It is no surprise that Israel has earned itself the moniker ‘the Start-up Nation’: despite its diminutive size, it is the second-highest non-European filer at the European Patent Office and its per-capita ratio of start-ups is the highest in the world. Many of these start-ups are high-technology players, such as Taboola and Waze; but innovation is also booming in the field of medical technology, and in particular medical data and devices. These trends are proving positive for the jurisdiction’s many patent prosecution firms, which stand poised to assist pioneering clients, both international and domestic. On the litigation side, battles continue to rage between drug originators and generic manufacturers, as complex legislation on patent extension triggers a multitude of disputes. One curious hotspot that has lately seen phenomenal growth in the jurisdiction is the cannabis sector, as patentees, patent attorneys and litigators alike all seek to gain a foothold in this promising new market.

Firms: litigation

  • Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group
  • Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Luthi+Webb
  • S Horowitz & Co
  • Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group
  • Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co
  • Ehrlich Group 
  • Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices
  • Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 
  • G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys
  • Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Soroker Agmon Nordman

Firms: prosecution

  • Highly recommended
  • Ehrlich Group 
  • Reinhold Cohn Group
  • Recommended
  • Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group
  • G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys
  • Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Luthi+Webb
  • Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 
  • Sanford T Colb & Co
  • Soroker Agmon Nordman

Firms: transactions

  • Highly recommended
  • H-F & Co
  • Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices
  • Recommended
  • Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co
  • Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group
  • Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 
  • S Horowitz & Co

Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group

A stalwart on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group has continued to thrive this year. “Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group forms close personal relations with clients. When you need urgent action to be taken or just a quick opinion on something, you can be sure of a prompt and professional response.” With Eran Liss and Dan Adin heading up the litigation division, and Moshe Pyernik leading the patent attorney team, the firm does an “excellent job” across the technological spectrum, although pharmaceuticals are a real specialty. The in-house experience that Liss has gained over almost 20 years in the patent space gives him rare insight which is ably deployed in his litigation and transactional practice. Having been chalking up courtroom victories since 1998, Adin is likewise a safe pair of hands for the firm’s roster of heavyweight contentious clients. Both Adin and Liss now lend their wisdom to the Examiners’ Board that certifies new patent attorneys. Garnering enthusiastic praise on the prosecution side is Pyernik, “a first-choice attorney for pharmaceutical, drug delivery and chemical patent applications”. “Moshe has an extremely thorough understanding of clients’ innovations and the prior art, and is outstanding in search and analysis and drafting patents; he is highly successful in oppositions, too.” “His team is extremely obliging, helpful, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co

The legacy and influence of full-service Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co are keenly felt throughout the jurisdiction and beyond. The litigation practice is led by the eponymous Shlomo Cohen, a former head of the Israeli Bar Association who continues to share his knowledge at leading universities and institutions, having generously nurtured the skills of future generations in this way since the late 1980s. On the prosecution front, the impressive Gail Volman shines on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and wireless communications briefs. “She is an excellent prosecutor, very knowledgeable on Israeli patent law, and is most pleasant to work with both on a professional and personal level.”

Ehrlich Group 

The full-service Ehrlich Group remains one of the elite players on the patent scene this year, demonstrating strength across the board in prosecution, litigation and transactions. A stellar international clientele bears testament to its position as a guiding light in the Israeli market for those hailing from overseas. Colossuses such as Huawei and Pfizer look to the firm on the prosecution side, where Gal Ehrlich remains a major draw; as does head of software Roy S Melzer, who is celebrated as a “very knowledgeable and quick” practitioner. The fingerprints of the respected Paul Fenster can be found on much of the firm’s output: his skill as a prosecutor and acumen when advising on litigation matters are widely recognised. Another key asset for the firm is Maier Fenster, who leads the medical devices department; he himself has 30 patents to his name and has thus walked many miles in his clients’ shoes. Head of biotech Hadassa Waterman is extremely adept when representing top-tier universities in the region – a facility she shares with head of chemistry Revital Green. Meanwhile, the esteemed Eran Naftali has won warm acclaim for his own academic writings in the field of high-energy physics; he captains the physics department with a steady hand. On the high-technology side, European-qualified Geoffrey L Melnick has practised in the United Kingdom and brings an international dimension to his work for a range of domestic start-ups. The firm’s contentious offering has continued to grow this year, under the stewardship of the “practical, knowledgeable and service oriented” Yehuda Neubauer; clients as diverse as Sony and Inovamed appreciate his “professionalism and kind and efficient services”. On the transactional side, the firm is similarly capable, with the strategically minded Amit Ehrlich exploring all manner of patent monetisation opportunities to superb effect.

G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys

“G&A Glazberg does a brilliant job bringing rough ideas to maturity and improving them along the way.” Its enviable roster of prestigious software clients includes IBM, with which the firm has a longstanding relationship: the firm has handled around 70 matters for the industry titan over a 12-month period alone. G&A has also cultivated new alliances with dynamic digital and software start-ups such as Anagog and Taboola – the latter one of Israel’s 20 unicorns. Clients put their faith in software leader and “exceptionally quick thinker” Ziv Glazberg, “who, as a former computer programmer, deeply understands software issues”. With three undergraduate degrees to his name and an inventor himself in 10 patent families, Glazberg “is undoubtedly one of the top people in the software area; not only does he have excellent drafting skills, he ensures that your patents align closely with your business goals”. Heading the contentious division is Nadav Applebaum, who has all the qualities clients look for in a litigator, including a killer instinct for cross-examination and an affinity for the finer points of the law. He has been busy this year nurturing the firm’s relationship with Amiad Water Systems, as well as sewing up major cross-border patent litigation for domestic start-ups and independent inventors.

Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group

The combination of Reinhold Cohn and Gilat, Bareket & Co makes Reinhold Cohn Group one of the most potent forces in the Israeli patent market. Its twin figureheads on the litigation side are the formidable David Gilat and Eran Bareket – supplementary protection certificates expert who match strong academic backgrounds with commercial nous. Gilat impresses for his “passion, excellent interpersonal relationships and very professional and efficient manner”; Bareket for his “wise and effective advice”. Both have recently gone out to bat for clients such as green-tech player UBQ materials; Adama Agricultrual Solutions, a global crop protection company; and consumer giant L’Oréal. For sage transactional insight, clients call on co-founder Daphna Gilat, who draws on some 20 years at the IP coalface on everything from licensing and commercialisation agreements to international deals. On the prosecution side, the firm boasts a supergroup of attorneys, including Ilan Cohn, Ronnie Benshafrut, Svetlana Stadler, Tamar Morag-Sela, David de Vries, Ehud Hausman and Ena Pugatsch. Cohn comes equipped with a PhD in biology, while chemistry maestro Benshafrut is currently making waves in Israel’s thriving cannabis sector. Physicist Stadler knows everything to know about all things semiconductor, while de Vries and Pugatsch are in charge of the firm’s technology department, providing astute patentability opinions and dispatching opposition proceedings with consummate ease. Completing the line-up are computer science whizz Hausmann and Foodtech and Agritech aficionado Morag-Sela, whose deep expertise is put to great use in Israel’s eclectic patent landscape.

H-F & Co

H-F & Co has carved itself a solid niche in the challenging terrain of transactional IP, offering a full range of services, including patent licensing and deals, infringement and compliance issues, and protection of trade secrets. Its talisman is Adi Gillat, who has recently been providing regulatory advice to Google while also helping to broker IP-related transactions for a diverse range of clients within the high-technology space. She and the firm also got stuck into a spot of specialist litigation work, representing the founders of Waze in a precedential class action lawsuit before the Israeli Supreme Court.

Herzog Fox & Neeman

One of the country’s biggest law firms, Herzog Fox & Neeman combines a compelling transactional offering with a burgeoning contentious practice. Its “stellar team” “know their stuff and really listen to clients”; they have enjoyed a bumper year of high-profile instructions for blockbuster clients, including Samsung’s acquisition of Corephotonics and a cross-border patent infringement case for online gaming operator 888 Holdings. The practice is led by Karen Elburg, who – together with Jenia Melkhior – tackles complex IP issues resulting from public-private and other collaborations, including patent disputes, ownership disputes and licensing. “One of a kind” when it comes to business negotiations, whether commercial or academic, the pair are “good people with high integrity and excellent personal relations”. “Karen and Jenia are exceptionally gifted attorneys who are highly committed to their clients and to delivering excellent results in a cost-conscious way. They stand out for their attention to detail and their understanding of the business needs of their clients.” “Their attitude is also super-professional and both demonstrate superb problem-solving and negotiation skills.” Working alongside them is technology transfer maven Dan Sharot, who is a preferred choice for university and hospital spin-offs.

Horn & Co Law Offices

The “well-regarded” Horn & Co is a market leader when it comes to transactional intellectual property. It shepherds dozens of licensing deals across the line every year – primarily in the life sciences sector, but also increasingly at the ever-blurring boundary between medicine and technology. “Sharp negotiator and strategist” Yuval Horn is an authority in the field of medical data licensing; the “bright and practical problem solver” boasts “a broad multidisciplinary knowledge of the law”. He shares this in common with Keren Kanir, a fellow data expert with a keen eye for the fine print of all kinds of licensing deals, whose advice is unerringly smart and well considered. Also bringing a wealth of know-how to the table is Ohad Mamann, who has an encyclopaedic understanding of corporate finance and commercial transactions and a flair for complex cross-border work.

Liad Whatstein & Co

A “very smart and tough litigator with significant knowledge and experience”, Liad Whatstein leads a reputable boutique that has seen a sharp increase in work this year. The firm continues to litigate for pharmaceutical big guns such as Pfizer, Novartis and Sanofi, but has also represented the likes of Elbit – Israel’s largest group of companies developing defence technologies. The firm is also no stranger to patent prosecution, which it undertakes for a range of pharmaceutical clients; in particular, it has become a go-to for patent term extension work, which it is handling for the likes of Genzyme and Takeda. Clients are generous in their praise for Whatstein himself: “Liad has an ability to synthesise a tremendous amount of material quickly. Smart and creative, he also works incredibly hard and is highly efficient and responsive.” “Not only technically excellent, he is thoroughly business minded, too.” “Overall, he is one of the best patent practitioners worldwide.” Also garnering glowing notices is the “smart, dedicated, commercial and responsive” Amira Mangelus, who makes her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2020. The pair “work well with attorneys in other jurisdictions and are knowledgeable about and up to date on pharmaceutical law globally”. “Liad and Amira are thorough and committed lawyers who leave no stone unturned and who aggressively represent their clients in the best way.”


Since merging in 2018, Luthi+Webb has gone from strength to strength on both the litigation and prosecution sides. The contentious arm, Luthi+Co, is renowned for its life sciences prowess; while this is still its main focus, with clients such as Gilead, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca on its roster, it has also made recent forays into other technologies, particularly medical devices. High-technology is another forte: it recently represented Keysee Software Ltd in a patent infringement case in the cryptography field. Peers acknowledge founding partner Richard Luthi as “a worthy opponent and a very good lawyer”. Known for his outside-the-box thinking, honed over 30 years of practice, he is also passing on the torch by teaching at prestigious institutions such as Haifa University and Hebrew University. Similarly seasoned is Daniel Lerner, whose dual academic credentials in both law and science from Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University equip him well for some of the most complex pharmaceutical and high-tech litigation around. Colleague Martin Binnes previously notched up 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, giving the firm an invaluable look behind the curtain on challenging life sciences matters. The driving force behind the form’s prosecution arm is Cynthia Webb; with a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science, she is a highly respected specialist on patentability evaluations, freedom to operate opinions and due diligence. Her team of patent attorneys – many of whom also have PhDs of their own – has been busy this year prosecuting patents on behalf of major pharmaceutical and biotech companies and leading universities.

Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices

With an uncanny ability to wring the right results from high-stakes litigation and transactional briefs, Meitar has had a red-letter year for clients including pharmaceutical goliath GlaxoSmithKline and blockchain leader Starkware Industries. Its versatility is likewise embodied by crack litigator Yoav Oestreicher, who has led the firm into battle in cases involving every technology going. His extensive international experience translates into sophisticated strategic advice for local clients which find themselves embroiled involved in disputes overseas. Meitar’s transactional practice is spearheaded by David Mirchin, a software expert who is a dab hand at licensing, privacy, and open source issues. The increasing relevance of privacy issues to the IP space makes Mirchin a dead cert for tech companies both domestic and international. Both he and semiconductor expert Boaz Mizrahi render Meitar’s transactional practice truly first class.

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 

“Pearl Cohen is an excellent firm to assign your most high-quality and important patent projects to – it is top tier with respect to patent drafting and client service. Moreover, it is ideal for business and legal consultation and can fulfil the entire scope of your needs.” Providing a joined-up service across the patent spectrum, its lawyers are hailed as “very approachable, professional, well trained and flexible”. Managing partner Zeev Pearl is a prolific polymath who shines on portfolio management, patent prosecution and opposition proceedings. His titanic recent opposition on behalf of Diehl Defence GmbH & Co was among the largest ever carried out in the jurisdiction. Fellow standard-bearer Yossi Markovich heads up the firm’s litigation practice and has a reputation as a “miracle-maker”. He is on speed dial for big-name clients in the pharmaceutical field, but has also been handling high-profile aluminium production and non-destructive testing inspection cases of late – all while serving as chair of the Israel Bar Association IP Committee. On the transactional side, Yael Baratz’s facility for cross-border transactions proves vital to the successful conclusion of complex licensing deals and acquisitions; she is also a font of insight on the niche subject of university licensing.

S Horowitz & Co

“One of the best litigation firms in Israel”, S Horowitz & Co has been a “leader for over 40 years”. “The partners are reliable and dedicated, professional and thorough, always available and eager to familiarise themselves with, and understand, the client’s business and provide to-the-point and meaningful advice and guidance.” The jewel in its crown is Tal Band, who this year has been masterminding cases not only for longstanding client Teva, but also for Dexcel, Google and Israeli electronics start-up Smart Shooter. “He is one of the most formidable, skilled and impressive IP litigators in Israel, with extraordinary courtroom performance and out-of-the-box thinking. He has trained, and is leading, an excellent team of partners who are very capable in their own right.” These include the “responsive and attentive” Avi Ordo, a capable, commercially minded strategist; and “talented, focused, dedicated and highly business-oriented” pharmaceuticals ace Dovev Apel. Standing shoulder to shoulder with them is Ran Vogel, a “skilled and effective litigator who is very knowledgeable and well experienced in handling an array of patent litigation cases”. In addition to blockbuster work for generic and research-based pharmaceutical companies, Vogel is also sought after for validity, ownership and inventorship, and freedom to operate opinions. Another star in the team is Anthony Bloch, who has spent more than 25 years hammering out favourable technology transfer agreements for major Israeli academic institutions. Having worked with the likes of Pfizer, Merck, and Johnson and Johnson throughout his career, he counts transactional work in the pharmaceutical field as another strong suit.

Sanford T Colb & Co

Sanford T Colb & Co earns glowing reports for its meticulous prosecution work in the high-tech space, thanks largely to the polished performances of its name and founding partner. “Very sharp and very good and very tactical”, Colb is qualified in both Israel and the United States, giving him an invaluable global outlook that comes into its own on the complex prosecution, licensing and transactional mandates that are his bread and butter.

Soroker Agmon Nordman

The full-service Soroker Agmon Nordman is a “go-to firm for IP matters in Israel, with very nice people and talented lawyers”. Software, electronics and medical devices are the natural stomping grounds of its tech-savvy patent team. The lynchpin is “coveted counsellor and fearsome litigator” Eran Soroker, an “experienced analyst of intricate legal issues from a cutting-edge perspective”. Over the course of almost 30 years in intellectual property, he has won the enduring loyalty of multinationals such as Dyson, Amazon and Microsoft, while at the same time meeting and exceeding the needs of the most exciting domestic start-ups.

Other recommended experts

At Dr Eyal Bressler & Co, Eyal Bressler is recognised as a “master of prosecution”, but is also no stranger to transactional work. He is “very thorough and smart” and has extensive experience representing multinational pharmaceutical companies. Colleague Joseph Wyse is another strategic prosecutor, with a focus on genetics and medical devices. Barry Levenfeld of Yigal Arnon stands out for his deep knowledge and refined handling of mergers and acquisitions for a range of tech and life sciences clients. Adi Levit of Adi Levit Law Firm has made a name as a “leading and well-respected IP litigator” who has secured numerous precedential judgments in the life sciences field. Meanwhile, Nadav Shichor & Associates’ Nadav Shichor knows what it takes to get ink on the bottom line of crucial technology licensing deals for academic institutions; prior industry experience has further enriched his commercial wisdom. Commercial lawyer Yotam Werzansky-Orland, working out of Drori-Werzansky-Orland, regularly represents leading corporations in valuable litigations and in proceedings before the Israeli Patent Office. He hands down his knowledge and experience through regular lectures at universities and other well-respected academic institutions.

Individuals: litigation

  • Tal Band - S Horowitz & Co
  • Eran Bareket - Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group
  • David Gilat - Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group
  • Richard Luthi - Luthi+Webb
  • Liad Whatstein - Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Dan Adin - Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group
  • Dovev Apel - S Horowitz & Co
  • Nadav Applebaum - G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys
  • Martin Binnes - Luthi+Webb
  • Shlomo Cohen - Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co
  • Ziv Glazberg - G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys
  • Daniel Lerner - Luthi+Webb
  • Adi Levit - Adi Levit Law Firm
  • Eran Liss - Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group
  • Amira Mangelus - Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Yossi Markovich - Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 
  • Yehuda Neubauer - Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (part of Ehrlich Group) 
  • Yoav Oestreicher - Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices
  • Avi Ordo - S Horowitz & Co
  • Eran Soroker - Soroker Agmon Nordman
  • Ran Vogel - S Horowitz & Co
  • Yotam Werzansky-Orland - Drori-Werzansky-Orland, Advocates and Patent Attorneys

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Karen Elburg - Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Adi Gillat - H-F & Co
  • Yuval Horn - Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Yael Baratz - Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 
  • Anthony Bloch - S Horowitz & Co
  • Amit Ehrlich - IPTrade (part of Ehrlich Group) 
  • Daphna Gilat - Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group
  • Keren Kanir - Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Barry P Levenfeld - Yigal Arnon & Co
  • Ohad Mamann - Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Jenia Melkhior - Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Roy S Melzer - Ehrlich Group 
  • David Mirchin - Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices
  • Boaz Mizrahi - Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices
  • Dan Sharot - Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Nadav Shichor - Nadav Shichor & Associates