The Netherlands was named the world’s fourth most innovative country in 2019 by WIPO. With the nation investing considerably in R&D activities via supportive tax credits, initiatives at prestigious institutions and strategic partnerships between the government and scientific industries, this impressive ranking comes as no surprise. While uncertainty remains regarding the Unified Patent Court, Brexit has created new opportunities on the Dutch market as it pushes a significant number of companies out of the United Kingdom and into the Netherlands.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • Brinkhof 
  • BarentsKrans
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • DLA Piper
  • Houthoff
  • NautaDutilh
  • Taylor Wessing

Firms: prosecution

Allen & Overy LLP

“Allen & Overy is unquestionably one of the best commercial law firms worldwide and is excellent in the field of patent litigation. With its vast experience in the practice, it can go to war and emerge victorious.” Collaborating seamlessly with the firm’s international network, the Dutch contingent – itself impressively deep – delivers top-notch results that meet and exceed clients’ demands at a global level. The set shines brightest in life sciences disputes, thanks to outstanding leadership from the “seasoned and skilful” Frits Gerritzen: “He is tremendously pragmatic and able to understand the complexities of matters with such ease that he can present and play with them.”

AOMB Intellectual Property

Fast-growing AOMB deploys patent experts in five offices located across the Netherlands and three in Poland to deliver strategically astute domestic and cross-border IP advice. Lauded for its insight in the life sciences, the team relishes the challenge of protecting cutting-edge innovations that save and improve lives. Superbly qualified biologist René Raggers comes to the table with a PhD and several years’ experience working in industry as a senior scientist. With a broad view of the patent landscape stemming from dual expertise in prosecution and litigation, he is a far-sighted IP strategist with an unswerving commitment to the work he loves so much.

Arnold & Siedsma 

In its centenary year, Arnold & Siedsma looks stronger than ever. The international IP boutique – home to 150-plus specialists in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland – acquits itself with distinction in patent prosecution and litigation to give an exceptionally well-rounded service to innovators. The first ISO 9001-certified major IP firm in the Netherlands, it conducts itself in a highly organised, efficient manner. Several of its Dutch practitioners garner enthusiastic praise from the market. An adroit handler of industrial engineering briefs, Rogier Brouwer is “extremely diligent and highly responsive” and “always finds ways to add value”. “He is great at managing client relationships and effective at outlining strategies in clear, concise language, so his advice can be easily implemented. He always delivers on his promises.” Experts in medical technology and mechanical engineering Martin Luten and Arjen Hooiveld are “always willing to go the extra mile and together form an excellent team”. “Arjen is a brilliant strategist and relationship partner”; while “Martin has a great eye for detail and is an assured performer in the courtroom”. Focused on computer technology and electrical engineering, Joost Grootscholten is “remarkably fast in analysing complex material, and quick at understanding the nuances of patent practice and procedure in foreign jurisdictions. His language skills are really impressive, too.” Paul J Hylarides has similar technical bearing and is recommended for his telecommunications and software expertise: “Paul has razor-sharp skills when it comes to EPO oppositions and is a worthy adversary.” As one of the firm’s managing partners, the Eindhoven-based pro has “got Arnold & Siedsma shipshape for the next decade”. Flexing a blended patent and trademark skillset, Michiel Rijsdijk is a go-to for opinions: “The counsel he gives is tremendously helpful and often profound.” Anchoring the life sciences practice, meanwhile, are Marcel van Kooij and Petri van Someren – both authorities on plant breeders’ rights and biotechnology more broadly.


Ascending to the silver tier this year, BarentsKrans “stands out for its ability to understand clients’ individual needs and adjust strategies accordingly without ever compromising on its tenacity in litigation”. A vital partner to generic pharmaceutical companies, it puts in resonant performances in commercially consequential life sciences actions as a matter of routine. “Digging into the details of cases and providing rock-solid support” to Mylan and many others, Jaap Bremer “has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical area and is one of the best patent litigators in the country. He sees things from the perspective of his clients and applies a rigorous intellect to the task of constructive problem solving. He stays calm under pressure and is quick on his feet.” He stands shoulder to shoulder with head of intellectual property and technology Marleen van den Horst, who is also distinguished by her pharmaceutical and regulatory knowledge: “She pushes forward energetically and is always ready to pursue unconventional approaches if they look promising.”

Bird & Bird LLP

A “high-quality firm” with the advantage of an “exceptionally strong European network” and a collaborative ethos, Bird & Bird does a terrific job dispatching technically dense cross-border patent mandates. The team in the Netherlands litigates extensively on behalf of household-name technology and life sciences companies, and regularly scores decisive wins. Spearheading much of its contentious activity is Armand Killan; he has had an exceptionally busy caseload recently, fighting the corners of Nokia against Apple and Samsung, Edwards Lifesciences against Boston Scientific and Qualcomm against Apple. Fellow sharpshooters Wouter Pors and Marc van Wijngaarden have also been on the frontlines of weighty disputes – Pors acting for biopharmaceutical company Ablynx against Unilever and VHsquared, and van Wijngaarden representing Anheuser-Busch InBev against Heineken. Evidently, all three are in hot demand for representation in the sort of competitor battles that shape entire technology and industry landscapes.


Brinkhof represents the gold standard when it comes to patent practice in the Netherlands. “Not only does the group possess profound knowledge and experience, but it also goes the extra mile to really understand clients’ needs, thus serving as an essential strategic partner more than just an external service provider.” “Quick on their feet and street-smart,” the professionals here excel at coordinating international litigation campaigns, to which they take a “no-nonsense approach”. Moreover, they are “extremely demanding of themselves in terms of quality and results”. Mark van Gardingen is “a formidable opponent who works tirelessly, leaving nothing to chance. His thoroughness and clarity of presentation make him a tremendous advocate – epic, even.” Colleague Daan de Lange is an “assured and strong advocate in court, as well as a brilliant all-round patent lawyer. He has the determination to win in seemingly impossible circumstances.” The pair combine as a force to be reckoned with: “It is very impressive how quickly Mark and Daan familiarise themselves with complex technology and lead the way through complex proceedings. Their communication is always effective and targeted.” Regarded as “one of the leading patent professionals in Europe”, polyglot Richard Ebbink has the enduring respect of the patent community: “The way he presents a case is perfect and very convincing.” Rounding out the remarkable team, Koen Bijvank has chalked up abundant experience before the EPO; “he is exceptional and someone you definitely want on your side, not the other”.

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

Dutch stalwart De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is well equipped to provide staunch IP litigation and transactional representation to industry leaders. Regularly duking it out on behalf of top multinationals, the team demonstrates confidence and poise in high-exposure cases. Offering “attentive counsel and top-notch advice”, Gertjan Kuipers has a wealth of lead counsel experience in important cross-border disputes and strategic licensing engagements and is a repository of trust for innovators in the mechanical, electrical and pharmaceutical fields. Also recommended, Oscar Lamme has a “great eye for technical detail coupled with a strong commercial understanding”.

De Vries & Metman 

Setting the highest standards for prosecution in the Netherlands, De Vries & Metman’s team of highly qualified and trained professionals is renowned for the strength and breadth of the protection it secures. With a broad technical compass, it procures copper-bottomed patents for a colourful catalogue of clients, from individual inventors and small and medium-sized enterprises to global corporations. The key contacts are Ferry van Looijengoed, Erik Visscher, Lilian Hesselink, Arnt Aalbers and Louw Feenstra, each of whom brings tremendous value to the practice. Van Looijengoed is a physics and materials science double graduate with rich technical and legal expertise, making him an ideal match for contentious briefs. Cut from similarly fine cloth, Visscher has a PhD in semiconductor physics and is a former EPO examiner and De Brauw lawyer. A mainstay of the chemical practice, Hesselink supports clients’ business development in meaningful ways with her deft commercial touch. Aalbers is a hands-on solver of complex mechanical engineering problems; so too is doctor of applied physics Feenstra, who relishes getting into the technical nitty-gritty.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper’s Amsterdam contingent has no blind spots when it comes to intellectual property; though best known for its litigation and transactional prowess, it provides trenchant commercial guidance to innovators throughout all phases of the patent lifecycle. The set gains an edge by drawing judiciously on the firm’s global support package, which includes 100 qualified patent attorneys. Worthy of special mention is the pharmaceutical and medical device litigation practice, spearheaded by Paul Reeskamp and Johan Renes, who pair up to deliver a killer one-two punch on behalf of clients. They are currently representing Scenic Biotech in a patent suit brought by German company Vivoryon relating to oncology patents and raising important questions on the scope of the research exemption. They also recently represented MBH International against Coloplast in a significant multi-jurisdictional case regarding urinary catheters; as a result of their efforts, the Dutch court overruled the EPO’s opposition division in summary proceedings and then ruled in MBH’s favour in main proceedings. A local linchpin for a decade, Alexander Tsoutsanis is another engine of success in complex litigation. “Alex brings a focused approach to cases and devises grounded legal strategies that are well adapted to clients’ business needs. He alleviates the burden of litigation.”


EP&C is hailed as “a well-established firm with an excellent patent practice and great technical expertise”. Its intelligent, commercially perceptive team never loses sight of the big picture when carrying out its protection duties. Mechanical engineers Hendrik Jan Brookhuis and Jordi Kox are key names for the address book. Brookhuis gets on a level with inventors, who are confident in the knowledge that their creations will be protected in both the short and long term. Kox is a “strong, analytical and thorough professional” who nets success before the EPO time and again. Logical and resourceful, Walter Hart’s understanding of civil engineering technology is second to none and his guidance is always neatly tailored to clients’ needs.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

The Dutch wing of multinational law firm Freshfields “consistently lives up to its reputation for excellence”. Routinely involved in some of the weightiest patent cases in the Netherlands on behalf of a slew of prestigious life sciences and technology companies, it leverages its extensive global team to offer all-encompassing patent support to its faithful followers. Rutger Kleemans has the golden touch and a down-to-earth style both in negotiations and in the courtroom. “Rutger is tremendously smart and uses his knowledge wisely, but he isn’t the least bit arrogant about it.” He is unflappable too – which is why the likes of Novartis and Roche have recently instructed him on high-exposure matters. Ascending to the silver tier this year, newly minted partner Jelle Drok takes a “fierce and imaginative approach to litigation that disarms and even destabilises his opponents”; coming from an aerospace engineering background, he is rock-solid on the technology, too. Pan-European patent litigation luminary Peter Hendrick continues to be a guiding light, thanks to his deep experience and courtroom finesse.

Hogan Lovells

“Hogan Lovells is at the top of the list of ‘go-to’ law firms not only in the Netherlands, but internationally.” The patent mavens in Amsterdam work collaboratively with their European colleagues to design and execute cogent and impactful cross-border strategies. Among its crackerjack team of patent litigators, “Klaas Bisschop is clearly among the best”. Moving into gold this year, he works swiftly and decisively, and has a stellar hit rate. Sources praise his “outstanding oral advocacy skills” and describe him from a technical perspective as “comprehensive and highly proficient”. Also partnering closely with industry leaders on multi-jurisdictional patent infringement matters is Ruud van der Velden, an “accomplished lawyer who provides dependable legal advice”. “He is excellent at devising strategies that carefully consider the rules of other jurisdictions”. With a deep appreciation of strategy in pharmaceutical litigation and regulatory law, Bert Oosting also makes the difference in transactional settings, given his flair for getting high-value deals signed, sealed and delivered.


Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020, full-service outfit Houtoff has cultivated a robust patent practice, which punches above its weight in numbers to land powerful blows in pharmaceutical and other cases. Thijs van Aerde recently led the way for Fresenius Kabi in a dispute against Eli Lilly concerning ALIMTA, which went all the way to the Supreme Court. As testament to his calibre as a litigator, Van Aerde is one of only a handful of lawyers in the Netherlands to make regular appearances before the country’s highest court. Notably, the firm also has uncommon expertise in plant variety rights and represents leading global breeding companies such as Enza Zaden in infringement matters; Fleur Tuinzing-Westerhuis practises at the cutting edge of this field. Houthoff also acquits itself well in transactional IP matters with specialists such as Thomas de Weerd on board. The tactful negotiator can subtly move discussions in a positive direction; recent work highlights include a $165 million cross-border deal cemented for Shenzhen Goodix Technology with NXP Semiconductor.


HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER sits at the top table when it comes to patent practice both in the Netherlands and internationally. “It simply delivers extremely good results and is a force for good in patent litigation.” Leading the charge on the contentious side is Bart van den Broek, who impresses peers across Europe: “Bart is excellent from both a technical and legal perspective. He prepares for hearings with exceptional thoroughness and then delivers arguments persuasively when it’s time to stand up and present.” Dexterous and dynamic, Frank Eijsvogels utilises his vast IP experience to get to the crux of complex issues. “Frank is a steadfast partner when it comes to driving desirable litigation outcomes; he pursues business-focused strategies.” Seasoned handlers of complex pan-European cases Simon Dack, Geert Theuws and Theo Blomme display deep pharmaceutical industry insight. Dual-qualified Dack is one of the leading life sciences names in the country and a “fair and intelligent litigator who doesn’t play games”. Theuws is renowned for his ability to “grasp complex technical issues quickly” and provide “swift, smart critical advice”. Blomme, meanwhile, is “an incredibly bright, talented and meticulous lawyer with a keen technical and strategic understanding”. Operating alongside them in the life sciences and making his first appearance in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is biotech ace Peter van Schijndel, a “calculated and fast-thinking” practitioner whom top companies are eager to have on side. Central to the success of the firm’s contentious mission, Willem Hoyng “knows the court system inside out and is well connected with all key IP stakeholders in the Netherlands”. Looking towards the equally superlative prosecution team, Wilbert Derks is an energetic professional with a razor-sharp intellect and acute physical chemistry expertise. “Wilbert always asks the right questions and finds the right answers. He can take a difficult problem and deliver clear-cut solutions.” David Owen and Michiel de Baat focus on electrical and mechanical engineering briefs respectively, but both provide first-class guidance on procurement and infringement matters. Drawing on his experience as in-house IP counsel for a multinational, Jeroen den Hartog takes a “very pragmatic, business-centric approach”. “He provides concise and tactical guidance informed by excellent subject-matter and commercial knowledge.”


NautaDutilh’s rich tradition of patent excellence in the Benelux is upheld by a superb crew in the Netherlands. Deeply embedded in the nation’s innovation scene, the firm can be counted on for percipient advice and a personalised, attentive service. A veritable encyclopaedia on all aspects of intellectual property, captain of the Dutch IP group Anne Marie Verschuur is a diligent lawyer who utilises her broad IP toolkit to drive the right results for clients; cross-border disputes are a forte.


Keeping “a sharp eye on clients’ commercial needs”, NLO secures ironclad patent protection both at home and far beyond. The Amsterdam-based practice “operates at the highest level and provides an excellent and careful service”. Fleet of foot across an array of technical domains, the team is always available and easy to reach. With enviable expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, Maarten Ketelaars, Paul Clarkson and Hans Hutter are first ports of call. Ketelaars is “highly knowledgeable, proactive, tenacious and reliable”, and “understands intricate science”. Former EPO examiner Clarkson embraces all challenges thrown his way, but really shines when it comes to oppositions. Hutter deftly builds up portfolios to assist companies in staking out competitive market positions globally; he prosecutes a portion of Baidu’s patent applications in Europe. Fellow physicist Hans Bottema has ample in-house and private practice experience, which informs his sage, business-minded counsel. Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, Catherine Shultz “has a creative disposition and comes up with great ideas that best accommodate client needs. She knows that saving on cost does not have to mean compromising on quality and resolves matters with the snap of her fingers while maintaining the highest standards.” The firm also has a star-studded food, pharmacy and life sciences line-up, with David Bot, Arthur Meekel, Bart Swinkels and Mari Korsten taking centre stage. Bot dreams up profitable patent strategies for several multinationals but demonstrates agility by also acting for exciting start-ups. An ace on EPO oppositions and appeals, Meekel is steeped in organic chemistry, biochemistry and biotech know-how, making him a versatile performer across the life sciences; while Swinkels is active at the vanguard of developments in hot areas such as gene therapy. Korsten’s value lies in his contentious expertise, which he cultivated at Bird & Bird; another former in-house professional, he sees everything through clients’ eyes.

Patentwerk BV

Dynamic European patent attorney team Patentwerk BV has all the technical nous that diverse innovators could want. The ISO 9001 and ISO 27001:2013-certified firm is stringent on standards and processes, and works with great efficiency while over-delivering on its promise of quality. Providing decisive leadership, founding partner Hein van den Heuvel has niche expertise in the area of production machines and is highly adept at handling EPO oppositions. Cited for his “strong technical, analytical and strategic mind”, chemical sage Bas Langenhuijsen is less an external resource than a “valued team member” whom clients lean on heavily: “Bas is a total expert, whose insight and attention to detail are exemplary.” Joining them in the rankings this year is biomedical technology authority Daan Settels, a “quick and creative thinker who processes large amounts of information quickly”.

Simmons & Simmons LLP

As an international commercial outfit, Simmons & Simmons is unique in the Netherlands for its ability to serve all patent prosecution, litigation and transactional needs. This all-encompassing offering informs the group’s holistic, integrated approach to problem solving, making it a magnet for those with multi-layered IP issues. However, big-ticket patent litigation remains the team’s specialist subject, with credit going to Bas Berghuis van Woortman and Mattie de Koning for their incisive representation of top-tier life sciences and technology companies. When they link up, great things tend to happen: they recently secured a victory for ArcelorMittal in a case against competitor Tata Steel which went all the way to the Supreme Court – a result that defined the Dutch position on the doctrine of equivalence. Coming in for particular praise, “Van Woortman has seen it all and is never phased. No matter how tough the corner that he needs to defend, he remains extremely calm and steadfast.”

Taylor Wessing

International IP powerhouse Taylor Wessing has significantly expanded its sphere of influence in the Benelux in the past two years; its Dutch team has been dovetailing seamlessly with the Brussels-based group, which was established in July 2018. Zooming in on the local operations reveals a hard-hitting patent litigation practice staffed by lawyers with sparkling track records in life sciences, electronics and mechanics disputes. Wim Maas and Judith Krens move from bronze to silver this year in recognition of their sterling contentious efforts and enthusiastic market feedback. “Practical and intelligent, Wim quickly grasps the essence of his cases. He devises creative solutions underpinned by an expert knowledge of Dutch and international patent and procedural law; and he’s a real fighter, too.” “Judith is an excellent litigator who is always strategically on point.” These well-rounded practitioners both engage extensively in extra-curricular work, with Maas writing on hot IP topics and Krens promoting diversity in patent practice.

VO Patents & Trademarks 

VO consistently secures results at the EPO, as well as at the Dutch, German, Belgian and US patent offices. The internationally minded team, which boasts expertise across a kaleidoscopic range of technical fields, goes beyond the brief for clients, regularly hosting seminars and providing other learning opportunities while getting close to innovators with off-site meet-the-expert events. Paying testament to the firm’s depth, the IAM Patent 1000 features multiple professionals from both the chemistry/life sciences and engineering sides. Anchoring the former are Hajo Kraak, Frits Schut, Otto Oudshoorn and Marco Molling. Kraak – who stands out for his in-house experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and his fine-grained understanding of the drug product lifecycle – is called on by companies such as Janssen Sciences to resolve the thorniest examination problems. Schut’s résumé includes a stint at a biotech start-up as an inventor and patent commercialisation expert; he has lately been supporting contentious efforts in important biologics litigations. Oudshoorn has a faculty for domestic oppositions and litigation work, and inspires as leader of the section. Molling is an authority on food technology. Bernard Ledeboer, Leo Jessen and Cees Jansen hold things down on the engineering front. Ledeboer’s work in the mechanical and civil engineering spheres takes him all around the world; he has recently been involved in an infringement case in China working alongside King & Wood Mallesons for MCI Flextronics. A key contact for a leading US medical equipment company, mechanical engineer Jessen optimises clients’ patent positions with a deft touch. High-technologist Jansen recently stepped down as chairman of the firm, but remains as an adviser; deep in-house and private practice experience makes him a valuable strategic sounding board.

Vondst Advocaten NV

A diverse array of challenging instructions keeps contentious force Vondst Advocaten poised and ready at all times. The four-partner team has had a busy and successful 12 to 18 months at the sharp end of litigation in the life sciences and medical device arenas. “Creative mind” Ricardo Dijkstra has successfully handled closely followed invalidity and preliminary injunction proceedings for Teva against ICOS Corporation regarding the latter’s Cialis product; Otto Swens invalidated three AstraZeneca formulation patents on behalf of Sandoz and has now gone up to the Supreme Court following the Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold two of the three patents at issue; and Arvid van Oorschot, alongside Dijkstra, assisted Teva with the at-risk launch of Everolimus Teva. All these matters have broad implications for the life sciences industry, which goes to show the trust placed in the team.

Other recommended experts

Au fait with patents, trademarks, designs and copyright, and an expert in litigation and licensing besides, AKD’s Peter Claassen has an extremely broad remit. Endorsed as “a highly talented patent lawyer with a superb technical touch, impressive knowledge of various patent jurisdictions and great social skills”, colleague Martin Hemmer debuts in the rankings this year. Tjibbe Douma is a rock for many high-tech innovators and is relied on for his legal nous and commercial vision. He recently made the switch from De Brauw to ramp up Dentons’ European patent litigation practice. “Quick-witted Frodo Nunes Ferro keeps his clients’ interests front and centre at all times and cuts to the chase to deliver business-aligned solutions.” He flies the flag at pan-European hotshot HOFFMANN EITLE. Jelle Hoekstra deserves immense credit for the effort he puts into training the next generation of patent attorneys. In his practice, the DeltaPatents CEO secures abiding protection for software innovations. “Achim Krebs appreciates what clients really need and gives made-to-measure advice. He is strategic and has a strong commercial understanding of intellectual property and how it can be used to serve business purposes.” He protects chemical, pharmaceutical and mechanical inventions from his base at HGF in The Hague. Fellow HGF attorney Leythem Wall is a consummate coordinator of sprawling multi-jurisdictional disputes, which play out alongside his EPO oppositions. Lawyer and patent attorney András Kupecz is a go-to for life sciences, chemical and energy companies seeking unwavering support. In his element litigating touch-and-go cases, the former Freshfields and Simmons & Simmons lawyer can be found at Kupecz Intellectual Property. Addick Land is distinguished by his vast experience: before founding his own eponymous firm, he spent 35 years at Arnold & Siedsma, nine of them as managing partner and seven as chair. This serves him well in his current role as a strategic consultant and IP coach. Setting the tone of excellence at Van Doorne, Sebastian Pinckaers combines his seasoned negotiating skills with his deep technological insight to provide advice that is always crystal clear. Venerable Los & Stigter patent attorney Jacques van Breda is a master of the mechanical and electrical arts and knows a great deal about software, too. Whether procuring patents, participating in litigation and EPO oppositions and appeals or guiding licensing decisions, he makes all the right moves. The founder of Biopatents, Tom Wittop Koning delivers crisp results with whatever he is tasked; the versatile expert designs entire IP programmes for clients, strengthens portfolios and advises on infringement matters and supplementary protection certificates.

Individuals: litigation

  • Bas Berghuis van Woortman - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Klaas AJ Bisschop - Hogan Lovells
  • Daan de Lange - Brinkhof 
  • Richard Ebbink - Brinkhof 
  • Willem A Hoyng - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Rutger Kleemans - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
  • Gertjan Kuipers - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Bert Oosting - Hogan Lovells
  • Bart van den Broek - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Mark van Gardingen - Brinkhof 
  • Koen Bijvank - Brinkhof 
  • Jaap Bremer - BarentsKrans
  • Mattie de Koning - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Ricardo Dijkstra - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Jelle Drok - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
  • Frank Eijsvogels - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Armand Killan - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Judith Krens - Taylor Wessing
  • András Kupecz - Kupecz Intellectual Property
  • Wim Maas - Taylor Wessing
  • Wouter E Pors - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Paul Reeskamp - DLA Piper
  • Otto Swens - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Marleen HJ van den Horst - BarentsKrans
  • Ruud van der Velden - Hogan Lovells
  • Arvid van Oorschot - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Marc van Wijngaarden - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Anne Marie Verschuur - NautaDutilh
  • Peter Claassen - AKD NV
  • Tjibbe Douma - Dentons
  • Frits Gerritzen - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Martin Hemmer - AKD NV
  • Oscar Lamme - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • JC Sebastian Pinckaers - Van Doorne
  • Michiel Rijsdijk - Arnold & Siedsma 
  • Geert Theuws - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Alexander Tsoutsanis - DLA Piper
  • Fleur Tuinzing-Westerhuis - Houthoff
  • Thijs van Aerde - Houthoff
  • Peter van Schijndel - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Bas Berghuis van Woortman - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Jaap Bremer - BarentsKrans
  • Thomas de Weerd - Houthoff
  • Ricardo Dijkstra - Vondst Advocaten NV
  • Frits Gerritzen - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Judith Krens - Taylor Wessing
  • Gertjan Kuipers - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Oscar Lamme - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • Wim Maas - Taylor Wessing
  • Bert Oosting - Hogan Lovells
  • Fleur Tuinzing-Westerhuis - Houthoff
  • Marleen HJ van den Horst - BarentsKrans


  • Peter Hendrick - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP