In 2020, the Patent Backlog Combat Plan was launched as the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) makes a concerted effort to chip away at a mountain of pending applications. With the waiting list stretching to some 100,000-plus applications, the average time for processing has risen to 11 years, deterring many innovators from filing in Brazil. The plan aims to shift 80% of the backlog to reduce the timeframe for a decision to a more respectable two years. As a result of this official initiative, most patent prosecutors have been spending considerable amounts of time responding to office actions. As well as incentivising foreign rights holders to file in Brazil, the uptick in INPI activity is expected to lead to an increase in patent litigation. Later in 2020, the government published its comprehensive national strategy for IP policy, heralding a 10-year reform plan which includes a comprehensive review of pharmaceutical and life science patent regulations. The government initiated a consultation on the proposed reforms with stakeholders and the general public, in a move which has been welcomed by patent holders and patent practitioners alike.


Bhering Advogados

With offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba, Bhering Advogados has Brazil’s major commercial hubs covered, placing it within easy reach of the nation’s innovators. Meanwhile, a German desk, an in-house translation unit and an extensive network of contacts worldwide give a pleasingly international flavour to its practice, which is reflected in its client roster: multinationals from the United States, Europe and Asia all look to it to shore up their positions in Brazil. It provides an A-to-Z patent offering, with the line-up of Philippe Bhering, Alice Rayol Ramos Sandes and Pedro Bhering specialising in litigation, prosecution and transactions respectively. Extremely effective in handling infringement proceedings and nullity actions, German desk lead Philippe Bhering is hailed as “a very responsive, professional and collegial practitioner who can resolve conflicts in the bud”. Prosecution ace Sandes captains a multi-disciplinary team of experts and has an affinity for advancements in the life sciences: “When a straightforward approach isn’t the best way to go, she is quick to find new ways to bring clients closer to their objectives.” Founding partner Pedro Bhering deftly sews up IP-rich deals and technology transfer agreements.

BMA - Barbosa Müssnich Aragão 

A repository of trust for high-flying multinationals, Barbosa Müssnich Aragão is a premier destination for creative, business-oriented portfolio management, patent litigation and transactional briefs. Though it works across the sector spectrum, it shows special strength in the pharmaceutical sphere and is highly regarded by the market for its strategic insight on generic drug manufacturing and the wider regulatory framework. IP practice head Antonella Carminatti and patent and design head Ana Cristina Müller are the brains behind the operation: Carminatti has a razor-sharp understanding of the rhythms of the market and pulls all the right levers to get deals done for clients; while Müller sets the bar high for patent prosecution, keeping both short and long-term commercial goals in mind when developing strategies for clients. Working alongside her is Lilian Ghitnick, a chemical engineer who secures cast-iron protection for patrons in the chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods fields.


Founded in 1879, ClarkeModet is the largest IP group in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, with 34 offices across 10 jurisdictions. Though it makes its debut in the Brazilian rankings this year, it has had a presence in the country since 1965; today, some 100-plus practitioners based in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and São José dos Campos provide a precision prosecution service domestically, regionally and beyond. Rafael Freire and Ricardo Boclin are both influential figures on the international patent scene. Freire draws on nearly two decades in the game to produce bespoke patentability analysis and impeccable patent applications in the electronics, telecommunications and mechanics fields. Likewise almost 20 years seasoned, Boclin recently joined the firm as its legal and technical services director, bringing with him deep knowledge of Brazilian patent procedure and broad experience of working with A-list companies.

Daniel Law

As one of Brazil’s top five patent filers, Daniel Law ranks among the elite patent practices in Latin America. Its dynamic, forward-thinking approach is reflected in ongoing investment in state-of-the-art tools such as work flow management systems and data-mining software, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency. Setting the tone from the top are Gustavo Sartori, Rana Gosain, Kene Gallois and Diogo dos Santos Netto, who collaborate seamlessly to protect and monitor thousands of patents. Mechanics head Sartori has the mechatronics, electronics and telecommunications sectors on lock, and dispenses tailored counsel on both patents and industrial designs. The firm’s key contact point for Asian clients, senior partner Gosain constructs bulletproof prosecution strategies informed by his 30 years at the patent coalface; biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are fortes. Chemical and life sciences group head Gallois is a pragmatic counsellor who provides invaluable strategic input throughout the entire patent lifecycle; her guidance comes interlaced with insight gained during an academic career working on research projects in the fields of pathology, immunology and pharmacology. Fellow molecular biologist Netto takes care of pre and post-grant proceedings and provides incisive infringement and freedom-to-operate advice. The firm also has a vibrant litigation department, led by Ricardo Dutra Nunes, an “energetic litigator who is wise beyond his years”. “Prompt, yet profound in his guidance, Ricardo thinks outside the box and strategises with a clear perception of the intended objectives in mind.”

Dannemann Siemsen

With offices in three Brazilian state capitals and a mighty team of more than 240 technically proficient lawyers and industrial property agents on deck, the storied Dannemann Siemsen is a towering force on the regional patent landscape. Its gold-rated litigation division is led by Joaquim Eugenio Goulart, Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Cláudio França Loureiro and Eduardo da Gama Camara Junior, each of whom has “a long history of wins” to his name. Goulart “is among the very best litigators, not just in Brazil, but in all of Latin America”: “He has deep knowledge of IP law and procedure in Brazil, which makes his advice balanced and actionable.” Morais has a background in electrical engineering, with advanced degrees from Franklin Pierce Law Center and Massachusetts Institute of Technology lending depth and sophistication to his practice. Polished litigator and mediator Loureiro excels at both extinguishing infringement issues and advising on IP strategy: “Whether it is a legal or technical issue, he responds quickly and comes up with creative solutions for any problem we may be facing,” reports one client. Camara puts his training as a mechanical engineer to good use on a variety of contentious mandates involving complex scientific concepts; he recently prevailed for Volvo in a hard-fought infringement battle. Frank Fischer, Ana Claudia Mamede Carneiro and Ivan Ahlert are the frontrunners on the prosecution side. “Very knowledgeable and experienced patent attorney” Fischer has “a firm grasp of not just the Brazilian IP law, but also European IP law and practice, despite this not being his home jurisdiction”. Chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology are the disciplines of choice of Carneiro, an exceptionally skilled director of patent strategy who handles all briefs with a sure touch. Ahlert can quickly parse the intricacies of mechanical patents and continually expands his knowledge base through active participation in IP conferences both at home and abroad. Joining them on the prosecution table this year is Bruno Lopes Holfinger, whose client list reads like a who’s who of the telecommunications industry; he cuts through the thickets of highly technical issues to beat a path to protection. Transactional briefs land on the desk of Cândida Ribeiro Caffé, who opens doors for clients through his smart negotiation of technology transfer and licensing agreements.

David do Nascimento Advogados Associados

In the five decades since its founding, David do Nascimento Advogados Associados has distinguished itself on the market for its holistic patent service and professional yet personal approach. Home to both patent attorneys and attorneys at law, it executes with poise on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide; and its 90-strong team is committed to building enduring relationships with clients. The embodiment of this is helmsman Marcello do Nascimento, who partners closely with patrons each step of the way and provides swift and detailed responses to all queries – from patent prosecution to validity, infringement and clearance analysis, “he brings a practical, ‘in the trenches’ perspective to the table”. With a thick address book of contacts throughout Europe and Asia, he is always up to speed on the latest developments in the world’s major markets.

Demarest Advogados

Hailed by competitors as “one of the best full-service law firms in Brazil”, Demarest Advogados enjoys a burnished reputation for robust patent protection, shrewd portfolio management, redoubtable performances in high-stakes litigation and smooth negotiation of licensing agreements. From twin offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it provides a reassuringly comprehensive service to major players in fields from high technology to pharmaceuticals, with more than 50% of its instructions coming directly from clients. IP head Tatiana Campello has a flair for the finer details of both expansive patent portfolios and dense technology transfer and licensing agreements. She frequently links up with the business-friendly and versatile Julia Pazos, an IP all-rounder with a thriving digital and data protection practice, and one of the country’s leading authorities on blockchain issues.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is a trusted ally across the patent lifecycle, tirelessly advancing and defending the interests of patrons at the patent office, in court and at the deal table. Its legal prowess is matched by unparalleled technical know-how; on the latter front, its stellar team of in-house engineers recently received a boost through the addition of five new practitioners with specialisms in mechanics, telecommunications, chemistry and biology. Managing the group is 30-year veteran Gabriel Di Blasi, whose broad-based practice encompasses prosecution, litigation and transactional mandates; recent highlights include a crucial victory for oil and gas player Belov Engenharia in an infringement suit. Overcoming rejections is also a matter of routine for Di Blasi and his team, who leave no stone unturned to get patents through to grant.

Gaiarsa, Ferreira & Meyer Propriedade Intelectual

The wall-to-wall patent offering at Gaiarsa, Ferreira & Meyer makes the firm a persuasive one-stop shop for everything from burgeoning start-ups and prestigious academic institutions to multinationals in virtually every sector. Its multi-talented, multi-disciplinary legal and technical experts work hand in glove to cover all bases, making maximum impact with minimum fuss. The driving force behind the practice is namesake Katia Jane Ferreira, whose watertight patent protection and defence strategies are informed by a wealth of technical insight: “Her grasp of chemistry is extraordinary, making her advice extremely clear and accurate.” Joining her in the IAM Patent 1000 this year are Paola Mattioli and Maria Beatriz Correa da Silva Meyer Gaiarsa, who both offer a highly personalised service and keep a close eye on the long-term consequences of each strategic decision. A chemical engineer by training, Mattioli is adept at handling chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics patents; while Gaiarsa heads up the mechanical and industrial design departments and has spent two decades turning out immaculate patent applications, especially in the mechanics, construction and transport fields.

Guerra IP

“Guerra IP should be held in the highest regard for its exceptional patent work. Its highly skilled team provides fast and comprehensive responses, and the practitioners are very knowledgeable – especially in pharmaceuticals.” Playing host to both lawyers and patent attorneys, the nimble boutique takes the time to understand clients’ businesses and industries before laying out a winning game plan. It operates out of offices in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro, with the latter home to Ricardo Pinho and Flavio Leonardos The former effortlessly navigates the labyrinths of IP regulations and licensing negotiations, while also handling a range of nullity actions. Patents head and transactional guru Leonardos is a founder of the Brazilian Association of IT Law and has made the high-technology sector his own; as a result, he is a highly sought broker of technology transfer agreements. Heading up the Porto Alegre branch, Alberto Guerra has “tremendous business sense, which is clear both in the drafting and filing of patents and in his day-to-day advice to clients”.

Gusmão & Labrunie

A mainstay on the Brazilian market for the past 30 years, top-tier firm Gusmão & Labrunie is a discerning choice for high-stakes disputes, high-value transactions and high-quality filings, thanks to its distinguished line-up of lawyers and patent specialists. In the last year it has handled patent applications for household appliance leader Electrolux; represented Brazilian pharmaceutical Libbs in a nullity action against competitor Celgene; and acted in a major patent dispute between two of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies. The triumvirate leading the litigation division comprises José Roberto Gusmão, João Vieira da Cunha and Jacques Labrunie. Firm co-founder Gusmão views intangible assets through a business lens and is deeply involved in training the next generation of IP lawyers at Brazilian and international academic institutes. Da Cunha is resolutely results-oriented in tackling contentious briefs, seeking to minimise conflicts in a bid to open up a passage to commercial growth. He recently teamed up with Labrunie to defend steel and mining titan ArcelorMittal in a spat with competitor Usiminas. About Labrunie, one patron attests: “He always has a great assessment of the situation, taking a low-risk, high-reward approach. Clients adore him, as he always puts their interests before anything else.” Meanwhile, the firm’s deep bench on the prosecution side has all IP-heavy industries down cold. Making their debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year are Carolina Nakata and Juliano Murakami, longstanding experts in molecular biology and electrical engineering respectively. Prosecution head Nakata guides pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences players surely through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application process and dispenses sage strategic advice; while Murakami’s incisive freedom-to-operate, infringement and validity opinions keep patrons well informed and ensure they can exploit their assets to the fullest while avoiding future legal snags. The pair join Priscila de Barros Thereza Yamashita, who holds academic credentials in both biology and law and gets cutting-edge biotechnology patents on the register without demur.

Kasznar Leonardos 

With a century-long legacy of protecting and enforcing IP rights, Kasznar Leonardos is a go-to for patent prosecution, litigation and transactions. Combining regulatory and IP know-how to superb effect, the side performs exceptionally well in the courtroom: star quarterbacks Gabriel Francisco Leonardos and Claudio Roberto Barbosa neatly side-step potential pitfalls and present cogent, coherent arguments to carry the day. Leonardos’ additional facility for getting IP-rich deals inked feeds into his contentious practice; while Barbosa is “ingenious in coming up with strategies to solve legal and technical puzzles”: “Even in the most trying situations, he never loses his cool and gives logical and balanced advice.” Further transactional strength comes from former president of the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI) and senior stateswoman Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, who marries IP knowledge with a refined commercial sensibility. She speaks seven languages and understands the numbers game better than anyone, thanks to a career spent matchmaking between high-flying patent owners. The prosecution wing is in the safe hands of João Luis D’Orey Facco Vianna, Gustavo José Ferreira Barbosa, Tatiana Almeida Silveira and Priscila Kashiwabara. Medical doctor Vianna is a fan favourite in the life science and biotechnology sectors: “His academic background, and his ability to listen and learn who the client is and what it wants, make his input worth its weight in gold.” Barbosa heads the electronics, computer sciences, aeronautics and industrial designs division, and is a precision prosecutor with an enviable track record of reversing rejections before INPI. Silveira’s specialises is chemistry; her combination of technical nous and regulatory know-how is a boon for foreign clients entering the Brazilian market. Making her first appearance in the IAM Patent 1000, Kashiwabara is a “fantastic strategist and provides exactly the sort of advice in-house counsels are looking for: quick, direct to the point and practicable”.

Licks Attorneys 

With a 75% success rate in patent litigation, Licks Attorneys is a true contentious powerhouse: “They are excellent thought partners when discussing complex issues and devising creative ways to achieve business objectives. Their extraordinary commercial awareness and mastery of regulatory approval processes are invaluable.” Its three Brazilian offices are supported by a fourth in Tokyo and it stands as the only South American law firm member of the International Patent Evaluation Consortium, giving it valuable international insight. The firm recently secured injunctive relief on behalf of both Genentech and Novartis, thanks to the efforts of co-founders Otto Licks and Rodrigo Maior. The venerable Licks is an “outstanding litigator” who has masterminded many precedential wins in the life sciences and telecommunications spaces. Making his debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, Maior has an affinity for tricky cases involving issues of non-obviousness; well versed in fields from IT and telecommunications to metallurgy, he is also increasingly sought out by pharmaceutical companies. Fellow founding partners Eduardo Hallak and Carlos Aboim are likewise on speed dial for life sciences players. Gilead called in Hallak when its Remdesivir drug needed extra protection against infringement after shooting to prominence as a treatment for covid-19. He is “a creative strategist who is always educating himself and adding more weapons to his intellectual arsenal”. “No matter what the technology, he goes deep to identify the main gist of each issue and shows amazing ability in finding solutions.” Aboim has extensive first-chair trial and appellate experience in the pharmaceutical field and fights tenaciously for clients: “He knows the Brazilian judicial system very well and has a great appreciation for which avenues to select to get the desired outcome.”

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados 

Growth is a central narrative at Luiz Leonardos & Advogados, which recently opened a new office in the heart of São Paulo to complement its home base in Rio de Janeiro. The cradle-to-grave patent offering it has cultivated is designed to meet and exceed the needs of innovators of all stripes. The firm has an impressive pedigree: namesake Luiz Leonardos is a revered thought leader who qualified as an industrial property agent in 1955 and has since done much to shape the national IP landscape, not leas during his time as president of the ABPI; he also served a stint as vice president of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. A practitioner of equal calibre, Gustavo Starling Leonardos ably dispatches all manner of patent protection, enforcement and transactions briefs. “Gustavo reacts quickly and efficiently to official letters from INPI and is great at coordinating parallel prosecution before the EPO.” Ana Paula Jardim is unerringly astute in managing portfolios and pursuing judicial and administrative prosecution: “She shows exceptional dedication and commitment to achieving commercial goals and gives personal attention to every issue, as if it is the only matter under her purview and we are her only client. Her advice is outstanding – always clear and never mired with jargon.”

Magellan IP 

Prep and pros shop Magellan IP has been making waves on the Brazilian IP scene thanks to its dynamic approach to filing and portfolio management: “The firm is a breath of fresh air – it can be trusted to provide the best, most concise and forward-thinking advice, all in a timely and client-centric manner.” The life sciences is a stronghold for the young boutique, which has lately been tending to the portfolios of clinical-stage Brazilian biotech company Recepta Biopharma, the Broad Institute (in relation to CRISPR technology) and stem-cell innovator Avita International; however, its innovative approach also resonates with other ground-breaking disruptors, such as Uber Technologies, which recently enlisted it to protect its assets in Brazil. Linking up on the Broad Institute piece are Leonor Magalhães Galvão and Caio Rodrigues da Silva. “The cream of the crop”, Galvão has “a very detailed understanding of IP issues and complete devotion to her clients”. Her legal and technical prowess is complemented by fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, making communication with her international client base a breeze. da Silva acquits himself with distinction in the medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceutical fields, and also heads up the firm’s design practice.

Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello 

Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello has all bases covered for innovators seeking to safeguard, enforce and monetise their intangible assets: “Even against the biggest law firms in Brazil, it stands its ground and secures sweeping triumphs without breaking the bank.” It continually refines its offering and recently went fully paper-free, digitising and streamlining internal processes to make them swifter and more efficient. The twin pillars of its litigation division are Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta and Ana Paula Affonso Brito, two gifted advocates who fight zealously in the courtroom while persistently pursuing possibilities for favourable settlement. Pimenta is the current president of the ABPI and consistently hammers out the right results for clients before the federal and state courts. Brito receives rave reviews: “The competence, strategic insight and expertise she demonstrates inspire real confidence,” reports one; while another cites her as “the best IP professional we have ever worked with”. Recent successes include digging windscreen wiper manufacturer Dyna out of a tricky infringement hole. Meanwhile, Gabriela Salerno and Magnus Aspeby call the shots in the prosecution department. Salerno speaks the language of clients, having previously worked in-house at a cosmetics company; pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology patents all fall within her bailiwick. Former EPO examiner Aspeby is a gatekeeper to Brazil for European companies and to Europe for domestic concerns: “He is easy to deal with, approachable and always gives suitable advice.” Rounding out the team is transactional maven Eduardo Magalhães Machado, shrewd negotiator who provides pin-sharp counsel on licensing agreements.

Moreau Valverde

Moreau Valverde Advogados celebrates both its 30th anniversary and its IAM Patent 1000 debut this year, not least thanks to the unstinting dedication to client care that characterises its service. It sees round corners to anticipate problems before they arise and spot opportunities that others might miss – a foresightedness that plays well with its diverse clientele of both domestic and international innovators. The engines of the practice are founders Mariana Valverde and Pierre Moreau, who together provide crystal-clear counsel on the management of global portfolios and the structuring of major licensing programmes. Valverde balances her IP work with a thriving fashion law practice; while law PhD Moreau shares his wisdom through his prolific writings and by teaching at Universitat St Gallen.

Müller Mazzonetto

Müller Mazzonetto “does outstanding work – the professional and clear way in which it leads clients through the whole patenting process leaves them with zero complaints. It respects deadlines, is very responsive and is transparent and fair on costs”. A formidable opponent in patent litigation – especially in the pharmaceutical space – it also adroitly handles prosecution and transactional instructions, ensuring that clients benefit from total support. Figureheads Nathalia Mazzonetto and Karina Haidar Müller are two highly accomplished lawyers with a glittering clientele to match. Mazzonetto is a fierce courtroom advocate, but never just fights for the sake of it: she also has a knack for securing optimal outcomes through arbitration and mediation. A busy licensing practice is a further string to her bow. Müller is likewise a seasoned negotiator of transformative patent transactions and was recently elected as the president of the Licensing Executives Society International’s Brazilian chapter; her commercially attuned counsel is always in hot demand. On the prosecution side, Alexandre Fukuda Yamashita is a first-class mechanical engineer whose thoroughness leaves no room for slip-ups when drafting and filing patents and industrial designs.

Murta Goyanes 

Close partner attention, a bespoke approach to each brief and prompt delivery of results are all baked into the philosophy of Murta Goyanes. Founded in 2008, the flourishing boutique is home to a team of first-class patent experts who are intimately familiar with the inner workings of INPI and provide vital assistance at each stage of the drafting and filing process. And when conflicts loom, they bring the heat in court for industry leaders – including, most recently, oil and gas giant Noble Corporation. Leading the charge on this was Antonio Murta Filho, who has a deep playbook to draw upon in invalidity actions and infringement suits; the versatile practitioner also has a percipient take on the management of large-scale IP portfolios. This is likewise the metier of prosecution ace and pharmacologist Vinícius Casciano, who brings a wealth of regulatory and plant variety know-how to the mix and effortlessly sews up office actions, patentability opinions, portfolio management and freedom-to-operate analysis for myriad chemistry and bioscience concerns. Bringing an internationally minded approach to the negotiation and drafting of technology transfer and licensing agreements is Luiza Duarte Pereira; qualified to practise in both New York and Brazil, she is a touchstone for both domestic and international clients.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

With boots on the ground in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, Pinheiro Neto has uniquely broad horizons among its Brazilian competitors. A stalwart of the market for the past 40 years, the firm has cultivated strong relationships with leading universities and multinationals, thanks to its comprehensive patent offering and expertise in ancillary areas such as privacy, data protection and media and entertainment law. Patrons in the high-technology space look to José Mauro Machado for strategic guidance on PCT filings both in Brazil and across the continent: “His advice is customised and effectively delivered, along with detailed analysis to help clients achieve their goals. He is a reliable and competent professional who provides a service that is excellent in all respects and of a high ethical standard.”

SP Law

Pioneers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device fields rely on SP Law to untangle the knots of the IP and regulatory challenges they face. Its diversely qualified practitioners understand the dynamics and dimensions of the sectors in which they operate; both responsive and proactive, they act promptly, decisively and cost effectively to resolve problems and identify and exploit new opportunities. They focus on providing prescient patent strategy and coordinating lucrative licensing deals – both sweet spots for Benny Spiewak. He calls on a tight network of regional and foreign associates to help clients maximise the value of their crown-jewel assets both in the Brazilian market and beyond: as head of the firm’s Israel desk, he has won many fans among the country’s vibrant community of innovators, including the likes of Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Trench Rossi Watanabe

An alliance with global titan Baker McKenzie gives full-service outfit Trench Rossi Watanabe enviable geographical reach and instant access to an abundance of complementary resources across the legal spectrum. Combined with its fine-grained understanding of Brazilian legal and business practices and procedures, this proves an irresistible lure for industry heavyweights: Gillette, Procter & Gamble and Allergan all enlisted its support on the prosecution side in the past year; while it has also been representing both AstraZeneca and Pfizer in infringement disputes. Leading on the latter mandates is Marcela Trigo de Souza, who has pulled innumerable high-calibre clients out of tricky contentious scenarios during her 16-year career. She is joined by transactional specialist Flavia Rebello, who currently chairs Baker McKenzie’s Latin America IPTech group, having previously worked in the firm’s US IP practice. She has a knack distilling technical complexities into simple language that can be presented straight to the C-suite with full confidence.

Veirano Advogados

The legal and technical dexterity on show at the full-service Veirano Advogados lands it a spot in the IAM Patent 1000 for the first time this year. Playing host to a set of professionals with extensive experience in areas from pharmaceuticals to electrical engineering – many of whom are European and US qualified – it can offer a global service that ticks every box for clients. They include Valdir Rocha, a true renaissance man who has touched on all aspects of patent practice during his 30-plus years as an IP lawyer, from registration to licensing. His intimate familiarity with the telecommunications and mechanical sectors ensures that he sees the wider business context behind clients’ patent issues. Fábio Pereira has turned the negotiation and drafting of technology transfer and licensing agreements into an art form, much to the delight of patrons.

Venturini IP 

Although founded just three years ago, boutique Venturini IP has already made a splash on the Brazilian patent scene, thanks to its client-focused, results-driven approach to everything from prosecution to support in complex litigation and contract negotiation. No technical discipline is off limits for its young, dynamic team, which tailors strategies and solutions to the specific needs and ambitions of each individual client. An exclusive partnership with the Brazilian division of the ABGI Group – an innovation funding consultancy with a presence in 13 countries – ensures it can help patrons to maximise the effectiveness of R&D investments. Namesake André Venturini provides a start-to-end patent service that is characteristic of the firm itself, which he has grown from a single-person practice to the innovative five-specialist team it is today. With in-depth knowledge of INPI’s practices and keen technical know-how in electrical engineering, he is an adept filer and manager of worldwide portfolios for major players across the industry spectrum.

Other recommended experts

At ABO IP, Fernando Braune “responds to queries very quickly and gives detailed answers that address all of the client’s concerns. His prosecution work is excellent and fairly priced”. Showing creativity in finding unconventional solutions to knotty problems, Saulo Calazans of Carioca IP is a precision prosecutor at INPI: “His service is marked by clarity and responsiveness, which is much appreciated by clients. The quality of his writing and his translations is second to none.” Having spent almost two decades getting patents on the register, Leonardo Cordeiro of Gruenbaum, Possinhas & Teixeira knows how Brazilian examiners think and drafts applications that get the green light without any pushback. H&A’s Rafaela Mattos is a walking encyclopaedia of prosecution procedure who secures impregnable protection for household names in fields from telecommunications to mechanics. Skilled portfolio manager and qualified biologist Ana Paula Celidonio assists companies on every scale with highly technical matters and leaves no stone unturned in safeguarding their inventions. She plies her trade at Lobo de Rizzo. MNIP founding partner Ari Magalhaes is a mechanical engineer and lawyer who has perfected the art of flawless applications and provides sage counsel on infringement and nullity actions: “Ari has an analytical mind and a tireless drive to get the best results for clients.” Boutique Soerensen Garcia has an ace up its sleeve in the form of Barbara Cattete Dias, a biomedical maven who produces piercing due diligence reviews and insightful freedom-to-operate analysis. Making his debut in this year’s IAM Patent 1000, Eduardo Ribeiro of Siqueira Castro Advogados specialises in border seizures and portfolio management for industry titans, which also benefit from his expertise in trademark law. Heading up the IP team at TozziniFreire, Marcela Waksman Ejnisman brokers all manner of licensing and technology transfer agreements as part of her broad-based transactional practice. She has a gift for finding common ground in order to foster future collaboration and commercialisation.

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