Despite the significant hurdles that Italy has encountered as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the IP landscape remains vibrant. One dominant storyline concerns the rollercoaster that is the Unified Patent Court (UPC): following a meeting of the UPC Preparatory Committee in late 2020 concerning the effects of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the system, Italy has formally submitted its proposal for Milan to take London’s place and host the life sciences seat of the Central Division Court on a permanent basis. If the proposal is approved, the country’s status as a patent hub will be cemented and new opportunities will open up for clients and lawyers alike. On a general level, litigation is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with FRAND and biosimilar disputes generating a significant share of the overall caseload. Meanwhile, on the non-contentious front, practitioners report healthy patenting activity across a diverse range of industries. The main conversation piece here is that innovators looking to protect their creations in Italy can now obtain protection directly through an international Patent Cooperation Treaty application, rather than going through the European system first. This will save them time and costs, which should correlate to an uptick in applications going forward.

Firms: litigation

  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • BonelliErede
  • DLA Piper
  • Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti
  • Dentons
  • Martini Manna Avvocati
  • Nunziante Magrone
  • Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati

Firms: prosecution

Firms: transactions

  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • BonelliErede
  • DLA Piper
  • Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Nunziante Magrone
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP

Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti

Sparkling advocacy skills, robust technical know-how and a nimble approach give Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti an edge in complex cross-border disputes. The firm has been a fixture of the Italian legal market since in 1963, while its Spain, Poland and China desks are a boon to companies looking to extend their influence further afield. Founding partner and luminary Mario Franzosi has paved the way forward for many of the country’s practitioners and has masterminded many well-known litigation strategies – such as the ‘Italian torpedo’ – during his tenure. Senior partners Vincenzo Jandoli and Federica Santonocito oversee the IP division. An “excellent, hands-on lawyer”, Jandoli is a go-to in the life sciences: “He is super-experienced and reliable, and takes a pragmatic yet creative approach to cases and strategies.” IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Santonocito also receives effusive praise: “She always aims to find the most effective way to protect her clients’ interests. She is passionate, meticulous and the quality of her work is consistently great.”

Barzanò & Zanardo

Distinguished boutique Barzanò & Zanardo fields a seasoned line-up of patent attorneys and attorneys at law, who work together from seven local offices to cover all bases for innovators. Whether prosecution, enforcement or commercialisation is the order of the day, more than 85,000 entities have entrusted the group with their intangible assets. Giovanni Zanardo is the first port of call for prospective clients.

Bird & Bird LLP

Already regarded as one of Italy’s elite firms, global leader Bird & Bird continues to go from strength to strength. It recently added to its arsenal of innovative in-house legal solutions with twobirds Pattern, an in-house valuation and analysis tool that analyses, values and landscapes patent portfolios. With lawyers and patent agents working hand in glove, it proves itself a trusted ally across all stages of the patent lifecycle. The lynchpins of the practice are “highly regarded litigators” Giovanni Galimberti and Massimiliano Mostardini. The “bright and well-prepared” Galimberti relishes the cut and thrust of cross-border cases and recently coordinated global SEP-related litigation on behalf of NPE Sisvel. “An excellent consultant with great analytical skills”, Mostardini is “reliable, pragmatic and handles every matter in a business-oriented manner”; he is a favourite of luxury clothing companies such as Loro Piana. With a refined understanding of the mechanical and electronics sectors, rising star Elisabetta Bandera also puts in polished performances in court. Meanwhile, Antonella De Gregori has done a brilliant job at building up the firm’s prosecution practice. The chemist manages portfolios with flair and can plan for all eventualities in EPO opposition proceedings. Joining them in the rankings this year is transactions specialist Claudia Ricciardi: “She understands both the client and the counterparty’s viewpoints, and envisages practical solutions that drive negotiations. Her expertise, skill and profound legal knowledge also bring about new research agreements and licensing opportunities.”


“Fantastic” commercial firm BonelliErede is on speed dial for some of Italy’s leading innovators, especially in the pharmaceutical, software and automotive sectors. By assembling bespoke teams for each patron, drawing judiciously on resources from its three local offices and further outposts across Europe and the Middle East, it makes light work of even the trickiest international instructions. The driving force is Giovanni Guglielmetti, “a renowned and excellent litigator”. His prowess also extends to contractual scenarios – as he recently demonstrated in getting licensing and R&D agreements across the line for client Sofinnova.

Botti & Ferrari SpA 

When it comes to patenting in the electronics, software and life sciences industries, Botti & Ferrari “sets the benchmark for quality”. Over its 22 years of existence, the agile consultancy has become synonymous with technical dexterity, impeccable drafting skills and robust litigation support. The central pillars are Mario Botti and Rinaldo Ferreccio, who are regularly engaged as court-appointed technical experts. The passionate and driven Botti is an authority on medical devices. “One of the best and brightest patent attorneys in Italy”, Ferreccio is appreciated for his diligence, detailed opinions and measured approach.

Bugnion SpA 

Having recently celebrated its 50th birthday, Bugnion is a potent presence on the Italian market. The firm has impressively broad horizons: it maintains 16 offices across Europe and the United States, as well as a Japan desk established through close cooperation with an Osaka-based firm. With some 70 practitioners tending to more than 27,000 patents, it regularly hits the top of the filing charts. In Milan, the “authoritative and promising” Cristina Biggi is “an incredibly reliable attorney, especially for pharmaceutical work”.

Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx

The attorneys at Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx are “smart and precise, and make vital contributions to any company’s success”.  “One of the best prosecution firms in Italy”, it stands out for its command of all things electronics and technology, due in no small part to the hard graft put in by Luciano Bosotti and Tassilo Meindl. The “simply brilliant” Bosotti enjoys a glowing reputation among peers; while Meindl is likewise hailed as “super-proactive, extremely helpful and really friendly”. Heavy hitters in the automotive sector rely on Giancarlo Notaro to devise filing strategies that drive business value in pursuit of their long-term objectives. Holding down the fort in the life sciences is chemistry and biotech maven Cristina Freyria Fava, who has valuable insider insight from previous stints at a biomed company as a researcher and licensing manager.


Making its debut in the Italian listings this year is international powerhouse Dentons. With enviable global reach and a glittering client roster comprised of high-flying technology companies and mechanical patent-driven entities, it has cultivated a formidable contentious offering that can tackle any mandate on any scale. Co-heading the European patent litigation practice, crack litigator Giovanni Francesco Casucci knows everything there is to know about the country’s legislative framework and court systems. He is currently representing leading steel and metal manufacturing company Danieli before the courts of Venice and Trieste; and assisting LSE and Chinese aviation player Hankge before the court of Milan.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper’s Italian contingent has seen a flurry of multi-jurisdictional activity lately. For example, it has taken the lead in a dispute between Alpinestars and Dainese over motorcycle airbags in proceedings that have extended to Germany, France and the United Kingdom; as well as handling a skirmish between SPM and Liski over the innovative base for ski poles playing out across Italy, Sweden and the United States. The ensemble an inspiring leader in Gualtiero Dragotti, a “diligent and well-prepared lawyer” who shines in complex life sciences litigation. Another prominent player in this technical arena is Roberto Valenti, who operates flawlessly across the contentious/non-contentious divide. He recently showcased his versatility on behalf of Elantas Europe in a trade secret dispute against Cancilleri, which saw the defendant’s former CEO pay out €4.5 million in compensation. Bringing abundant regulatory know-how to the mix is global life sciences practice co-chair Marco de Morpurgo. He guides clients through the complexities of cross-border litigation with a sure hand and always produces winning strategies.

GLP Intellectual Property Office 

“The service quality at GLP is consistently top notch and its highly skilled practitioners are extraordinarily responsive,” reports one happy customer. “They are personable, easy to work with, always look to help out where possible and reply to requests incredibly promptly – even across several time zones.” Its commitment to quality and precision are epitomised by managing partners Daniele Giovanni Petraz and Davide Luigi Petraz. The former is a portfolio management superstar who wins plaudit for his “international outlook, business skills and analytical mindset”; while strong international links, deep expertise and dual qualifications underpin the service of the latter.

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

With “a unique ability to advise on the interplay of IP and regulatory law”, Herbert Smith Freehills is a prime destination for pharmaceutical instructions in particular. Taking a holistic approach to intellectual property, its practitioners “are efficient and fair, think strategically and are always transparent on pricing”. Recent highlights include representing Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Janssen and the US government in a patent dispute before the IP Court of Milan; acting for Gilead Sciences in a matter that is currently pending before the Supreme Court; and advising Roche/Genentech on its pan-European enforcement strategy. Playing an integral role on all three matters is “outstanding litigator” Laura Orlando: “She is extremely knowledgeable, understands the technical issues and defends the rights of clients to the end – Laura is one of the best lawyers to assign a life sciences lawsuit to.” She regularly links up with Sara Balice, whose contentious capabilities have been shaped by insight gained at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. She garners warm feedback along with Pietro Pouché: “They are knowledgeable and responsive; and in litigation, they are an absolute safe harbour. Sara and Pietro also know how best to protect assets that are under development, and understand business priorities and work to promote commercial collaborations between business partners”.

Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells assembles tailored strike forces from its 400-strong global bench of lawyers to carry the day in even the most fraught cross-border disputes. It is a premier choice for large-scale life sciences and high-technology proceedings, courtesy of its enviable international reach and complete command of intellectual property, encompassing patents, trademarks, designs and everything in between. In Milan, Luigi Mansani and Giovanni Ghirardi are on hand to deliver exquisite results. “They are the best lawyers in Italy,” enthuses one patron. “Luigi and Giovanni understand complex technical issues, define the most effective strategies and provide objective opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of a case. They are also great when communicating with judges, and present their arguments clearly and effectively”.


Specialised boutique IP Law Galli has cemented its reputation as one of the most fearsome patent litigation outfits in the country. While it may be lean in size, it packs a fierce punch in heavy-duty pharmaceutical and technology disputes, where its sophisticated advocacy often leads to landmark decisions. For example, it recently acted for medical device manufacturer Tecnimed in a case in which the Supreme Court clarified a rule of law on the limitation of patents and retrospective validity. “Tough but fantastic litigator” Cesare Galli and Mariangela Bogni joined forces on this matter. Distinguished professor Galli is revered in the IP community and has done much to shape the legal landscape, including through advising the governmental commission in charge of revising the country’s IP legislation. Bogni effortlessly cuts through the intricacies of innovations in the mechanical and life sciences spaces to produce resonant arguments in court.

Jacobacci & Partners

A “top-quality choice” for filing and prosecution in Europe and beyond, Jacobacci & Partners has been meeting and exceeding the demands of a technically diverse clientele since 1872. Operating from 13 bases across Italy, Spain and France, its 90 practitioners serve as custodians of some 80,000-plus patents without breaking a sweat. Those keen to instruct it for filings, prior art searches and post-grant representation should get in touch with Paolo Ernesto Crippa.

Martini Manna Avvocati

“Martini Manna Avvocati is a super-qualified and professional firm – we are extremely pleased to have brought it on board as our partner for every IP matter,” reports one satisfied patron. The commercially savvy group prides itself on its well-rounded, forward-thinking advice, intimate understanding of clients’ businesses and ability to get right down to the nub of each matter. Elena Martini and Luigi Manna are discerning choices for high-stakes litigation. “Elena’s profound legal knowledge is evident from your first meeting with her. She is responsive, technically brilliant and always prepared to go the extra mile. Working with her is an absolute pleasure.” Fellow co-founder Manna thrives in the IT sector, where he has designed and executed a dizzying number of enforcement strategies to superb effect.

Modiano & Partners

Modiano & Partners is hailed as “a top gun” of the Italian scene and “a great ally to cooperate with”. The boutique houses over 50 patent attorneys – most of whom have doctorates in their specialist fields and speak several languages – in offices throughout Italy, Germany and Switzerland. The key figures here are “phenomenal” electronic engineer Alessandro Sanchini, who is “brilliant and fantastic to work with”; and Micaela Modiano, a “knowledgeable and tough expert in the life sciences”.

Notarbartolo & Gervasi

The “super-skilled and powerful” team at Notarbartolo & Gervasi makes it its mission to optimise and defend clients’ crown-jewel assets, while also coming up with effective patenting strategies and on-point technical evaluations. It combines the talents of patent attorneys and attorneys at law to provide a truly integrated service, covering everything from prosecution to asset commercialisation. Chemistry and the life sciences are strongholds, as reflected in a client roster featuring the likes of Saudi Aramco, Herbolea and Sintal Dietetics. Managing partner Diego Pallini Gervasi has authored two books, presented at 150-plus seminars and spent more than three decades partnering with prestigious public research institutions; no surprise, then, that he is in hot demand as a court-appointed expert. Electronic engineering sage Antonio Mario Pizzoli is another regular at the courts. His thoughtful arguments and collected approach stand him in good stead before judges and at the EPO. Making their IAM Patent 1000 debuts this year are biologist Elisabetta Zaccaro and chemist Massimo Palladino. The “talented and customer-focused” Zaccaro “understands clients’ doubts, clarifies them quickly and finds a way to reach their end goals. She evaluates inventions thoroughly and gets the maximum scope of protection possible, saving businesses time and money”. “A pleasure to work with”, Palladino is au fait with the nuances and procedures of different patent offices and regimes across the world: “He is reliable, great at explaining everything in layman’s terms and readily makes himself available.”

Nunziante Magrone

A full-service firm with the management style of a boutique, Nunziante Magrone is ideally situated for cases that come interwoven with complex patent, competition and commercial threads. The IP squad also collaborates seamlessly with the M&A department to drive fruitful outcomes in the transactional space. Under the leadership of Niccolò Ferretti, the group has gone out to bat for Cressoni in infringement proceedings that are currently pending before the Supreme Court. “A true professional with a first-class, no-nonsense approach, Niccolò consistently impresses and instils a level of confidence that is earned not by chance, but by hard work and attention to detail. His standards are outstanding and something to behold.”

Simmons & Simmons LLP

Under the direction of Giulio Enrico Sironi and Stefania Bergia, the Italian arm of global giant Simmons & Simmons has ascended to an elevated position on the local legal landscape and become a hub for must-win life sciences and pharmaceutical patent litigation. Sironi “thinks up the best defence strategies, keeps clients’ interests at the forefront and provides an accurate, reliable and timely service”. These are all traits he shares with the “exceptionally knowledgeable” Bergia: “She is an excellent writer too, and sets out her arguments clearly and convincingly.”

Società Italiana Brevetti SpA

Società Italiana Brevetti comes highly recommended for its “precise and detailed service, technical abilities and impressive knowledge of the patenting process. It replies quickly, explains procedures clearly and explores different paths to grant – and has a high success rate too”. A font of wisdom on European legislation, Claudio Germinario spent two decades at the EPO as a biotechnology examiner and appeal board member; he provides invaluable litigation support to industry heavyweights such as Laboratorios Menarini SA Barcelona. Also on the pharmaceutical side, the “personable” Elisabetta Papa produces excellent work that is always organised and well-thought-out”. She never shies away from a challenge and regularly prosecutes applications for emerging technologies in the biomedical field. Mechanical maven Emanuele Concone knows all the right moves in opposition proceedings; while instructions in the electronics and software sectors are deftly handled by Gaetano Barbaro and Giuseppe Romano. Precision is key for Barbaro, whose applications are never less than perfect; while Romano’s previous industry experience informs his incisive counsel.

Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati

Game-changing representation in IP disputes and commercial negotiations is the calling card of Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati, as illustrated by its recent instructions: among other highlights, it did battle for Mylan in a pan-European suit against Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Yeda Research & Development Co; and put a two-year long dispute to bed on behalf of Abott Cardiovascular Systems. The latter achievement was orchestrated by Fabrizio Jacobacci and Claudia Scapicchio. “Resourceful, thorough and creative, Fabrizio is a master of patent litigation” who provides outstanding leadership to the firm. The strategic vision of IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Scapicchio is pivotal to successful outcomes: “She grasps issues quickly and finds a way to solve them without overlooking business needs. Claudia’s pragmatism, dynamic approach and positive attitude, coupled with her punctuality and responsiveness, are key to overcoming any hurdles.” Another “passionate and driven litigator”, Barbara La Tella has an exceptional facility for SEPs: “She finds the best solutions, suggests brilliant strategies and is always willing to explain things every step of the way.” Lucrative licensing deals and IP-rich transactions are brokered smoothly by Paola Gelato, whose “ability to find real-life solutions to complex legal issues, practicality and business-minded approach set her apart from other counsel”.

Studio Torta SpA

“Studio Torta always has the right patent attorney for the job.” Regularly topping the European filing charts, it is home to a diverse team of professionals with a broad mix of technical and legal backgrounds: “They understand complex technologies and provide advice in a way that clients appreciate and understand. They never view patents in a vacuum, but work together with companies to help them reach their full potential.” An A-star prosecution line-up consists of Simone Bongiovanni, Luigi Franzolin, Fabio D’Angelo, Mauro Eccetto and Lidia Casciano. Electrical engineer Bongiovanni has patent procurement down to a fine art, as he recently demonstrated for multinational corporation CNH Industrial. In the mechanical arena, Franzolin consistently secures positive results at the EPO; while portfolio management ace D’Angelo has been entrusted with protecting Ferrari’s designs worldwide. The technically versatile Eccetto advises across the energy, food and beverage sectors and knows how to get applications through to grant thanks to a former stint as an EPO examiner. Joining them in the guide for the first time is Casciano, who is hailed by one prominent litigator as “the life sciences attorney in Italy and a great choice for litigation support”.

Trevisan & Cuonzo

High-stakes patent disputes are meat and drink to Trevisan & Cuonzo, which combines accuracy with creativity to meet clients’ every need. The firm is passionate about innovation and recently launched a new service, 4Agrinnovation, to support agribusinesses in protecting and commercialising new plant varieties and obtaining plant breeders’ rights. With fluency in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals, Luca Trevisan and Gabriel Cuonzo have been instrumental to the firm’s success. “Luca is one of the best lawyers in Italy – his assistance is outstanding. He thinks outside of the box, understands the mentality of his opponents, fights hard and achieves excellent results.” “Tough litigator” Cuonzo has “great insight into the approach of the Italian courts. He knows the best strategic options to get a successful outcome”. A repository of trust for major German, US and Spanish pharmaceutical players, “brilliant lawyer” Donatella Capelli is a crucial asset in SPC validity and infringement proceedings. Spearheading operations in Rome is Vittorio Cerulli Irelli, another seasoned litigator who tackles SEP disputes with verve. He has an encyclopaedic understanding of Italian law and regularly provides expert opinions to the High Court of England and Wales. In Parma, Daniela Ampollini plays lead counsel roles and elegantly negotiates commercial agreements across a range of industries.

Other recommended experts

“One of the most reliable experts for pharmaceutical patent litigation”, Fabrizio Minoja is “an absolute superstar”. He can be found at Bianchetti Bracco Minoja. Flying the flag of Cantaluppi & Partners, Stefano Cantaluppi has “an efficient, business-minded approach that proves valuable in many cases”. The mechanical engineer speaks four languages and leverages four decades of experience in finding favourable outcomes. “For biotechnology matters, there is no one better than Olga Capasso. She is one of the very best in the business and has a modern approach too.” The former molecular and cellular biology scientist plies her trade at De Simone & Partners. Technically adept and business savvy, Dragtotti & Associatis’s Roberto Pistolesi is a crackerjack life sciences patent specialist with a niche in SPCs. At HOFFMAN EITLE, Marco Benedetto’s drafting skills are unerringly on point. The chemistry whizz also produces top-notch legal and technical opinions. “An emerging and active lawyer with a dynamic approach”, Gianluca De Cristofaro is making his mark on the country’s patent scene. The versatile litigator and transactions ace operates out of LCA Studio Legale. A fresh face in the guide, Antonio Di Bernardo “works at an extremely high level and is one of the few patent attorneys out there who can handle software litigation”. He receives instructions at THINX. Co-heading the IP department at Legance Avvocati Associati, Monica Riva acquits herself with distinction in multifaceted and commercially consequential disputes. Her negotiation skills are also put to good use in seeing complex technology transfers through to close. LGV Avvocati’s Tankred Thiem is a discerning choice for pan-European litigation, having qualified at the German and Italian Bars.

Individuals: litigation

  • Gabriel Cuonzo - Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Gualtiero Dragotti - DLA Piper
  • Giovanni Galimberti - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Cesare Galli - IP LAW GALLI Srl 
  • Giovanni Guglielmetti - BonelliErede
  • Luigi Mansani - Hogan Lovells
  • Massimiliano Mostardini - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Luca Trevisan - Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Daniela Ampollini - Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Mariangela Bogni - IP LAW GALLI Srl
  • Donatella Capelli - Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Giovanni Francesco Casucci - Dentons
  • Vittorio Cerulli Irelli - Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Giovanni Ghirardi - Hogan Lovells
  • Laura Orlando - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Giulio Enrico Sironi - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Roberto Valenti - DLA Piper
  • Sara Balice - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Elisabetta Bandera - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Stefania Bergia - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Gianluca De Cristofaro - LCA Studio Legale
  • Niccolò Ferretti - Nunziante Magrone
  • Paola Gelato - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Fabrizio Jacobacci - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Vincenzo Jandoli - Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti
  • Barbara La Tella - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Luigi Manna - Martini Manna Avvocati
  • Elena Martini - Martini Manna Avvocati
  • Marco de Morpurgo - DLA Piper
  • Pietro Pouché - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Monica Riva - Legance – Avvocati Associati 
  • Federica Santonocito - Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti
  • Claudia Scapicchio - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Tankred Thiem - LGV Avvocati

Individuals: prosecution

  • Gaetano Barbaro - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Marco Benedetto - HOFFMANN EITLE
  • Cristina Biggi - Bugnion SpA 
  • Simone Bongiovanni - Studio Torta SpA
  • Luciano Bosotti - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Mario Botti - Botti & Ferrari SpA 
  • Stefano Cantaluppi - Cantaluppi & Partners
  • Olga Capasso - De Simone & Partners
  • Lidia Casciano - Studio Torta SpA
  • Emanuele Concone - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Fabio D'Angelo - Studio Torta SpA
  • Antonella De Gregori - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Antonio Di Bernardo - THINX
  • Mauro Eccetto - Studio Torta SpA
  • Cristina Freyria Fava - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Rinaldo Ferreccio - Botti & Ferrari SpA 
  • Luigi Franzolin - Studio Torta SpA
  • Claudio Germinario - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Tassilo Meindl - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Fabrizio Minoja - Bianchetti Bracco Minoja
  • Micaela N Modiano - Modiano & Partners
  • Giancarlo Notaro - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Massimo Palladino - Notarbartolo & Gervasi
  • Diego Pallini Gervasi - Notarbartolo & Gervasi
  • Elisabetta Papa - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Daniele Giovanni Petraz - GLP Intellectual Property Office 
  • Davide Luigi Petraz - GLP Intellectual Property Office
  • Roberto Pistolesi - Dragotti & Associati srl
  • Antonio Mario Pizzoli - Notarbartolo & Gervasi
  • Giuseppe Romano - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Alessandro Sanchini - Modiano & Partners
  • Elisabetta Zaccaro - Notarbartolo & Gervasi

Individuals: transactions

  • Daniela Ampollini - Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Gianluca De Cristofaro - LCA Studio Legale
  • Giovanni Galimberti - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Cesare Galli - IP LAW GALLI Srl 
  • Giovanni Guglielmetti - BonelliErede
  • Massimiliano Mostardini - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Pietro Pouché - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Claudia Ricciardi - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Roberto Valenti - DLA Piper


  • Mario Franzosi - Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti