Japan: Domestic

Patent filings worldwide are in decline and, with a drop of 1.5%, Japan is no exception to the trend. Despite this, Japanese companies account for the second highest number of patents filed abroad, a whopping 206,000, while domestic patent applications for AI-related inventions are witnessing a marked increase in recent years. Patent firms reported that construction companies were also filing an increasing number of applications in the run up to the Tokyo Olympics – although this has now been cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. As Japanese patent owners become increasingly assertive in overseas courts – IP Bridge, Casio and Honda are going after alleged infringers in China while Sharp and Kyocera pursue German cases – others, such as Panasonic and Seiko Epson, are closing significant licensing deals with NPEs abroad. To maintain its competitiveness, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) has introduced revisions to the Patent Law to strengthen the litigation system and launched an IP acceleration programme for start-ups, which includes various fee reduction schemes, available even for small foreign companies. It has further enhanced inter-governmental cooperation with countries and IP offices all over the world, including Kenya, the EPO, Malaysia and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states. As in previous years, most of the patent firms featuring in the IAM Patent 1000 this year are located in Tokyo – the home of the JPO – although Osaka-based outfits are gaining ground.

Firms: litigation

Firms: prosecution

Firms: transactions

Abe, Ikubo & Katayama

Ascending to the top of the prosecution firm table this year, Abe, Ikubo & Katayama offers a truly one-stop patent service for an impressive clientele. Renowned domestically and abroad, the side commands respect for its expertise in the life sciences field. “Well equipped and staffed with quality people, it provides excellent advice and service through its excellent understanding of IP standards and practices in Japan, as well as industry needs. They are a true business partner.” The team of 52, including 28 patent attorneys, does not merely offer “very personal” service but “gets results” in an “astonishingly short timeline”. Held in high esteem, Eiji Katayama is a legend in the patent contentious space, who recently added arbitration to his list of achievements. Like Katayama, courtroom sharpshooters Mami Hino and Junichi Kitahara are qualified in Japan and New York. While Hino draws on her pharmacist training to represent leading pharmaceutical companies in multi-jurisdictional disputes, Kitahara has a fantastic track record defending leading industry players in high-stakes disputes. IAM Patent 1000 debutant Makoto Hattori is gaining ground in the domestic legal market for his successes in cross-border litigations. With Hiroshi Kobayashi at the helm of the non-contentious side, clients can expect prosecution proceedings to “work like a charm”. “Hiroshi is very versatile, but what makes him special is his extensive experience in the industry and impeccable understanding of the JPO’s practice. Not only does he have an incredible ability to present complex subject matters in a simple way, he will go the extra mile to improve his client’s position.”

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune 

Besides excelling in the general legal field, full-service law firm Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is also recognised among peers for its patent prowess. With a full suite of IP services on offer to international and domestic companies, as well as outposts in China and ASEAN, it can resolve any contentious and non-contentious patent problem. Yasufumi Shiroyama captains the IP department, with Yoshikazu Iwase and Masayuki Yamanouchi managing matters in the life sciences and chemistry spaces, respectively. New York-qualified Miki Goto draws on in-house experience at Hitachi to resolve patent disputes, while on the non-contentious front, Makoto Ono is the best choice for prosecuting agro-chemistry and pharmaceutical patents.


“The very reliable and professional team at AOYAMA & PARTNERS always has a fast turnaround for any consultation.” Its excellence in the patent prosecution space – especially in the pharmaceutical and life sciences fields – can be attributed to the team of 85 patent attorneys stationed in the Osaka headquarters, with another 10 in Tokyo, who draft and file patents in a diverse range of technical fields on behalf of world-famous clients. In 2018 alone, the patent firm filed 6,000 patent applications, of which nearly 40% were domestic cases. In a bid to further enhance the quality of its service, Hiroshi Tamura is expanding the group’s practice into the litigation space and getting involved in multi-jurisdictional patent disputes. His co-CEO Norihito Yamao oversees the foreign patent prosecution side, particularly for materials science patents.

Asamura Patent Office PC

Founded in 1981, Asamura Patent Office PC lays claim to being Japan’s oldest patent firm. With 34 patent attorneys covering the chemical, electrical and mechanical fields, and longstanding relationships with more than 200 foreign associates, it can easily assist inbound and outbound filers in prosecuting their patents in Japan and worldwide. For instructions relating to chemical patents, Yoichi Inoue is the man to seek, while his colleague, Yoshiteru Mizumoto, heads the mechanical and electrical department.

Fukami Patent Office

One of the largest patent firms in Osaka, Fukami Patent Office counts two outpostsoffices in Tokyo and Nagoya among its arsenal. For half a century, it has been working with more than 1,800 foreign clients and partners to file patent applications all over the world. With a team of 77 patent attorneys – including 48 IP infringement litigators – on hand, the side easily covers a diverse range of technical fields, although its strength lies in electronics and IT matters. Former JPO Deputy Commissioner Yoshitake Kihara is a name for the address book.

ITOH International Patent Office

At ITOH International Patent Office, a diverse team of 65 patent attorneys – including some qualified in China, South Korea and the United States – is on standby to serve clients in domestic patent applications and foreign filings. From its Tokyo headquarters and branch office in Washington DC, the patent firm covers five working languages and keeps up to date on the latest legal and IP developments to prosecute ironclad patent drafts. Tadashige Itoh chairs the outfit.


Joining the IAM Patent 1000 this year is KUBOTA, the eponymous law firm led by Hogan Lovells alumnus Eiichiro Kubota. With two new additions in 2020 alone, the nimble team of 10 attorneys – most of whom have a technical background and international legal experience – is growing rapidly to meet the needs of its demanding clientele. Often going toe to toe with leading industry players, the side has been entrusted by Fortune 500 companies with high-stakes litigation cases. Kubota has led the outfit to multiple successes: his stellar track record includes successfully defending Merck Sharp & Dohme from an alleged infringement suit brought by Shionogi, AbbVie from a patent invalidation suit against Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin Biologics and Sony from three patent infringement cases initiated by Fujifilm. Multinationals will no doubt find themselves in safe hands under his watchful eye.

Kyowa Patent & Law Office 

Age is merely a number, as the 110-year old Kyowa Patent & Law Office demonstrates by continuously reinventing its patent services across a wide range of technical fields. Through a bespoke client management system and a technically able team of 60 Japanese patent attorneys – including a Chinese registered foreign lawyer – the patent firm delivers patent prosecution and registration services that are thoughtfully tailored to its clients’ needs. Managing partner Hiroshi Nagai is a key contact.

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

Spread across Asia, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto calls upon its international network to resolve patent disputes and negotiate big-dollar licensing deals. As one of the largest law firms in Japan, the general practice applies its extensive experience in the corporate and M&A space to patent matters, which are handled by a team of nine IP partners and 26 qualified attorneys. Although it can ably manage patent infringement suits in an array of technical fields, its strong healthcare practice group has carved out a formidable reputation for handling cases in the pharmaceutical field. Having recently made a splash in the patent contentious space, Yoshifumi Onodera and Atsushi Okada join the IAM Patent 1000 this year. Chinese-speaking Onodera has represented Nitto Denko in cross-border patent litigation suits and supported Mitsuba Corporation in International Trade Commission (ITC) matters. Besides achieving four consecutive victories in invalidation trials for Hospira Incorporated before the JPO, Okada was involved in a worldwide exclusive patent licence agreement between Chugai Pharameutial and Eli Lilly.

Nakamura & Partners

Laying claim to the highest number of ranked individuals, Nakamura & Partners is the undisputed gold standard for Japanese patent firms. As “one of the leading IP firms in the country”, the IP boutique is held in high esteem by long-term clients. “Well connected in the IP field” and supported by a “great overseas network”, 19 attorneys at law and 62 patent attorneys work closely together to deliver top-notch, comprehensive cradle-to-grave IP services for blue-chip clients from Japan and abroad. Close cooperation between the legal and prosecution teams is exemplified by the group’s successful defence for Mitsubishi Paper Milles Limited in a patent infringement suit at the Supreme Court, headlined by the “very good and senior lawyer” Yoshio Kumakura, alongside chemistry and biotech maven Hironobu Hattori. A prolific writer on IP issues, managing partner Koichi Tsujii is licensed in Japan and New York to tackle patent disputes. Gold-rated litigator Kazuhiko Yoshida successfully defended Supercell from a patent infringement case filed by GREE, seeking Y100 million in damages. For prosecution matters, clients will find themselves in the reliable hands of Hiroyuki Suda, captain of the electronics division, who is ably supported by IT expert Takeo Nasu.

Nishimura & Asahi

Highly recommended for its prowess in the patent transactions space, Nishimura & Asahi has been busy bolstering its international IP dispute resolution capabilities. Not only did it recently acquire Thai commercial law firm SCL, the biggest side in Japan further expanded its global presence with a new outpost in Germany. Proud possessor of an extensive roster of corporate and IP services available to multinational clients, the 20-strong IP team finds itself involved in landmark patent disputes and multi-million-dollar transactions. Despite being well known for their prowess in the trademark space, Hitomi Iwase and Yoshiyuki Miyashita are also dab hands at patent matters. Iwase is often involved in complex M&A problems and corporate transactions with complicated IP aspects, while Miyashita advises on patent infringement cases.

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners may be a newcomer to the firm litigation and transactions table of the IAM Patent 1000, but it is already making waves in the local patent market for representing well-known pharmaceutical companies in patent disputes. From its Osaka headquarters and outposts in Tokyo, Shanghai and Nagoya, the full-service law firm is entrusted by domestic corporations to resolve patent disputes and negotiate licensing deals in multiple industries. Making his first appearance in the litigation table, IP department captain Takamitsu Shigetomi oversees a compact team of 15 IP lawyers. Recognised by peers as a “well-known litigator in the patent field”, he is representing Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd in a patent infringement suit before the Tokyo District Court against Sandoz KK involving biosimilar products, as well as advising Ono Pharmaceutical on US proceedings for patent inventorship.


A standout in the patent litigation space, OHNO & PARTNERS is known for its prowess in pharmaceutical matters. Manned by nine lawyers and 15 patent attorneys, the firm is approaching its 20th year of achieving stellar results in global litigation campaigns. Multinationals and domestic corporations that find themselves at odds with competitors can trust Seiji Ohno to protect them in the courtroom. The gold-ranked litigator is known as a rainmaker and held in awe by his peers by virtue of his fantastic reputation – one market source enthuses: “Very experienced in life science matters, he has good strategies for litigation and pharmaceutical regulation matters.”


RYUKA IP Law Firm is the product of its “visionary founder”, Akihiro Ryuka. Foreign associates speak in glowing terms about working with the firm, with the team’s 36 patent attorneys “taking on challenges and responsibilities by providing legal and technical insights, as well as practical business advice to their clients”. The patent firm shines brightest in the non-contentious sphere, especially in the fields of electronics and chemicals, having filed nearly 3,000 patent applications in 2019 for domestic and international companies. An electrical engineer and a Californian attorney at law, Akihiro works with local law firms in infringement and nullity trials before the Japanese courts.

Saegusa & Partners 

Saegusa & Partners joins its peers in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, thanks to its good market reputation and renowned expertise in the chemistry space. Founded over 70 years ago in Osaka, the side blossomed alongside local chemical and pharmaceutical companies – it now hosts one of the largest chemical and biotech departments of any patent firm in Japan. Twenty-four patent attorneys, including five stationed in Tokyo, prosecute for leading domestic patent filers and draft patent specifications in English and Japanese. Saegusa & Partners counts local universities and public research institutes among its predominantly domestic clientele. Masaki Morishima heads the international client department and the chemical division. “After receiving well-structured and smart advice from Masaki, it was clear that he would be the right person to take care of our patents and applications in Japan. I am extremely satisfied with the style and quality of his comments and suggestions.”

Sakurazaka Law Offices

Making its second appearance in the IAM Patent 1000, Sakurazaka Law Offices is a relatively young IP boutique manned by experienced IP lawyers. Founded by five attorneys in 2015, the Tokyo-based law firm follows the uncommon route of adopting a free address policy to promote communication, efficiency and effectiveness. Clients can depend on practitioners to resolve patent disputes and multi-disciplinary legal issues. A peer concedes that “their drafts are well organised and very well drafted”. Former Tokyo High Court judge Harumi Kojo is a respected IP litigator – she is recognised by peers as “an excellent lawyer who is very skilful and often represents domestic companies”.

Seiwa Patent & Law

“Responsive and strategy oriented,” Seiwa Patent & Law has been serving clients for over 50 years on an array of patent issues. The combined expertise of 100 patent attorneys and seven attorneys at law, divided into departments that specialise in a wide variety of technical fields, is on hand to “provide very good advice for patent prosecution”. The IP boutique thus ensures that clients receive prompt advice and comprehensive tools for understanding the Japanese IP system. Yoichi Watanabe captains the life sciences practice.

Shiga International Patent Office 

The largest patent filing firm in Japan, Shiga International Patent Office is an omnipresent force in the domestic and international patent market. In 2018 alone, the “leading firm within all aspects of IP law” filed more than 12,000 patent applications in Japan and nearly 1,900 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications through an impressive team of 380 technical specialists, 146 patent and trademark attorneys and eight former JPO examiners. Not only does it serve an impressive cadre of overseas clients, foreign associates do not hold back from singing its praises. “Shiga has deep experience in all types of technologies for patenting inventions in Japan and is very responsive to clients’ needs. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone interested in first-class service.” “After switching to Shiga, we no longer have problems generated by language issues. They also provide very competent and reasonable advice, on top of an excellent record – the best firm in our network.” “I value the trust that has been established over many years and it gives me confidence to know that our cases will be given attention of the highest quality. They are one of our go-to firms in Japan.” “A leading figure in Japan,” Yasuhiko Murayama helms the side. “He is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy individual who is very capable. We know that we will get quality and well-considered work when we ask him to take on anything.” “Murayama-san is a very hardworking, patent-savvy attorney with a genuine kindness and an exceptionally positive attitude. As a native Japanese speaker, his English language skills are truly impressive and his translation skills even more so. His law firm is reflective of his work ethic and interpersonal style and approach.” Through his “deep understanding of patent prosecution and case law in the immuno-oncology space”, Masato Iida can “provide different opinions to address any issue in office actions”. Former JPO examiner Shinya Jitsuhiro tackles complex pharmaceutical patent prosecution with ease, while material science expert Tatsuhiko Abe takes on foreign mechanical cases.

Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office 

Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office makes its sophomore appearance in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. In two decades, the patent firm has grown into a full-fledged IP boutique that tackles patent filing and drafting from four outposts across Japan. An ensemble of more than 65 patent attorneys, as well as former patent examiners, is divided into 11 specialist departments to deliver patent prosecution services to domestic and foreign clients. By calling on his close connections with the JPO, president Masayuki Shobayashi prides himself on ensuring that his firm is well staffed with former JPO employees to offer the highest level of patent expertise domestically. Former IBM in-house counsel Satoshi Watanabe and licensing specialist Hiro Takahori supplement the group’s patent offering in the licensing sphere by advising on IP transactions and due diligence.

SOEI Patent & Law Firm

An assured choice for patent prosecution in the life sciences field, SOEI Patent & Law Firm holds excellence at the core of its services, which is supported by a fantastic IT team. For more than three decades, the “outstanding patent law firm” has tended to client needs from three offices across Japan, with the newest one opening in Bangkok in 2018. Peers confirm the side’s stellar domestic reputation, while foreign associates report that they have had “prior positive shared work experience” with Yoshinori Shimizu, the head of the chemical and pharmaceutical department.

Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office

The only firm in the Japan chapter to have German roots, it is little surprise that Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office is famous for dealing with German clients. Over the past 110 years, it has transformed into a full-service law firm that offers advice on audit, corporate and IP matters via a truly international team of professionals from China, Europe, Japan and the United States, as well as an outpost in Beijing. Managing partner Felix-Reinhard Einsel is the first point of contact.

Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law 

Home ground of 20 patent attorneys, Sonoda & Kobayashi is one of the most multinational IP boutiques in the country. With over 10% of its staff hailing from abroad and boasting native fluency in eight languages, the “new generation” patent firm strives to maintain a global perspective in the IP world. This is further supported by an in-house team of 21 technical translators, offering translation services between Japanese and five different languages to facilitate patent prosecution and invalidation in the telecoms, industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical fields. French-speaking managing partner Yoshitaka Sonoda draws on his research experience at the French Atomic Energy Commission to come up with innovative patent portfolio strategies.

SUGIMURA & Partners 

SUGIMURA & Partners is a favourite among foreign law firms seeking to prosecute patents in Japan. Clients wax lyrical about its “well-structured system” and “exceptional professionalism”. “Their depth of knowledge and strategic thinking quickly earned a great deal of respect from us, and their understanding of even the most complex fields of technologies is truly impressive.” “They are experienced and knowledgeable in Japanese patent law and PCT patent practice, and understand how activities in their domestic practice impact international patent prosecution. Communication is excellent as well, given the high level of English language ability, and their cost is comparable to other Japanese firms.” “What makes them stand out is their ability to understand a client’s business and tailor their advice towards maximising the potential of IP assets to achieve business goals. In high-stakes patent matters where technical expertise is paramount, the firm is second to none.” With 78 patent attorneys stationed in Tokyo and a handful of US-qualified patent agents and attorneys in Silicon Valley, the outstanding patent firm is “one of our most able and trusted Japanese associates” for foreign firms and domestic corporations alike. Managing partner Kenji Sugimura is a well-respected captain “trusted to be incisive and frank on any matter”. “His leadership calibre is evident in the quality of work done by the firm. His forward-looking perspective has been shaped by his deep knowledge of IP laws and he is well known and respected in the Japanese and global legal fraternity.” His colleague Haruo Awano brings his in-house experience at Sony Corporation to bear when dispensing advice on patent prosecution in the electrical, mechanical and material science fields.

TMI Associates 

Amid celebrations for its 30th anniversary and the opening of its Bangkok office in 2019, TMI Associates rises to the gold tier of the prosecution firm table and the highly recommended tier of the transactions firm table this year. The general practice law firm boasts the largest team – 63 – of benrishi (patent attorneys) among the Big Five law firms in Japan, with another 60 IP lawyers scattered across its numerous offices around the world, including the latest two in Kyoto and Bangkok. “Solid on both the technical and procedural aspects of patent work,” the ensemble not only drafts ironclad patent specifications in Japanese, but also helps Fortune 500 companies across industries to establish strong patent portfolios in Japan, negotiate complex IP transactions and enforce patents in various courts. Clients cannot help but rave about the side: “I have worked with TMI Associates for many years and I would absolutely recommend them for patent work. The level of personal attention to detail and rapid service provided are exemplary and far better than other firms in the Japanese market. Whenever we need anything from them, we receive a fast and thorough response at a fair rate.” An IP veteran, managing partner Yoshiyuki Inaba dispenses sage advice on all sorts of patent problems. Hiroshi Nemoto is leading multiple patent disputes for world-famous corporations, while his partner, Makoto Okada, rides a wave of effusive client praise into the IAM Patent 1000 this year. “He does not have a technical background but his capacity to understand and digest things new to him dissolves any concern. His team is always eager to achieve the best outcome and they have not disappointed us.” On the non-contentious front, former Microsoft in-house counsel Toyotaka Abe is a licensing maestro and “a trusted patent attorney who has a deep understanding of clients’ needs”.


“A top-quality firm that provides excellent customer service and advice to its clients,” YUASA and HARA emerges in the gold tier of the prosecution firm table this year on the back of effusive client praise and excellent market feedback. For over a century, the IP boutique has been a trusted guardian of patents for an illustrious set of well-known multinationals and domestic corporations, including Microsoft, Medtronic Inc, Japan Tobacco Inc and Honeywell. With a substantial patent division – 46 in prosecution and 17 in contentious – and close cooperation between lawyers and patent attorneys, it “demonstrates strong partnership and expertise”. Clients enjoy high-quality patent work, supported by “a lot of experience in foreign IP prosecution” and regularly visits to review recent developments in their patent portfolios. The firm is particularly known for its prowess in the chemical space, as reflected by its prestigious clientele, which includes luminaries such as Pfizer and Chugai, the Japanese affiliate of Roche. Former chief judge of the IP High Court and current head of the firm’s legal division Toshiaki Iimura commands great respect among his peers, as does Kozo Yabe, an influential figure in the local IP community. Tsuyoshi Sueyoshi brings up the rear in contentious matters. “Not only does he have in-depth knowledge and experience for both legal matters and technical matters in the chemical and pharmaceutical areas, his legal advice is very clear, concise and persuasive.” He is currently representing Nippon Suisan in a global patent dispute at the IP High Court, as well as Chugai against Shire in a patent infringement suit at the same court. On the non-contentious front, Shinjiro Ono is touted for his “great relationship with the JPO” – he was previously the deputy commissioner and now oversees “a team of patent attorneys proficient in many technical fields that deliver very high quality of patent specifications”. With Iimura, Ono has been representing Pfizer in three validation trials against Merck Sharp & Dohme.

Other recommended experts

The only ranked practitioner based in Gifu, Hiroe & Associates’ Satoshi Hashimoto debuts in the IAM Patent 1000 as a result of his “rigorous, professional and efficient” patent drafting skills. “We’ve shared a connection with Satoshi and his firm for more than three decades and have had good experience with them. We always feel that they know what they are doing and handle our patent cases with due care, taking into account basic needs regarding costs and procedural matters for small and medium-sized companies.” An expert in prosecuting patents in the life sciences field, Yusuke Hiraki plies his trade at Hiraki & Associates. Another IAM Patent 1000 debutant, Yoshihiro Kiyohara hails from Osaka-based Kiyohara & Co Patent Attorneys, where he oversees a team of 20 in foreign and domestic patent filings. “A proactive and knowledgeable attorney,” Masashi Moriwaki of the eponymous MORIWAKI IP, PC is a favourite among foreign associates the world over, especially for patent prosecution in the mechanical and electrical fields: “Even if the news is poor, he will share advice candidly without sugar-coating and offer excellent common-sense suggestions to improve prosecution. His timeliness and quality are top-notch.” “I really recommend Moriwaki-san not only for prosecution work in Japan but also strategy counselling and dispute handling.” He recently filed a patent application in the applied physics field for Tokyo University, as well as PCT national phase applications. Endorsed by foreign associates and peers alike, Koji Murai from Osaka-based Shinjyu Global IP joins the IAM Patent 1000 for the first time – “He is very professional, responsive and hardworking.” Former judge Yukio Nagasawa takes on patent disputes with his team at The Tokyo-Marunouchi Law Offices. Managing partner Yasunori Ohtsuka oversees the patent prosecution practice over at Ohtsuka Patent Office, which excels in the fields of electronics and physics. Kan Otani of Roppongidori Patent & Trademark Attorney is one of the few patent professionals in Japan to assist start-ups and companies backed by venture capital in their IP protection strategies. Masahiro Samejima prosecutes patents on behalf of start-ups – he can be found at Uchida & Samejima Law Firm. Revered by the local IP community, gold-ranked litigator Wataru Sueyoshi left STW & Partners at the end of 2019 to set up Sueyoshi & Sato. At SHIOMIZAKA, Hajime Watanabe draws on over 30 years of legal experience to resolve patent disputes.

Individuals: litigation

  • Junichi Kitahara - Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
  • Seiji Ohno - OHNO & PARTNERS
  • Yasufumi Shiroyama - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Wataru Sueyoshi - Sueyoshi & Sato
  • Kazuhiko Yoshida - Nakamura & Partners
  • Mami Hino - Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
  • Hitomi Iwase - Nishimura & Asahi
  • Yoshikazu Iwase - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Eiichiro Kubota - KUBOTA
  • Takamitsu Shigetomi - Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners
  • Tsuyoshi Sueyoshi - YUASA and HARA
  • Koichi Tsujii - Nakamura & Partners
  • Hajime Watanabe - SHIOMIZAKA 
  • Kozo Yabe - YUASA and HARA
  • Masayuki Yamanouchi - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune 
  • Miki Goto - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Makoto Hattori - Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
  • Harumi Kojo - Sakurazaka Law Offices
  • Yukio Nagasawa - The Tokyo-Marunouchi Law Offices
  • Hiroshi Nemoto - TMI Associates
  • Atsushi Okada - Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Makoto Okada - TMI Associates
  • Yoshifumi Onodera - Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Masahiro Samejima - Uchida & Samejima Law Firm 

Individuals: prosecution

  • Hiroshi Kobayashi - Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
  • Yasuhiko Murayama - Shiga International Patent Office
  • Tatsuhiko Abe - Shiga International Patent Office
  • Toyotaka Abe - TMI Associates
  • Haruo Awano - SUGIMURA & Partners
  • Satoshi Hashimoto - Hiroe & Associates
  • Hironobu Hattori - Nakamura & Partners
  • Yusuke Hiraki - Hiraki & Associates
  • Masato Iida - Shiga International Patent Office
  • Yoshiyuki Inaba - TMI Associates
  • Yoichi Inoue - Asamura Patent Office PC
  • Shinya Jitsuhiro - Shiga International Patent Office
  • Yoshihiro Kiyohara - Kiyohara & Co Patent Attorneys
  • Yoshiteru Mizumoto - Asamura Patent Office PC
  • Masaki Morishima - Saegusa & Partners
  • Masashi Moriwaki - MORIWAKI IP, PC 
  • Koji Murai - Shinjyu Global IP
  • Takeo Nasu - Nakamura & Partners
  • Yasunori Ohtsuka - Ohtsuka Patent Office
  • Makoto Ono - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Shinjiro Ono - YUASA and HARA
  • Kan Otani - Roppongidori Patent & Trademark Attorney 
  • Akihiro Ryuka - RYUKA IP Law Firm
  • Masayuki Shobayashi - Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office 
  • Yoshitaka Sonoda - Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law 
  • Hiroyuki Suda - Nakamura & Partners
  • Kenji Sugimura - SUGIMURA & Partners 
  • Hiro Takahori - Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office
  • Hiroshi Tamura - AOYAMA & PARTNERS
  • Satoshi Watanabe - Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office
  • Yoichi Watanabe - Seiwa Patent & Law
  • Norihito Yamao - AOYAMA & PARTNERS

Individuals: transactions

  • Toyotaka Abe - TMI Associates
  • Hitomi Iwase - Nishimura & Asahi
  • Yoshikazu Iwase - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Yoshiyuki Miyashita - Nishimura & Asahi
  • Atsushi Okada - Mori Hamada & Matsumoto


  • Toshiaki Iimura - YUASA and HARA
  • Eiji Katayama - Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
  • Yoshio Kumakura - Nakamura & Partners