There has been some recent tightening of patent procedures in Indonesia. From February 2019, the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) stopped accepting new patent applications from patent owners who owe outstanding annuity payments. This ruling also included patents granted under the old patent law (before August 2016) which have been passively abandoned. This measure is not popular among prospective applicants. However, the marked improvement in the directorate’s application processing speed since the new patent law came into force in 2016 has been widely applauded by rights holders; it is now common for patents to be granted within three years, as opposed to five years before the legislative change. Further, working requirements for granted patents have been relaxed, which means that it is now possible to extend the 36-month period to a maximum of five years if approved by the Ministry of Law. With these measures, Indonesia’s IP regime continues its steady march towards more robust, streamlined rights protection.


  • Am Badar & Partners
  • AMR Partnership
  • Biro Oktroi Roosseno
  • Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates
  • Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)
  • Januar Jahja & Partners
  • Rouse & Co International
  • SKC Law
  • Tilleke & Gibbins

Am Badar & Partners

Patent agency Am Badar & Partners has ably covered a wide range of technical fields for the last 54 years, earning itself a superb reputation within Indonesia and beyond. The 100-strong team deals with non-contentious matters ranging from biotechnology through to electronics and mechanical engineering; it also handles contentious briefs with aplomb. Nadia Ambadar and Annisa Ambadar should be the first points of contact for prospective clients.

AMR Partnership

AMR Partnership commands a formidable reputation as an IP prosecution powerhouse, maintaining an extensive network of over 1,000 firms in 70 countries – a significant boon for rights holders in need of a regional and global solution to their filing conundrums. Determined to control the processes by which its work is managed and to ensure high quality work products every time, the firm is also fully compliant with ISO 9001:2000 standards. Armed with a PhD in metallurgical and materials engineering, Bambang Priyono is an outstanding drafter with over 23 years’ experience at AMR. His ability to formulate patent strategy at the drop of a hat keeps the clients flooding in.

Biro Oktroi Roosseno

“One of Indonesia’s IP standouts, Biro Oktroi Roosseno is recognised for its robust prosecution practice. Since the firm’s inception in 1951 it has amassed a large, loyal client base who do not tend to move once they have experienced its services.” Migni Myriasandra’s percipient advice never fails to a shine a light through the dark for clients.

Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates

Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates’ dynamic IP practice is a key part of its wider commercial offering – which also includes sterling expertise in unfair competition and contract law. The firm is fêted for its ability to commercialise patents and other forms of IP rights without losing sight of the bigger picture; every decision its practitioners make is commercially aware and cogently thought through. Cita Citrawinda herself is an outstanding IP lawyer and a familiar face at national and international industry associations.

Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)

With considerable strength on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, Baker McKenzie’s Jakarta bureau is a repository of trust for leading multinational concerns looking to protect their IP rights in Indonesia. The firm manages large portfolios with flair, with its 13-strong team able to expertly steer clients through every area of Indonesian IP. Daru Lukiantono wears the captain’s armband. He is a sagacious adviser whose prudent approach to patent work yields superb results.

Januar Jahja & Partners

“What makes Januar Jahja & Partners tick are its people. They are accessible and responsive, and the advice they provide is always trustworthy.” The outfit’s top-notch services are fast becoming a hot commodity amongst top-ranked firms in Australia, China and India, which increasingly rely on its personable and efficient prosecution service to fulfil their Indonesian filing needs. Internally, the practice’s recent recruitment of renowned consultant Irenne Anwar has further boosted the team – and added to the wealth of talent already housed under its roof. The office is ably led by Walter Simandjuntak. As a former director of the Indonesian Patent Office, he is an expert guide to the surest routes to patent protection.

Rouse & Co International

“Rouse & Co is extremely amenable to client needs, even when matters call for urgent attention. Lightning-fast response times aside, it is evident that the advice it gives is informed by Rouse’s outstanding first-hand experience in the field. Often going beyond the call of duty, the firm’s practitioners do not hesitate to provide clients with useful supplementary knowledge about the Indonesian patent system where appropriate.” Over the course of the past year, Rouse has witnessed a substantial uptick in the number of Indonesian patent applications it handles – a resounding endorsement of the outfit’s reputation and ability. Gunawan Suryomurcito and Arifia Fajra fly the practice’s flag. Suryomurcito is a revered figure who currently serves as president of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Society; he established Rouse’s associate firm Suryomurcito and Co back in 1997. Fajra is a new face in the IAM Patent 1000. She leads the 20-strong patent prosecution team and manages the portfolios of big-name multinationals including British American Tobacco and Unilever.


SKC Law is a first-rate option for foreign companies in search of the best IP representation in Indonesia, with many already entrusting their national phase entry filings to the Jakarta-based full-service partnership; the recent rise in the number of instructions received by the practice is a sure-fire indicator of the quality and responsiveness that it offers. The firm adopts a similarly strategic approach to patent enforcement and does a fine job of putting a stop to third-party infringement. Nidya Kalangie is a well-connected, hardworking practitioner whose contacts in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property have helped her clients evade the knottiest of IP snares. Purnomo Suryomurcito heads the patent enforcement team. A noted expert in the enforcement of patent rights through criminal raids, he is accustomed to thinking outside the box in order to formulate new patent strategy; Hensley Industries is a recent beneficiary of his talent and enthusiasm. Last but not least, Andrew Conduit is a rare bird indeed, an Australian who speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesian; clients love his fantastic knowledge of different legal cultures.

Tilleke & Gibbins

The 17-strong Jakarta team of regional heavyweight Tilleke & Gibbins is a firm favourite amongst multinational companies, who trust it to manage their most technically complex Indonesian patent applications and portfolios. Patrons appreciate the side’s ability to juggle multiple time-sensitive patent applications, as well as its coverage of unusual technical areas. The practice has recently carved out a valuable niche in the drafting and filing of computer-related invention and software patents, while doing excellent business in other areas too. A transplant from the firm’s Bangkok headquarters, Wongrat Ratanaprayul oversees the Jakarta bureau’s operations. The holder of a master’s degree in biotechnology, her technical dexterity extends to the automotive, electronics and computer-related inventions fields as well.


  • Cita Citrawinda - Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates
  • Andrew Conduit - SKC Law
  • Arifia Fajra - Rouse & Co International
  • Nidya Kalangie - SKC Law
  • Daru Lukiantono - Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)
  • Migni Myriasandra - Biro Oktroi Roosseno
  • Bambang Priyono - AMR Partnership
  • Wongrat Ratanaprayul - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Walter Simandjuntak - Januar Jahja & Partners
  • Gunawan Suryomurcito - Rouse & Co International
  • Purnomo Suryomurcito - SKC Law