Although the Greek economy is still relatively sensitive, there is an indication that recovery is on the horizon as private consumption picks up and tax cuts aim to boost investment activity. These incentives have been put in place to encourage new businesses in particular to develop their own patents, and produce and market products based on them, in return for tax exemptions on income derived from the sale of such goods. This has generated increased interest among clients, both local and international, in protecting their assets in Greece – much to the delight of local practitioners. On the contentious front, pharmaceutical and life sciences activity continues to account for most litigation in the country. However, mandatory mediation has been introduced in all disputes concerning trademarks, patents and industrial designs initiated before the civil courts, so companies seeking to enforce their rights should be mindful of this new procedure.


A & K Metaxopoulos & Partners Law Firm

Media, technology and IP firm A & K Metaxopoulos is home to some of the toughest litigators in the country. The past year has seen the set handle red-hot mandates for some of the biggest players in the industry, including a mandate for Digital Press Hellas which has made its way to the Supreme Court. Taking the lead on the latter, Kriton Metaxopoulos and Irini Daroussou routinely devise hard-hitting yet flexible strategies – a massive draw for those embroiled in complex disputes. “Easy to collaborate with and super responsive, Metaxopoulos has a fine understanding of commercial imperatives, works around clients’ key concerns and helps them navigate potential pitfalls.” The same can be said for Daroussou, whose expertise also extends to brokering lucrative licensing deals.

Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC

The patent division at full-service outfit Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates is in fine fettle and its courtroom prowess continues to gain plaudits far and wide. “The team puts in a strong showing in court and knows the world of generics inside out – you always hear amazing things about them.” Testament to this is the fine work being done by George Ballas for Pharmathen in its battle with Novartis, as well as his shrewd advisory work for Sandoz. A leading authority on pharmaceuticals, Ballas has been honing his trade for over 50 years. This year, he is joined by IAM Patent 1000 newcomer George Moukas, who has litigated over 300 cases during his tenure. He has a knack for distilling down the most complex legal matters and making them understandable and relatable for judges.

Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm 

This year, Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners celebrates its centenary as one of Greece’s leading boutiques. The troupe continually keeps abreast of patent trends, providing up-to-the-minute guidance and a sterling A-to-Z service to start-up innovators and multinational corporations alike. The venerable Helen Papaconstantinou recently passed the torch of leadership to Maria Athanassiadou, the new patent department guardian. The IAM Patent 1000 debutante really turns up the heat in enforcement scenarios and is admitted to practise before the Supreme Court.

KLC Law Firm

Since opening its doors in 2000, KLC has impressed its clientele with a bespoke offering that is fully aligned with each client’s unique business strategy. As a result, the ensemble advises some 5,200 companies across 33 countries and plays a crucial role in directing Greece’s inbound and outbound IP traffic. Deputy managing partner Theodore Loukopoulos acquits himself with distinction in life sciences litigation, and is appreciated for his bold tactics and unwavering commitment to the cause.

Patrinos & Kilimiris

The oldest IP firm in the country, Patrinos & Kilimiris is “recommended without a single reservation” across the board. It files patents meticulously, handles the highest value of patent annuity payments in the country and dukes it out in court for 80% of innovator companies in Greece. Spearheading the group is “knowledgeable and experienced strategist Constantinos Kilimiris. He has a comprehensive understanding of how courts operate and tailors his advice to suit”. He often teams up with Manolis Metaxakis on life sciences matters. The two form a potent strike force and recently acted in infringement and preliminary injunction proceedings for Novartis and Atnahs Pharma UK. “It is always a fantastic experience working either with or against them, and you know your matters are in capable hands.”

Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership

Led by founding partners Nikos Prentoulis and Nancy Gerakini, Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership offers a 360-degree service which ticks all boxes for clients with valuable assets across the technological spectrum. Prentoulis has an impressive résumé which includes advisory work for government bodies as well as courtroom experience at all levels, adding valuable insight and experience to any instruction he receives. A deep repository of legal and technical know-how, Gerakini shines brightest at the confluence of IP, competition and corporate law.

Voelkel Kataliakos Roussou Law Office

“Operating as a cohesive unit in a versatile, prompt and professional manner”, Voelkel Kataliakos Roussou Law Office attracts industry-leading players in the life sciences arena seeking top-drawer litigation services. Name partner Henning Voelkel never shies away from a challenge and tackles knotty disputes in the pharmaceutical and high-tech spaces head on. His fluency in English, German and Greek stands him in good stead when communicating with businesses, foreign counsel and judges on multi-jurisdictional briefs.

Other recommended experts

Nikolaos Lyberis is an inspiring leader at Vayanos Kostopoulos. The versatile practitioner can finesse any instruction across a broad spectrum of industries, thanks to his well-rounded IP knowledge, and knows how to strike a chord in the courtroom.