The mood among IP practitioners in Paris is that of qualified optimism – although the last few years have not been smooth sailing for the French patent community, 2019 could be a year of change. President Macron’s wide-ranging Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation (PACTE) reforms, adopted by the National Assembly in October 2018, include provisions for a patent opposition procedure for the first time at the French Patent and Trademark office. This approach should strengthen French patents before the potential advent of the UPC – as should the PACTE proposal that patents should henceforth be denied for lack of novelty, rather than only for manifest lack of novelty as before. This must be viewed alongside efforts already made to improve the recruitment of more technically proficient French IP judges. In other market news, trade secrets and data protection issues have been particularly hot topics over the past year, with new legislation in July 2018 making it even more crucial for companies to protect their data properly if they want to uphold their trade secrets in the courtroom. It remains to be seen whether these legislative reforms hit the mark in 2019.

Firms: litigation

Firms: prosecution

  • Highly recommended
  • Cabinet Beau de Loménie
  • Santarelli 
  • Recommended
  • Cabinet Plasseraud
  • Germain & Maureau
  • Marks & Clerk France

Firms: transactions

  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • August Debouzy
  • Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Dentons
  • Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Gowling WLG 
  • Jones Day
  • Marks & Clerk France
  • Pinsent Masons 
  • Taliens

Allen & Overy LLP

London-based international firm Allen & Overy has built an “extremely strong” litigation team in Paris that is capable of dealing with absolutely anything. As a major player on the market, the side has built its reputation by taking on tough courtroom briefs in France, notably on behalf of Merck in a famous antibody case. Litigator Laëtitia Bénard heads both the IP practice in Paris and Allen & Overy’s life sciences group globally, gathering plaudits from the market for her finely tuned high-tech and pharmaceutical advice. Partner David Por is also an authority on cross-border patent litigation, as a veteran of the telecoms patent wars and multiple high-profile actions on behalf of pharmaceutical innovators against generics, he is most comfortable handling matters at the intersection of IP and competition law.


Innovation runs in Altana’s DNA; its attorneys are driven by a desire to provide international clients with a new gateway to France by leveraging their European connections, adding a fresh perspective and putting clients first. On the contentious side, Altana chiefly represents clients in the life sciences and high-tech sectors – areas which it also ably covers on the transactional side. Leading the team is biotech, IT and electronics guru Frank Valentin, whose silky courtroom pleading and meticulous strategic planning never fail to impress his clients.

Armengaud Guerlain

Armengaud Guerlain’s creative, outwards-facing patent litigation and personal touch ensures clients keep coming back for more. However, the firm does not just excel in the courtroom, both partners have also led or participated in a plethora of industry bodies during their time in intellectual property. Name partner Stéphane Guerlain serves as president of the French Association of Industrial Property Attorneys – a highly prestigious appointment which hints at his importance to the profession. His trilingual partner Catherine Mateu is similarly renowned and earns plaudits for her “timeliness, pragmatism, depth of legal knowledge and excellent written and spoken English language skills”. As one client opines: “she is insightful, responsive, smart and always available. Her advice is pragmatic and actionable, and she doesn’t waste our time on formalities and trivial issues that aren’t relevant to the case.”

August Debouzy

August Debouzy’s outstanding reputation in the contentious sphere is the result of a long tradition of excellence that continues to this day. The firm is described as being “very active and creative”, with one competitor noting that “you see them on basically all large cases in the pharmaceutical industry”. Jointly listed on the IAM Patent 1000 litigation and transactions tables this year, heads of practice François Pochart and Grégoire Desrousseaux embody the August Debouzy way. The dual-qualified Pochart is adept at handling complex matters before the French courts and the EPO; he is in his element when negotiating supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in complex life sciences matters. He is “the French choice” for another top European patent practitioner and “is creative and client-oriented, one of the younger ones that are pushing strongly through the ranks at the moment”. The “brilliant” Desrousseaux, on the other hand, acts more on the high-tech and electronics side – he is also “very creative in improving his client’s position” and inspires admiration from many of his peers. He has been busy flexing his muscles this year for clients including B Braun and Amadeus.


New to the IAM Patent 1000 firm rankings table this year, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG SELAS possesses deep expertise on both sides of the contentious and non-contentious divide. For those familiar with BARDEHLE’s German and Spanish offerings, such high quality will come as no surprise. When clients knock on the door of BARDEHLE’s gleaming new Paris office, they get access to the firm’s sprawling pan-European network, technical proficiency and decades of top-level all-around IP experience. On the contentious side, the firm has been extremely busy this year, with a string of large and crucially important battles taking up much of their litigators’ energy. Courtroom giant Julien Fréneaux heads up the patent litigation team – for complex, cross-border matters, he is one of the key names in France. Heading up the firm’s prosecution practice is Dominique Dupuis-Latour, a dual-qualified maven who features on all three of our individuals tables this year. He has 20 years of experience working with patents, and is especially valuable when assisting international clients with the labyrinthine specifics of French courtroom discovery proceedings.

Bird & Bird AARPI

Global behemoth Bird & Bird needs no introduction to those with even a fleeting knowledge of the global patent litigation scene. Offering bean-to-cup support on both the contentious and non-contentious sides in France, the Bird & Bird professionals are “excellent communicators, they understand the law and can effectively navigate litigation issues throughout Europe”. The firm’s litigation capabilities are arguably the jewel in its crown: the side has a serious courtroom team that understands what it takes to win. Yves Bizollon is “a smart and redoubtable opponent” – a “very rigorous, busy man” with a track record of huge patent wins across all of the hot technical areas. With a similar sphere of technical expertise, partner Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan gains widespread market respect for her ability to put in the hard graft and see complex pharmaceutical and high-tech cases through to their bitter end. Her transactional skills “will surely continue to expand yet further in the coming years”. With such a strong core team leading the charge, a bright future lies ahead for Bird & Bird.

Cabinet Beau de Loménie

Cabinet Beau de Loménie is a powerhouse of French patent prosecution that houses enough A-grade patent attorneys to deal with even the trickiest filing and strategic snafus. Having expanded to cover most of northern Europe, the firm has an impressive reach and its reputation has spread far and wide. Clients love the firm’s “seriousness and experience”, deeming it to be “traditional and excellent” with the ability to deal with portfolios across every major technical field. Beau de Loménie’s renowned filing practice rests on three pillars of the French IP scene. Philippe Hubert heads up the life sciences and new plant varieties division; his “outstanding experience on the French market” bolsters his reputation as a true connoisseur of fine patent strategy. His “excellent” co-managing partner Didier Intes is a mechanics master par excellence, specialising in unimpeachable patent work in areas as diverse as hydraulics, fluid mechanics and naval construction. Rounding off the trio is Lille office manager Pierre Balesta, whose litigation support work can cause cracks to form in the strongest opposing arguments.

Cabinet Plasseraud

Cabinet Plasseraud is a skilled, conscientious builder of portfolios, searcher of prior art and filer of applications – and its various clients, across a range of sectors, are extremely appreciative. As one enthuses: “They are very renowned patent attorneys; fast and very client-oriented; very international.” The firm’s “strong prosecution practice” is reinforced by its deep expertise in patent searching; its clients are given the edge before they even take their first steps along the path to IP protection.


CASALONGA’s life sciences and electronics offering has been garnering extensive praise of late; the pan-European law firm and patent agency’s star is clearly on the rise. As “one of the few firms in France which handles both litigation and prosecution in-house”, it has “a strong legacy” according to one peer. “They have managed to renew the partnership with interesting people,” many of whom have a simply outstanding record in the patent sphere. Flying the litigation flag is name partner Arnaud Casalonga, whose 25 years of experience mean he can tackle bewildering briefs in virtually any technical area with aplomb. On the prosecution side, old hand Gerard Dossmann has seen it all when it comes to filing life sciences patents and generously shares his knowledge at conferences around the world. French and European patent attorney Francis Zapalowicz has bona fide academic credentials, having spent the early part of his career as an R&D engineer in the aerospace industry before turning his hand to the production of crystal-clear patent applications.

Cousin & Associés

Complex and intractable cases are bread and butter for the Cousin & Associés practitioners – the firm has made a habit of finding success where lesser litigators have failed. This capability is partly due to Cousin’s flexibility; when a case demands it, the firm is able to load a complex brief with multiple experienced partners to salvage legal clarity from a mess of details. The firm remains nimble and a boutique by design, with partners Pierre Cousin and Sandrine Bouvier-Ravon intimately involved in much of the work that passes across their desk. Name partner Cousin has amassed a wealth of experience in French intellectual property and everyone associated with the field knows his name. “Experienced patent litigator” Bouvier-Ravon is quick to master highly technical briefs, consistently delivering fine advice with the “professionalism and care” so characteristic of the firm as a whole.


Global behemoth Dentons is a known quantity in the patent world; its high-quality advice, mind-boggling size and deep international networks are the stuff of IP legend. The Paris team focuses on litigation – an area in which it excels – but also possesses market-leading transactional capabilities, as befits a large, full-service commercial firm. In the courtroom, David Masson leads from the frontline. His contentious work on behalf of telecoms companies stands the test of time and makes him a key contact in the sector. The “impressive” Marianne Schaffner is also a dual threat, with superb litigation and licensing capabilities. She has managed to assemble a strong team around her at Dentons, built on the firm foundations of her negotiation skills across a variety of sectors. Senior counsel Isabelle Leroux is well versed at coordinating international litigation strategies, a trait which makes her a formidable foe for those on the other side of the docket.

Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés

Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés has been at the vanguard of the French IP scene since 1966. The firm is responsive, fleet of foot and intelligent in the courtroom and is known primarily for its litigation capabilities and ability to provide prized strategic advice. “Highly professional” name partner Thierry Mollet-Viéville knows how to negotiate complex litigation, having been a member of the Paris bar since 1968. Primarily servicing life sciences, electronics and consumer goods clients, Mollet-Viéville has gathered countless IP awards over the decades and remains one of the top names in France. His partner Thomas Cuche, is also an “impressive” speaker and courtroom strategist and covers a similar set of technical areas. He is known for his shrewd litigation expertise, which combined with his technical nous makes him a frighteningly accomplished patent professional.

Germain & Maureau

Patent attorneys Germain & Maureau have a long and storied history, but this does not hinder its ability to look to the future and meet the very highest modern professional standards. “They are reactive, proactive and clients love them. They are like an international firm, in that they are aware they need to respond quickly to provide reassurance to clients.” Covering a wide variety of technical sectors, Germain & Maureau is a firm for all seasons.


Having been featured in the Belgian section of the IAM Patent 1000 for several years now, GEVERS has made significant inroads into the neighbouring French market this year. The firm’s three offices in Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse are home to over 100 professionals and are linked to a global network that can take on mandates just about anywhere. GEVERS possesses all-around capabilities in France, combining prosecution, litigation and transactional proficiency into one seamless package. The main man is longstanding prosecution wizard Jean-Christophe Rolland, who is equally comfortable offering filing advice, strategic counsel or direct representation before various patent offices to his adoring mechanical and electronics clients.

Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI

“One firm that’s better than everyone else is Gide, whom we’ve worked alongside and against. Such high quality. They pay attention to details and arguments and they perform an outstanding job. Often in firms the quality is slightly uneven, but that’s not the case there.” Gide Loyrette Nouel enjoys a gold-plated reputation for its first-rate litigation and transactional offering. Although a “dynamic” new generation of partners are hitting their stride, the firm still relies on the hard-won experience of veterans Grégoire Triet and Arnaud Michel to steady the ship. Triet is a recognised name in all quarters of the French IP market, as one interviewee emphasises: “He is extremely active, very experienced, very senior. He’s been involved in all the major pharma litigation of recent years.” Another international practitioner describes him as being “the top patent litigator in France”. Triet’s partner Michel was heading the Brussels office as early as 1986 and is still dispensing focused, finely judged litigation and transactional advice today. The outfit also boasts some younger but no less effective litigators including Emmanuel Larere and Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier. Larere has 20 years of experience in intellectual property and prefers to work with life sciences cases, although his technical expertise stretches far wider. Dequiré-Portier is active in all of the hottest litigation arenas, including pharmaceutical SPCs, medical devices and mechanics.

Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI

“One firm that’s better than everyone else is Gide, whom we’ve worked alongside and against. Such high quality. They pay attention to details and arguments and they perform an outstanding job. Often in firms the quality is slightly uneven, but that’s not the case there.” Gide Loyrette Nouel enjoys a gold-plated reputation for its first-rate litigation and transactional offering. Although a “dynamic” new generation of partners are hitting their stride, the firm still relies on the hard-won experience of veterans Grégoire Triet and Arnaud Michel to steady the ship. Triet is a recognised name in all quarters of the French IP market, as one interviewee emphasises: “He is extremely active, very experienced, very senior. He’s been involved in all the major pharma litigation of recent years.” Another international practitioner describes him as being “the top patent litigator in France”. Triet’s partner Michel was heading the Brussels office as early as 1986 and is still dispensing focused, finely judged litigation and transactional advice today. The outfit also boasts some younger but no less effective litigators including Emmanuel Larere and Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier. Larere has 20 years of experience in intellectual property and prefers to work with life sciences cases, although his technical expertise stretches far wider. Dequiré-Portier is active in all of the hottest litigation arenas, including pharmaceutical SPCs, medical devices and mechanics.

Gowling WLG 

Canadian colossus Gowling WLG has a sizeable presence in Paris where it dishes out first-rate contentious and transactional advice to clients of all stripes. The French office also acts as a gateway to the enormous repository of wisdom and patent know-how to be found in the Gowling offices from Brussels to Beijing, which means that the tap of technical expertise will never run dry for French rights holders that choose the firm. At the centre of all Gowling does in Paris is Celine Bey, a litigator and transactional specialist extraordinaire whose responsiveness and raw intelligence shine through in every brief and portfolio she touches. As one clients rhapsodises: “Her incredible knowledge of the law, ability to grasp technical details swiftly and prompt, detailed responses were instrumental in our success – we’d definitely instruct her again on future French patent litigation”.

Hogan Lovells

It is no coincidence that Hogan Lovells has been picked to fight a disproportionate number of Supreme Court cases across Europe. Its litigation capabilities are well known, with the Paris office acting as the gateway for companies looking to flex their muscles in France. Cross-border firefights are the norm at Hogan Lovells; its recent client roster reads like a who’s who list of the most important players in the pharmaceutical industry. Manning the tiller is contentious captain Stanislas Roux-Vaillard, whose fantastic industry standing belies his relative youth. “He’s a wonderful colleague: extremely professional and a very nice individual. It just makes things easier for everyone when you have someone that doesn’t waste time.” As one respondent highlights: “He is more than promising, he is very convincing before the courts, he knows how to prepare a position on the spot. He won a case I watched singlehandedly.” It is small wonder that clients are queueing around the block for Roux-Vaillard’s counsel.


The market news on everyone’s lips in 2018 was that of the merger between European giant HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER and highly respected “high-end” French boutique Véron & Associés. The result is a new apex predator in litigation to rival the biggest of beasts stalking the Paris jungle. “They have an EU-wide IP litigation capacity that is impressive – all partners in their markets are highly recognised.” The first port of call is founding member Denis Monégier du Sorbier, who can reasonably be called a living legend in Paris IP circles. Pharmaceutical and telecoms cases are his forte; such is his charm and pragmatism that lawyers facing the “fantastic” litigator report actively enjoying the experience – calling him “good and very professional, interested in resolving matters in a professional way”. Also joining from the HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER side is Benoît Strowel, whose pharmaceutical litigation always hits the spot, he “has an excellent knowledge of the law as it applies to patent litigation, is very experienced in developing effective strategies and will not hesitate to go out on a limb and try non-traditional arguments and procedures to win”. No less impressive is Sabine Agé, as one peer espouses: “She is the best choice in France. We have known her since the beginning. She knows the patent litigation scene well. Very rigorous. Really likes to go deep into the details.” Rounding out the team is telecoms and pharmaceutical titan Amandine Métier, who boasts an interesting and valuable niche in employee inventions law alongside her thriving SEP and FRAND practice.

Jones Day

Chicago-based megalith Jones Day has a rapidly growing reputation in Paris; the market has now mentally caught up with its 2016 acquisition of Thomas Bouvet and as a result, clients are flocking to the firm. Bouvet, who traverses many different technical areas, is lauded as a “top-notch patent litigator, with excellent pedagogy in court” and a “great guy” who is seen often in the most high-profile and important patent briefs. “He is impressive, a dominant figure when in the room.” Also firing on all cylinders is Emmanuel Baud, whose leadership of the 12-person IP team in Paris adds to an already impressive litigation and transactional practice, which spans patents, trademarks, domain names and many other types of rights.


An “interesting attorney and litigator combination”, LAVOIX is considered to be a “market leader” among boutiques for its unswerving commitment to providing quality patent advice across a wide spectrum of technical fields. With close to 200 dedicated IP professionals spread across seven European offices, LAVOIX’s depth and breadth means that no portfolio or brief is too challenging or obscure. Its prosecution arm enjoys a fantastic market reputation, a fact that owes much to a quartet of outstanding practitioners. The “highly efficient” Gérard Myon possesses granular insider knowledge of the European patent system, having completed a four-year stint as an EPO examiner; he is sought out by electrical and mechanical clients to solve their most complex prosecution and litigation conundrums. Philippe Blot shares Myon’s technical specialism, leveraging his considerable track record of drafting impeccable patent applications to attract the most discerning clients. The firm’s head of patent matters since 2009, Bertrand Domenego is a “technically brilliant patent attorney – quick, responsive and fluent in German to boot” according to another leading continental firm. Finally, life sciences guru Stéphanie Michiels is a leading destination for pharmaceuticals clients with faultless contentious representation in mind; her in-house experience gives her an added dimension compared to her rivals.

Marks & Clerk France

For non-contentious electronics, IT and telecoms patent work, serious rights holders should look no further than Marks & Clerk France. Astonishingly prolific in filing since its establishment in 2005, the fledgling firm was swiftly snapped up by UK outfit Marks & Clerk and has prospered ever since. The depth of industry knowledge concentrated in the firm is staggering, with decades of commercial experience being brought to bear on every file that it takes on.

Pinsent Masons 

With 24 offices dispersed across the globe, London-based Pinsent Masons provides a truly international offering. Its Parisian outfit centres around the contentious and transactional spheres, where it has the capacity to offer sterling expertise through its French professionals, but also to utilise the wealth of talent invested in its other European offices to produce fantastic outcomes for clients. Partner Emmanuel Gougé is himself a true pan-European patent litigator, with the ability to pursue infringers to England and Wales, as well as time spent studying in Germany under his belt. As one of his frequent collaborators reflects: “He has a professional style, but at the same time he’s relaxed. I’ve always had a great relationship with him and his legal analysis is very good indeed.”


“REGIMBEAU has a good reputation for quality which is well deserved, we appreciate their seriousness and strong expertise.” The set impresses clients with its granular insight, long-sighted strategic nous and comprehensive market knowledge – qualities gained as a result of an excellent record across the entire patent lifecycle. From prior art searches to EPO opposition proceedings, REGIMBEAU has clients covered. Frédérique Faivre Petit is “knowledgeable, responsive and proactive”; the level of EPO representation she provides for key life sciences players is a rare commodity. Immensely experienced of counsel Francis Ahner belongs to a small handful of chemistry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics attorneys with genuine expertise in harvesting SPCs – he has seen more than enough in the area to make spotless arguments every time.


Santarelli is a classic French offering: “They are as polite as English drivers and an absolute pleasure to work with – extremely pleasant, without being weak in any way.” The firm demands intellectual rigour from all of its patent attorneys and encourages its professionals to engage in both contentious support and prosecution, firm in the belief that one will strengthen the other. Its work is consistently “robust and relevant”, which is the result of a “talented team which offers strength in depth”. Founder and name partner Luc Santarelli deftly straddles the contentious and non-contentious divide; nowhere in the telecoms and software realm is off-limits to him. As one satisfied customer summarises: “He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, responsive and a pleasure to work with.” An “exceptional French patent lawyer with a strong focus on pharmaceutical cases”, patent attorney Thierry Caen clearly makes an impression on his clients. “He has very valuable experience, and great depth of knowledge, which is helpful when the time comes to litigate. He is also open-minded and has an extremely strategic approach.” The “incredibly smart” François Lepelletier-Beaufond is a veritable polyglot; after a stint advising the government on energy management, he turned his considerable talents to mechanical patents and has not looked back since.


European IP boutique TALIENS deservedly makes its debut appearance on the French firm table in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, as a result of some truly impressive work for household names in the litigation and transactional spaces. Recognised for his first-rate cross-border capabilities, Jean-Frederic Gaultier is not a hunter who stops chasing when his quarry reaches a national border. His immense experience in the telecoms sector makes him a valued ally in matters both contentious and non-contentious. Clients should also note that TALIENS has excellent capabilities in Spain as well as France and Germany, by virtue of a close partnership with highly rated firm BAYLOS in Madrid.

Other recommended experts

Cyrille Amar of Amar Goussu Staub is a lauded figure in the telecoms litigation world. Clarity and insider industry knowledge are the hallmarks of his litigation and transactional trade. Jonathan Burnham of HBC Avocats is a first-time addition to the IAM Patent 1000 transactions list this year and is deserving of the recognition. Alain Cléry, of Cléry Devernay, is a heavyweight litigator who has spent his lengthy career honing his finely tuned skills in patent pleading; clients would be well advised to choose him for must-win cases. Simmons & Simmons’ Marina Cousté is one of the best in the business for pan-European patent and trade secrets disputes. A veteran of the great telecoms patent wars, her knowledge of the life sciences takes some beating. The “excellent” Emmanuel de Marcellus of Cabinet de Marcellus & Disser, is a sought-after contact for rights holders due to his all-encompassing agility in patent matters and his friendly demeanour. For medical devices and life sciences work, it is impossible to find finer counsel than from ICOSA’s Caroline De Mareüil-Villette. At the helm of a “great team”, she is a licensing guru with the ability to understand innovations better than many inventors do themselves. “Sitting at the top of the field,” Pauline Debré of Linklaters has a wealth of experience in the healthcare and telecoms sectors, spanning both the contentious and non-contentious realms. Peers praise her team-building skills and courage: “I’ve been extremely impressed with how she’s managed to build such a strong IP team so soon after being promoted to the partnership – she’s absolutely great.” A life sciences supremo with genuine technical know-how, Anne Desaix at Ernest Gutmann – Yves Plasseraud is the trusted choice for clued-up French small and medium-sized enterprises and international research laboratories. Bandpay & Greuter’s Renaud Fulconis is “strong on both legal analysis and the technical side of portfolios”. “Young, serious and dynamic,” he is an assured choice for chemistry, petroleum and medical devices patent pleading, in the words of one satisfied client: “We just love working with him, he’s brilliant and so helpful.” Frédéric Gaillarde, at FGPI, is a true renaissance man; he files, litigates and strategises with verve, ever-mindful of the commercial ramifications of his decisions and their significance for clients. Antoine Gautier-Sauvagnac, of Foucaud Tchekhoff Pochet et Associés, is the quintessential business-minded lawyer; his practice covers cross-border licensing and litigation, giving him global negotiating capabilities. Ex-Bird & Bird pharmaceuticals whizz Florent Guilbot is a font of strategic wisdom and finely judged patent counsel, which he freely dispenses to his eager students at the École Centrale in Paris. “He’s great, I see him on loads of life science deals I do. I’d say he’s involved in pretty much every major transaction in that area in France. He’s fantastic to interact with – you don’t waste any time when he’s around.” Jean-François Guillot, also of Amar Goussu Staub, is dual-qualified at the Paris and New York bars – a perfect combination which makes full inter-continental use of his talent for crystalline exposition and forceful courtroom argument. Software and IT maestro Julien Horn runs a booming licensing and litigation practice that has made the market sit up and listen; he also gathers praise for the “strong” litigation team he has assembled at De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés. With a pharmacy PhD from the University of Montpellier, François Jonquères at Simmons & Simmons is a genuine expert on what makes a life sciences litigation case successful. His experience at Sanofi Group adds an extra dimension for clients needing the very best industry connections. Francine Le Pechon-Joubert, of De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés, is “part of an impressive and fast-growing IP group, as well as being extremely easy to work with”. Her data-processing legal expertise can remove all the strain from clients grappling with tricky EU General Data Protection Regulation issues. White & Case’s Bertrand Liard is an established all-rounder, with an outstanding record of assisting top clients – including Facebook and Christian Dior Couture – on their contentious and non-contentious snares. Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s Stefan Naumann is a patent litigator and transactional pro. Dual-qualified in Paris and California, his charming manner and intimate acquaintance with both systems make him the perfect conceptual and legal translator for companies looking to expand across the Atlantic. President of Cabinet Netter Jean-Yves Plaçais is a tough nut to crack in the courtroom; his gift for high-tech and mechanics litigation is unmatched in Paris and his reputation impeccable. Denis Schertenleib, of the eponymous Cabinet Schertenleib, is “a strong litigator, with a deep technical understanding of the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics sectors”. As he is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales – as well as a member of the Paris Bar – courtroom opponents cannot flee to safety by crossing the Channel. Dariusz Szleper, of Szleper Henry Avocats, has forgotten more about complex patent litigation than most practitioners will ever know – in the ever-changing world of intellectual property in Paris, he has been a constant presence over the last 35 years. There is not much that François Tanty at Nony & Partners does not know about mechanical, physics and electronics patents; his contentious record is second to none, while his patent applications are always crystalline.

Individuals: litigation

  • Laëtitia Bénard - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Yves Bizollon - Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Thomas Bouvet - Jones Day
  • Pierre Cousin - Cousin & Associés
  • Grégoire Desrousseaux - August Debouzy
  • Thierry Mollet-Viéville - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Denis Monégier du Sorbier - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER VÉRON
  • François Pochart - August Debouzy
  • Stanislas Roux-Vaillard - Hogan Lovells
  • Denis Schertenleib - Cabinet Schertenleib
  • Grégoire Triet - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Sandrine Bouvier-Ravon - Cousin & Associés
  • Arnaud Casalonga - CASALONGA
  • Marina Cousté - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Pauline Debre - Linklaters LLP
  • François Jonquères - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan - Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Arnaud Michel - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • David Por - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Marianne Schaffner - Dentons
  • Cyrille Amar - Amar Goussu Staub
  • Emmanuel Baud - Jones Day
  • Celine Bey - Gowling WLG
  • Alain Cléry - Cléry Devernay
  • Thomas Cuche - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Emmanuel de Marcellus - Cabinet de Marcellus & Disser
  • Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Dominique Dupuis-Latour - BARDEHLE PAGENBERG SELAS 
  • Jean-Frederic Gaultier - Taliens
  • Antoine Gautier-Sauvagnac - FTPA Avocats
  • Emmanuel Gougé - Pinsent Masons 
  • Stéphane Guerlain - Armengaud Guerlain
  • Florent Guilbot - Guilbot Avocat
  • Jean-Francois Guillot - Amar Goussu Staub
  • Julien Horn - De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Emmanuel Larere - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Francine Le Pechon-Joubert - De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Isabelle Leroux - Dentons
  • David Masson - Dentons
  • Catherine Mateu - Armengaud Guerlain
  • Stefan Naumann - Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
  • Jean-Yves Plaçais - Cabinet Netter
  • Luc Santarelli - Santarelli 
  • Dariusz Szleper - Szleper Henry Avocats
  • Frank Valentin - Altana

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions

  • Emmanuel Baud - Jones Day
  • Celine Bey - Gowling WLG
  • Jonathan Burnham - HBC Avocats
  • Caroline De Mareüil-Villette - ICOSA
  • Grégoire Desrousseaux - August Debouzy
  • Dominique Dupuis-Latour - BARDEHLE PAGENBERG SELAS 
  • Jean-Frederic Gaultier - Taliens
  • Antoine Gautier-Sauvagnac - FTPA Avocats
  • Emmanuel Gougé - Pinsent Masons 
  • Julien Horn - De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan - Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Bertrand Liard - White & Case LLP
  • Arnaud Michel - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • François Pochart - August Debouzy
  • Marianne Schaffner - Dentons