Israel is a hotbed of technological entrepreneurship and the site of many exciting developments in the high-technology, life sciences, medical device and software fields. Consequently, the country’s patent practitioners have long been handling interesting, high-value instructions, which has shaped many of them into leading international strategists – ones who know which way the winds of innovation are blowing. Notable recent developments include the Israel Patent Office’s announcement of plans to introduce a new provisional patent application filing procedure which would give applicants an earlier filing date (that of the provisional application) should a full application be filed within one year. This will create an advantage by allowing applicants to hone an invention and work on commercialisation initiatives while still enjoying protection against third parties.

Firms: litigation

  • Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Luthi+Webb
  • Reinhold Cohn Group 
  • S Horowitz & Co
  • Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group
  • Ehrlich Group 
  • Meitar | Law Offices
  • Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz
  • Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co
  • G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys
  • Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Soroker Agmon Nordman
  • The Luzzatto Group 

Firms: prosecution

Firms: transactions

  • Highly recommended
  • H-F & Co
  • Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Meitar | Law Offices
  • Recommended
  • Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co
  • Liad Whatstein & Co
  • Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz
  • Reinhold Cohn Group 
  • S Horowitz & Co

Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group

Adin Liss Pyernik provides “a thorough and customer-oriented service, with close attention from partners and a focus on results”. Equal parts law office and prosecution shop, the boutique procures, defends and enforces patent rights with the same dexterity. Prosecution guru Moshe Pyernik does a first-class job of reviewing prior art and tailoring patent applications in a way that avoids conflict and ensures smooth passage through the patent office: “His thoroughness in preparing the basis for patent oppositions and finding ways to invalidate fictitious claims is quite unparalleled.” Pyernik has a longstanding relationship with prestigious academic institutions including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben Gurion University, which he has assisted with numerous prosecution projects. He also provides valuable litigation support to Eran Liss and Dan Adin, who take the lead on contentious matters. Liss benefits from prior in-house experience and has a broad perspective which helps him to effortlessly navigate the most complex cases. With the deftness of a chess master, he stays one step ahead of opponents. Adin impresses with his tenacity and grit in complex litigation. Recent highlights include representing companies such as Südzucker AG and Bromine Compounds in opposition matters, and successfully defending generic pharmaceutical company KS Kim International in a patent infringement proceeding in which an award of attorneys’ fees was given.

Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co 

In a significant development for the market, December 2020 saw the arrival of a new force in Israeli patent practice with the establishment of Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co. Formed by ex-Reinhold Cohn practitioners Ilan Cohn, David de Vries and Svetlana Stadler, the boutique has been built from the ground up to provide a business-focused, agile service to innovators. Cohn is a keen strategist with a flair for helping entrepreneurs and companies to get the most out of their intellectual assets. Trained as a mechanical engineer, de Vries knows how to procure ironclad patent rights and build valuable portfolios, and is also a sought-after opinion giver. Stadler is a top-notch physicist with an instant recall of the finest details of her matters.

Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co

An enduring fixture on the Israeli patent landscape, Dr Shlomo Cohen & Co has the technical nous and industry knowledge to handle just about any patent matter going. Domestic companies and multinationals alike find its service to be efficient and cost effective, and its approach creative. Setting the pace, Shlomo Cohen has spent decades duking it out in high-stakes patent litigation. Having held prestigious positions in major national IP organisations, he has had a significant influence on Israeli IP policy and practice. Anchoring the prosecution team, Gail Volman is an expert in biological chemistry and dispenses crucial counsel to life sciences patrons.

Ehrlich Group 

Ehrlich Group’s 140 seasoned and collaborative IP professionals provide fulsome support to major high-technology and life sciences entities, leading domestic universities and medical centres, and dynamic start-ups. The only Israeli firm to be highly recommended in the IAM Patent 1000 prosecution rankings for 2021, it files prolifically both at home and abroad – it processes an impressive 1,000 US patent filings each year, for example – and protects clients to the hilt. The firm’s individual rankings further underscore the technical capabilities of the group, as they include the heads of the chemistry, biotechnology, medical devices, physics, high-technology and software groups – Revital Green, Hadassa Waterman, Maier Fenster, Eran Naftali, Geoffrey L Melnick and Roy S Melzer respectively. Prosecution and IP commercialisation are the metiers of Green, who helps clients to extract optimum value from their intangible assets. He has recently been supporting Pfizer in an opposition against Israeli generic Dexcel Pharma Technologies. Waterman furnishes tailor-made IP strategies and well-thought-out solutions that “address specific IP needs with great accuracy”. Fenster builds strong IP platforms for those with new products to launch and knows how to leverage intellectual property for bottom-line growth. He has gone above and beyond in the past year to support those whose business has been impacted by covid-19. Naftali is the first choice for complex work: he has been busy assisting Cheetah Medical – a pioneer in the field of non-invasive fluid management and monitoring systems –with prosecution and with sensitive negotiations. Melnick has an innate ability to “get high-quality results in the tightest timeframes” and is a “high-end practitioner who quickly grasps complicated data and gets broad protection”. With “deep technical and legal knowledge”, Melzer does top-level work on strategic global portfolio matters and is cited as an “extremely responsive contact”. Luminary Paul Fenster must also be highlighted; he is hard to beat in terms of engineering and private practice experience, industry knowledge and all-round IP sagacity. The storied practitioner is a must for high-level strategic advice in prosecution, litigation and licensing scenarios. The listings also showcase the firm’s versatility through the inclusion of Yehuda Neubauer, who captains the IP litigation practice; and Amit Ehrlich, who takes charge of IP monetisation. Neubauer often takes over cases from other firms when the pressure gets too much for them; under these circumstances, he is currently representing Boeing against Israel Aerospace Industries. Ehrlich acquits himself with distinction in touch-and-go cross-border licensing negotiations. Everyone on the team takes inspiration from Gal Ehrlich, an astute IP tactician who is brilliant at getting the best out of the talent around him.

Fisher Friedman IP Group

Fisher-Friedman IP Group debuts in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2021 in recognition of its preparation and prosecution proficiency and strategic IP counselling expertise. The ensemble is approached by patrons from around the globe for pragmatic advice that allows them to reap commercial rewards from innovation. The power duo at the helm comprises Nathalie Friedman and Michal Fisher, both of whom find creative pathways to the strongest protections while steering clients clear of conflicts; whether working together or independently, they get outstanding results at a price that won’t break the bank. With a background in molecular biology – she has a PhD in the subject from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Friedman is a talented linguist with great international connections. Taking charge of the firm’s patent portfolio activities, she sets the highest standards and leads by example in her own practice. She represents French medical imaging company Guerbet, which in 2018 acquired Accurate Medical Therapeutics, whose portfolio she built; recent activities for Guerbet include assisting with invention harvesting and extensive prosecution. Fisher practises at the cutting edge of development in medical devices and health technology, and does sterling work for Accelmed, a global group of funds investing in these industries; pioneering medical device robotics start-up XACT Robotics; and 270Surgical, whose patents and trademarks he protects. Both partners love to get hands on with their work, which enhances the quality of the firm’s offering and the personal nature of its service.

G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co Advocates & Patent Attorneys

The discerning choice of blue-chip technology companies and Israeli unicorns, G&A keeps a laser focus on quality that has given it significant momentum as a prosecution provider and global portfolio developer. Innovative thinking, a client-first mentality and sophisticated know-how in cybersecurity, machine learning, big data and the Internet of Things are its calling cards. Coming in for particular praise is Haifa-based leader of the practice Ziv Glazberg, a named inventor on eight US patents with a first-hand understanding of the innovative process: “Ziv is an extremely bright individual who quickly understands the most delicate technical details of complex subject matter.” One source comments: “I have convinced two different companies to transition their patent work to Ziv, such is his quality.” Major clients include IBM, for which he undertakes a substantial portion of its patent work in Israel, demonstrating impressive creativity in an area of patenting (software) that has become more challenging. His start-up clients include WalkMe, which provides a platform for guided walkthroughs for websites and apps. The other leading light of the practice is Nadav Applebaum, a tenacious litigator with a remarkable ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities that are overlooked by opponents. He is the leading expert on issues relating to service inventions and inventor compensation.

H-F & Co

Patent transactions are meat and drink to H-F & Co, an acclaimed firm that lights up the market with its superb stewardship of sector-transforming deals. Since its establishment in 2014, its narrative has been one of constant growth: industry leaders, domestic unicorns and others flock to its doors for its flair for the fine print of licensing agreements and complementary proficiency in data privacy and regulatory law. Key representations include Moovit App, which the firm has supported in connection with all its IP and commercial matters for several years. Most notably, H-F & Co handled its $1 billion acquisition by Intel; this was one of the largest recent deals in the Israeli high-technology sector and required great commitment and focus, given the working conditions imposed by the pandemic. A doyenne of transactional IP in Israel, Adi Gillat is a tireless practitioner with a can-do attitude who puts shoulder to the wheel to get complex deals done to the satisfaction of all parties: “Adi understands her clients’ legal and business needs and formulates smart strategies accordingly. Collaborative and personable, she is a delight to partner with.”

Herzog Fox & Neeman

When it comes to patent and technology transactions, few competitors, if any, have as mature and refined an offering as Herzog Fox & Neeman. The firm has mastered the art of deal negotiating and closing, as many industry-leading technology and life sciences companies and start-ups know well. Recent developments for the group include the rollout of a new digital asset management programme, which facilitates the efficient auditing of clients’ intellectual property in a way that will support seamless due diligence work. Though best known for its commercial IP capabilities, the firm is also well equipped for contentious tasks and particularly disputes associated with commercial relationships. Karen Elburg brings strong leadership to the IP group and ensures that a value-adding interdisciplinary approach is adopted by the transactional and litigation sides of the team. She and Jenia Melkhior form a dynamic pairing that charts optimal paths forward in complex cross-border deals. Dan Sharot has an affinity for licensing along with special expertise in the area of university and hospital spin-off transactions; he also stands out for his international connectedness.

Horn & Co Law Offices

A leading ensemble when it comes to licensing and other strategic IP, technology and data transactions, Horn & Co brings keen industry insight to the negotiating table that helps it get big-ticket deals inked in the life sciences, internet, software and cleantech spaces. Key areas of recent growth for this highly specialised firm include medical data licensing, at the forefront of which stands Keren Kanir, who acts for a number of innovators of AI-based digital health solutions. An expert in corporate and IP transactions, Kanir has shown herself to be a dynamic deal broker with a rare faculty for complex cross-border matters. She, Yuval Horn and Ohad Mamann form the backbone of a team that, though leanly structured, can complete dizzying numbers of sizeable and sophisticated assignments at speed. Founding partner Horn is uniquely attuned to the needs and desires of in-house counsel and the C-suite, and an influential voice in the domestic and international legal and business community who regularly takes to the podium as a speaker. Mamann excels at assisting pharmaceutical and other companies in deals with academic and research institutions; together with Horn, he recently advised Neovii Biopharmaceuticals on an exclusive licence agreement with Tel Aviv University concerning an innovative platform – including a vaccine design for coronaviruses – developed by Professor Jonathan Gershoni of the university’s School of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology.

Liad Whatstein & Co

Boutique Liad Whatstein & Co is a force to be reckoned with in Israel, thanks to founding partner Liad Whatstein, whose IP litigation achievements are the stuff of legend. “Liad is a name to be respected and is definitely the top litigator in Israel for patent-related disputes. His dedication to clients, his knowledge and experience in litigating complex issues, and his ability to see the bigger picture are second to none.” When Novartis faced opposition action with respect to its patents covering the dosing regimen via its Exelon transdermal patch for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Whatstein’s forensic cross-examination of the other side’s experts resulted in withdrawal of the opposition. Pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi and Takeda entrust him with their most fraught disputes, confident that “his understanding of the complex Israeli system is unmatched”. “Liad is extremely adept at predicting what the aims and objectives of the opposing party are, and how to best handle them in a tactful manner. He is a quick and strategic thinker, with the ability to take decisive action when the occasion presents itself.” His confidante Amira Mangelus has gained mastery over the elaborate system for obtaining patent term extension in Israel – a service that she and her team provide to a host of leading pharmaceutical companies.


As a combination of litigation firm (Luthi+Co) and prosecution boutique (Webb+Co), Luthi+Webb can support innovative companies in many meaningful ways. The technical aptitude of its litigators means that no case is too complex – a diverse range of instructions are sent here, giving the group ample opportunity to hone its advocacy skills. Spearheading the most important actions, Richard Luthi is the trusted guide of many multinationals with pressing contentious issues both in Israel and in foreign jurisdictions. When faced with an opposition threatening one of its most valuable drugs, schizophrenia treatment Trevicta, Johnson & Johnson recently dialled his number to defend it against Teva; Gilead Sciences has also retained him on similarly consequential matters. Daniel Lerner and Martin Binnes are the firm’s other crack litigators; the former is especially appreciated for his leadership abilities and the latter for his outstanding scientific fundamentals and industry experience – he spent over two decades as a senior manager in an Israeli pharmaceutical company. A beacon of light on a prosecution team specced for high performance in the life sciences and medical device arenas, Cynthia Webb is a brilliant team captain, eminent scientist and gifted patent strategist and portfolio manager. She maintains frictionless cooperation with in-house teams throughout all phases of the prosecution process and beyond.

Meitar | Law Offices

A muscular full-service firm with a global reputation, Meitar is a rising power in the IP domain, in which it showcases hard-hitting patent litigation abilities and a deft touch on IP commercialisation tasks. Technologically advanced, the firm has been undaunted by the communication and representation challenges presented by covid-19 and maintained its service at the highest levels throughout the pandemic, just as it has always done. Consistency and reliability are vital to its success and a key draw for patrons such as GlaxoSmithKline, which it has been representing in an appeal to the Supreme Court following a successful defence in a claim by Israeli generic Unipharm alleging misuse of patent law and illegal filing of patent applications to monopolise the market for a psychiatric drug. Taking the lead on this matter, head of IP, technology and privacy litigation Yoav Oestreicher serenely handles high-stakes cases with strategies informed by abundant litigation, prosecution and commercial IP experience. On the transactional side, David Mirchin and Boaz Mizrahi run an equally mature practice. Mirchin understands the business of intellectual property and is an authority on data privacy issues; he has lately added a number of notable software company deals to his CV. Mizrahi is in his element negotiating agreements arising from the commercialisation of life sciences innovations, though demonstrates impressive range on a broad array of medical device, software and semiconductor assignments. Whatever he turns his hand to, he shows an incredible awareness of business risk.

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

Pearl Cohen is in pole position to assist in connection with worldwide filing and prosecution: it has experts in Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom who pull in the same direction for household names in the high-technology, defence, medical device and life sciences sectors. The esteemed firm is also prized for its litigation and dispute resolution nous and transactional prowess and – as testament to its well-roundedness – has a representative on each of the prosecution, litigation and transactions tables in the Israel rankings of the IAM Patent 1000: Zeev Pearl, Yossi Markovich and Yael Baratz respectively. Coming in for special praise, Pearl – who advises on everything from US litigation to licensing, patent strategy and portfolio management – is “an excellent IP attorney: highly professional, thorough, flexible and bright, and excellent at converting IP assets into business opportunities”. He represents BAE Systems, doing global work for its Israeli subsidiary and Israeli work for the global corporation; he also acts for longstanding client Sanofi, as well as Bayer, serving as patent counsel in Israel with responsibility for high-value prosecution, among other things. Litigation sharpshooter Markovich, meanwhile, is representing High Sec Labs in an unusual lawsuit relating to the infringement of three different registered Israeli patents, along with other causes of action; many of his cases are firsts, rarities or exceptionally complex, but he navigates their issues effortlessly and advocates with skill. Baratz chairs the life sciences group and is a consummate negotiator of cross-border corporate and IP transactions. He recently advised Hadasit, the technology transfer office of Hadassah Medical Organisation, on agreements with Surgeon AI and its founders in a deal requiring the tactful handling of important privacy issues.

Reinhold Cohn Group 

A stalwart of the Israeli patent landscape, the Reinhold Cohn Group – a synergistic combination of law firm (Gilat, Bareket & Co) and patent attorney firm (Reinhold Cohn & Partners) – is an elite IP player with the talent and resources to handle the most demanding patent matters. Zooming in on the litigation practice, the outfit has a lengthy and confidence-giving track record of success in benchmark cases. Responsible for many of its most momentous wins, David Gilat and Eran Bareket both litigate across the IP spectrum with poise and are hailed for their adept handling of multi-jurisdictional cases. Gilat maintains a vibrant life sciences practice and is currently representing Allergan in an opposition filed by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Bareket’s recent work includes acting for Amgen in defending an opposition filed by Sanofi against Amgen’s patent protecting its hyperlipidemia drug Repatha – an intricate matter in connection with which US infringement litigation and EPO oppositions are taking place in parallel, and one that was transferred to the firm from another counsel. He has also been selected to represent the Civil Enforcement Unit of Israel’s Ministry of Justice in service inventions disputes. Always looking to add value, the firm maintains a partnership with Woodsford, a global leader in litigation and arbitration funding, which is a boon to clients needing extra financial support for infringement matters. Turning to prosecution, the names to know are senior partners Ena Pugatsch, Tamar Morag-Sela and Ehud Hausman. Co-head of the technology department Pugatsch produces meticulous work and is intimately involved with her clients at a global strategic level. With a niche in food technology, “extremely committed” life sciences and chemistry leader Morag-Sela i stands out for “the exceptional quality of her work and the excellent outcomes she achieves. She takes care to align her IP approaches with clients’ business plans” and, as a measure of her value, participates in client board meetings and strategic decision-making processes.  Captain of the high-technology department Hausman acts for Israel Aerospace Industries and subsidiary Elta Systems – two of the largest employers in Israel and key players in the development of military and commercial defence technologies. For transactional assignments, Daphna Gilat is the go-to: the clever negotiator has got signatures on the bottom line of all kinds of technology and IP-driven deals.

S Horowitz & Co

A large commercial firm for which intellectual property is a central strategic focus, S Horowitz stands out for the depth of its patent litigation bench. “One of the most innovative practices in the country”, the gold-ranked outfit deploys state-of-the-art technologies tailored to enhance and improve the client experience, enabling patrons to stay right up to the minute with their cases. In representing Teva against a host of pharmaceutical giants, Tal Band and Ran Vogel have consistently demonstrated professionalism and adroitness in finding viable solutions and paving the way for positive outcomes. “Band has a deep appreciation of complex issues. His creativity and experience set him apart and make him a highly sought-after patent expert.” With a profound understanding of pharmaceutical regulations, Vogel is “a highly intelligent, client-oriented lawyer who conducts himself superbly in the courtroom.” They regularly team up with Dovev Apel, a lawyer who gets straight to the core of the matter at hand and never gets bogged down in irrelevant conflicts. “He is also involved in each and every legislation process relevant to the generic drug industry.” Another star in the firm’s constellation is Avi Ordo, whose measured, well-thought-out advice reflects the many years he has spent as a problem solver and strategist for patent owners and as a litigator with pioneering decisions to his name: “Avi is exceptional for his knowledge, creativity, availability, dedication and thoroughness.” Colleague Anthony Bloch is an authority on university technology transfer.

Sanford T Colb & Co

Recommended in the IAM Patent 1000 for prosecution, Sanford T Colb & Co combines a hawkish eye for detail with tremendous writing prowess and an intuitive understanding of patent quality to procure valuable rights for its clients. The firm was founded by US-educated Sanford Colb, who is registered to practise before the Israeli and US patent offices. He has a finely cultivated knowledge of patent law and dispenses unerringly reliable counsel on prosecution, licensing and enforcement matters.

Soroker Agmon Nordman

Soroker Agmon Nordman is “a dynamic, well-organised firm with a brilliant line-up of practitioners who have experience across the board”. A Singapore outpost facilitates effective collaboration with Asian clients and serves the interests of domestic patrons in that region, giving it a real USP among Israeli firms. Spearheading the practice is Eran Soroker, a skilled attorney and gifted strategist with sterling people skills and the ability to see the bigger picture without overlooking minute details: “He handles highly complex matters in a methodical way and treats everything with the utmost care and diligence.” His work helps clients to gain a competitive advantage in their industries and get new products and innovations out into the market quickly. Of late, he has successfully prosecuted a voice recognition patent for NICE Systems at the USPTO and an electro-optical combat night-sight device at the EPO for Meprolight.

The Luzzatto Group 

Rights holders have high praise for The Luzzatto Group, a storied firm with a legacy of excellence spanning 150 years: “The team is a pleasure to work with in light of its utmost professionalism, constant availability and readiness, collaborative approach, service mindedness and results focus.” One source adds: “With it, we have achieved rapid progress and development with respect to our patent protection and IP strategy – following the group’s advice is always fruitful.” The firm puts a well-integrated team of patent attorneys and lawyers onto the playing field and can advise clients comprehensively and holistically; for example, foresighted prosecution approaches are mapped out that account for potential future litigation. As president of the organisation, Kfir Luzzatto is the driving force. He gets 10 out of 10 from clients for his unrelenting focus on quality and ability to navigate the most delicate matters, for which he often assembles well-configured teams drawn from the prosecution and litigation departments. The top litigator on deck, Oren Mandler is equipped to tackle infringement and other contentious matters across the IP spectrum. Particularly noteworthy is his knack for reversing technical rulings of the Registrar of Patents on appeal.

Other recommended experts

For patent prosecution, local and international pharmaceutical companies view Eyal Bressler at Dr Eyal Bressler & Co as a safe pair of hands. Bressler has a sharp business-minded perspective on patent protection – something he shares with colleague Joseph Wyse, who has has a doctorate in genetics and a real affinity for the medical devices industry. At Drori-Stav & Co, founding partner Yonatan Drori is a noted legal scholar and author who has influenced the drafting of IP legislation and the formation of policy. He is also a proficient litigator. Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2021 is former Fish & Richardson lawyer Michael Rosen, now based at Kobre & Kim; he understands how litigation plays out in the United States and has an extensive network of associates at his beck and call, making him an indispensable guide for anyone facing cross-border conflicts. “He has the ability to filter out all the noise and cut to the chase.” Transactions maven Nadav Shichor is a pragmatic negotiator with in-house experience who deftly bridges gaps and locks in deals. He operates out of Nadav Shichor & Associates. Yigal Arnon’s Barry Levenfeld enjoys an elevated profile in the patent space; his transactional work never fails to impress. November 2020 saw Ronnie Benshafrut make the move from Reinhold Cohn Group to Seligsohn Gabrieli Benshafrut. He is an excellent prosecutor and all-round strategist.

Individuals: litigation

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Karen Elburg - Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Adi Gillat - H-F & Co
  • Yuval Horn - Horn & Co Law Offices
  • David Mirchin - Meitar | Law Offices
  • Yael Baratz - Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz
  • Anthony Bloch - S Horowitz & Co
  • Amit Ehrlich - IPTrade (part of Ehrlich Group) 
  • Daphna Gilat - Reinhold Cohn Group 
  • Keren Kanir - Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Barry P Levenfeld - Yigal Arnon & Co
  • Ohad Mamann - Horn & Co Law Offices
  • Jenia Melkhior - Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Roy S Melzer - Ehrlich Group 
  • Boaz Mizrahi - Meitar | Law Offices
  • Dan Sharot - Herzog Fox & Neeman
  • Nadav Shichor - Nadav Shichor & Associates