With the economy faring well, patent practitioners in Colombia are optimistic about the future. Newly elected President Iván Duque is focusing efforts on goods and services whose value is determined by their intellectual property – referred to as the ‘orange economy’ in Colombia. Patent activity is certainly on the rise; filings have picked up despite the recently increased procedural fees required by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC). The SIC also has a new superintendent in the form of Andrés Barreto, who is seeking to raise IP awareness and has suggested potential legal amendments to streamline the patent application process.


  • Cavelier Abogados
  • Lloreda Camacho & Co
  • OlarteMoure
  • Baker McKenzie SAS
  • Brigard Castro
  • Castellanos & Co
  • Clarke Modet & Co
  • Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Raisbeck & Castro
  • Triana Uribe & Michelsen

Baker McKenzie SAS

“An excellent choice if you want to make your ideas a reality,” Baker McKenzie Colombia runs a tight ship when it comes to patent prosecution thanks to a well-drilled and technically astute team that draws judiciously on the firm’s global support package. Mauricio Bello is a “strong leader” of the patent team. As one respondent enthuses: “He is super responsive and committed to the cause, he immerses himself in his work and provides exceptional assistance through all stages of the prosecution process. He creates effective strategies that help you accomplish your commercial goals.” He has had plenty of interesting work on his plate of late; he showcased his ability to overcome patent office objections working with KPIT Technologies in the hybrid vehicle sector; demonstrated his international coordination prowess managing the portfolio of ECOPETROL; and expedited regional prosecution efforts for a pharmaceutical company. With Juan Pablo Concha Delgado on deck, litigation is another happy hunting ground for the firm.

Brigard Castro

An illustrious name in Colombian intellectual property, Brigard Castro is “a fantastic firm that maintains close and longstanding relationships with its clients”. “Its patent specialists all have impressive backgrounds and they handle matters with the utmost professionalism.” Worthy of special mention is the firm’s proficiency in protecting life sciences innovations; excelling in this area is patent agent and pharmacist Julián Ricardo Díaz, who has a knack for getting to grips with the most complex science and overcoming patent office rejections. The firm recently bolstered its life sciences practice with the hire of Melissa Cely, another experienced agent.

Castellanos & Co

Castellanos & Co is approaching its 70th birthday but is as dynamic, modern and youthful as patent outfits come. Margarita Castellanos and Ximena Castellanos run the show and really impress as hands-on partners for whom quality is the main priority. Patent practice leader Margarita is a go to for prosecution. “She is knowledgeable, responsive, exceptionally helpful and really friendly too.” She has cultivated an especially vibrant life sciences practice. Meanwhile, “Ximena gets things done efficiently and cost effectively”. Educated in France and the United States, and fluent in English, French and Spanish, she has a cosmopolitan outlook and has an ardent following among European companies. The main focus of her practice is trademarks, but her IP knowledge is expansive, which enables her to provide top-notch support to those with diverse portfolios.

Cavelier Abogados

Gold-tier firm Cavelier maintains a “fantastic technical team” which was expanded with the arrival of five technical experts during 2018, taking its total headcount to 20. Innovative to the core, the firm recently launched an IOS and Android app, which provides clients with quick and easy access to their files; it also launched a new system whereby foreign associates in Latin America can more easily keep the team updated on developments in their jurisdictions, which means that the side’s regional practice can operate more efficiently. In Andrés Rincón the firm has “a great leader”. “He knows patent law inside out and is an excellent strategist who is fun to work with or even against.” Rincón and Carolina Vargas – who makes her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year – are a dynamic duo; together they are currently acting for the National Coffee Growers Federation regarding the development of strategies for the protection of new coffee varieties; for the federation’s research centre, they also overcame inventive step objections brought by a USPTO examiner to obtain protection for a biological product. Alongside such matters, the pair also do outstanding work for universities.

Clarke Modet & Co

With 26 offices across 10 countries Clarke Modet & Co has a formidable geographical network which it leverages to secure international protection for its patent clients. In Colombia, the firm’s line-up of 30 talented professionals provides savvy and incisive guidance at all stages of the patent lifecycle. Notable for his work in the chemistry and biotech fields is Norberto Rodríguez Acosta, an immunology expert who previously worked as a researcher at the Foundation Institute of Colombian Immunology. He has built healthy relationships with examiners and knows how to get rights on the register.

Lloreda Camacho & Co

Foreign associates queue up to sing the praises of Lloreda Camacho. As one espouses: “Our experience with the firm has been excellent – it is one of the best we partner with worldwide. Its lawyers are highly efficient and responsive, have a deep knowledge of patent and regulatory law and handle life sciences matters brilliantly.” Another pronounces: “You can always be confident in the quality of its work, with is uniformly excellent practitioners. The turnaround times and cost-to-quality ratio are excellent.” Firm leaders Ana Maria Castro and Nestor Bejarano Pérez have had a busy time of it lately; over the last 12 months they got 23 patents granted for F Hoffmann-La Roche, in several instances submitting clever arguments to overcome initial rejections from the patent office. By drawing on their superb regional knowledge, the duo have also handled a variety of work for Gilead Sciences across Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, as well as elsewhere. Castro provides resolute leadership to the patent and life sciences department and is an experienced prosecutor and litigator, while Bejarano serves as the IP group’s technical director for patents.


OlarteMoure’s patent offering is virtually unrivalled in terms of its breadth of expertise and geographical scope across Latin America. Flexing outstanding technical credentials and international knowledge, the firm works flawlessly across borders; Novartis, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb all trust the set with the regional management of their prosecution activities and portfolios. Alexander Agudelo and Carlos Olarte are the individuals to call on. A former patent examiner, Agudelo has the inside track on the procedures and mechanics of the Colombian patent office. Highly organised and efficient, Agudelo dexterously manages a team of more than 40 legal professionals and scientists. While “Carlos is very distinguished in the pharmaceutical sector and is exacting with respect to the standard of his team’s work and his own”. The set is always looking to innovate and recently set up KONEKTIUM, which is one of the first technology brokerages in Colombia.

Posse Herrera Ruiz

“One of the best law firms in the country, Posse Herrera Ruiz handles patent work proficiently and in perfect time – its services really are top notch.” Testament to this, the firm is routinely called on to manage patent portfolios across Latin America. Fighting on the front lines are partner Helena Camargo and senior lawyer Mónica Bonnett, both of whom receive excellent feedback from their peers and clients: “Helena’s work is superb in terms of quality and her communication is always cordial and swift. With her, you’re in the best of hands.” “Mónica is bright and hardworking. She conducts thorough research and presents cost-effective solutions that take account of issues that overlap with patents. She is always friendly and accommodating and makes astute use of every resource to assist her clients.”

Raisbeck & Castro

Patents are the focal point for nimble boutique Raisbeck & Castro. Alert to legal and commercial risk, the set prosecutes patents with the minimum amount of fuss while keeping their clients’ business needs front of mind; responses to examiner objections are always extremely well-researched, which ensures a swift and smooth service. The team has recently been looking to increase its strength in the regulatory area. Exercising a gimlet eye for seeking out creative solutions, Ian Raisbeck runs the practice. He has comprehensive prosecution experience and is also a seasoned litigator.

Triana Uribe & Michelsen

The patent specialists at Triana Uribe & Michelsen relish working with innovators from the initial stages of ideation and accompanying them all the way through the prosecution process. The outfit’s workload is diverse; as well as assisting individuals supported by WIPO Inventor Assistance Programme, it also safeguards the interests of major companies and market leaders in the biotech and mechanical engineering industries. Pulling the strings are Fernando Triana and Andrés Medina. “Triana does a great job and displays stellar procedural and litigation skills.” His counterpart Medina knows how to overcome the obstacles presented by patent examiners and get robust rights on the register.

Other recommended experts

Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas pro Luz Helena Adarve has been managing patent portfolios for over three decades and has an eagle eye for identifying commercialisation opportunities. Fleet of foot when it comes to negotiations, transactional ace Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano specialises in technology transfers and the structuring of international deals. Leading names in the pharmaceutical world call on Gómez-Pinzón Zuleta Abogados for his perceptive advice.


  • Ana Maria Castro - Lloreda Camacho & Co
  • Carlos R Olarte - OlarteMoure
  • Andrés Rincón - Cavelier Abogados
  • Luz Helena Adarve - Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas
  • Alexander Agudelo - OlarteMoure
  • Nestor Bejarano Pérez - Lloreda Camacho & Co
  • Mauricio A Bello Galindo - Baker McKenzie SAS
  • Mónica Bonnett - Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Helena Camargo - Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Margarita Castellanos - Castellanos & Co
  • Ximena Castellanos - Castellanos & Co
  • Juan Pablo Concha Delgado - Baker McKenzie SAS
  • Julián Ricardo Díaz - Brigard Castro
  • Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano - Gómez-Pinzón Zuleta Abogados SA
  • Andrés Medina - Triana Uribe & Michelsen
  • Ian Raisbeck - Raisbeck & Castro
  • Norberto Rodríguez Acosta - Clarke Modet & Co
  • Fernando Triana - Triana Uribe & Michelsen
  • Carolina Vargas - Cavelier Abogados