “Peter Claassen is an authoritative and experienced patent litigator with an astonishing ability to get on top of the facts of a complex case quickly”. “Jelle Hoekstra can explain things clearly and knows the relevant case law”. The software mastermind and passionate educator co-founded DeltaPatents. HGF established its first international office in The Hague in 2015, recruiting a number of reputable chemical and material science specialists to staff it. One of them is Achim Krebs, an experienced attorney with a vibrant transactional practice. András Kupecz plies his trade at Kupecz Intellectual Property and is lauded as “one of the most knowledgeable experts in the pharmaceutical field in the Netherlands. Being both qualified as a patent attorney and a lawyer, he is able to parse out complex issues and has the necessary critical aptitude to quickly get to the heart of a matter”. Clients rate Sebastian Pinckaers for his clarity of expression, thorough understanding of the patent system and for the transparency with which he works. The experienced licensing strategist and enforcer leads Van Doorne’s patent and trade secrets practice. Dynamic trailblazer Thijs van Aerde of Houthoff “is one of the go-to guys for Supreme Court litigation. The fact that he has been able to build such a name at such a young age is very impressive”. Covering the broadest range of technologies, Jacques van Breda of Los & Stigter deploys his experience as a deputy judge to surpass expectations in the courtroom.

Individuals: litigation

  • Bas Berghuis van Woortman - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Daan de Lange - Brinkhof
  • Richard E Ebbink - Brinkhof
  • Willem A Hoyng - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Rutger Kleemans - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
  • Gertjan Kuipers - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Bert Oosting - Hogan Lovells
  • Bart van den Broek - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Mark GR van Gardingen - Brinkhof
  • Koen Bijvank - Brinkhof
  • Klaas AJ Bisschop - Hogan Lovells
  • Jaap Bremer - BarentsKrans
  • Mattie de Koning - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Ricardo Dijkstra - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Frank Eijsvogels - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Armand Killan - Bird & Bird LLP
  • András Kupecz - Kupecz Intellectual Property
  • Wouter E Pors - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Paul Reeskamp - DLA Piper
  • Otto Swens - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Marleen HJ van den Horst - BarentsKrans
  • Ruud van der Velden - Hogan Lovells
  • Arvid van Oorschot - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Marc van Wijngaarden - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Anne Marie Verschuur - NautaDutilh
  • Peter Claassen - AKD NV
  • Tjibbe Douma - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Jelle Drok - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
  • Frits Gerritzen - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Judith Krens - Taylor Wessing
  • Oscar Lamme - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Wim Maas - Taylor Wessing
  • JC Sebastian Pinckaers - Van Doorne
  • Geert Theuws - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Alexander Tsoutsanis - DLA Piper
  • Thijs van Aerde - Houthoff

Individuals: prosecution

  • Arnt Aalbers - De Vries & Metman
  • David Bot - NLO
  • Hans J Bottema - NLO
  • Hendrik Jan Brookhuis - EP&C BV
  • Rogier Brouwer - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Paul Clarkson - NLO
  • Michiel de Baat - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Jeroen den Hartog - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Wilbert Derks - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Hans Dohmen - AOMB Intellectual Property
  • Louw Feenstra - De Vries & Metman
  • Joost Grootscholten - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Walter Hart - EP&C BV
  • Lilian Hesselink - De Vries & Metman
  • Jelle Hoekstra - DeltaPatents BV
  • Arjen JW Hooiveld - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Hans Hutter - NLO
  • Paul J Hylarides - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Cees Jansen - VO Patents & Trademarks 
  • Leo Jessen - VO Patents & Trademarks 
  • Maarten FJM Ketelaars - NLO
  • Mari Korsten - NLO
  • Jordi Kox - EP&C BV
  • Hajo Kraak - VO Patents & Trademarks 
  • Achim Krebs - HGF Ltd
  • Addick Land - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Bas WH Langenhuijsen - Patentwerk BV
  • Bernard Ledeboer - VO Patents & Trademarks 
  • Martin Luten - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Arthur Meekel - NLO
  • Otto Oudshoorn - VO Patents & Trademarks 
  • Rene J Raggers - AOMB Intellectual Property
  • Johan Renes - DLA Piper
  • Frits Schut - VO Patents & Trademarks 
  • Bart W Swinkels - NLO
  • Jacques van Breda - Los & Stigter
  • Hein van den Heuvel - Patentwerk BV
  • Marcel van Kooij - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Ferry van Looijengoed - De Vries & Metman
  • Petri van Someren - Arnold & Siedsma
  • Erik Visscher - De Vries & Metman


  • Peter Hendrick - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP