Czech Republic

While the majority of patents in the Czech Republic are still internationally owned, a marked uptick in IP awareness has driven a modest yet pronounced increase in the number of domestic filings over the last few years. The automotive industry is stable and domestic R&D has received a boost from EU investment in the region. Firms are increasingly seeing more demand for strategy development and IP intelligence – a shift away from the validation work of past years. The volume of litigation in the country is also growing, if not to the same extent. Most clashes originate in the pharmaceutical or technology sectors. With the country holding back on Unified Patent Court (UPC) ratification until the dust settles elsewhere on the continent, its practitioners anticipate a sharp drop-off in European patents requiring validation. Beyond this, the effect of the implementation of the UPC is less clear-cut, if not overly concerning.


  • Bird & Bird sro advokátní kancelář
  • Čermák a spol
  • Korejzová & Spol
  • Rott, Růžička & Guttmann
  • Traplová - Hakr - Kubát
  • Všetečka Zelený Švorčík Kalenský and Partners

Bird & Bird sro advokátní kancelář

The Czech outpost of international IP giant Bird & Bird draws on a global network of associates to meet the most complex litigation and transactional challenges. The firm’s remarkable licensing offering is the cornerstone of its practice, with “every instruction seen as an opportunity to come up with an innovative solution”. At the helm, Vojtěch Chloupek offers a “short turnaround in preparing a draft, highlights key issues in negotiations and encourages fruitful discussion on the final terms. Hardworking, straightforward and open-minded, Chloupek is an extremely competent patent lawyer who serves his clients well” in both contentious and non-contentious matters. “Andrea Jarolímková distinguishes herself through her expert handling of licensing agreements, as well as in settling difficult questions relating to employee inventions.” She applies her impressive academic background and a wealth of experience towards achieving superlative outcomes for life sciences and IT outfits.

Čermák a spol

Winning praise for its profound experience, global outlook and all-encompassing service in IP matters, “Čermák has been among the top firms in the Czech Republic for a very long time”. “The go-to guy is Lukáš Lorenc,” confides one illustrious peer, effervescing over his impressive handling of patent instructions; “I don’t know how he manages to be so good – he has a unique talent for the work.” President of the Czech chapter of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Karel Čermák is a veritable IP scholar. A partner in the practice for nearly two decades, he has honed his skills at the intersection of IP and commercial law and is an asset to pharmaceutical operations in the country.

Korejzová & Spol

Prague-based science and engineering specialist Korejzová & Spol is “professional and pragmatic”; adroitly handling patent prosecution and enforcement for its stable of charges in the chemical industry. A line-up of eminently qualified patent attorneys and attorneys at law demonstrate a shrewd understanding of commercial and corporate law, making the negotiation of licensing agreements a cinch. Those wanting to know more would do best to start with Petra de Brantes.

Rott, Růžička & Guttmann

Rott, Růžička & Guttmann’s unrelenting delivery of quality prosecution work is a major magnet for clients. Comprehensive patent intelligence and a robust approach to prosecution and enforcement work ensures that the group maintains a healthy supply of instructions. The side’s ability to file excellent international Patent Cooperation Treaty applications make it a discerning choice for international work. Singled out for his “experience as both a chemist and a lawyer”, Michal Guttmann “deploys this knowledge to the full benefit of his clients”. A former examiner at the patent office and qualified as both a Czech and European patent attorney as well as an attorney at law, he has been instrumental to the firm’s success.

Traplová - Hakr - Kubát

Traplová - Hakr - Kubát operates at the apex of Czech intellectual property and manages the demands of its devotees throughout the lifecycle of their patents. A finely honed filing service is complemented by a proficiency in administrative proceedings before the patent office, while the firm’s attorneys at law impress in contentious work and contractual negotiations on behalf of both domestic and international actors. With nearly half a century of experience under his belt, Eduard Hakr should be the first port call for potential instructions.

Všetečka Zelený Švorčík Kalenský and Partners

Všetečka Zelený Švorčík Kalenský cultivates a rare amalgamation of innovation and experience – its forward-thinking and streamlined approach has been catching the eye of automotive, consumer goods and pharmaceutical heavyweights. For the latter, its litigation capacity is among the most formidable in the republic; the set delivers sound counsel to one side or the other in most of the patent clashes that pass through the Czech courts every year. The partnership is a strategic powerhouse; a team of technical savants stand poised to assist domestic players in the development of their national and international patent portfolios. Contractual negotiations are a breeze for the side’s roster of phenomenally qualified attorneys, with specialists in business law providing an extra dimension to the Všetečka IP offering. First among equals, Michal Havlík knows the IP field like the back of his hand and exploits his intimate knowledge of prosecution and enforcement work for the benefit of his clients.

Other recommended experts

Highly recommended for the prosecution she conducts under the banner of Prague’s HARBER IP, Kateřina Hartvichová “is unlikely to fear a loss of work when the unitary patent arrives”. A “hardworking” European patent attorney with a “profound knowledge of patent law”, she possesses a keen strategic mind and will doubtless remain a popular figure in the European IP scene. Many years on from having made the switch from researcher to rights protector, Michal Jordán continues to channel his experiences on both sides of that divide into achieving the optimum outcomes for clients. Universities, start-ups and other innovators turn to Jordán and his agency PatentEnter for percipient advice on innovation.